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  1. Can we put Hirsty in goal for the last 15 minutes just for old times sake?
  2. Few on here pal; https://www.waterstones.com/books/search/term/sheffield+wednesday
  3. Was thinking about this and wondered when it was done before we did it and also how many times it has been done? Does anyone on here know?
  4. While we are at it, can we rescue Jamie Vardy from missing out on the title at Leicester and only finishing in a Champions league place?
  5. Bet365 stream was reliable but very small. However, what is the point if it cuts out when a goal is scored! Will not be doing that again!!!!
  6. Winning a car was a good one if they could do that every match!
  7. No mention of a return for the wheelie bin challenge! What was that all about?!
  8. Last time the cavalry arrived in January it was Rhodes and Winnall!
  9. I'd take that and beat 'em back at Hillsborough!
  10. Some free kick are taken in our own half though?
  11. These are the lyrics to one of their biggest hits, even has a Wednesday theme to it - surprised you don't like it! Let's all meet up on Hillsborough Corner It wont be strange 'cus we're all Wednesday aren't we Be there 3 o'clock by-the ground just down the road I always knew and never worried I wont be sittin' round here on my own We're-the famous Sheffield Wednesday here we go! We say that "we're all Wednesday aren't we" We wear blue and white with black shorts maybe? We're everywhere and nowhere baby oh oh oh oh oh oh oooh oooh.......
  12. How about: The boys of the East Bank choir Still singing "All the Way" And the bells are ringing out For Sheff Wednesday
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