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  1. What a stupid post, you’re happy for the livelihoods of 10s of thousands of people to be binned.
  2. Not necessarily so. SWFC has a long term lease agreement to operate the stadium so depending on the terms of the agreement could possibly sell the naming rights. Surely even Chansiri wouldn't go through the hassle of selling the ground just to make the clubs figures look better, only to then screw the club in the terms of the lease...
  3. I think you might want to read it again...in truth nobody knows how „cash rich“ he is but we do know his fondness for strange multi year ticket deals which damage the long term finances of the business just to bring in quick cash, which if he were „cash rich“ he wouldn‘t actually need.
  4. The owner is „cash rich“ so save your money for the next „and get this“ 20 year season ticket offer that mortgages the future of the club to desperately raise short term cash that the „cash rich“ owner obviously doesn’t need.
  5. Because it is not family owned. It is a public listed company and therefore not in a position to waste shareholder funds on subsidising the business ineptitude of the Chairman‘s son.
  6. Split it how you like but between the 1 June 2015 and 31 July 2018, Wednesday agreed to pay other clubs £37.243m for player registrations. There were others smaller deals and I may have forgotten some but the annual amounts and major deals I can recall each year were 15/16 £12.666m (FF, Matias, Jaoa) 16/17 £11.629m (AA, Jones, Hooper perm, Winall) 17/18 £12.948m (Rhodes perm, JVA, Pelupessy)
  7. And the large matter of the owners financial and commercial incompetence...
  8. So apart from the having no saleable assets and no income it’s all good to go...
  9. Until Wednesday begin to generate some transfer fee income then fees of £3m, 4 year contracts and competitive wages are near impossible unless they break the rules again. Wednesday need to identify next seasons Murphy that can come into S6 without the big fee, without the long term commitment and with subsidised wages from his PL club.
  10. What nonsense, he is the same manager in September that he was in July.
  11. So don’t judge the manager on +40 games last season but do judge him after 7 games in the coming season. Great logic...
  12. I would adde Brian Laws to that list, not the greatest manager but had a couple of decent seasons and results vs Utd and genuinely seemed delighted to be Wednesday manager and to have some feeling for the club.
  13. To a certain extent it doesn’t matter whether it is a league of Liverpool’s or a league of Accrington Stanley’s...minus 12 is a significant disadvantage as regardless of the quality games will be played and points will be won by those playing.
  14. Given his proven ineptness at finance it is a tough call which would be worse....
  15. "Clubs in the Championship last week approved proposals to amend Profitability and Sustainability regulations."
  16. to satisfy your curiosity a few weeks before Christmas and a few days after...
  17. Makes interesting reading, things have obviously developed a lot since then when quaint concepts such as the club chairman planning to invest in the clubs infrastructure to build for the future and adverts in the programme for real businesses selling real products that the people of Sheffield could buy seemed to be the thing. Obviously 60 years on we can look back with the benefit of hindsight and know that rather than mess about with all that they should just have sold the old ground to themselves for an inflated price and run advertising for companies that don’t trade...so much easier than working hard and trying to run the club properly.
  18. You know little, including how to spell cheese.
  19. We don’t know whether the new coaches are any good. We don’t know whether the new players will perform better than those that they are replacing. We do know that Monk is a crap manager.
  20. Derby (leaseholder) and 7 other companies including the company that purchased the stadium Gellaw 202 (freeholder). The lender would want both so that if there is a default they can get hold of both the leasehold and freehold. If it were just the freeholder Geelaw then they can default but the lender cannot stop Derby the leaseholder enjoying the property so long as they keep paying the rent.
  21. It is a loan not income so has no bearing on P&S and is irrelevant to Wednesday since the owner is cash rich, remember.
  22. Anti fan crap. He came on as sub and scored the equaliser against Everton in front of the newly roofed Kop keeping those there dry from heavy rain.
  23. It sounds trite but the better and more successful managers at Wednesday have all had the “connection” thing. Monk hasn’t.
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