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  1. Full weight, weapons grade Jeb end.
  2. Hamburg or there is an airport in Lubeck. Used to be flights from Manchester to Lubeck not sure if they still do. Just checked, no direct flights to Lubeck so Hamburg it is.
  3. Fully agree with this. Big thanks and best wishes to Hooper and Pudil. Gave us some good memories. Matais, probably a poor signing for such a robust league. Abdi, thanks for nothing you wage thief. Boyd, Jones , hope you both enjoyed your last decent pay day.
  4. That w@nker Bennett with what can only be called a pre meditated over the top assault. Heard the crack on the kop and knew instantly it was a career ending tackle.
  5. Ziggi Jonsson. Looked like he had it all at such a young age. Think Souness finished his career.
  6. I’m willing to take my shoes off in the car park if it helps.
  7. Things were really bad in the early/mid seventies, but even then there seemed an optimism that things would work out. I hope we can get through the apathy and negativity surrounding the club now. I have followed this club for nearly 50 years and have never felt so disenfranchised as I do now. As a POTG supporter I have the choice not to attend. That choice gets easier week by week.
  8. His memory seems to have gone. Woods and Waddle in 91 ? Miners strike in 1997 ?
  9. I’ll be there mate. Last day anyway. Can’t get much more depressed
  10. Quite a few Nivas and Cossacks about. Also see the odd Russian ZIL and volgas
  11. Been working out in Azerbaijan. Every other car is an old Lada. Not much to look at, zero performance and very uncomfortable. But so reliable and simple to repair. Heavy on fuel , but in Azerbaijan diesel is 28p a litre.
  12. Yep me too. Flying Lufthansa to Baku , Azerbaijan. Paid a tenner, wish I'd saved mi brass now☹️☹️
  13. Half Time Score - 0 - 0 Full Time Score - 2 - 0 Goalscorers - Fletcher, Reach Sendings Off - 0 Man Of The Match - Bannan 1st derby in years and I'm flying out to Azerbaijan for work. Should be somewhere over Russia when it kicks off FFS. Sure this wouldn't have been allowed to have happened if Mammadov had bought us.
  14. Straight red. Reckless, dangerous and not in control. Intentional or not, it's a poor knee high challenge.
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