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  1. Have to say I agree that Mcginns is the best goal and deserves to win. It is without doubt an unbelievable strike that would win any goal of the season award. Voted for FF!
  2. We need a flash mob meet up in Hillsborough park with fans forming something like WAWAW or WTID for the pilot to take a nice picture of back to the stain. Be a good classy response alongside the £7k donated to St Luke's.
  3. It's a no from me. Not worth the hassle and stress. Anyway, we usually have a prestigious game against a big club last friendly before start of the season and play the smaller local clubs at the start of pre-season.
  4. Quick Owlstalk test for iwastherein66 to assess genuine owl status; 1. Where were you in '66 2. What number was Roland Nilsson? 3. Are we on our way?
  5. I think you'll find that the other team in Sheffield are also the poor relations.
  6. Its definitely poor if after our season we are still in with a mathematical chance of going up!
  7. I get that but it is the referee who indicates to the 4th official what number to put on the board. He must have indicated 5 minutes minimum. From that point, he then found an additional 2-3 minutes that was wasted between 90 and 95 minutes? Not sure where that time came from.
  8. Agreed all the way until you put the word "possibly" infront of the word "fox"?
  9. Agree Someone on here suggested the allez allez allez (spelling?) song a couple of years ago but now the scousers have used it and Villa even tried it yesterday. Need something else?
  10. Would be compensated for by us then relegating them the following season as we storm into the final Champions League spot I guess?
  11. Anyone know what time deadline is? Hoping to get two years over the phone but waiting for a call back! Will renew online for a one year if it's getting close to the deadline and I'm still waiting for the call.
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