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  1. Never doubted them. All you naysayers, hang your heads in shame.
  2. Charlton are doing some moaning. I think the officials have done well so far.
  3. TBF success hangs by a thin thread. If Bruce had stayed, who knows? In addition, who would have credited United with their recent rags to riches story? Not so long ago they were a basket case in the 3rd Division pub league - with owners involved in litigation. No chance of resurrection I would have thought. Complete no hopers. A scenario equal to ours at the moment. It’s a funny old game.
  4. Can’t see at the moment, how we can win a game of football in this league. Even playing bottom of the league teams, a defeat seems inevitable. There are no easy games anymore - we are that rubbish.
  5. I think he’ll get the sack personally. It’s too far gone now. Short term gain - is how the Chairman will look at it. But long term pain, in my opinion. Who’s to say who is right? It’s not a science.
  6. Any manager, can only function with the support and backing of his Chairman. If push comes to shove - Monk will get the push. It’s the easiest short term solution. He knows it and the players know it. This Club has form - and at sometime, it has to stop. Strong leadership is what is required. And, the Club doesn’t have it I’m afraid. Monk will get pushed under the bus - another patsy. But in the current climate, I’m not sure that is for the best. No particular sympathy either way for Monk - but we can’t carry on like this.
  7. Let’s be honest - the players have been a disgrace throughout all this. I’d be loathe to sack Monk, regardless of his abilities - if only because the players would have won again. I applauded Monk for calling the players out. Most players, with some professional self respect, would have reacted to that. But they went on strike instead. They shouldn’t be rewarded for that. In the current context - the Chairman has to stand by the manager. Or, he won’t have a Club left.
  8. It comes from the top for me. And, the players know it. Monk is just a patsy. Another Jos for me. Change by all means - but complete change.
  9. I can’t particularly blame Monk. Sacking him without leadership and direction from above, is just knee jerk and pointless. Its just shuffling the deck chairs.
  10. Genuinely no idea. The Club is in a right state. Hopefully, survival should be achievable, both administratively and football wise. But I wouldn’t bet on either.
  11. it’s not new though is it? - It’s one amongst many.
  12. it’s the final episode of White House Farm murders tonight. I’m recording it to let the adverts get in front. Cant really justify not letting m6 wife watch it - for this tripe. Im turning it off and following on here. Its a relief TBH.
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