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  1. Started the game badly and then got worse...but soon forgotten as within a week and half we'd beaten Chelsea home and away and got to Wembley at last.
  2. kobayashi

    Revenue Generation

  3. kobayashi

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    Membership...there’s another f00kin nonsense. But taking your point they will have spent £90 to get the saving so would have to attend 18 games to match the season ticket price, which means they probably deserve the same price.
  4. kobayashi

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    Does it? Wouldn’t a £25 per match POTG still be close to a 25% premium on the equivalent ST per match price?
  5. kobayashi

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    It’s not complicated...the solution to high POTG prices is lower POTG prices.
  6. DC is starring in the Thai remake of Brewsters Millions...it's a little longer than the original but he's on course to spend every penny.
  7. kobayashi

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    It’s great to have a contract to deliver a service/product for future years guaranteeing future income. It’s not great to have have a contract to deliver for future years but no future income because you have already had it and spent it. If he has cash he doesn’t need multiple year season ticket deals to cover the businesses immediate cash requirements. He can only mortgage the future so many times...then there really is a problem. so no it’s not a positive.
  8. kobayashi

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    No it absolutely isn’t. Mortgage the future and you are only going one way. For a guy with supposedly lots of cash DC seems to like mortgaging the future.
  9. kobayashi

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    The revenue are spread over their duration but with the business burning cash at a rate of about £1.5m per month the cash itself is long gone.
  10. kobayashi

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Wages aren’t on a balance sheet...the unamortised fees paid are an asset on the balance sheet but the only way they can come off the balance sheet is by being charged through the Income Statement as an expense...not exactly what you want if you are trying to reduce losses.
  11. With all respect, too complicated. Kip Season ticket £460. Match day prices £25..there that’s that for a season.
  12. Which part of its double b0ll0cks don’t you get? the problem to too high POTG prices is not to introduce another scheme on top of the multiple of multiple schemes that already exist. Each one of these actually just solidifies the too high POTG prices because they each have to be justified in relation to POTG. The solution to too high POTG prices is to reduce POTG prices. Hopefully that’s clear enough for the hard of understanding.
  13. Just following up your observation that they aren’t idiots with another similar observation...although you do seem to like to pick and chose when comparisons with other clubs are valid or not valid. Anyway, presumably by extension those running clubs that can’t do such things as having appropriate ticketing policies at the start of August that are still valid by the middle of the same month, and signing new players etc are idiots.
  14. Nearly all clubs can sign new players. Maybe they arent the idiots.
  15. Its all double b0ll0cks. Season ticket sales from March to August at a Single price. POTG price announced for the season at the average of the SEason ticket price per match plus say 15% to 20%. No memberships,special this and that days, discounts or such crap...just clear fair pricing.