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  1. OK then just out of interest, who did you want us to sign considering the off pitch issues and the fact we are in the 3rd division?
  2. Eh? recruitment this year is nothing like previous seasons. With what's being going on behind the scenes I think this summer has been fantastic recruitment (and retention) wise. A couple of bad results doesn't change that but performances have to improve.
  3. Why is Bannan taking that pen? Two strikers on the pitch, one who had just scored, and we let a midfielder hardly known for his goal scoring prowess take it. Wow
  4. Yep, Moore doesn't strike me as the arrogant sort though. I get the feeling from him that if SB steps out of line he will be gone.
  5. Don't blame Carlos at all for any financial mismanagement, I blame that solely on Chansiri as recent events have proved. He is obviously a very good manager, shame we missed out in the playoffs but I don't wish him any ill feeling.
  6. Never understood this (for those that are mobile). Just simply park further away and walk. I drive in from Halifax so park up in Birley Carr and walk down. 10/15 min walk and a little bit of exercise.
  7. Some absolute cretins were kicking off in the Grandstand yesterday (family section of all places). Father and son v 3 lads. A lot of naughty words and pointing culminated in an offer of fisticuffs on the concourse, which although accepted by both parties nobody moved a muscle. Disappointing.
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