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  1. On the coach back from wembley near enough every fan said the same that we need 2 pacey wingers.
  2. Mass exodus

  3. Funny how some fans think he’s got 1 game and others say i know for a fact he’s got until the end of the season....when we fans no absolutely nothing,.only 1 man knows and thats DC.
  4. We’ve shown class all season, if CC had any class he would have resigned by now like he said he would if the triangle of CC , DC and the fans was to break down(and it has) . I believe the time has come to show DC we have had enough of this garbage! And who knows if its his last game? I’d rather not believe a journalist who is just presuming it is.
  5. Martin Hodge on the front cover

    I can still remember watching him on sportsnight when we played Derby away around 1985 on a frozen pitch,that dirty scrubber bobby davison clattering into him,top performance from a top keeper......just nobody mention steve ogrisovic.....
  6. Bullen

    None of us fans know how much or little Bullen is involved, i get people saying sack the lot of um,but,as us fans don’t really have a stand out favourite who we all want for the job id happily see CC sacked and LB given the job possibly until the end of the season,then hopefully a stand out candidate for the job might become available in the summer. I don’t think Bullen would have us playing this garbage backwards and sideways possession based rubbish.
  7. We will beat Wolves

    Even more reason to sack him now,can you imagine playing that lot again with Carvalhal still in charge?
  8. How many times now this season have we had opposition fans from poor teams taking the pee out of us? Pretty much just sums up how bad we have become.
  9. Well it could be total carnage against Wolves then(if he’s still in charge by then), Because i think wolves will run us ragged and the atmosphere will be toxic and half the ground could be singing carlos out
  10. Never gonna happen,too many people go into meltdown when anyone dares to criticise anything related to swfc
  11. On This Day 1974 - Battle of the Kop

    Love hearing about old stories like this game and Oldham away. cheers for sharing!
  12. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    Playoffs against Huddersfield and the debacle against the scrubbers....and most games since
  13. That suicidal last minute

    I can forgive players making mistakes (it happens) but Reach pulling out of a tackle? No chance,unforgivable that, you would be slaughtered for that by your own team mates on a Sunday morning . Would one of warnocks players have done the same? Or mick mccarthy or even the pigs manager?
  14. Star Today

    Do people still buy the star?.....jesus probably still buy the green un too