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  1. You’d need to have shithousery for brains to seriously believe that our chaps Edwardian schoolboy efforts to Play up! play up! And play the game are constantly being thwarted by the underhand tactics of the rotters from Rotherham or elsewhere.
  2. These accounts are many, many months overdue - this delay is not just due to auditors workload or a couple of little things.
  3. And only to the Company and their own regulator - presumably the ICAEW - neither of which would be likely to publicise the fact.
  4. Is there still a requirement to file an auditor resignation at Co. House? I thought that this requirement had been removed.
  5. Because he is lazy. Getting his hands dirty finding and persuading customers to buy from him took effort so he just decided that he would rather write a cheque rather than actually try to run it properly.
  6. Given the sheer level of incompetence in the operating of SWFC it is hard to believe that professional and successful business people such DCs brother and father are involved in this caper. God knows where he has got the funds but I cannot believe that they would just have sat back and watched their own wealth frittered away.
  7. He will go when the pain funding next months losses becomes greater then the pain of recognising his sunk losses - it may already have done for all we know. At that point something will become better than nothing and he will look to find a buyer - until then he is stuck with SWFC and we are stuck with him. Its a crap situation but on the bright side, that monthly TT of funds he has to make must really sting...
  8. The ground isn’t worth £60m, it hasn’t cost Chansiri £60m. Sell yourself your own back garden for £60m. Have you suddenly got £60m? Has it cost you £60m? Is it worth £60m?
  9. Travelled down to London early Sunday morning from Uni at Manchester in a Ford Cortina full of Chelsea fans. Met Wednesday mates before match...brilliant 2-0 win...even better when I got back to the car until it wouldn't start. 3 hours waiting for it to be partly-fixed whilst watching the other semi-final between Man Utd and Leeds through a TV shop window. Long drive back to Manchester at 50mph top speed but honestly it could have been 5mph and it wouldn't have mattered. Surprisingly 3 days later the Chelsea fan car owner let me do the same again...even better.
  10. Be careful what you wish for, with Chansiri at the helm it may just do that.
  11. Multi year season tickets having nothing to do with boosting revenue in the income statement in year 1. The income from a 3 year ticket will be recognised 1/3rd in each of the respective season. What multi year season tickets are all about is cash and getting it in early to pay this years bills with next years income. The trouble is then what happens next year...
  12. Then it is the Director’s responsibility to find out why and address those issues. If they won’t sign off going concern then he needs to ascertain what they will sign off. Since he is also the owner it should be easy enough even for a man of his limited ability, to get the shareholder to accept the accounts on whatever basis.
  13. It’s not complicated. Accounts are the responsibility of the Directors of a company. He is the only Director at SWFC Ltd so he has sole responsibility. It’s always better to get on and get accounts signed because going concern always carries an element of uncertainty but being lazy he no doubt thought the COVID extension was a clever wheeze to delay things. 12 months down the line with no crowds and reduced income it doesn’t look so clever.
  14. Strange look...Professional footballers some of them earning £Ks per week playing on what looks like a Barnsley school field. Which one gets to be the slightly balding Bobby Charlton?
  15. I asked question. Some posters inability to understand basic grammar is genuinely baffling.
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