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  1. Bertie Bassett? He's a local lad gotta be an Owl the factory's blue n white.
  2. I heard his Mrs didn't like the idea of the 6 fingered glove.
  3. Last seen over the channel Islands.
  4. Maybe we’re gonna change the club crest again ;)
  5. If we do sign Mackay-Steven we’d best keep him away from the south stand, apparently he has a history with rivers.
  6. I’m sure it will be opening in two weeks.
  7. With Jos admitted current stance does this mean we have seen the last of Hooper and Lee even if they do recover before the end of the season?
  8. Could be worse, could be a woman with her hands down a bloke’s pants having a round of pocket billiards.
  9. Is it just players? Terry Yorath must be up there with the worst people who signed for the club.
  10. I’ve been watching the cricket, jolly good showing n all.
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