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  1. Have you tried looking in the accounts? Although granted given the delay in filing the data available is only marginally more contemporary than the Doomsday Book they disclose total creditors of £100m of which shareholder loans were £78m and other creditors £22m split at the time between trade creditors £11m, HMRC £2m, finance lease providers £1.5m and others (accruals/deferred income) £8m - presumably mostly fans ST monies paid for future seasons. At the time cash held was £2m.
  2. We don't know whether there is any benefit because without having access to the financial figures it is impossible to judge but clearly the Directors at Wigan had a reason or necessity to take this path which typically is either creditors that the business cannot (or does not want) to pay or because the business is no longer solvent (it is a crime to trade when knowingly insolvent).
  3. Did anybody force Wigan into admin or did the Directors decided to take that option?
  4. The blame attached to parachute payments is massively over estimated. Does anyone seriously believe that in an alternative world in which these payments to other clubs don't exist that Chansiri is operating SWFC in a financially sustainable manner?
  5. "misplacement of money"...wtf...is Father "that money was just resting in my account" Ted doing t'wages at S6?
  6. The March 20 statement suggests that the Arbitration Panels process never reached a conclusion. The charges against the individuals weren't dismissed by the panel they were dropped by the league; and the club having originally disputed the charges against the individuals and the club suddenly accepted at the same time that proceedings vs. the club could proceed to a hearing. Looks like a deal between the lawyers.
  7. and his strange fondness for "multiple" year season tickets which do nothing for FFP but do keep cash coming in despite the club obviously not needing cash because the owner is "cash rich"
  8. No you don't...Wednesday didn't play at Brighton between the mid-70s and 1990.
  9. I guess that incredible naivety extends to some fans believing that a club owner would let his investment rot because some other fans have called him a rude word..,
  10. How much has come in....substantially less than has gone out which is the source of this mess.
  11. Im sure he would like „his money“ back but due mostly to his own failings it’s no longer his money since it has been spent/wasted not invested. It is akin to buying a car, running it for a few years and then expecting to sell it for the original price paid + the cost of petrol put into it...nice idea but not very realistic.
  12. I think you‘re confusing respect with deference.
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