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  1. This is ridiculous I well remember this - just the 10 years ago! https://www.farenet.org/news/swedish-footballer-comes-out-as-gay/
  2. Max did get some luck at the first corner because anybody else other than Perez and he'd have been down to 3rd at best But poor strategy from merc
  3. The pit crew did their job but the strategists lost them that race Shame really because i'd love to see Lewis bring home title number 8 and stand alone at the top But it's not going to happen sadly
  4. Pound for pound the best manager in football is probably Gareth Ainsworth With their resources he should still be fighting relegation from league 2 Incredible achievement to get to the champs and be unluckily relegated Once again they're right up there in the promotion spots Done an incredible job But he always seems to go under the radar
  5. Great drive from Max again I think he'll wrap the title up before the last race Wrong strategy from merc I feel
  6. I don't think so because of the racing line at the first corner He did yield at the corner and ran wide Fair racing i thought
  7. Even with a word class DM they're still a long way behind City, Liverpool and Chelsea
  8. With 2 pit stops and RB generally having at least half a second advantage per stop i can see the race for 2nd between LH and Perez being the issue Can't see beyond Max for the win As a Lewis fan hope i'm wrong but Max really looks in the zone
  9. I suspect he's a lot stressed now Just rinsed the Mercs again He's got this
  10. TBH i don't know what they expect if they don't change their strategy I'm not saying they should just blow 100's of millions - but maybe loosen the purse a little bit to allow them to compete with Burnley and Watford!
  11. To get rid of farke would be pretty abysmal on their part tbh He's proven reliable at getting them promoted - so they either back him to have at least a fighting chance in the PL - or keep him to give them their best chance of continuing this charade
  12. It's why i said that a good season for Norwich would be to get to the play off final, take part in an epic and lose on pens They don't even try - which is wise for a first time promoted team - but this is ridiculous
  13. That's probably what will happen if the rehab will take several weeks
  14. She is in it for the money she can make Which imo makes for a dangerous position for the club to be in
  15. Don't forget qualifying for the US GP is at 10pm our time tomorrow Race at 8pm Sunday
  16. They treated it like an u23 friendly
  17. I think the big euro clubs are treating this 3rd rate comp like the english clubs used to treat the intertoto...
  18. Arsenal haven't signed him They have him playing with their pre academy A lot of clubs will have 5 yr olds in their pre academy and/or soccer schools
  19. They didn't get it wrong - they got it absolutely right for the circumstances they were in at the time
  20. Lampard had plenty of kudos in the dressing room due to his own achievements as a player - that's always a factor early on It was a smart move by Chelsea when they were in a bind due to the embargo They knew they couldn't attract a top level manager and knew it would be a tough transitional season So get an absolute club legend to buy time and keep the fans on side until they can properly regroup Lampard was nothing more than their useful idiot to buy them time
  21. Interestingly Hallam FC were founded 7 years before Wednesday - but share the same birthday - 4th September (as does meadowhall - and my daughter...)
  22. This is ridiculous Totally lost control and ran away
  23. Yes agreed If anything was gonna happen it was most likely from Grealish Unless injured or some prior arrangement with his club (it can happen!) then it's unfathomable why Englands best player by a distance was taken off
  24. Agreed - too many players had an off-night - it happens But can't say you were impressed with Hungary because they didn't win a game they had very little chance of winniing Apparently...
  25. We deserve to play behind closed doors for the Euro's tbf It was shameful
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