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  1. I think if Bruce had any intention of doing that he would already have done so.
  2. Word of advice - you don't need to be registered to look at comments on Twatter. Word of warning - don't leave your phone unlocked on ukmilfs with the wife about. Doesn't go down well.
  3. I think he has the talent but he doesn't have the right attitude. Let's the game pass him by on too many occasions, wouldn't be sad to see him go. Rather Rhodes and Winnall were given more chances over him
  4. Really don't get the hate for Nuhiu at all. Obviously not a world beater, but a good option off the bench absolutely. Defenders hate it when he comes on and because they will man mark him no matter what (often with two) then space is created. Yes he is limited but his temperament is better than some (Fessi, Joao) and he gives his all. A solid squad option at this level and obviously happy to sit on the bench, hope he is involved in a similar capacity next season
  5. Wouldn't give Palmer a new contract? Good lord. Even if you say we need two new full backs Palmer is an excellent addition to the bench, capable on the right and left. We know we are bound by FFP so a complete squad overhaul cannot happen. Palmer is a solid pro who has done more than enough this season to earn a new contract
  6. Yeah no point. I bet Wolves are livid they went up last year
  7. It's not slower though is it, you have paid and done by the time the pint is half poured. What is slowing things down is the abysmal service and lack of planning - 2 members of staff on the bar in the Grandstand yesterday, they knew it was going to be a big crowd FFS.
  8. If you take a look at all fixtures though I wouldn't say any are easy, possibly Forest have the best looking. There are a lot of fixtures between the teams around us so plenty of points are going to be dropped yet.
  9. Me too, would pay good money for that bad boy.
  10. Absolutely brilliant. You're like a young Richard Ashcroft
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