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  1. Disrespectful names

    Legendary Algerian footballer Ars Bandeet, if he does exist it’s funny as, if he doesn’t it’s still amusing.
  2. Kevin Keegan

  3. Semedo

    I say give him a club ambassador role and let him do his coaching badges with us.
  4. Dint Fessi turn weeds down to join us? Keep him, he will have a good season.
  5. OMDT

    Links for those who requested.
  6. Mikel miller

    ^^^ this. I switched it off, the video was almost as amateur as him and don’t even get me started on the goal keeper, he almost made the merry Miller look good, but not quite.
  7. Hypothetical question

    I’d just say let him go. If he wanted out we don’t want players who don’t want to be here. Any sale would have to be on our terms mind.