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  1. Greatest player ever...and in blue and white stripes.
  2. It’s 50:50...I can’t decide whether his head is too big or his body is to small.
  3. It would seem that the young, fit and energetic “new wood” has become the latest batch of deadwood in less time than it takes the leaves to fall off a tree. Depressing stuff.
  4. Automatic promotion form - so those people that say sacking a manager doesn’t work are wrong- they just need to it more, much more and they’d be in the PL in no time.
  5. The only league Match at s6 that I missed in about 15 years. Just started university in Manchester and had an epic Saturday night at the Hacienda...surfaced too late to get train to Sheffield.
  6. Yeah...what a f00kin disaster that would be...at least yer man Monk didn't run that risk.
  7. Did he? I think people are confusing his approach with Ireland with that at Wednesday. He had players such as Mirocevic, Bannister, Heard and Mills none of whom could be described as tough and uncompromising.Wednesday went more direct after Charlton left and Wilko came in .
  8. Winner...Pulis’ bank account Loser...Chansiri’s bank account But hey ho it’s his to lose.
  9. To be fair, if Wednesday have to have Pulis as the manager then a season when fans cannot attend is the one to do it.
  10. Not sure you can read too much into his compensation demand. The video interviews last week confirmed that he is away with the fairies most of the time.
  11. Pulis is competent, so that would be a step-up from Monk but with the amount of baggage he brings is being competent sufficient? On balance, no.
  12. Best Stoke manager in 40 years - I'm guessing that not too crowded a field.
  13. Sometimes yes - but they don’t hand out contracts.
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