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  1. Is this a wind up? I’m being whooshed aren’t I?
  2. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    I didn’t say he wasn’t the right man - when you replied. He wouldn’t be my choice - but that was belated comment. And, he isn’t the right man - with our current Chairman.
  3. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    He’d want a budget and autonomy. And, he failed at Villa, even with that.
  4. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    Not a chance. Why would anyone with his background and money come here with our Chairman. You do realise why he left Hull? Or do you suppose he’d suddenly have affection for a complete basket case with a megalomaniac Chairman?
  5. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    With our Chairman and our budget? We walloped his team at Villa - and there, he had his own budget and team. You think Bruce would come here? I’m lost for words sometimes.
  6. ReadingOwl

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    Some right crackpots on here. I’m sure they are sincere - but absolutely crackers.
  7. ReadingOwl

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    He won’t be appointed. Why would he come here - and why would anyone believe that the Chairman would actually consider him with his track record (the Chairman)? Its just bored posters clamouring; similar to Billy Sharpe threads. Believe - Oh how we laughed. For page after page, after page. But if there is a vacuum - someone is going to fill it.
  8. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    It beggars belief, if so.
  9. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    Paper talk though isn’t it? Itd be incredible if we actually turned down 3 million - and lost the chance to get a big wage off the balance sheet. Yet we let Rhodes go out on loan? Take most of it with a pinch of salt. If true - the Chairman is even more crackers than I thought.
  10. ReadingOwl

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    Biggs does what he does. He is what he is. Dont understand the hate for him, Newsome, Howson or Radio Sheffield. People just want to blame the messenger. And, in this instance he is correct. Taking into account the current status and unsustainability of the Club - Bruce isn’t the answer. .
  11. ReadingOwl

    Thank you

    I saw him score away at the Lane, From the Shoreham Street end. I won’t bore you to death - but it was quite seminal in my life progression. A tremendous goal. - One of my all time life memories. Big fan of TC.
  12. ReadingOwl

    Jos took training today.....

    Nah, mate this Club is in complete meltdown. They won’t sack the manager because it’s a complete clustef**ck. Ergo - think way beyond Jos. I’ve being saying for a while - but eventually it’ll sink in.
  13. ReadingOwl

    Jos took training today.....

    Top lad Jos. He has my best wishes. Keep, keeping on. What a mess - keep your dignity mate.
  14. ReadingOwl

    Meadowhall Shop

    Yes, I was at Sheffield Hallam University at the time. Very useful.
  15. ReadingOwl

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Great call by Mick. Cracking call. ”Bile filled”. Well said lad. He should be stopped.