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  1. His comments were a joke. It was intentional. It’d be common assault in civilian life. Its not even controversial - definite red.
  2. Poor refereeing protecting the goal keeper. I bet Pulis would like this bloke every week.
  3. I think you are being harsh. Mixed ability side. Some inexperienced. And, some individuals letting the side down. Some poor refereeing decisions - when it really counted (IMO). And, Middlesborough are a good side - better on the night. And, I haven’t seen a lack of effort - from anyone, regardless of a good or bad performance. Not like at Forest.
  4. 1-2. Bloody credit to them. I’d have been devastated with their second goal. At 0-1 you are still in the game. Fair play - can’t state it enough.
  5. We aren’t consistently good enough I’m afraid.
  6. ReadingOwl

    Tonight’s official attendance

    A good gate. Hats off to those attending. I wouldnt want to sit through this, then travel. Seriously good committment that.
  7. There is no need to go overboard. At 0-1 you are still in the game. The gifted second goal killed the game. You can’t legislate for that.
  8. Not an excuse. But the referee has been very poor. We have to man up in the 50/50’s especially Jao, if the ref isn’t going to give free kicks.
  9. You can’t legislate for that. Terrible play though.
  10. He was fouled - should have took the man and ball.
  11. Thorniley was fouled there - on the half way line, player arched into him when he was trying to head the ball. Out of position from then on.
  12. I think they’ve looked as good as they’ve needed to be. Organised, composed and work hard - typical Pulis.