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  1. This needs sorting out. OP, get these "pals and workmates" to join Owlstalk and then we can have a proper debate. If I go to a London away game I get on a train then the tube. How hard can it be for these people to get off the train and walk to the back of the station to catch a tram to Hillsborough? Takes 20 minutes. If they really want a beer in town they can make their way from the station to the cathedral, west street or Kelham island visiting any number of pubs before getting on a tram to Hillsborough.
  2. Charlton Athletic also play in League One.
  3. Good idea - we could use the slope to recreate our old slope towards the kop!
  4. Anyone know how to use the club shop vouchers offered as part of the season ticket - iplayer option? Want to put my £25 towards a shirt but not seen anywhere how I do this?
  5. I guess that was part of my point. It seems the timing of our sale in our accounts is the issue and not the sale itself. If so, as long as Derby have the sale in the correct years accounts then they should be ok.
  6. I think the difference is that we included the sale of the ground in the previous years accounts. Without it we went over the limit. Once it was put into the correct years accounts it resulted in us breaking P & S rules in the three year period in question. Derby also sold their stadiums but my guess is that they included in the correct accounting period and if so, it saved them from breaking the rules. I could be wrong on this?
  7. Its piggy pink. Not against pink but that shade on a pig shirt is perfect for them and how they would laugh if we had a kit that colour!
  8. I like yellow away too but am happy to have other colours for the away kits as it doesn't really matter. As long as it's not red I'm happy. Home kit must be blue and white stripes though. That is our recognised kit and we shouldn't change that. As for the away kit, at least it is not this; https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://talksport.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2020/07/sheffield-united-20-21-home-away-kits-3.jpg?strip%3Dall%26w%3D800%26quality%3D100&imgrefurl=https://talksport.com/football/725609/sheffield-united-kits-2020-21-new-home-away-shirt-leaked/&tbnid=PJ2m9FfYK4HnMM&vet=1&docid=aHjTirQJZCxq1M&w=800&h=800&q=new+sheffield+united+kit+2020/21&hl=en-GB&source=sh/x/im
  9. Voted for Iorfa. Would have voted Fletcher if he had stayed until the end. Also considered Murphy but he only really came good later on so not the whole season.
  10. Googled it and found out it's a book about the history of football tactics and how they have evolved from an attacking 127 formation to a more conservative 442 or 433. Hence, inverting the pyramid. Not sure how this relates to us though?
  11. They are coming out like my old Sunday league team!
  12. I guess Wigan having 12 points deducted last week is slightly earlier in the season than now but not much so I wouldn't bank on it being too late at all. Derby hearing starts on Monday and that needs completing before season ends too otherwise Barnsley are refusing relegation I hear!?!?
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