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  1. Missing it very much, football as a whole rather than us specifically. I live in Halifax and not many Wednesday fans round here, so for me the social aspect is non existent as I go to games by myself - still working on convincing the wife to join me...
  2. Because nothing has been decided yet. I'd rather they keep quiet until a decision has been made they can act on, otherwise we are going to be expecting announcements for every eventuality.
  3. RIP Mr Walker. I truly wish we still had that badge
  4. As I said just curious. If the above happened and I couldn't attend any games I would expect a full refund. As an aside you may have an issue with your keyboard, it appears to be capitalising words at random.
  5. Just out of interest then (and as I say I am undecided), as I assume you will have purchased a season ticket already for next year, say the whole of next season was played behind closed doors and you couldn't attend a game, you would still not want to be compensated in any way?
  6. I was waiting for the first superfan quote. A sly dig at other fans who quite rightly would want to be reimbursed in one way or the other. I'm a season ticket holder and at present I am undecided. I can see both sides of the argument, one thing that doesn't sit comfortably is that the players are on full salary and if the club didn't at least offer refunds it would feel a little off.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Moronic thinking.
  8. How slow was he going. Was getting continually rinsed. Straight through the red as well.
  9. Christ how we miss his work rate, passion and determination. Would have him over JP even now
  10. Anyone could have an educated guess at a lot of what is said there. To be honest I stopped reading when we were referred to as "Sheffield".
  11. Said it in another thread, I think the main issue is DC and the players. Especially the players, they are professionals and are paid handsomely for it, their attitude since Christmas (bar Leeds) has been nothing short of a disgrace. If I put the same effort in in my job, i would have been sacked in January. Monk isn't great but who else is realistically going to come? I hope we can stay up this year, get rid of 90% of the scum on the playing staff and rebuild. A slow process with youth and lower league talent but that's something I would happily go along with. The days of the overpaid, overaged need to be over.
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