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Community Answers

  1. Ah, the old season ticket, don’t go argument. Trumps the slow timing one every time.
  2. Honestly don’t know. Will we ever know? Carlos was a complete charlatan, a snake oil salesman IMO. Who I have zero affection for, retrospectively. Sorry.
  3. Not really up to speed. But I agree with the slow timing thing 100%. The site owner does it all the time. Blame Carlos for our current situation? - yes, he has a lot of the responsibility, dependant on how much he was in charge. Obviously the Chairman too. His tenure leaves a long shadow. Left a complete circus behind - culture, recruitment, fitness. Dependant on his autonomy, obviously. .
  4. And lost. And bottled it the next year - when we should have won. A miss is as good as a mile. Unless you're Sheffield United - then any crap goes on the honours board.
  5. Crikey. Are we talking about the same player? Is the one you are lauding not a complete crock and available for every game? You can’t be a “winner” on the physios bench. *Or suspended, or substituted after an early yellow.
  6. I liked him. But let’s be fair - he was a complete liability. You didn’t know when he would be fit or how long he would stay on the pitch. You can’t build a team or even a squad around him, As much as you admired his commitment. I think his physical frailties did for him as a player.
  7. No different to any other money losing Club is it? All are dependant on a charitable benefactor/owner. Football is unsustainable in the main. Does this shock anyone? Really?
  8. Chansiri may be many things. But he isn't dishonourable - in fact, he’s too much the other way. He needs to harden up IMO.
  9. Yes, I’ve replied. - get involved. Lets have a best “chip shop war”. Ive got my ammo - photo’s.
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