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  1. Grassy knoll

    Phone call from ticket office

    Ooooh get youuu
  2. Grassy knoll

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Yep,and probably have a couple of holidays abroad each year and smoke 20 fags a day, prices of home games are obviously a joke but some fans won’t sacrifice anything to watch us unfortunately
  3. Grassy knoll

    Ash Baker

    Hes decent,just got to keep playing him now and get him used to playing at this level week in week out,Baker can/will get better too. Palmers going the opposite way and has been for a couple of seasons
  4. Grassy knoll

    Positive news soon?

    I hope you are pal, my comment was obviously tongue in cheek
  5. Grassy knoll

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    Why are the pigs under u for united? Surely should be under p
  6. Grassy knoll

    Positive news soon?

    Matias and Abdi are nearing full fitness
  7. Grassy knoll

    New song

    Well it doesn’t mention the pigs unlike 99.9% of our songs , so that’s something new.
  8. Grassy knoll

    Couple of questions

    Think i read Chansiri say we might have some good news? Does anyone know what this is? Ill be honest I could do with some, as I feel lower than a snakes belly and got to go to work in a bit
  9. Grassy knoll

    Fighting in the stands

    It was indeed pal,very embarrassing
  10. Grassy knoll

    Fighting in the stands

    Saw a few arguments in the game itself but no fisty cuffs,atmosphere was quite toxic between a fair few Wednesday fans though,happens a lot when we get big allocations if anyone else has noticed? Bolton and Preston last season was the same,possibily fans who just have enough points to get to the odd away game when we get 4,000 so might just go more for a pi55 up than anything else,then the trouble starts.
  11. Grassy knoll


    Probably in a gym doing a workout in front of a mirror
  12. Yes saw that earlier , i think Nixon will be the one to get the information from,cant see howson etc having a clue until its been broke by others
  13. Grassy knoll

    Memories of this guy

    Derby away when the scrubber Bobby Davison went through him on the rock hard pitch,Hodge dusted himself off and carried on probably with bad concussion,wouldn’t have been able to do so these days, Top keeper
  14. Think im right in saying the git stainrod was sacked on air in the very early days of talksport as he was utter dog muck.
  15. Jesus, todays just getting worse,hopefully tomorrow can’t get any worse