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  1. Don't confuse spending for today with investing for tomorrow. Chansiri has done a fair amount of the former but precious little of the latter.
  2. The TUF group pays an Annual dividend of 0.25 baht per share. The Chansiri family has 923m shares so receives a dividend of 231m baht. That equates to £5.7m for the whole family. His brother and father have 75% of the family holding which leaves £1.4m for DC and whichever other family members hold the remaining family shares. Even If it’s just him it should just about cover 2 or 3 weeks losses at S6.
  3. He’s got a nice gillet and a “project”. Surely it doesn’t get any more “modern manager” than that...
  4. Just hoping that it was Jackie Charlton's hat...
  5. Are they unhappy about by crap coaching sessions? Are they frustrated by poor fitness ? Have they pointed out poor tactics? I've no idea, but neither do you.
  6. No idea why you think Wednesday have no debts. The debts of SWFC were £77.7m in July 2018...which was an increase of £40m from the previous year. That was +18 months ago so safe to assume that they are comfortably past the £100m by now.
  7. Once went to a reception at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo...it’s nicer than Wuhan or Hillsborough
  8. Grumpy...I think that we’re being trolled
  9. If your lucky you’ll be out in 12 months...
  10. After 5 years of mismanagement anyone still buying into his “strategy” needs to give their head a wobble.
  11. It would deter any kind of investor...good,bad or indifferent.
  12. West Brom vs. Notts forest adult ticket prices £20 to £23 Wednesday vs.Reading adult prices £33 to £39 our club owner is a disgrace
  13. I think you need to check the definition of “most”. From the 18 man squad on Wednesday night just 6 or 1/3rd were 1st team members under Carlos (Palmer, Lees, Lee, Bannan, Forestieri and Nuhiu). For Jos, add Dawson and Pelupessey to that list but delete Lee and possibly delete Forestieri as they were injured for most of it so still 1/3rd. For Bruce add Iorfa so that’s 7 out of 18.
  14. If the manager has such little accountability then why is he the manager...to hand out the oranges?
  15. The only thing he has been proven right on was being so glum the day he appointed Monk. His is financial mismanagement has gone past hopeless and clueless and has become dangerous and toxic. I doubt any sane or decent person would now come anywhere near SWFC.
  16. Proven in what way? The only entries on his managerial CV are his various appointments and subsequent sackings a few months later. Nothing he has done or is doing suggests he is the man to rebuild Wednesday.
  17. He's flippinguseless but surely he can remember which door he has to go through to get into the dressing room?
  18. He moved to Monaco last year along with his two associates reportedly to save £4bn in tax.
  19. To the end of the season in the hope that he can demonstrate something both quantitative and qualitative that provides some hope that he can do the rebuild. Personally I doubt it based on his record but that’s just my opinion.
  20. Nobody said he was signed by Monk...the point being that an unwanted player is an unwanted player regardless of his age.
  21. Now...not necessarily but if this is all he has then is he really the man for the summer rebuild?
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