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  1. No it isn’t. On the face of it I have some sympathy for the Club (in principle). The governing body are to blame for this - mixed messages, mixed treatments of past indiscretions and by not adopting a zero tolerance stance years ago. And, we don’t even have one overriding governing body - PL, EFL etc, etc (or whatever they are called). You can’t blame Clubs for ultimately playing the system.
  2. Agreed, the governance of football leaves a lot to be desired. Its broken - more a business now, than a sport. Needs to go back to playing the game - not win at all costs. Surprised how it has grown and grown in popularity and not eaten itself by now - how fans aren’t sick of the greed and vested interests. Don't think this current crisis will change anything either.
  3. In principle Being objective and fair - wouldn’t you feel aggrieved if your Club was relegated, whilst others having flouted the rules, maintained their status? So I understand the sentiment. However, nothing has been proved/decided yet.
  4. Yes, she’s fine Simon. Spoke to her last night. Thanks for asking.
  5. Absolutely crackers, ditching it. Can you imagine Coca Cola changing their bottle shape? The badge was similarly iconic IMO. How much must the re-branding have cost throughout the stadium? To what end? A complete vanity project. Sums the club at the moment I’m afraid.
  6. Never been away. Just cautious where I post. I like a hassle free life. Dogs/Lighthouse/Beer/Wednesday/Maiden. Had it all today. Glorious weather too. But thanks for the sentiment.
  7. Sad news. Truly iconic. I loved that badge too. Doesn't make any sense why it was ditched. It was in the DNA of the Club, for me.
  8. Thought this was about Peter Swan. Surely any headline like that, should allude to him? Saw him in his comeback game, many years after the ban. Never saw him in his prime though.
  9. That is absolutely true also. But a bit of a pyrrhic victory unfortunately.
  10. 1965-66 season Date Match Result Score Competition 22 Jan 1966 Reading v Sheffield Wednesday W 2-3 FA Cup 12 Feb 1966 Newcastle United v Sheffield Wednesday W 1-2 FA Cup 05 Mar 1966 Huddersfield Town v Sheffield Wednesday W 1-2 FA Cup 26 Mar 1966 Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield Wednesday W 1-2 FA Cup 23 Apr 1966 Chelsea v Sheffield Wednesday W 0-2 FA Cup 14 May 1966 Everton v Sheffield Wednesday L 3-2 FA Cup Sheffield Wednesday Suspensions Transfers in Transfers out League Available players League tables
  11. Played every fixture away. No home ties. First and only team ever to do it and reach the final? A much bigger event then (reaching the final) than now. Sheffield City centre and shop windows were awash with memorabilia and good luck messages. It created a fantastic atmosphere around the city.
  12. Yes, that’s what it told me - if paused. But it was a recording/computer. I don’t know whether to trust it.
  13. Spent an hour on the phone waiting to speak to someone to cancel my BTSport subscription. Can’t be done online. I pay £16:00 a month (not HD) but it wasn’t linked to my Bt broadband contract, it was separate. You have to give a months notice - so it won’t stop until 18th April, but I’m still paying up to then. He offers a months credit note - but I declined.
  14. I’ve just done this via this number. But never actually got to speak to anyone - but via a AI “robot”. It recognised my postcode and asked if I wanted to pause SkySports. All via a voice computer. The voice computer said it was ‘“done”. It said I could still access all the 11 channels for free until the “action” started again, when the pause would automatically be lifted. I have Sky Sports pack - £28 Sky Sports HD - £6.00 As well as Sky HD for the other channels - £5.00 Not really satisfactory though because I couldn't confirm if it had cancelled both the Sports Pack and the HD Sports option. It’s no use having the HD option without the Sport IMO. But I suspect the “free action” gives them justification for retaining the HD component. I’ll check my bill and cancel the £6.00 component till if it’s still on. Has anyone cancelled BTSport? Is that PAYG or for the lifetime of the broadband contract? I pay £12:00 a month - mainly for the M/C Grand Prix coverage. Don’t take HD though.
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