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  1. I already said later on that I was wrong to blame the EFL for our situation, it is purely down to Chansiri. However the Wigan situation is down to the EFL pure and simple, that's why they are a disgrace.
  2. Yep as I just said to another poster the blue and white tinted glasses have clouded by judgement on this. Unfair to blame the EFL for our situation. Wigan however...
  3. Good point well made. The blue and white glasses clouded my judgement on this one. It's just so bloody disappointing
  4. Chansiri is obviously an utter disgrace, however as are the EFL. They are allowing these charlatans to buy historically important clubs and run them into the ground. It is atrocious what is being allowed to happen here and elsewhere, with what happened at Wigan even more disgusting than what is happening here. F.uck off Chansiri.
  5. That signage round the training ground is absolute waft
  6. 1. They are here now 2. Depends what you class as matured. He had one good season with us and one semi decent season with Bolton before going to Cardiff. I would play both Windass and Paterson as an out and out striker over Madine any time.
  7. Would have Windass and Paterson over Madine every day of the week. I haven't forgotten how utterly gash Madine was in his last season or so.
  8. When will this hell end. Please let this be the last of the horror.
  9. I don't think either of us will go down, so shouldn't be seen as a threat
  10. Ha ha ha please don't say you believe Reach is on the same level. Even when Antonio wanted away to Forest he was still far and above what we have had from Reach this season
  11. Eh? Not claiming to be ITK at all, simply said a Norwich supporting mate reckons there is some truth to the rumours. That's it, it's hardly Panorama.
  12. Will that grow him a heart, make him be able to cross and let him make a tackle?
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