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  1. I would like to see us win our remaining 13 games finishing on 83 points. Then i would like to see us win the play-off final against Leeds with Big Dave scoring a Last minute winner to clinch an unlikely 4-3 win having been 3-0 down at HT!
  2. It was a bad joke based on the way things are at the moment and how I and many people have become disenfranchised with everything Wednesday. Kop ST holder for 30 years btw before I'm accused of being a pig aswell! Of course that's not what I want. Sorry it was taken literally.
  3. Both us and City to be thrown out of the cup and closed down for financial irregularities before the big day. At least this is what I am hoping......
  4. You can just have the points now to save us all the effort.
  5. "Accepted a foreign owner. Accepted his faith and traditions. Accepted his raising of ticket prices. Accepted his insistence on doing things his way. Accepted his mistakes......lots of them, and some of which will be remembered as his finest hour, Im talking cakeball....." Don't think the top two are anything to hold our heads up high about particularly. Regardless of where he is from and what his faith and traditions are, accepting them is a given. Just a right and proper way to treat anyone and not a reason to be especially proud. The fact that he is foreign is irrelevant in this. Just saying.
  6. Will be quicker than Big Dave so could be a good call and a free agent I believe? Maybe give Wickham and Windass a couple more games first though before going down this route?
  7. Heard Rowett is coming in. Done deal. Lump on.
  8. Will never forget the semi final v Brighton or the day in Cardiff in 2005. Good days.
  9. Win tomorrow and the doom and gloom will be over. We will be 3 points off the play-offs and still in the cup. Two (maybe three!) trips to Wembley will beckon and all will be rosy. Such is the the mentality of Wednesday fans, we are either world beaters or in terminal demise depending on the previous 90 minutes.
  10. We will beat City and knock them out in the quarters to book a Wembley semi against Derby. Lump on.
  11. We have managed to beat ourselves on many occasions already this season. I'm sure we can do it again!!!
  12. What if it's not really Reachy's birthday? That would be annoying!
  13. Can we put Hirsty in goal for the last 15 minutes just for old times sake?
  14. Few on here pal; https://www.waterstones.com/books/search/term/sheffield+wednesday
  15. Was thinking about this and wondered when it was done before we did it and also how many times it has been done? Does anyone on here know?
  16. While we are at it, can we rescue Jamie Vardy from missing out on the title at Leicester and only finishing in a Champions league place?
  17. Bet365 stream was reliable but very small. However, what is the point if it cuts out when a goal is scored! Will not be doing that again!!!!
  18. Winning a car was a good one if they could do that every match!
  19. No mention of a return for the wheelie bin challenge! What was that all about?!
  20. Last time the cavalry arrived in January it was Rhodes and Winnall!
  21. I'd take that and beat 'em back at Hillsborough!
  22. Some free kick are taken in our own half though?
  23. These are the lyrics to one of their biggest hits, even has a Wednesday theme to it - surprised you don't like it! Let's all meet up on Hillsborough Corner It wont be strange 'cus we're all Wednesday aren't we Be there 3 o'clock by-the ground just down the road I always knew and never worried I wont be sittin' round here on my own We're-the famous Sheffield Wednesday here we go! We say that "we're all Wednesday aren't we" We wear blue and white with black shorts maybe? We're everywhere and nowhere baby oh oh oh oh oh oh oooh oooh.......
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