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  1. Which was my point! So pointless thread. We could be 6 points off 6th tomorrow night with 6 games to go. That would be a better thread! If Carlsberg did ends of season, we beat the efl, storm into the playoffs, Leeds implode and we beat them in the play-off final! .....and FF gets the rest of his June pay packet paid over 10 year instalments.
  2. Update from Biggs - hearing still going on! Sorry if Pope has passed away!
  3. To say we looked at 100's of CB and went for VA is unbelievable.
  4. Already happened mate. JP signed. That says it all.
  5. How well does he know League 1?
  6. Bit of optimism on the frequently asked questions section on the Wednesday website; "If things go well, will play-off games also be available on iFollow? Sky Bet Play-Off matches will not be shown live on iFollow, but you will be able to purchase an audio pass for just £2.50 to follow the live commentary". Not sure how frequently this question has been asked? Certainly hadn't crossed my mind!
  7. Got my password and going to try later. However not sure I will be able to do this bit; "Please test this system before matchday by logging in to iFollow and enjoying the service by watching match highlights from previous games" Suppose I could catch up on a couple of second half's I recently missed?
  8. Both for me. Gonna need two keepers imo. Hope DC has a plan if we get caught?
  9. So will it work? Ipad, android phone, laptop or smart tv? Which is best?
  10. I am assuming my ipad will be fine for this?
  11. I was planning to leave at half-time at all five home games but keeping quiet too.
  12. Option 1 looks good. Get to see all the games and still £50 saving in the future if I have read this right? Just wondering how long the credit on merch and tickets will last?
  13. First book I have read in a long time that. Predictable ending so would not recommend.
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