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  1. kobayashi

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    If you are looking for an unmitigated disaster then look no further than the last set of SWFC accounts.
  2. kobayashi

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    Little chance of anyone, supporter or not, taking on the money burning machine that Chansiri has built since he arrived at SWFC.
  3. Pefectly reasonable not to accept £m offers from PL clubs for your brightest prospect... Perfectly reasonable to refuse to offer a young player the level of contract that PL clubs can offer... Perfectly stupid to do neither....
  4. Ok here goes, Wednesday are losing £20m per season. Is that easy enough for you to understand?
  5. Marketing executive but with responsibility for GDPR and the DPO....its an obvious fit.
  6. For some reason theyv'e cut from the video lawrie maddens robust challenge on peter reid about 2 minutes into the video that saw him fly several yards towards the sourh stand to resounding cheers.
  7. Crap fabric, crap garment design, crap garment construction =crap shirt. and that’s before considering the lack of stripes!
  8. Yeah because Shilton and Seaman were famously crap...
  9. Attacking 4-4-2 Hodge Sterland Worthington Pearson Lyons Palmer Sheridan Di Canio Waddle Hirst Chapman Subs Curran, Bannister, Walker, Carbone, Marwood, Anderson, JJ Manager Big Jack Trainer Tony Toms
  10. Transformational...from top 6 to bottom 6. Ageing injury prone players, poor manager, clueless owner and disastrous finances say that this transformation is not going to be reversed easily.
  11. Liked Hamshaw but what a pudding turning down ManU and Fergie. opportunity only knocks once
  12. kobayashi

    Jos the joker...go now

    Well thank fizz for that...I was starting to get a bit worried that someone without a clue might be making the decisions!!
  13. kobayashi

    Jos the joker...go now

    You could give this guy as long as you want but he is no Ron Atkinson. Atkinson actually did keep Eustace’s team in Div 1 when he was bought in to rescue a season, but if you need to compare him to earlier Wednesday managers then Chris Turnee and Alan Irvine are the ones to pick. They came into similar if not worse situations, they had better records than this guy and were both blöödy useless.
  14. kobayashi

    Jos the joker...go now

    Everyone makes bad decisions, the trick is to quickly bury them and move on...what makes a bad decision a disastrous decision is the unwillingness to accept it and a determination to persist with it in the hope that it will come right. a blind man on a charging horse can see that Jos is a bad decision.
  15. Wednesday had a choice to make once the offers had came in from the PL teams...sell the lad or contract with him to pay him a similar wage. Not ideal, and both had +/- but ultimately it was just a decision to be made. For reasons unknown they decided on the much less obvious alternative value destroying policy of don't sell him, don't give him the similar contract and then to top it off and to add a bit or moral indefensibility to the commercial idiocy, refuse to continue to develop and play a young lad learning his trade.