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  1. 21 years and look at the clubs who have got up to the Premier League while we have been bumbling around the Championship and League One. Blackpool, Hull, Pigs, Reading, Norwich, Birmingham, Neecastle, Villa, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Leicester, Watford, Wolves, WBA, QPR, Palace, Burnley, Brentford, Brighton, Fulham, Huddersfield, Southampton, Stoke ffs!
  2. Thought this was a thread about tomorrow's game!
  3. So you want atmosphere and are looking to sit in padded seats on the South Stand?
  4. Still trying to do the maths on this one? We have 9 lots of 5 games so 90 points after 45 games. How do we get to 92 points?
  5. If Huddersfield can do it, we should be able to do it too.
  6. We have a winner! Good effort this.
  7. Agreed. Need to remain realistic so I expect us to concede a couple over the whole season.
  8. A family friend got married that day so I said I couldn't go to the wedding as I had to listen to the game on the radio.
  9. But it makes the shirt look like a patchwork top that has been made on a school sewing machine. I dont want to see the numbers, I want a shirt that looks like it is designed to be worn and look good. The plain sleeves dont help either. Like three different designs thrown together. Joining the queue at 6.30AM.
  10. 70? I Think you need to be a little more realistic. 45 should do it with our back five. A goal a game and we are finally on our way!
  11. With all these new signings, they could do with some knitting together tbf.
  12. Means he stays until Jan when we will have a better idea where we are. If he comes back and gets a few goals, we are in a strong position to either cash in or keep to get us back up. Need another striker in now though.
  13. Style? It used to be pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, until Tom Lees got the ball when we would then hoof it forward and slowly re-group to defend. Now that Lees has gone I am not sure who will play that role? Need to get someone in otherwise we will need a plan B?
  14. But where will the Wycombe fans sit now???
  15. We all were pal and that was in back in 2016. Hope you have a bit more success.
  16. Since when did adult conversation become a thing on here? I'm off to find a thread about which shade of pink resembles a pig!!!!
  17. Sheffield FC don't play in Sheffield and we no longer have a reserve team. The rest is 100% true.
  18. Mick Lions and Phil King. End of thread. Move along people.
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