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  1. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Love how Hooper bullies Terry there
  2. I honestly stopped reading at - "sunshine’s"
  3. hucking fell. STOP PRESS - Professional footballer in wants to win match shock horror
  4. Them boards

    The yellow ball disappearing into the yellow Elev8 (or however you spell it) board was an especially nice touch.
  5. Rhodes emotions

    Bet he will be relieved but also disappointed in himself. Genuine hattrick chance. The two headers he missed - over the bar and off the post are golden chances for a player of his calibre. Had he taken both, or perhaps just one he would have made himself undroppable for Villa, as he didn't I can see it costing him his place. Good to see him back on the scoresheet though.
  6. Amazing what happens when you are positive
  7. Got a season ticket and couldn't be bothered going today. Pretty much sums it up at the moment.
  8. One match ban for Loovens

    Said the man in the orthopedic shoes.
  9. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Not a massive fan of Jones and far prefer Hutch at CH. In an ideal world would like to see a Lee/Abdi midfield working successfully , but there's about as much chance as me smashing Rachel Riley whilst she wears the new kit.
  10. Got to be beating Bolton. Anything other than a win shows exactly where we are going wrong this season. We have bounced back well from the SC Derby shambles and have now got to press on.
  11. Left mine under my seat at half time, came back and it had been nicked. When we equalised I thought about strong-arming the scruff next to me but then the following shambles left me thinking feck it.
  12. George Hirst

    Unless Hirst has suddenly become a dominating centre half, I'm afraid you are talking sheet
  13. Positives from today

    One. I live in Huddersfield and only know one blade, who I won't see for a few weeks.