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  1. apswfcowl

    Is it true?

    Just had a play around on this and if you look at the last 32 games then we got one point more than them. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/formtabelle/wettbewerb/GB2?saison_id=2017&min=15&max=46 You would need to look up the dates for when both teams had played 14 matches to see if it is true! Hope this helps?
  2. apswfcowl

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Here's to you.........
  3. apswfcowl

    3-4-3 and next season

    Carlos and his 4-4-3? Don't tell the FA or we may end up with a retrospective points deduction and get relegated instead of the Dingles!
  4. apswfcowl

    Operation "Close the GAP"

    Form table for last 30 games shows both us and them achieving 36 points. https://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:championship/form/matches:30/type:home-and-away/ Think their fantastic start hides how average they really are.
  5. How about a rendition of "Oh Jonny Jonny" on 37 minutes today?
  6. Was just playing around with the Championship form table and if you look at last 29 games, it shows that the pigs having their best season ever managed only 3 more points than us having a 'mare. Just goes to show you shouldn't be lulled into the myth of how good they are - they have done well but nothing more and Millwall who also came up are doing even better. We have been terrible but hopefully we will improve next year. https://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:championship/form/matches:29/type:home-and-away/
  7. apswfcowl

    Mathematically safe now

    Just need piggies to finish outside top six now and we can relax in the knowledge that the natural order will be restored next season.
  8. apswfcowl

    Championship Table

    Hope we never have a bad season if this is ok!
  9. apswfcowl

    Sunderland just tweeted this...

    Sheffield wednesday just tweeted this;
  10. apswfcowl

    Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday

    This. keep hi ho but we really need an anthem that is ours and only ours.
  11. apswfcowl

    Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday

    Great thread this one. Worth going through if you haven't read it all - handbags everywhere!
  12. apswfcowl


    Just vote for Reach peeps. Imagine (if you haven't already ) that your other half is in the final of Miss World and you have to pick a winner. Yes, some of the others may have some appealing attributes but when it comes down to a choice, you know what to do. Well, its like that with this - vote Reach! (PS. The above example is for illustrative purposes only and i appreciate we have Owlstalkers from all genders and sexual preferences. Please do not be offended as it was just an example)
  13. apswfcowl

    Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday

    Opposite for me. Tinpot before kick off but ok during the game. Always thought we needed something unique though as our anthem and for me, hi ho is not it.
  14. Agree entirely with this. Just hope he doesn't play LB the following saturday.
  15. Don't agree with what happened but if i was a West Ham fan, i would feel as if my club had been taken away and replaced with a franchise of the same name. Upton Park was a very traditional passionate stadium with history and identity. It was perfect for a club of their size. Unfortunately, someone decided a move would be a good idea to "go to the next level" and generate more money. West Ham are a mid table Premier league club (as we should be) with a community feel. They are now nothing other than a name playing in an athletics stadium that they don't own or mannage. Although i feel sorry for the genuine supporters, i hope they go down and then down again as thats what their owners deserve.