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  1. The 12 point deduction could be coupled with an 'aggravating factors' points deduction, which are theoretically limitless, so we could be top of the league by 10 points and still go down.
  2. Love Jeff, him and Chris Kamara are classic together, turns an otherwise dull results service into something very watchable. His tongue in cheek style is just what the programme needs.
  3. They might want to delay the result of one case as not to influence the other.
  4. To Bazza, Happy Anniversary. Love, AdvancedHair.uk.
  5. In this time of turmoil we should stick with what we have, a bit of stability and give Monk a chance. If Monk was to go I'm not convinced Johnson would be the right person to replace him.
  6. I agree, and for all the chances Odubajo gets (he is one of the worst players I've seen in the last few years) I just don't get the negativity aim at Palmer.
  7. I reckon it's his weekly Chinese takeaway order.
  8. LOL now I have the Huddersfield commentary, oh wait that's gone.
  9. I would like to see him used further forward, if he gets a run of games and gets some form I think he could be very useful indeed.
  10. RIP it was tattooed on my arm 20 years ago my first tattoo and still love the design.
  11. I was pleased when he signed, he was a good midfielder but like many who donned the famous blue and white he failed to deliver. He was skillful but his his physical presence was always 2 weeks away.
  12. It was the year of my majority and still hurts like hell. We have never recovered from Mr Richards and the dodgy Charter House deal, but yet we shall succeed and still follow.
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