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  1. Barry Bannan

    I think BB will be like a breath of fresh air and he’s more suited in a 3 in midfield too,so expecting good things.
  2. Stadium location?

    The ground would be burned down after a week
  3. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Shock horror, we have a great win and someone has to try and divide the fans as usual,just enjoy the win ffs.
  4. Not great but the chants of “jerry....jerry” to the tune of jerry springer were pretty good when he made a save
  5. Another Away game Sold Out

    Just a pity we didn’t get more tickets
  6. Leeds info

    Barnsley is a decent day out and a good view from behind the goal,Leeds on the other hand is horrible,garbage view and more than likely going to keep us in after.
  7. Tom Lees....

    I didn’t realise Palmer,Fox,Boyd,Jones,and Butterfield were all foreign

    a formation of 0-5-5 and goalie wag

    Exactly mate.
  10. Hillsborough in the snow

    Love it. Thanks
  11. Hillsborough in the snow

    Can only remember watching us play in the snow once really against spurs around 1988,think it was on tv,possibly lost 2-0,can remember a young Gazza playing
  12. Boyd

    Think we can all agree he’s been poor,but we are sticking him in a position where you need pace and a position he can’t play,boyd,fox,pudil can’t play wingback/fullback, and while Reach has probably been our best player this season and played mostly well in his new position,I do think we should switch boyd and reach
  13. Thats that done for another 3 years

    Top man. I hope im still going at your age!
  14. Shergars missing too.....
  15. Glenn Whelan

    Didn’t celebrate when he scored, clapped us at the end,he had some great times with us,top man ! But not what we need