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  1. apswfcowl

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    Try the Kop - same silence but costs less!
  2. apswfcowl

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    It was after his chance in the second half had been saved by their keeper iirc.
  3. Great idea and maybe we could adopt some of these songs as ours - old topic I know but we do need our own unique anthem. Hi ho is not it btw.
  4. apswfcowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Good news this. At least they are listening! Don't get how the silver members get priority over silver members but hey, I have a ST!
  5. Next time we get promoted it will be back into the Championship
  6. Reach could slot in CM and a little re-shuffle elsewhere I'd guess?
  7. apswfcowl

    Three Tier Season Card

    But it's the away games I want on tv as I don't get to many due to family commitments and I would pay for an swfc away tv season pass. I get to most home games after which the prospect of watching again in full is generally not a high on my list of things to do. Finding any way to forget the previous two hours is my priority most of the time!
  8. We will lose I am pretty sure. How did we do last season against teams near the bottom where we thought we should win? If we do win I will be pleasantly surprised!
  9. apswfcowl

    Let's back Fernando

    Not sure our squad is good enough for them now they are in the prem?
  10. apswfcowl

    North Stand cladding

    Any pics?
  11. Wasn't going to comment but just had quick look and it has annoyed me. Not so much the Stain in third but Leeds first. Just to be clear, Bellend Road is one of the worst grounds I have been to. It has one big stand which is out of proportion to the rest of the ground and the other three stands are no bigger than my garden shed. They are old, run down and out of date. The pricing is high and the view is crap. In fact, if they wanted to improve it they should knock the whole place down and replace it with a landfill site. Even then it would have the disadvantage of its Leeds location but at least it would be better than it is now.
  12. apswfcowl


    Thought it opened at 10.00?
  13. apswfcowl


    Anyone in the shop to confirm the situation?
  14. Scored a couple with my head playing for the White Hart.
  15. apswfcowl

    World Cup question.

    That makes two players as i didn't realise DP had scored in 1994 before signing for us.