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  1. Not really a bounce to it. Obviously done by the poorer half of the city.
  2. With this being a forum for people's thoughts on The Wednesday, you will get both opinions which you agree with and don't agree with. I for will back The Monk, admittedly not my personal first choice bit we go with what we have got. Let the negative Nellie's get the BS out, just chuckle at it and move along. They would like you to react to it, it's what they thrive on.
  3. Rip Junior. My brother and I once had a n argument, he said his name was Manuel and I said no it's Junior. Turns out we were both technically right. Another Owl gone too soon.
  4. Although only 2 games in for Frankie boy it's hardly a glowing comparison. His team have looked bag average at best. As much as I like Roland at this point in time I rather we passed on him. Give Bully a shot at it. He's super, smashing, great.
  5. Got to love the deluded jellied eel eating sweethearts. Sounds like small club syndrome, jealous because we are...... Bigger than them.
  6. Still haven't found what your looking for?
  7. Fletcher and Börner are looking good. These guys plus playing with 2 wingers took him back to a team of yesteryear. Apparently Americans simultaneously hate but love dem blavdes. Either that or cocain is one hell of a drug.
  8. Knowing us we'll end up with Cheech and Chong.
  9. It was tongue in cheek fella he used to have his name on their bin bags :)
  10. Wunt take no notice of a Forrest fan.
  11. Thought Hughton was holding out for a Premier club? As much as we would do well in appointing him, time and tide wait for no man.
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