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  1. I'm sure Monk is an accomplished radiologist and an adept reader of scans Still doesn't make him able to ascertain whether anybody is felling any symptoms In fact he contradicted himself by saying that they would see what Lees reported as symptoms and also that there was nothing clinically wrong with him if somebody is claiming symptoms then there is something clinically wrong So maybe Monk isn't such an expert in injuries and imaging...
  2. Chelsea are one of the few profitable academies A few other clubs have a sizable number of academy players to rival Chelsea. Man City, man u, Liverpool spurs If they can make the investment to make the model work then surely it is fair
  3. We can always pick out the odd example to ridiculously skew a debate Do you think it was worth Watford's while paying him £30k pw when he was their best and most influential player as they got promoted? That is the risk of signing players - some times they just don't work out and we have had quite a few of those What i'm talking about is the lunacy of spending way more on the academy than on the first team Which would be the case for many clubs if they could only spend season ticket money on the first team and everything else on the academy An academy system that is notoriously unproductive bar a handful of clubs
  4. Unfortunately many academies still go for big, strong kid I think part of the problem is that coaches want to create teams and win games - the more forward think academies look for other attributes such as technique Players can be worked with to develop - unfortunately due to the nature of the modern game there will be physical thresholds that players will have to adhere to or they will not be able to influence the game I saw a stat recently that across academy football 90% of the players were quartile 1 (Sept - Nov birthdays) - while in the premier league the birth dates of the players are pretty much equally spread between all 4 quartiles There are a couple more reasons why the attrition rate is too high - firstly nobody can spot a potential start at 7-8 years old. I would do away with the pre-academy and foundation phases altogether - let the kids play grass roots with their mates and focus on technique and game awareness Secondly i think clubs should start their academies at u12 and all players given 4 year contracts That would help clubs to focus much more keenly on recruitment and also means it is in the interest of academies to work with players on development Lastly it would help prevent the revolving door of recruiting then releasing players If there was to be an audit of academy football then i reckon the vast majority do not cover their own costs - only a select handful are profitable
  5. Why are people so keen to shovel vast amounts into an academy system that sees a productivity return of around 1%? Fans want the best possible players they can get for their first team - they aren't remotely interested in their academy Yet one of the proposals here would see clubs spending 3-4x more on their academy than their first team! madness
  6. Time and again i have see scan reports (from the best in the business) where the report will say something along the lines of "symptoms not explained by scan findings"
  7. Football fans? They are the arbiter of morality? What like "football lads"? What opinion do football fans have of Campbell? Is it like a uniform opinion? Do all football fans share one brain? What is your source for Campbell being such an arse?
  8. It doesn't have to be muscle There are multiple reasons people can feel posterior thigh pain Obviously Monk was an idiot in proclaiming there is nothing "clinically wrong" - if not libellous There obviously is something clinically wrong if the player is complaining of symptoms
  9. This is what needs to be able to happen Football governance worldwide is an absolute farce and needs to be scrutinised way better
  10. How is he pretending to be injured?
  11. I love that gif Always raises a chuckle
  12. And you need to stop derailing threads with your "most people" nonsense
  13. Fair enough But why should attendances be the limit of how a club is able to operate financially?
  14. What if Rovrum had a really innovative marketing department that saw them generate 10x the income of Wednesday? Would you be happy their salary cap was 10x ours?
  15. Because even if players lose a set amount of money by being relegated the PL contracts are generally so vast that the wage burden is still high It's also relatively recent - i think clubs like Villa never expected to get relegated so probably weren't thought necessary then I understand (though not necessarily agree with) parachute payments and it has levelled the field somewhat in the PL But it has created a glass ceiling in the champs - the law of unintended consequences and all that I hate saying this but over the last couple of years football has become so obscene i do think we need to start seeing clubs going under Football desperately needs rebooting on a sensible and sustainable footing
  16. I think just about every PL club outside the top 6 have relegation clauses in their contracts
  17. I'd imagine that relegation clauses would have to be written into contracts that would reduce the wage bill to the value of the salary cap below? Might seem a bit drastic but not as drastic as the current shitshow that football has become with most clubs spending more on wages than they get in income
  18. I'd imagine most people don't have an opinion on Sol Campbell tbh
  19. It is because people wanted to take nuance out of the game - i include quite a lot of fans in that Those that thought the game with millions of variables and multitude of opinions could be pared down into a game of nothing but certain facts I have now seen the pigs have 2 perfectly legitimate goals scored against them yet ruled out - West Ham and Spurs And every week we see VAR controversy - and yes, some have worked against the porkers It is so dreadfully unsatisfactory because the authorities haven't accounted for nuance or circumstance To make handball a hard and fast rule along the lines of ball over the line just sums up the incompetent shower running the game It is just like saying that any contact with an opposition player will be deemed a foul They are ruining football for people like me so they better hope there are legions of fans who will accept the absolute travesty that they have foisted on the game
  20. It's not that people are happy - but we are powerless to force the owner to act We weren't having these debates when we were going to Wembley and getting to the play offs in the first 2 years Where were the dissenting around financial mismanagement voices then? People on here were getting lynched for suggesting the owner was not the greatest thing in evolution Anyway this is a thread designed to wallow in the pigs misfortunes - or lament their success Not to gripe about our club There are hundreds of those threads to do that
  21. Hummel very underrated imo Everton kit looks immense
  22. You can always trust football authorities to completely balls it up when they make such changes. Laughable that some people actually thought the use of var would eliminate all mistakes. Shambles and it's ruining the beautiful game
  23. There are lots of ways that finances could be redistributed - taking money from newly promoted clubs doesn't seem to be that fair to me I'd say take a couple of million from EVERY premier league club - plus halve the amount paid in parachute payments However the real issue is not so much how the money is generated - it is how it is spent and as ever it would only find its way into the pockets of players via increased wages/bonuses - and agents via increased fees That cycle needs to be broken and clubs need to become sensible and act as businesses I'd also do away with P&S/ financial fair play - let clubs spend what they want but under the knowledge that if they over reach then they will go out of business Football would settle down and become much more stable if clubs adopted sensible operating practices
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