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  1. apswfcowl

    club crest

    By who?
  2. apswfcowl

    Nando Number Ten

    No, he was subbed on 85 minutes.
  3. apswfcowl

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    Last few of these go on sale at 10am tomorrow just to reinforce post above. This really is your last opportunity if you fancy one of these. Got mine and it is better than most home shirts of recent years. Good cause too.
  4. apswfcowl

    Chris Brunt wins lottery

    Seem to recall Brunt getting abuse from some of our fans at their place a few seasons ago so I don't blame him at all. Anyway, thought Jones scored it????
  5. apswfcowl

    Race to 6th

    What we really need to know is the average number of points achieved by the team finishing 7th and aim for one more. Not gonna happen tho'
  6. apswfcowl

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    I had the same concern but went for it anyway - glad I did as quality is excellent and shirt looks great!
  7. apswfcowl

    Peace in our time?

    Three more days would have carried on the Christmas Eve tradition I guess!
  8. Think that's a great idea. Was our song anyway!
  9. apswfcowl

    Faves for next boss...

    Him or Axon for me!
  10. apswfcowl

    The City is Ours

    Some evidence for this here
  11. Just to counter the other ridiculous thread. Form is temporary, class is permanent. However poor we are at the moment and however good they think they are, we are Sheffield Wednesday and this city is ours! If I was waking up as a blunt, I know I would be gutted this morning after not winning last night. WAWAW!
  12. apswfcowl

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    But i thought they did that last season with their two goal massacre at Hillsborough?
  13. apswfcowl

    Fessi today

    Flying him in at half-time to rescue the situation I've heard.