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  1. In the 7 games he’s started in midfield we’ve picked up 3 points. Pelupessy last 6 games he started we got 12 points which tells you all you need to know.
  2. I disagree. He is atrocious (Joey not much better) but Cyprus was his level
  3. Yep. If I could predict football I'd be a multimillionaire but win a game, he will.
  4. He's shocking. Joey is the better option and that tells you all you need to know
  5. Not sure on that. I just remember being on the kop and I was looking down the line at him being rinsed everytime they got the ball. Sarcastic applause for the substitution if I remember correctly. Don't think he played for us again after that. I was also wearing a t-shirt as I was heading out straight after and it was bloody freezing
  6. You could well be right. Now you've said that it does stir a nightmare
  7. Jon Beswetherick v Palace. Was subbed after 17 minutes uninjured.
  8. The only cringe for me is the appalling fit on that Elev8 gear.
  9. 0-1 down at half time and we have managed to muster 1 off target shot in the second half. We are a disgrace, we lack any bottle and fight to get back into a game. We roll over like a cheap hooker to get pumped
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