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  1. Was announced on radio Sheffield as just over 30000
  2. 100% take that result. We were nowhere at our best but when we turned up after 70 mins we dominated them. All to play for in a full Hillsboro. I’m confident we will prevail.
  3. You couldn’t make it up. Not even playing and gone up to 5th. How much luck have they had over the last few weeks? Fulham will clinch the title today and will be on the beach on Saturday with the mother of all hangovers after celebrating the title win. Really need Bournemouth to get autos now. I think only Forest would stop them in the playoffs.
  4. Big thank you from me to DM. I’ve enjoyed this season. We have come so far in terms of where we were after last seasons debacle. Deadwood cleared and a team that are competitive playing good attacking football. DM must take credit for this
  5. If this is true then give them 1000 in the lower Lep and give the upper to us. For once let’s play this for what it is, an attempt to stop our support getting behind the team in the Stadium of poo . We will sell out the ground including the upper West . Let’s use this to our advantage and get Hillsboro full of our support and leave them with the lower West.
  6. Paid the extra £1 to get mine posted out. I don’t have a home printer. Surely for next season we can be dragged into the 21st century and have a paperless system. Completely unacceptable and unnecessary to be wasting paper, ink etc. when most supporters could just download the ticket QR code to their smartphone. Come on Wednesday sort it out
  7. And a 30+ centre half in Hutchinson totally bossed him. As I said good luck to the lad but this is his level.
  8. My take on GH. League 1 is his level. Hope he goes on and makes a decent living as a pro footballer. Of the 2 centre forwards on show today is he in the same class as Gregory? Not in a million years.
  9. I never understood what people saw in him. Warmed the bench at S6, went back due to lack of game time, moves to MK where, guess what, he is sat warming the bench. The old saying of show over substance. Yes he has a trick or two and yes he is still developing. As proven at both Hillsboro and MK the kid isn’t ready for the week in week out rigours of league 1. Moore was 100% right and NML is a far better option at this moment in time.
  10. All in all not a disaster but the manner of the result was disappointing. 100% still in our own hands. Not one of the teams vying for the play offs can or will win all their remaining games. We are a very difficult team to beat with the best home record in the division. 2 wins and 2 draws or 3 wins will be enough. Oxford are all but out of contention so for me it’s any 3 from 4. Us, Plymouth and Sunderland is my prediction. Wycombe to miss out.
  11. Was sat in line and no way was it offside. Poor defending by Hutch unfortunately.
  12. Taking my twin 6 year old grandsons for their first game. Hoping for a decent win and getting them hooked on The Wednesday. 5-0 Gregory (3) Hunt Bannan
  13. Everywhere including directors box and corporate. Lep was a favourite as a teenager. Best view for me is in the North. Always remember as a kid cushions raining down on the pitch after another abject performance. Sit on the kop now but with age comes failing eyesight so will probably have to take up residence in the retirement home (South Stand) from next season. I’ve ordered my Werthers and my blanket.
  14. Season ticket holder and personally I would endorse anything the club would do to give us an advantage in the run in. I would rather see the ground full , with the additional atmosphere, to help us get over the line to at least the play offs.
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