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  1. Presumably those at S6 preparing the cash flow expected the monthly TT from Thailand to fill the funding gap to continue but have just learnt from the Thai gentleman sending those funds that they need to think again.
  2. Teams that win once a month usually get relegated not promoted.
  3. 30 years ago the fans wanted shot of Eustace after just a few months because they could see it was going nowhere. 15 months later there were no fans wanting shot of Atkinson despite the relegation because they could see it was going somewhere. The fans were right about both. It’s no different today, if the fans had a sense of things going somewhere then there would be no clamour to get rid of Moore at this time, but they can’t, so there is.
  4. So £6m of inherited debt of SWFC which has not been disclosed in the SWFC accounts that he has signed for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Is he very forgetful?
  5. Hardly giving Bernstein and Woodward a run for their money…
  6. If you want to call someone an idiot then at least try to form an intelligible sentence.
  7. Good grief just what Wednesday need…a village idiot act from 2010.
  8. Chris Turner was our Chris Turner…but unfortunately Darren Moore is also our Darren Moore.
  9. Time for Moore and Wednesday to step up. FFS its only Wigan…and they are reduced to fielding a Mr Men character.
  10. The EFL did not give Wednesday anything… the decision and penalty were decided upon by independent tribunal members of a high court judge, a QC and an accountant.
  11. The majority of the league seem to get by without running into the issues at SWFC or Derby caused by the incompetent cheats that have run the clubs. Rather than "target SWFC" it could easily be said the EFL bent over backwards to try and "help" Chansiri get out of his own mess...they knew as well as anyone that the ground sale was a "fix" to cover his cheating but they were happy to rubber stamp it just so long as he did it on time. That he couldn't even do that was entirely down to his own arrogance/incompetence not the EFL...even in the summer they allowed him to get away with not paying players properly for months-on-end with a slap on the wrist and no punishment so long as he doesn't do it again in the next few months.
  12. The people that own and operate run Wednesday and Derby were happy to cheat and break the rules that the clubs had collectively agreed for several seasons and having done so both then tried to cheat again through financial manipulation. Should the EFL the body that are tasked by the clubs to enforce the rules of the competition just have turned a blind eye to this? The enemy is the likes of Morris and Chansiri.
  13. Let’s hope that Chansiri can find the £6.5m Sheffield 3 need by the end of the month to stop the Loan Co exercising their charge over Hillsborough. At the moment he struggling to even file the accounts.
  14. Well it isn’t his record before he came to Wednesday and it certainly isn’t his record since he has been at Wednesday, so it must be that old favourite that he seems like a good sort. Seemingly that will do for many…
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