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  1. Grassy knoll

    Fixtures 18/19 release date

    And the usual bull shi**ers a day or two before the fixtures are out,who tell all that will listen....that we have forest,qpr and leeds in the first 3 for example,cos they’ve seen a leaked version of the fixtures and as usual it turns out to be rhubarb
  2. Grassy knoll

    Teenage angst

    Any Wednesday fans wanting to move to a new ground should go and see a shrink,What a gorgeous ground we have,when its full and the sun is shining.... its perfection .
  3. Grassy knoll

    Bursts of applause

    Happy clappers
  4. Grassy knoll

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    I still remember his finest game in my opinion,in the playoffs away at Brighton,booked early on and absolutely outstanding, good luck to him
  5. Grassy knoll

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    Hopefully somewhere i still have the programme from the league cup win in 91 vs msn u signed by the team......been years since ive seen it though
  6. I agree,but most fans only know George Hirst from the U23 squad,so thats why it turns into GH every time
  7. Grassy knoll


    Most players put headphones on so they can deliberately not hear fans shout their name for autographs/and opposition fans swearing at um if its an away game
  8. Grassy knoll

    That Noise

    Am i the only one that can still hear it?
  9. I agree with that,though was thinking westwood would play in the last game vs Norwich as a farewell, cos I cannot see him being here next season. I’d like to see him play for us one last time,he was the best keeper in the division for 2 seasons !
  10. Grassy knoll

    #SWFC North Stand back in the day..

    Love it, you can stick your new shiny plastic grounds up your harris!
  11. Grassy knoll

    Wolves ticket details

    Bit surprised there are still tickets left for wolves,i thought they would have been snapped up by now
  12. Grassy knoll

    Minutes applause saturday anyone?

    I thought Abdi had have finally passed away
  13. Grassy knoll

    Wilson and McBurnie

    Yeah be nice if Carlos could do us a favour and get mcburnie to come to us
  14. Did Cranson and Larry May ever play in the same 11? And which was the best player of the 2? Actually probably better to ask who was the worst of the 2