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  1. To be honest I think Shaw would struggle to get in the squad. Of the young guns Dennis, FDB would be higher in the pecking order for me. Urugohide is a little different as I would have liked him to have stayed and think he may have got game time under Moore. Time will tell if they made the right choice. Good luck to them for the rest of their careers but I’m not losing any sleep over them leaving.
  2. Horses for courses picked for this game. On top of that the games have been coming thick and fast. It’s possible that some of them were running in the red zone during the week and needed to be rested. No one knows, outside the club, what the fitness or fatigue levels of the players are. I trust DM to know his players and how to manage them. For what it’s worth I don’t think it’s a bad starting 11. Keep it tight for an hour then see where we need be. Id take a draw or an ugly 1-0 win.
  3. Agree that he was card happy but at least 2 were self inflicted. Bannan’s was a stupid petulant rant resulting in a booking for dissent as was a similar instance for one of theirs. There are ways to speak to the referee to dispute a decision without resorting to ranting. While I admire Bannans passion he needs to channel it properly. One thing is for sure. The referee won’t change his decision based on someone shouting and waving his arms about.
  4. Looked a yard off the pace in the first half. Better in the second half but not close to MOM in my opinion.
  5. I thought we were re-signing Emerson Thome when I saw the O.P.
  6. I’m in. From being a pick your game POTG’er to a new season ticket holder. For the first time in years I feel there’s a positive vibe back at S6.
  7. Got mine today. First season ticket since the 76 /77 season. Great service as I only ordered it on Saturday. Well done SWFC.
  8. Held the ball up well. Made clever runs not always picked up. Once the players get up to speed with each other I think we might have a player on our hands.
  9. Lose Berge and no decent signings and they’re going nowhere. How they had 2 years in the premier league is beyond me. Mid championship squad at best. Birmingham out fought and and out thought them tonight. Big wake up call. And if Arsenal offered 50p for Ramsdale I’d snatch their hand off. He should be nicknamed H.P. He goes down in instalments.
  10. There’ll be strings attached. It’s a no from me.
  11. Don’t see what the fuss is about. Both Shaw and Urhoghide are average at best. Both will struggle to get in a Celtic side which is on the slide and end up back in lower league football in England. Don’t blame either player for leaving but going to Scotland will not aid their development.
  12. I wouldn’t risk it. I was contacted by phone to check I had the test kit. I was also contacted to check I had done the day 2 test by someone calling at my house. This was pre easing so less people travelling. How this is policed with the numbers travelling now is debatable.
  13. Remember staying in digs on Lord Street. Run by a very sturdy framed Irish woman with flame red hair and teeth like a witch doctors necklace. Decent breakfast as I recall .
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