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  1. He has a better cv than Moore. what’s the worst that could have happened? He might not have got us promoted just like Moore
  2. People can moan about Alex Neils tactics etc, but Sunderland showed some balls sacking their manager when 3rd, we could have done the same when we was 8th but didn’t have the balls to do it.
  3. Totally agree on what hutch was trying to do, also I don’t think these crappy modern day football boot helped him either, it was like he had trainers on and you can see he can’t turn back round to the ball fast enough, how many times do we see footballers slipping over all the time! So frustrating ffs
  4. Yeah that’s what I’m saying, would have been easier to give the option to load onto our season tickets
  5. Why can’t they load the game on to everybody’s season ticket ?
  6. The fans that went especially deserved that, as already said , good Friday and no trains etc, and our away form is not the best, and more often than not are let down as shown at Bolton. well done fans and players
  7. We did well beating off all that premier league interest didn’t we ?
  8. No refund here, if I’d not bought a multi year one a few years back I wouldn’t be giving him any more of my money that’s for sure especially whilst Moore is manager .
  9. Has anybody blamed the pitch invaders at Crewe yet…….
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