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  1. Sounds as if someone at SWFC has just found the piece of paper that they wrote their email password down on....happy days
  2. It is a long time ago but football managers at the time didn't think so. Pressman had been dropped by Atkinson half way through the Div. 2 season whereas Woods was the England No 1 and won nearly 50 caps.
  3. Good grief, the £m that is required to keep Wednesday on the road doesn’t just “filter through”. Is he having a whip-round or has he raided the Christmas Club kitty? If the outstanding wages are even close to the figure suggested then together with the ground loan to be repaid and the need to fund the operation he needs to inject £20m of capital into the business in short order.
  4. Whilst ever Chansiri owns both SWFC and Sheffield 3 then neither the rental or the purchase instalment are pertinent. A couple of posting in the respective books could take care of each for another year without a £1 of cash passing between the two companies SWFC accounts Db Rental Expense £2.5m Cr Inter Co Loan £2.5m Cr Stadium Sale £6.0m Db Inter Co Loan £6.0m Sheffield 3 accounts Cr Rental Income £2.5m Db Inter Co Loan £2.5m Db Stadium Purchase £6.0m Cr Inter Co Loan £6.0m The only thing that is pe
  5. It will depend on the terms of the contract. The car lease will have as a term the power for the lessor to recover the car if the payments are not maintained. We don’t know what the contractual terms are for either the sale or leaseback. Given that the seller/purchaser/lessor/lessee are all effectively the same person, the terms are unlikely to be too onerous. In the case of non-payment by either party of either the purchase instalment or annual rent then there must be some remedy available to the injured party but it may not be to annul the contract. As for an administrator of SWFC, they cou
  6. Whilst ever the owner of SWFC and Sheffield 3 are the same, then the sale and lease remain what they were, an accounting sleight of hand.
  7. It hasn’t cost the employer anymore. If the employee works rather than taking holiday due then the employer has had the benefit of a days work and the employee gets the benefit of a days pay.
  8. Class action at S6? A long while since anyone saw that..
  9. Nobody in their right mind would want to purchase shares in SWFC issued by or sold by Chansiri. Any investment in shares would have to be in a new company formed with the purpose of buying the assets of SWFC and Sheffield 3 from Chansiri or from an administrator if it comes to that.
  10. It is a form of Stockholm Syndrome, Wednesday fans have developed a psychological bond with their football captor Chansiri.
  11. Adrian Heath, sponsored car already seen at Montys Motors...
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