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  1. We need a football manager so we can get the players in that he wants rather than some puppet who will arrive at the end of the window to make the best of the random selection of players put together by DC and his advisors. This is not difficult to understand and is the minimum I would have expected when I purchased my ST two years ago. Cook would be a positive appointment in the eyes of many Owls so lets get him in and back him with some signings.
  2. So while we are dragging our heels through the deep poo we are in without a manager, other teams in slightly less poo than us are signing players to help them get out of the poo. I am referring to QPR who are just above us in the table and have signed Charlie Austin who has scored on his debut. If we go down it will be well and truly deserved and DC will have brought it all on himself. Sort it out. Get Cook in and sign some players!
  3. If correct and we all lump on now at 20-1, we could buy DC out on friday, sack Ivic on Saturday and have Cook in place ready for the start of next week. Everyone wins!
  4. Well it has been try not to concede and anything else is a bonus.
  5. If Big Sam's job has been to keep teams up then he is yet to fail. Other than Bolton that is about all he has done and he may well fail at WBA? As for Pulis, it is all hearsay. None of us know what was really said and there was probably fault on both sides.
  6. Where has Big Sam failed? As for Pulis, I think he was the opposite to a charlatan - we knew exactly what he was like and DC didn't like it.
  7. Still 20-1 on sky bet if anyone seriously thinks this could happen. Get lumping.......
  8. Rowett was the time before. We all lumped on then and it cost us big time!
  9. Give any of those 9 months at Hillsborough and those percentages will come tumbling down!!!
  10. Went for Pearson as the question was who do I want. However, I think that is very unlikely so if the question was, who do i think we should realistically go for then I would have voted for Cook.
  11. When was the Accrington game? Missed that one?
  12. Thought we made him buy Rhodes???
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