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  1. If you take a look at all fixtures though I wouldn't say any are easy, possibly Forest have the best looking. There are a lot of fixtures between the teams around us so plenty of points are going to be dropped yet.
  2. Me too, would pay good money for that bad boy.
  3. Absolutely brilliant. You're like a young Richard Ashcroft
  4. Yeah so apart from the game that was on, no we haven't been on. Bit like Huddersfield and their record breaking unbeaten run.
  5. FFS. Honestly, FFS. We are playing Chelsea. Away. I sincerely hope you are on the wind up with this post.
  6. To be fair if they paid £20 to go today they are going to be very disappointed and we might never get them back.
  7. More than "it's just The Wednesday Way"?
  8. His record is excellent. The only better realisitic option is Dean Smith and he isn't coming. Bruce is a level above McCarthy, and the Empire State building above Jos, and exactly what we need.
  9. The next Wordsworth you are not. At least spell his name correctly you absolute cretin.
  10. You can never tell with these fellas, he will still be claiming to be 21 when he's about 40 ala Kanu
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