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  1. I go to every home game and at least half of the away games every season and I’m just starting to miss the away games , but away games for me includes having a good laugh in the pubs before and after the game with my mates/family, not really missing the home games yet, probably still scarred from the crap we saw from Christmas onwards. I definitely don’t miss the football on tv though, especially premier league games , for the last few seasons I have started to really dislike premier league football and how overhyped it all is , I can only see myself going back to watch premier league games on tv is if we ever get there again.
  2. Love that owl, it’s the owl I grew up with, had it tattooed on my leg 20 years ago.
  3. Don’t fall for it anyone, it’s that university bloke from Manchester who wants to shut the ground (should we ever start up again)
  4. RIP, saw him at most away games.
  5. Its been suggested borner was touching his hamstring just before half time, so presume it was that
  6. Yeah fair enough he was actually but like you say he kept getting shoved out on the right where he’s wasted, at least with harris being so poor, reach will be on the left.
  7. Started the season really well, like a breathe of fresh air, and 6 months later it’s like George boyd is playing. Reach will be straight in when fit, which reach doesn’t really deserve as he was as bad as before he was injured, just shows you where we are at this present time.
  8. Cheeky time wasting from about the 5th minute ! Justice !
  9. I was there, only a school kid at the time, Wednesday fans had lower tier on the side of the pitch and had wolves fans above us, think we were 3 nil up on pens, remember us giving wolves fans the two fingered salute, 5 minutes later and we had somehow lost. Typical eh?
  10. Always find it embarrassing that fans start fighting because they have a different view of “our team” , had loads of fans around me on the north yesterday and at Barnsley who and spent as much time as possible watching some blokes argue/fight, you may as well just go on west st about midnight if that’s what you want in life. I know there’s not much fight on the pitch lately but Jesus
  11. Summed up perfectly with that we have lees as our captain who must be the least vocal captain in the entire world and vice captain bannan who has gone all adam reach and bottled tackles in the last 2 games
  12. Just renewed , i was always going too, only 3 people in the queue, oh well at least I got served quick.
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