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  1. I stand to win £150,but can cash out now for £135,to be honest i will probably have cashed out by the time we play preston, i can live without the loss of £15
  2. Bang on pal,i saw that too and that’s exactly what i said
  3. I think Howson is awful, he’s lucky enough to be doing a job , most of us lot would love to do, but Jesus he comes across as so dour its unbelievable, he was the same on that podcast that him and a couple of others from the star used to do. Maybe he comes across like that because he’s not a wednesday fan ? I dunno, And i don’t buy the ‘its come from SWFC’ line either, surely if SWFC wanted to tell a few idiot fans to start behaving better then i assume they would come out and say this, rather than leave it to him? Long unbeaten run, biggest week of the season is here, the feel good factor is back,we are getting our injured players back and yet Howson brings this rubbish up? Which amounts to probably 4 people who have acted like idiots, people throwing coins should be banned but why on earth bring this up now?
  4. He’s probably got more chance of sorting all them out ,than he has of our injuries .
  5. I’ll go for Wednesday’s number 1 fan David Garrido........
  6. Why do something constructive when they can come on here and moan about it instead.....?
  7. Chansiri has pulled it,said he was sick of part timers not attending Hillsborough in favour of the red button
  8. No problem, we’ll put Boyd on him........
  9. So tragic,could happen to anyone of us at any given time what happened to them. No doubt they’ll be cheering us on in heaven
  10. Winnall getting no game time at the minute, so what chance has he got?
  11. Correct mate and im same with my lad unfortunately, i would rather never go there ever again BUT my lad will wanna go next time,i only just got away with it last time,but if he goes,reluctantly I suppose i will have to go to make sure hes safe
  12. Quality! I was there,absolutely brilliant, I’ve not been back to that dump since,not sure i ever will
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