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  1. Laughing at your rivals misfortune and f*ck ups is the very essence of football fandom
  2. I said if Lolley's pens are anything like his outfield play i wouldn't let him near one... All's well that ends well though
  3. Came in to this a bit late after the dog walk Turned it on to see the pigs celebrating their 2nd goal What a f*cking calamity of a goal to concede - 2 forest players decided to give it up in midfield, there was no challenge went in and an unopposed cross - keeper decided to look for his lost contact lens rather than just stop the ball and fleck standing in the middle of the goal to tap it in Both teams look pretty shit tbf
  4. Probably want everybody fresh for the CL final and think the team they are putting out should take care of Saints
  5. He was talking about Newcastle and football benefits from having a strong Newcastle - then he went on to mention other teams who he feels make the game a better and healthier sport - he mentioned us along with Forest, Leeds, Sunderland and a couple of others - saying that when those clubs are strong the game is better for it Paraphrasing
  6. Good on him Hope he gets the care and support he needs from the inevitable fallout
  7. TBF i thought it was a bad appointment when they set on Howe - but he's done a sterling job and i like the way they play The trouble for them/Howe is moving on next season - they need to be the best of the rest cos they won't trouble the top 4/5 So what does success look like for them? IMO it would be a cup final and qualify for europe Arsenal... Can't see them doing anything with that squad tbh
  8. Must be unlucky cos every time I see ramsdale he looks like he's been plucked from the crowd...
  9. Yep I can't rely see anything other than a city win but nerves do strange things to players City looked really off colour yesterday too I'm assuming Liverpool will win tomorrow and if they do then at least the title goes to the last day
  10. Memo to clubs in the relegation scrap Don't have players sent off early in the game No need to thank me...
  11. Remember coming out of Kenilworth Rd (after navigating through somebodys bathroom...) and feeling the relief that after we had let a 2 goal lead slip to lose 3-2 (take a bow Chris Carr) when hearing that Rushden and Diamonds had lost meaning we were safe from relegation...
  12. I've seen him loads tbh - he is probably the sneakiest player i've ever seen I have never seen a player commit more fouls yet get freekicks his way for it Absolute diamond off the pitch - most unassuming player i've known His old Watford youth team buddy lined up for us against him - Byers Both released for free - both carving our decent careers in the game
  13. Generally thought to have been hooped shirts originally
  14. Not allowed to play sport on the sabbath then the only other time that many people got to indulge in sport was on half day closing - which was a Wednesday. Saturdays were commerce/trading days Originally called The Wednesday Football Club Thats a very short version btw
  15. Makes for a decent final day - title still to be played for as long as Liverpool win at Saints in midweek - they will by several to narrow the gap on GD 3 teams can still get relegated - and only Everton can make themselves safe prior to the last day with a win in midweek
  16. City are so complacent - don't think i've seen a Pep team so poor out of possession - it's usually their strength Quite static in possession too
  17. Watford not even able to till the subs bench today - looks like a couple of the mercenaries senior players have downed tools
  18. That grealish goal makes it interesting he needs to do something
  19. Drunk fans at big game shock! Has never ever happened before
  20. I don't know what its about But without this whatever it is - i'll always be incredulous at UEFA...
  21. It's almost like we have league 1 players who do league 1 things, isn't it?
  22. Yes I've heard he has an ego the size of the solar system coupled with an almost absence of self awareness He has one of the worst records in the PL with his time at Watford (and yes there are plenty of issues there) - but to kind of ignore his own role may have anything whatever to do with it is quite the thing...
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