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  1. Sealand Road Chester. The curved roof was so low if you stood at the back you couldn’t see the far end of the pitch.
  2. Could be an age thing but I must admit I’m past caring now. When I was young we got relegated to Div 3 for the 1st time and although it really hurt I always thought we would get back to the top level. I cannot recall a worse side than these players now. Not talking ability but a total lack of backbone and fight. I just don’t see how we get out of the situation we find ourselves in. No one will pay what tuna man wants for the club and he has obviously lost interest. I really don’t see a solution that will take us forward.
  3. I went with my dad (an avid blade). Caused a row at home as my mum commented “ you can’t take him out of school for a football match”. My dad hit the roof. “ It’s not just a football match. We’re going to watch the greatest player that’s ever played the game”. He had seen Pele in the first game at Hillsboro and wanted his football mad son to also see the great man in the flesh.
  4. Ian Dury, Joe Strummer, Howard Devoto. Devoto was pure theatre backed up with a brilliant band.
  5. Saw him on a flight from Paris to Manchester earlier this year (pre covid). He was quite happy to have photos taken and chatted at length with other passengers prior to departure. Genuine, nice bloke. RIP sir.
  6. Got my first “proper “ football from Jack Archers. Size 4 panel ball with lace. He threw in a tin of dubbin so I could waterproof and nourish the leather. Took it in Ecclesfield Park ,proud as punch, and got a game going with my mates. 2 minutes in the ball went in the stream and it was pretty much game over. No one could get it off the ground it weighed that much.
  7. Stinks a bit to me. Alexander had done a good job and I’m not sure how much more he could have done. This could all get very messy if Scholes doesn’t do well. Will his mates sack him? Will he sack himself?
  8. Sacked the manager. Got them into the football league and currently standing 5th in the league. Paul Scholes new manager.
  9. Same here and also Christmas 1970. Still my favourite Wednesday shirt. Solid blue body with white round neck collar and white sleeves. Must have broke my dads heart when I asked Father Christmas for a Wednesday shirt. I’m the only owl in a family full of blades. Good job I didn’t ask for a Micky Mouse outfit he might have bought me SUFC.
  10. Voted for Brown with Harris a close second. All in all a solid team performance.
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