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  1. A professional athletes training to a professional standard is working.
  2. What is an “appropriate exercise regime” ? I’m guessing not a 10 min jog around the block but instead one which is commensurate with being a professional athlete. A professional athlete following an “appropriate exercise regime” is doing his job.
  3. Probably because to be furloughed you cannot undertake any activity related to your employment. As a footballer is an athlete that would mean he wouldn’t be allowed to train, as training is part of his job.
  4. I’m starting to miss traffic jams never mind football, going out, having a pint...
  5. As opposed to wider society which is abstemious and patient... The side effect of Coronavirus seems to be a mass outbreak of sanctimonious virtue signalling.
  6. Tough call...but Shelton is 62 and retired in 1998 so probably Bannan
  7. Terrific player...sponsored by Monty's Motors
  8. The clubs taking the furlough is certainly unsavoury whatever the players do- I made the point in the other thread that was "praising" Chansiri but I'm not sure how just reducing the players wages for the benefit of millionaire owners is a moral triumph. At least the player is paying tax on his salary.
  9. Is it that simple? If they sacrifice salary it is for the benefit of presumably the club owners. It certainly does not benefit the government and other tax payers if the tax that the players pay on their salaries which contributes to the NHS cost is simply left in the pockets of say the Glasers.
  10. I didn't say it was a stunt but neither is it a selfless act of compassion. This is an owner who has dismissed POTG fans as barely covering non player wages but now he is taking the tax payer bailout to cover the very same expense.
  11. Depending on the terms of contract businesses don't have an automatic right to not pay the 20% and employees have to accept to be furloughed. He had done this primarily to save himself money not as some act of charity.
  12. I was being deliberately contrary but the fact remains that a man that has frequently complained that he is not permitted to spend his own money, so presumably he can readily afford to pay his staff wages, has taken the opportunity to push a significant % of it onto the UK taxpayer. Not sure why this earns plaudits.
  13. I thought the owner had cash to burn if only the evil EFL would just leave him to it? Surely he doesn't need our charity.
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