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  1. An inability to deal with the reality of the situation and make the best of it is not "sticking it to em". A few days before the season starts Newcastle have a manager and coaching team, Wednesday don't.
  2. Village idiot act would still become boring...
  3. So after 7 days of posts about deluded Geordies ”who do they think they are, who do they think they ought to be getting?“ it’s now Wednesday‘s turn....
  4. New shares - definitely New money - maybe New plan - unlikely
  5. £100m put in, nothing to show for and unable to even file the accounts say otherwise. benefactor he maybe, manager he isn’t.
  6. People are confusing ownership with management. From a fans perspective the owner Chansiri has been great, putting millions into the club. However, Chansiri the business manager has been beyond hopeless wasting his own and the fans money. If he were any other manager in the business he would have been sacked by the owner years ago.
  7. It isn’t immaterial but you are correct it cannot be properly judged positively or negatively until we know why.
  8. Just saw the name listed but didn't see any details...nothing to see there then.
  9. Although there is a Sheffield Wednesday International Developments ltd...
  10. Forget jumpers, it’s international financial reporting standards for goalposts these days...
  11. The specific term “Limited” is limited to a few countries UK, Ireland and Hong Kong for example. My guess Hong Kong...he has already used a Hong Kong based company for the kit supply business Elev8 so has form in that direction.
  12. A lot of jumping to conclusions in the thread on FFP and a Stadium sale. Nothing in the statement at companies house sheds any light on either of these points. It does tells us that ownership has passed from DC as an individual to a ltd company. Why? The ownership has no impact on p&l so no impact on FFP so it has nothing to do with that so presumably is linked to ownership and/or funding. What we don’t know is the timing of the increase in share capital. Did DC transfer/sell his 25 million shares to the new company and then the added £21m capital was injected? In which case presumably it would be new funding but may just have been used to repay DC some of his debt. Or did he swap his debt for equity before the transfer in which case there was no new funding. Either way by now there must have been £70m to £80m of debt so it would still only be a drop in his self made debt ocean.
  13. SWFC confirmation statement filed on time! All new...DC is no longer the direct shareholder at least as the shares are now held by Sheffield Wednesday Holdings Ltd and have increased by £21m to £46.5m.
  14. A court or tribunal just has to satisfy itself that it was more likely than not...
  15. May be not but it could if they give more credence to one over the other. That's the point they don't have to be certain they just have to believe it was probable.
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