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Community Answers

  1. the enjoyment from beating Portsmouth was as a step to returning to at least a higher division...with that context removed it is meaningless
  2. What a load of rubbish. Why stop with League 1? Just think of all the potential wins and fun quirky grounds to visit in the Northern Premier League.
  3. Experience No. 1: He failed to keep the club in the championship Experience No.2: He failed to take the club back to the championship but never mind, onwards and upwards with hope over experience...
  4. yeah...Francis hugely underperformed with a 22 man squad bursting with with PL stars such as David Johnson, Peter Shirtliff, Julian Watts, Phil King., Gordon Watson, Nigel Jemson, Graham Hyde and a 36 year old Viv Anderson.
  5. How many home games vs. away? Before Christmas when form was indifferent the balance was 2 or 3 more away games played than home games but now it is the reverse. Home form is good but if they are to get promoted at Wembley just 3 out of the 9 remaining games will be at home. The away form has remained indifferent, so if Wednesday are to get promoted then they will have to improve away form from now on.
  6. Nobody has a clue and so a lot of 2+2=5 guesses. But then again Chansiri hasn’t got a clue and 2+2 =5 is how he does his accounts, so there could be something in it…
  7. It’s ok taking a point but those teams above Wednesday that played all took 3. Wednesday are probably 55 points away from an automatic spot with 25 games to play, which for a team that has only won 8 games out of 21 already looks unlikely and if there are too many more “good points” the maths will become impossible very quickly.
  8. Presumably those at S6 preparing the cash flow expected the monthly TT from Thailand to fill the funding gap to continue but have just learnt from the Thai gentleman sending those funds that they need to think again.
  9. Teams that win once a month usually get relegated not promoted.
  10. 30 years ago the fans wanted shot of Eustace after just a few months because they could see it was going nowhere. 15 months later there were no fans wanting shot of Atkinson despite the relegation because they could see it was going somewhere. The fans were right about both. It’s no different today, if the fans had a sense of things going somewhere then there would be no clamour to get rid of Moore at this time, but they can’t, so there is.
  11. So £6m of inherited debt of SWFC which has not been disclosed in the SWFC accounts that he has signed for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Is he very forgetful?
  12. Hardly giving Bernstein and Woodward a run for their money…
  13. If you want to call someone an idiot then at least try to form an intelligible sentence.
  14. Good grief just what Wednesday need…a village idiot act from 2010.
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