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  1. 2-1 to Blackburn then. We are good at this kind of thing!
  2. Here's my Wednesday version of Disco 2000 inspired by this shirt; Let's all meet up on Hillsborough Corner It wont be strange 'cus we're all Wednesday aren't we Be there 3 o'clock by-the ground just down the road I always knew and never worried I wont be sittin' round here on my own We're-the famous Sheffield Wednesday here we go! Sounds great in my head at least and I have the next bit too.... We say that "we're all Wednesday aren't we" We wear blue and white with black shorts maybe? We're everywhere and nowhere baby oh oh oh oh oh oh oooh oooh....... Maybe a bit long for those who can't get beyond clap, clap etc but I like it!
  3. Details if anyone needs them. Today is the only day you can order.
  4. I'd rather we got a point at Blackburn and England lose the rugby than England win and we lose. Is this even a real question????
  5. Not so sure you would; Fortunately not available.
  6. This is kind of the point of the whole project.
  7. Bump - 1st November only so don't miss out if you want one. Plus a little info about Bukta who made the original.
  8. Think Iorfa would win that too. Never convicted by him at RB but he has been great at CB. From being an average RB to being on the cusp of an England call up and a 30 million move to Bournemouth is improvement in my book. DC holding out for 40 million before he would consider selling!
  9. Still 5th but could be 6th by 21.30 if QPR beat Brentford! Hope this helps?
  10. Just voted for him as POTM if that helps op's argument?
  11. Anyone thinking Tom Lees might not get straight back in?
  12. Can't believe we are on page 2 of this thread and this has only just been picked up! Someone also called It Pensistone road too. Owlstalkers have been ridiculed mercilessly for much less!
  13. Looks like you picked the right club to follow then!!
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