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  1. Lego Hillsborough

    Might need to adjust you formation to make it more accurate - far too many players in attacking positions. Maybe also add some of our better players on the bench too!
  2. FA Cup Replays on TV

    Why do you think it will be on bt and not bbc?
  3. Prospect of a trip to Wembley too should inspire them.
  4. How many are televised live per round and who gets first pick - BBC or BT? What happens if there is only one replay? Just wondering if our game will be on TV and which channel as its the only replay so far? Is there someone on here who knows?
  5. Lose tomorrow .....

    Four pages in and nobody has questioned who Noyd is yet?
  6. Apparently he's been relegated to 4th official at the Sty this weekend!
  7. Let loose the dogs of war

    Have you not read the other threads? We might as well not turn up as we have already lost. Swansea are the next Barcelona and Carlos is a tactical genius!
  8. 5th Round Draw Details

    Maybe if we try to pass the ball forward before every defender, the GK and David Jones had had 3 touches each he would be confused.
  9. Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

    We need someone to come in and say "its my way or i leave. Let me get in with it". Megson, McCarthy, Pearson or the like.
  10. Nixon

    It did in 1991 so not quite a million years.
  11. Lets be honest..Its a mess

    What tune is this to?
  12. Runners and Riders

    Dont think Monk has a frying pan to jump out of now and i would take him over Lambert. Good record at Swansea, over performed at Leeds and harshly treated by Boro. Would probably have Pearson though if he would do it?
  13. 3rd Kit our tomorrow.

    Don't think this was intentional. If they were aiming to cash in at Christmas it wouldn't be available until July!
  14. Atmosphere for Hull

    Golden rule to remember is we are kicking the opposite way to which the ball is travelling when we are in possession......