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  1. Obviously not. I just feel we are sitting too deep and inviting unnecessary pressure. We are allowing them to come onto us and we dont need to.
  2. Yep and we were against QPR as well, we sat too deep on that occasion as we are today
  3. So deep here inviting unnecessary pressure. 6 in a row there with Bannan and Hutch in the back 4 when we were in possession
  4. We would get murdered with that. Harris and Murphy not tracking back and Bannan and Hutch playing as deep as the defensive line, we would be overrun once again in midfield.
  5. Even under Pulis it cant get much worse than the football on Saturday and Bullen hasn't taken a championship side up either. That's ultimately where we are at.
  6. Agree. Said this about Bannan the other week and got slated, throw Reach into the convo as well. Those two are criminally overrated by some.
  7. 2 penalties as well. Centre half is the very least of our problems, I genuinely think that is where we are strongest
  8. Also don't dare criticise fan favourites
  9. @Matthew Thomas not sure what you are confused by, neither are poor players just massively overrated by the majority of the fan base. If you don't understand the meaning I will give you another example - if people said Marcus Rashford was world class they would be overrating him. Does that mean he is a poor player, obviously not, it is just that his actual worth has been overrated.
  10. Not at all relevant, they are in the league above us and we have lost. We gave it large when they were in the 'pub league' now the tables are well and truly turned. We accuse them of being obsessed, they are in the top league in Europe, we aren't and we will be of absolutely no consequence or thought to them as it should be.
  11. You brave man. I agree though, I like him, great squad player.
  12. Perhaps, overrated doesn't mean they are poor players just to clarify
  13. That's purely highlighting how poor we are up front. Of course they should be top of the assists, they were/are our main attacking outlets. That's how far we are off, glad you agree
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