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  1. Never claimed to be an expert, just an opinion. Completely worthless in the grand scheme of things!
  2. Not the greatest 4 shirts to use in the pic
  3. I hope so because if we start like we did on Tuesday we will get hammered. As I said on a different thread Bannan was dropping so deep to get the ball it was ridiculous, he was pretty much picking it up between Lees and Van Aken. Not a dig at him but more the tactics employed, even more pointless when Van Aken is comfortable with the ball at his feet. We were also so deep when they were in possession that we almost had two flat banks of four which was inviting unnecessary pressure and then when we regained the ball, regularly had 7 or 8 players behind it. Lost count of the amount of times Hooper and Fletch were isolated and the long ball was the only option, where they had to fight for it against their back four. IMO we need to be much more positive, especially in the first half, both at home and away.
  4. Player ratings

    Not a dig at Bannan, more of the tactics employed, but he was dropping far, far too deep in the first 30 mins or so. Inviting pressure from their midfield being able to push higher up the field. Lost count of the amount of times he had literally dropped back between Lees and Van Aken. Also the midfield as a whole sitting too deep, so we almost had two flat banks of four, inviting pressure onto us. Then when we do regain possession we have seven or eight players behind the ball. On numerous occasions Fletch and Hooper were isolated in the box and the only hope was knocking a long ball in, which they had to compete for against their back four. We of course improved and grew into the game as always, however I think against a more competent side (Cardiff, Leeds coming up) I think we could have been in real trouble.
  5. Annoyed.

    wrong place for sympathy I think.
  6. Annoyed.

    Always good to have more than one excuse at the ready.
  7. Annoyed.

    What would you rather happen then? People who live miles away and dont go get first shout?
  8. Let's not get carried away

    Good lord, we dont half some throwers. We are a second tier team, ergo we dont have the best team in the world. A very good performance today, I came away very pleased. Should I have been looking for the negatives?
  9. Hoots you look like a slightly messed up Le Tissier. That's no bad thing.
  10. They actually look better on the tshirt, especially number 2. Number 1 is all kinds of wrong
  11. Jesus H Christ. They are utterly abysmal
  12. FAO Sitting in the South Stand

  13. Joao - It's Time

    Even the Rhodes we are currently seeing is superior, which pretty much says it all
  14. Joao - It's Time

    It's not time and hopefully will never need to be. Hooper, Fletch and Rhodes all far superior. Would much rather see Hirst be given a chance before Joao again. He can join Nuhiu on the unrequired list.
  15. You genuinely believe that the quality of football we are currently serving up can justify those prices? We are talking about 2nd tier football. I agree with your points that commercially it makes sense but ethically it isn't right. If I didn't have a season ticket I don't think I would be stumping up the cash.