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  1. One De Bilde

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    Good of you to be concerned for his welfare but don't worry i'd go easy on him. If it does kick off though, i'd want you to get out. This is big boy sh1.t
  2. One De Bilde

    The Wednesday Tap at Tramlines

    What are you on about FFS. The reason you go to the arena is to see the event, there is no other alternative it is a completely captive audience. Getting people into the ground for an event that can be watched (for free) in thousands of other locations is the issue, not to mention the associated costs to the club.
  3. One De Bilde

    BBC strike again

    I don't live in Derbyshire but occasionally wish I did.
  4. Get a grip. There should be an outright ban for moronic posts such as this.
  5. Joey looks like he is filming a scene for BangBros, the love length has been airbrushed out and he is about to take a facial......in fact they all do
  6. By absolutely no means am I saying our policy should be only signing players over 30. Obviously the above is the common sense approach and if it was that easy every club in the land would be doing it. I am simply saying if the right 30+ year old comes along, age alone should not be a barrier.
  7. Cheers Sherlock. Bloody hope Ronaldo doesn't want to come here....
  8. What is this obsession with age. Joey Barton at Burnley was early 30's and was instrumental in getting them up. If you are fit enough you are good enough regardless of age.
  9. Fecking Laaandaners
  10. That is superb, well played.
  11. One De Bilde

    Match day Owlstalk

    ha ha I like this side of it though, like a real p1ss poor version of soccer saturday. We have our own roving reporters who keep us up to date. Edit - By roving reports I mean they inform us of what they have just seen on soccer saturday or the BBC website (or final score if you are in the 90's).
  12. One De Bilde

    Jay Bothroyd

  13. Thank you my Lord