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  1. Before we get too excited and prepare our best booing voices, each club has to have a "tester" event with just a 1000 capacity. So, if Sheffield enters tier 2 then the first game back will only have 1000 fans.
  2. Dips??? I thought we were putting that type of thing behind us now?
  3. This lineal things sounds good - using that method we well be champions for all time!
  4. Apparently so despite getting relegated. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/18/who-are-the-unofficial-premier-league-champions-football-the-knowledge Was pleased with this until I saw who took the title from us.......
  5. But I thought the point of this thread was that TP didn't have s style of play? TP will find a way with what we have!!!
  6. Is there not a couple of test matches he can watch before taking the job? Maybe if he was to wait until after the 2049 Ashes series while Nigel Pearson holds the fort for him in the meantime? How about that DC?
  7. Hasn't Victoria already got a store at Meadowhall too? It's happening!!!!
  8. Are we all lumping on again? Got stung with this last time ffs!
  9. If only our army of strikers could score and our army of wing-backs could cross a ball!
  10. I applied at lunchtime on the day of the QPR game and code came through at about 1.30. Can't promise this will happen for you but you could give it a go. If it doesn't come through, contact ifollow live chat and you may get sorted?
  11. .....but I read on here we were sneaking into the play-offs just the other day???? Is than now off?
  12. When we get to safety This is what we'll yell We are Wednesday, We are Wednesday F*ck the EFL!
  13. How did Colin West get on this shirt? Or Hirst for that matter? Maybe guests on the day of the game? Anyway, already have this shirt so it's a no from me. Gonna watch on ebay to see what the real value of this is? £15.00 at moment with one bid, 6 days to go......
  14. Didn't realise there was a deadline? Nothing stopping me ordering so assumed all would be fine? Is there anyone to contact if code doesn't arrive before say 2pm?
  15. Just bought a pass for today at 9.30. Now have an email saying a separate email will be sent within 24 hours? Has anyone else bought on the day and got the code emailed before kick off?
  16. What does a rich man's Wade Small look like?
  17. Let's see how "mature" the fan base is after we lose a game or two!
  18. He might have heard that we do similar deals......
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