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  1. Grassy knoll

    Daniel James

    No problem, we’ll put Boyd on him........
  2. Grassy knoll

    13yrs Today

    So tragic,could happen to anyone of us at any given time what happened to them. No doubt they’ll be cheering us on in heaven
  3. Grassy knoll

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Winnall getting no game time at the minute, so what chance has he got?
  4. Grassy knoll

    10 Years Ago Today.

    Correct mate and im same with my lad unfortunately, i would rather never go there ever again BUT my lad will wanna go next time,i only just got away with it last time,but if he goes,reluctantly I suppose i will have to go to make sure hes safe
  5. Grassy knoll

    10 Years Ago Today.

    Quality! I was there,absolutely brilliant, I’ve not been back to that dump since,not sure i ever will
  6. Grassy knoll

    Fans To The End

    Totally agree, even in the ridiculous sized queue to get into the ground . Nobody embarrassing themselves or us as a club, just got on with it,had a laugh and made the 3 points even better UTO
  7. Just having a cuppa,then going to start getting ready for the match, anything we get from the next 2 games is a bonus. The fixtures after in January and February are the games we must pick up points from,the fixtures are good in these months and then get a lot harder again until the end of the season. UTO
  8. Grassy knoll

    Bruce’s first signing...

    With how well Penney played at villa park when Bruce was there, i assume he will Penney will be brought back into the team
  9. Grassy knoll

    So, when do Clemence and Agnew come in?

    Personally I don’t think we should be sticking clemence and agnew in before Bruce,especially now Bullen got the win yesterday and brought the senior players in,just keep it as it is until Bruce is announced,anything we get from boro and wba would be a bonus anyway
  10. Grassy knoll

    Sky Red Button Boxing day

    Makes my decision of going even better now....jos gone and no red button option
  11. No kids prices as usual and we get shoved in the corner like the last few years.....while most of the ground is empty. Hulls attendance was 10,800 today
  12. Grassy knoll

    Calendar.... just now

    Lol,does callender and look north still exist? Is it 1985??
  13. Grassy knoll

    Everyone needs to show Chansiri

    But the manager is the one picking morgan fox and Nuhiu most weeks and changing formation every game, how anyone can play fox instead of penney is beyond me
  14. Twin towers was an inside job
  15. Grassy knoll


    I don’t buy the “we cannot afford to sack jos line” there was a rumour when we appointed jos that it was on an 18 month contract,of which he’s seen out nearly 12 months, which obviously only leaves 6 months. i know things are tight but not that tight surely