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  1. Voted for Brown with Harris a close second. All in all a solid team performance.
  2. I thought he was training for the Star walk. For those under 40 ask your dad.
  3. Coming from a long line of Blades I bucked the trend and supported Wednesday. Was taken to the Lane before ever setting foot in Hillsborough but it never felt right. First time I went to Hillsborough, under floodlights, in 1970 at the age of 9 I was hooked. Got my first Wednesday shirt the following Christmas. Still my favourite shirt is the solid blue with white sleeves. Memories as a young boy watching Tommy Craig, Jackie Sinclair etc. Been a lot of ups and downs over the following years but no way I could or would follow any other club.
  4. To be fair. When it was put on Da Cruz’s head 2 yards out he still couldn’t hit the target. Of those 2 players there’s only one deserves the Nescafé shake and he ain’t Scottish. Another terrible signing.
  5. Yep stood on the Kop. As previously stated it was bordering on dangerous. Brilliant atmosphere and I thought we should have won.
  6. Being pedantic but isn’t Semedo from Madeira?
  7. The last 3 months have been surreal in so many ways. At the moment I would say I’m not bothered at all about football coming back. What this abstinence from football has done for me is realise how much time I was wasting watching any old tat on sky football. As for our games. I’m not a regular attender mainly due to working abroad. When I do go the game itself has really become secondary to the occasion. Few beers, catch up with old friends in the Railway then trudging down to the game at 14-50. Afterwards a few more beers and a laugh and a moan. Live football, for me, is more about the day rather than the game. Empty stadiums and watching on TV ? No thanks.
  8. Think you may be wrong on this. I work with someone from Barnsley and he has seen his wife and sister. Admittedly they are the same person.
  9. RIP sir. That badge on that shirt. By a country mile the most iconic shirt and badge combo in my humble opinion.
  10. I was flying back from Spain during the game. Landed at East Midlands, put my phone on and let out a “get in there”. Muzzy Issitt was sat behind me and thought I’d gone mad.
  11. The football special bus drivers used to stand there. My Grandad was one and used to take me with him. He showed his badge to the turnstile operator and I got lifted over the turnstile so it cost nowt to get in. Only downside was having to leave around 20 minutes from the end so the buses were ready at the final whistle.
  12. That was, without doubt, the worst full back display I ever saw. Trippier and Ross Wallace absolutely destroyed Floro. Subbed at half time says it all.
  13. 0-2 at the lane in the early nineties. We were so much better than them at that time. For some reason we just didn’t seem up for it that day and it was a straightforward win for them. We never got going and I walked out at the end the most disappointed I have ever felt coming out of a game. I have seen us take far bigger defeats over the years. But for some reason that one sticks out.
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