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  1. .....but I read on here we were sneaking into the play-offs just the other day???? Is than now off?
  2. When we get to safety This is what we'll yell We are Wednesday, We are Wednesday F*ck the EFL!
  3. How did Colin West get on this shirt? Or Hirst for that matter? Maybe guests on the day of the game? Anyway, already have this shirt so it's a no from me. Gonna watch on ebay to see what the real value of this is? £15.00 at moment with one bid, 6 days to go......
  4. Didn't realise there was a deadline? Nothing stopping me ordering so assumed all would be fine? Is there anyone to contact if code doesn't arrive before say 2pm?
  5. Just bought a pass for today at 9.30. Now have an email saying a separate email will be sent within 24 hours? Has anyone else bought on the day and got the code emailed before kick off?
  6. What does a rich man's Wade Small look like?
  7. Let's see how "mature" the fan base is after we lose a game or two!
  8. He might have heard that we do similar deals......
  9. Maybe we should club together and get the editor extension for GM. Only £3.99 and it can turn Jordan Rhodes back into the Jordan Rhodes of old (just in case that didn't happen last week!). He could also make JP into the new Messi and increase the potential of our youngsters massively so we don't need to waste money on transfers ever again. This could be the answer DC has been searching for?
  10. Not tried it. Do you want to know the score?
  11. Give it 24 hours and we will all be back to normal. Moses Adabajo and Joey will have played 90 minutes, Reach will have been an ineffective central striker for 65 minutes and Wildsmith will have conceded a soft goal as we squeeze past Rochdale on penalties. We will all be calling for Monks head and regurgitating statistics comparing Monk with Jos and how Jos was actually better. This is Owlstalk and that is what we do!
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