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  1. The moral stance being what? Refusing to participate whilst expecting their contracts to be paid in full?
  2. Blame the owners and management of the clubs mainly but let’s not pretend that when Neville and the others were signing their multi-million contracts that they were overly concerned that ultimately it was the fans of the club that were paying for it.
  3. I'm sure Gary Neville wasn't too worried as the cash came in how his wages were being funded but the ESL is the conclusion of the process that the players and their representatives were more than happy to participate in.
  4. It's a terrible idea but spare me the likes of Gary Neville that happily took huge salaries getting righteous about greed in football.
  5. Good grief...that’s like attributing relegation in 1975 to Dooley losing his leg at Preston or the relegation in 1990 on Danny Williams being appointed manager in 1968. Chansiri has had 6 years and Wednesday are about to be relegated to the 3rd division, his failure is of his own making, not Dave Richards.
  6. Not very fashionable to defend the players but I defy anyone to claim they could have given their best in a workplace environment like SWFC. Absent senior management; behind competitors before you start due to previous management mistakes; rotating line manager; frequently not been paid as contracted; unlikely to be kept on beyond in a few months time. Few employees could or would be able to give their best.
  7. Certainly operating a Championship club is challenging but most clubs owners/executives seem able to navigate it without consistently failing to comply with the competition rules; without having to invent sponsors; without having to sell the ground and if they have, without failing to do it competently; without charging the highest prices in the league; without having a six point deduction; and ultimately without being relegated to the league below. When he took it on he knew that is capital was at risk and in his approach he has repeatedly increased that risk. If he believes he is en
  8. Chris Brunt was the best player at SWFC since the PL days.
  9. Exactly, so far his record is worse than either Turner or Irvine both of whom took over in similar situations and both of whom were similarly unable to prevent a relegation. I don’t think many would argue that we missed a trick not rewarding either of them with 5 year contracts...
  10. Walking away empty handed is what he risked when he decided to treat SWFC like a fruit-machine not a business. He’s put his money in the slot, spun the wheel and lost.
  11. Time will tell whether he becomes a decent appointment but he most certainly has not been a great appointment so far.
  12. If that is the main difference then there is not too much reason to hold on to Moore....my dad's an affable chap and a Wednesdayite since the 50s. I'm sure he'd love to have a go at being the manager and seems, by this criteria, to be more than adequately qualified.
  13. So we need a clown with no financial sense...do you think Chansiri has considered selling his own club to himself? Obviously when he tried this trick with the ground it didn’t exactly go to plan... but who knows, 2nd time lucky?
  14. Difficult situation for him, a relegation whether his fault or not followed by an indifferent start to next season and the pressure would be on immediately.
  15. The whole entity from the chairman downwards is letting the brand down. Getting a successful and winning first team is the priority but is tough but below that the place stinks of a lack of care and attention to basic and easier to fix things.
  16. It doesn’t matter whether it is a women’s football team, a ping pong squad or a tiddly winks XI, if Sheffield Wednesday are going to lend their name to it then basic brand management says don’t let it be crap.
  17. I'm equally indifferent and I'm not certain whether a women's team offers the opportunity for growth etc but if it going to exist and carry the name of the Sheffield Wednesday then it should be done properly. Is there nobody in the business that has any pride in the name Sheffield Wednesday? It's not a business, it a collection of broken windows.
  18. It’s not complicated, if you need to stay away from home for work or education you have been allowed to do so throughout the lockdown period.
  19. Difficult to fathom how he got the money if the wider family aren’t involved but impossible to believe that his father and brother, the chairman and CEO of a large and successful business have anything to do with the total shambles that is Chansiri’s business and financial management at SWFC. I don’t suppose that we will ever know the true story...
  20. The new badge has the style and authenticity of a Georgian tv cabinet prize off Bullseye
  21. Just our luck, we get a Thai Wallace without the brains of a Gromit.
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