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  1. True story my ex sh.agged him whilst at Uni at Central Lancs. Terrible co.ck apparently.
  2. Correct. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either agenda driven or fhick as tuck
  3. Couldn't agree more. Looked solid - with a bit of luck thrown in
  4. Great backs to the wall performance, don't think we would have seen that out under the previous regime. Summed up for me when Borner went all Lothar Matthaus and Patterson pegged it back to the edge of the box to cover him. A result like that could galvanise the lads and see them kick on. I hope.
  5. Or the ref simply thought Odubajo was fouled I don't
  6. Can you ask for a chargeback on a partial amount. E.g for the 5 games or would they reimburse the full amount?
  7. I'd take dogger it is 6 in 10 for CSKA
  8. We had a man sent off for kicking their player in the head. Absolutely nothing to do with this incident and nothing at all to do with our luck
  9. You can't go wrong. Read some of the independent reviews, great buy. With Sky Q it adjusts the sound to what you are watching.
  10. I've got the speaker it's superb. Made by Devialet who are a big name in that world. Absolute bargain at the price.
  11. Only one mate from uni who is an owl. Dad is Halifax Town and the majority of my mates are Huddersfield Town, Leeds or glory supporters (Liverpool, Man Utd etc)
  12. Yep Vardy possibly the exception to the rule as with his pace he will always play on the last man
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