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  1. So if people can't or won't act in an half decent manner towards the people they live, work and socialise with it's the cops fault...
  2. How do they enforce the contract? What if they haven’t got the money when they leave the club? Or if they have got the money but its overseas? Chasing money through foreign courts...good luck with that one in China or for that matter Thailand...
  3. HMRC will probably also be interested in the VAT aspect of this deal. Sell a book no VAT, sell a ticket VAT has to be paid. So sell a book that is really a ticket...be very careful
  4. The only accountant that could support this scheme would be the accountant being paid to come up with the scheme... it is a sham.
  5. IFRS15 revenue recognition 5 step framework 1. Identify the contract(s) with a customer 2. Identify the performance obligations in the contract 3. Determine the transaction price 4. Allocate the transaction price to the performance obligations in the contract 5. Recognise revenue when (or as) the entity satisfies a performance obligation Presumably the idea is that the transaction is the purchase of a book and the revenue recognised against supply of the book. But this bears no scutiny and is undermined by the fact that the price for the same book is anything from £255 to £3200. Same book but a price difference of 1255% - demonstrably the transaction price has nothing to do with the book but is clearly fixed to the performance obligation of the "season ticket bonus" and should be allocated to those obligations and recognised as deferred income.
  6. Anyone buying into Chansiri’s latest scheme must have rocks for brains. Rather than run his company in a half decent manner he prefers to try and screw more money out of the fan base. Clueless and shameless.
  7. I doubt any fan would come up with a crapper plan than charging £2k for a 50p of plastic sticker to be stuck on a plastic seat for a few months.
  8. Or maybe he could operate his business competently and within the rules...it really is that simple.
  9. So in January 2016, with 50 points on the board he decided to sign Rhodes for a £10m fee and gave him a £10m contract to avoid a relegation scrap.... Either he is an idiot or he thinks that the fans are idiots...
  10. Rather than bringing back his crap scheme to screw more money out of the fans he should be getting on with running his business in a sustainable way. If he either can’t or does not want to do this then he should be getting out...the sooner the better for everyone.
  11. Not too surprising that it's tools down when their leader can't be bothered to make a start for a few more weeks.
  12. Luckily we have a super motivated new manager to look forward to...we just need to give him a few more weeks to get in the mood.
  13. Suspect the delay may have had more to do with terms of severance agreement with Villa than family holiday. Money talks loudest in football. Sacked around 3rd October so things might become more doable 3 months after that date.
  14. And ensure continued employment for many others? And the shareholders...usually the shareholders are the pension funds of normal working people. but hey ho it must be lovely and comforting having such simple views and taking the high moral ground when you never having to deal with reality.
  15. Ridiculous crap. The people making decisions were may be doing just what was necessary to try and secure the company‘s future.
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