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  1. One De Bilde

    Is it just me

    Must admit I am not a fan of criticising our own players, however I can fully understand the criticism of Palmer
  2. One De Bilde

    Ryan Woods

    Thought we gave him far far too much space today, the amount of times he received the ball with no Wednesday shirt within 10 feet was unbelievable. Thankfully didn't cost us
  3. One De Bilde

    'i dont wear red'

    Never really understood this, I couldn't care less what colour people wear etc. Although I do have a red car, so perhaps I need to change my outlook.....
  4. Born and bred in Halifax, all my mates supported Man Utd or Liverpool but never went to see them play and I couldn't see the point. I wanted to support a Yorkshire club and although I occasionally went to watch Halifax Town I didn't fall in love. I certainly wasn't going to be a Leeds fan, so a certain Mr Di Canio and Mr Carbone made me choose the owls. Been a season ticket holder for many years now/
  5. One De Bilde


    I think at times yesterday Palmer suffered from overconfidence, in the first half he tried to take on their left winger and was dispossessed, luckily it didn't come to anything. He would be a much better player if he just did the simple basics right and not let the crowd applause go to his head, making him think he is Cafu.
  6. One De Bilde

    Player movement

    M.Beast of course and Pace Rwb will chip in with a couple
  7. Hunt needs something to go for him, feel for the lad. Just needs to make a pass
  8. One De Bilde

    Out of work for two years for a reason

    cant be bothered checking back pal, i will accept your word and that's fair enough.
  9. One De Bilde

    Out of work for two years for a reason

    Just out of interest did you say this at the end of last season, after Norwich for example?
  10. We are doomed, doomed I tell thee. If only there were another 135 points to fight for.
  11. Wasn't a dig i was just curious. Nuhiu all day long for me, bang in form the end of last season and scored a well taken goal today. The sending off (although harsh) is obviously not ideal but his confidence must be sky high and he does seem a confidence player
  12. Which other in form striker do you prefer?
  13. One De Bilde

    World cup 2030 England

    Cheers Sherlock. Well in that case any ground in the country is a potential venue then as they can all be rebuilt. I was talking about as it stands now.
  14. One De Bilde

    World cup 2030 England

    Think the rose tinted specs need taking off. Hillsborough has a certain charm, however the facilities are an absolute shambles as is the catering side of things. Absolutely no chance at all that it would be chosen as a world cup stadium.
  15. We're all doomed! Doomed I tell thee!