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  1. Didn't want to get stuck in the crowded book section as the store works out how to manage the throngs of enthusiastic customers desperate for a copy of the "lowest ebb" book before it becomes out of date. Does anyone know if they have a one-way system in place and a strict limit on the numbers in store?
  2. Would head down but worried about social distancing!
  3. But OP has it all worked out and we are actually staying up?
  4. Keep saying this but we need to aim to finish above Derby. If we do, we will have a good chance. Today is a must win.
  5. Not thought about it this way but you are 100% correct. It should have been moved back to last season. Wonder if anyone at the club has spotted this?
  6. True. On his last two visits, he was on the away end when we last played them in the league in 1977 and again for our pre-season friendly a few years ago.
  7. Probably off to Man City to replace Aguero after firing Scotland to Euro glory this summer?
  8. Ssid in another thread, chase Down Derby with the aim of being within 3 points going into the last game. If we can finish above Derby, we give ourselves a chance! Big ask and most unlikely but you never know!
  9. Maybe this is all part of DC's masterplan? Fake fall out with advisor who then buys out our relegation rivals only to put them into admin the following day and keep us up? If so, either DC was banking on us not being in the bottom two or another ex advisor is about to take over at Brum! Who said DC was clueless!
  10. Said this in another thread. Our aim should be to finish above Derby. We have a game in hand and play them on the last day. If we ca be within 3 points of them going into that game we will have a chance. Obviously we need to finish above two others but if we target Derby then we give ourselves hope!
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