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  1. Not really. I’ve followed us too long to become overly confident or negative. You have to go with the flow - try to keep level headed. It’s a lottery. Otherwise, following the Owls can lead to a ruinous life. If in doubt - watch the 66 Cup Final again (I never have). Que sera, sera.
  2. I thought that about Sheffield United all last season. I knew it wouldn’t last.
  3. A win is a win. Small acorns and that. Ive seen worse than Luton - so well done in context.
  4. A bit of an unsung hero - I never really rated him (of old) but as of late, I think he has been pretty inspirational. He’s surprised me, with his total commitment and work rate. I used to think he a waste of a shirt. He’s proved me wrong TBF.
  5. I think Fletcher has led the line well tonight too.
  6. It’s very strange. So strange, he’s got subbed due to his ineffectiveness. And replaced him with another strange choice. He’s finding places for players regardless of qualities.
  7. At least he’s replaced a player out of position with, a player out of position. Strange.
  8. A strange replacement. Hardly like for like. Square pegs and round holes.
  9. We are making heavy weather of this. Not very convincing.
  10. Do you really think so? Other than being gifted a goal - I can’t see much difference.
  11. Goal - never doubted them. Who played the “get out of jail card”?
  12. TBF I’ve always liked Reach. He has pace and got a great engine. He’s been quality in the past. But I’d play him as left half/wing back. Wasted anywhere else.
  13. The players should take some personal responsibility, surely? I’m ambivalent with regard to the manager - but surely, he hasn’t told them to take the night off?
  14. Lack of leadership on the pitch. Too many passengers. All very comfortable.
  15. Mediocre and lack lustre. Low paced. Is that down to the players, the opposition or the manager? It’s like a practice match. .
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