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  1. Keep it clean boys. post not poster ! Discuss not insult
  2. Partnership looked ok, but Reading had absolutely nothing up front, so too early to say.
  3. With Bullen saying we hope to bring 1 or 2 in , i wonder who has identified the players? Will they be someone Bruce had pencilled in or if its the same person who brought hector and Onomah in(that clear wasn’t tash) possibly the infamous paxou
  4. Kids 6 weeks holidays have started i see
  5. Announce zola, let him use his chelsea contacts and bring hector back,mount and a few more and then sack zola
  6. Think we are all behind DC on this, Bruce mentioned a few times yesterday lets see what the clubs do in the next 24-48 hours, i hope DC has said to Ashley you pay full compensation by a set time 48 hours max or not happening.
  7. Funny how some of our fans have been slagging off Newcastle for trying to pinch our manager with only 3 weeks until the season starts but then think its ok to go and do the same to Lincoln or Barnsley, Chris Hughton or Bullen for me
  8. Ive said on another thread, I won’t be singing Bruce’s name today but i will be singing for Chansiri , the players and SWFC.
  9. I won’t be singing any Bruce songs , but if anyone deserves some songs being sung about him today it’s Chansiri,
  10. *puts phone down and stops looking on here and Twitter until the season starts.
  11. yes I remember stanley matthews opening the new Sheffield Rangers ground, i played in the game against Rangers and even though i was only 11/12 i knew of him because of what my dad had told me,did the obligatory hand shake to all the players before the game.
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