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  1. apswfcowl

    Faves for next boss...

    Him or Axon for me!
  2. apswfcowl

    The City is Ours

    Some evidence for this here
  3. Just to counter the other ridiculous thread. Form is temporary, class is permanent. However poor we are at the moment and however good they think they are, we are Sheffield Wednesday and this city is ours! If I was waking up as a blunt, I know I would be gutted this morning after not winning last night. WAWAW!
  4. apswfcowl

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    But i thought they did that last season with their two goal massacre at Hillsborough?
  5. apswfcowl

    Fessi today

    Flying him in at half-time to rescue the situation I've heard.
  6. Dunno, I know it would be another game without a clean sheet but a hatrick from Big Dave, two worldlies from Reach and an OG from Clarke would cushion the blow for me somewhat!!!
  7. apswfcowl

    Team for QPR

    Hope it's one of those monstrosities that we can all have a meltdown over only to find we come away with three points!
  8. apswfcowl

    Premier League here we come

    Is it too early for the "We're on our way" chants to get going again? Phones out v Boro anyone? Or, maybe we just play without pressure and expectation and see where we finish? In Jos we tr.... (sorry!)
  9. Pulls v Jos - should make for a great live spectacle. Can see why Sky selected this game!
  10. apswfcowl

    New song for Adam reach!!

    What tune is this to?
  11. apswfcowl

    Fridays atmosphere

    Let's not kid ourselves, Leeds don't care about us much at all. Atmosphere on Friday was much better than usual but nothing special. Finally I have to say it is embarrassing when our only response to any opposition singing their anthem is to boo. What we need is our own unique anthem that we can respond with and no, not Hi Ho - even the Leeds fans joined in with that!
  12. Quite often spend time in North Suffolk at the in-laws. Didn't realise there are fellow Owls in that area!
  13. apswfcowl

    Midweek game pass?

    Do you need to be a Sky Sports subscriber to watch on the app? I have Sky and a Sky ID and the app but don't have Sky Sports. Does anyone know if it will let me watch the game?
  14. apswfcowl

    My epic story

    Are you making this up or did it really happen?
  15. apswfcowl

    'i dont wear red'

    My mate in the 80's was a Man U fan and was going into Top Man to buy a shirt. I mentioned to him that Leeds were sponsored by Top Man. His reaction was that he didn't care as rugby wasn't his thing anyway!!!