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  1. Roll up roll up.....get ya 2 and a half year season tickets.....
  2. I personally wanted to give monk more time, thought he deserved that with what he had to put up with here. I hope he does a good job somewhere next and shuts a few moaners up on here that still bang on about the manager who wasted about £40m and put us in this position we are in. Nice statement from him
  3. Pity we haven’t got another 40 million for him to spunk on crap players
  4. My favourite Wednesday song, players come and go and I don’t really like singing about our hatred for the pigs, but my love for Wednesday is eternal and should be sung more!!
  5. Always be remembered for Derby away on the frozen pitch for me. I was only about 7 at the time
  6. I bet that kid from Man City is glad he signed.............
  7. Has there ever been a worse captain than Tom Lees? Absolutely embarrassing, should never kick a ball for us again
  8. We are at a crossroads with Chansiri at the helm. He could actually turn it around though, as hard as that may seem. If we see out the forthcoming trouble with ffp and manage to stay in the championship this and next season (if a points deduction is coming) and start again, all the big wages will have gone, we would have a clean bill of health with ffp, hopefully DC would have learned his lesson, got rid of the stuffing man and others, and bring in a proper director of football and you never know. Hopefully DC will be ambitious enough to have another crack at it. Football
  9. Hopefully we can go out and get a couple of younger mobile players who have an eye for goal. The players are out there and I hope bruce’ recruitment team can bring a couple of good strikers in.
  10. You forgot the biggest Wednesday fan of all david garrido ......
  11. What about now? Da Cruz did far more when he came on again
  12. Does anybody know, if for instance the result of this is satisfactory for us and the efl (though god knows what that could be) if other clubs could appeal it? Barnsley boro etc?
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