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  1. Agree. Noticed he had the ball 40 yards out a few times on Saturday and didn't even shoot, nevermind score!
  2. Not true on this occasion. Our home friendly last week was free on YouTube.
  3. Got the feeling of a pre-season friendly this one.
  4. This is a possibility. Monday 28th November is the one I am going for.
  5. Does anyone not think £36 including a ticket is OK? Maybe not if you have a ST but if you don't and would have attended one of the games on the list anyway, it makes the shirt around £16 but maybe less depending on the seat/category. Match ticket £20 minimum so 36-20=16.
  6. All this because the Boxing Day game between Accrington Stanley and Barnsley will be available on ifollow. Not even sure they have the internet in Barnsley yet so he has nothing to worry about! Needs to chill out and get back to the pool.
  7. MK Dons, possibly Derby and Wembley for the FA Cup final.
  8. Was thinking of getting this before I heard about the Wednesday link. Will definitely get it now.
  9. Thought we'd given up on left backs? Needed one since Pudil left but never bothered. Jayden Brown was the closest we got but it turned out he was the quintessential "left back in the changing rooms" type of left back. As a result we just put Palmer or Johnson in there. A decent attacking LB who can play WB would be ideal to challenge Johnson.
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