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  1. So does this mean we can afford an 11 points deduction and still stay up?
  2. Could spot a player old Tricky Trev. I heard we once had a Frenchman called Eric Cantona on trial but Our Trevor decided against it
  3. Robert Walker, the man who designed our iconic minimalistic owl has sadly passed away. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/familys-pride-legacy-left-behind-designer-iconic-sheffield-wednesday-badge-2853677 RIP and thanks for the badge that I grew up with.
  4. Don't come on here talking common sense!!!! (Plus that would mean Leeds go up!)
  5. His other tattoo didn't work too well either.....
  6. Not me. Mine was way back around 2000 and a one-match day.
  7. On a sight seeing visit in Milan, had a trip to see the San Sero on a one-match day and bumped into a couple of owls at the ground. No other shirts around, just mine and theirs! Fantastic!!!
  8. Neither is this this but I love mine; https://bandsfc.com/kits/ (You will need to scroll down to the pulp swfc shirt in the link - sorry)
  9. Anyone got one of these? https://footballtown.com/products/the-owl?_pos=1&_sid=87f337571&_ss=r Wrong section I know but interested to know peoples thoughts on this. Popped up on my Facebook but never seen them before that.
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