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  1. Still don't see link between this story and the OP's link to FF?
  2. I live in Sheffield and I too am struggling to fathom this out and make the link? Five pages in and I'm still not sure! OP???????
  3. Similar thread on Fulham forum about Big Dave and Rhodes.
  4. Doesn't sound relaxing and enjoyable to me. Sounds frustrating and boring! Hoping for at least a play-off push myself.
  5. Never realised Suede supported dem blades either!
  6. I took her to a supermarket........
  7. That was my initial reaction but I went with it and glad I did. We have had sponsors in red on our shirts in the past so I can live with it.
  8. Back on sale for one day with all proceeds to Sheffield Children's Hospital. Got one last year and love it. Great quality and good looking shirt raising money for a good cause too.
  9. I recall we once appointed a former PE teacher from a lower league club back in the 80's. Worked out well if I remember correctly!
  10. Win tomorrow and I will start to believe that we are the real deal and in for a good season. Would be happy with a draw.
  11. Season over as tonight's goals fly in an we are dropping down place by place. Bullen out, DC out, SAG out, season ticket thrown in river and paracetamol packet on hand for inevitable Leeds goal .
  12. Does the red button thing work with Sky Go via Android? Similarly, can you use the Now TV pass to access any of the red button games?
  13. Think he would be able to do scaffolding himself; http://www.dcscaffolding.co.uk
  14. Photo-shopped that - Bullen wouldn't be seen dead in a red and white striped shirt!
  15. Agreed. Probably BB or Luongo coming in with Reach back out wide.
  16. Was an attempt at sarcasm based on OP's suggested team formation. Agree with what you are saying.
  17. Who needs full-backs anyway - always an overrated position!
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