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  1. Strings

    Surely bloody not!

    I’m declaring shenanigans on this. I’m not against letting Winnall leave, shame he hasn’t been given a proper chance, but us wanting Butterfield back? He proves the point that you can’t polish a turd.
  2. Strings

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    I thought it was short for abdicate as he seems to have left a long time ago.
  3. Thank goodness for that. One the worst players I’ve seen and I actually was looking forward to him being part of team when he first came. Can we send Mr Jones somewhere as well?
  4. Strings

    Big sam

    Jos all the way for me, he deserves a shot a promotion challenge next season. Big Sam is corrupt, plays boring football so will never be liked on here and wears shorts and flip flops on his match of the day avatar. Not really what we want representing our great club (especially if we reach the premiership).
  5. Well played ‘Jos’ giant’ it goes to show you that played in the right way he is a good footballer. The goal he scored on his debut showed he had a little about him but Carlos stifled that with his tactics. Atty will always be a rollercoaster ride of brilliant highs and awful lows but he deserves to part of what we do going forward next season.
  6. One of my favourite all time Owls. His stay was far too short. Loved watching him tear it up.
  7. Strings


    He’ll be the midfield beast we’ve been craving.
  8. Strings

    Caption Competition

    If I beat the tom toms like this, maybe we can maintain some tempo to the football we play.
  9. Strings

    Basement Bargains?

    Gerry Hatrick, got plenty of em, on good wages too.
  10. Strings


    I was at the stain once and the trolls in the home end were throwing wooden seats on the pitch. Shoes must have been in the car park.
  11. Strings

    Atdhe Palmer is terrifying

    I’m sure that’s Steve Ogrizovic’s nose.
  12. Strings

    Article on Big Dave

    As much as I like Atdhe I do find it strange that coming from a country that had to strive for independence he makes comment about the people who voted for it having to live with it. On a more positive note let’s have 2 goals again today Atdhe and 3 points. :D
  13. Strings

    Lawrenson hates us.

    He’s just a sour faced Canute. Bloke couldn’t bounce on a trampoline.
  14. Is he wearing no pants as a mark of respect to the kilted ones? ‘They may take away our lives but they’ll never take our freedom!’ Kinda thing.
  15. Let’s not and say we did! But seriously if his heart isn’t blue and white the let the mardy bugger rot in premiership reserve team. Even if he had been ill advised by an agent surely he should know what the club means to his dad and take inspiration from that?