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  1. yes I remember stanley matthews opening the new Sheffield Rangers ground, i played in the game against Rangers and even though i was only 11/12 i knew of him because of what my dad had told me,did the obligatory hand shake to all the players before the game.
  2. No doubt loads of our fans will be on Twitter to Nixon any minute embarrassing the rest of us fans.
  3. On a side note, its good to see Chansiri is now willing to sell players joao 8m FF 15m ..............
  4. Won’t be true, the bitter wilderbeast will be circling a few names of our players just to get one over on us fans, i said in another thread that i fully expect them to link themselves with Hector for the same reason, but they definitely are not obsessed with us though
  5. Only saw him a couple of times but nowhere near mobile enough , didn’t forest release him before he came to us?? Just not good enough
  6. No doubt it will be a rumour started by the s2 scrubbers , im sure Hector,lazaar and aarons will be next
  7. As well as Palmer has done this season, i think playing wingback is a step too far
  8. Perverts....the lot of you, i was enjoying this thread until the filth
  9. I bet Bruce would have preferred the other strikers to be out of contract instead of hooper but unfortunately not, with this in mind i do agree with letting hooper go, Bruce has said plenty of times we have too many strikers at the club so its the only sensible decision to make.
  10. I would be totally fine with that to be honest.
  11. Never gave less than 100%, always put his head in where most wouldn’t, think this is what made him a cult figure on the north stand.
  12. Anyone know where you can see the full press conference? YouTube?
  13. I always thought the disabled were on the north in the westfield enclosure
  14. Bit of a snobbish attitude by the looks of it on here(though presume most is in jest) we all know Bruce has had success in this market with Robertson and Mcginn, so why not? I’m certainly more in favour of this kind of signing than another 30 year old premier league drop out,who is after one last big pay deal.
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