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  1. Sounds like a bloke that should be worshipped, sadly i have never heard of him.
  2. My sons been in the same situation, pretty sure it goes from Hillsborough still but goes into town and flat st for a pick up.
  3. Hopefully nothing much kicked off in terms of violence today, I didn’t see any anyway , the Powers that be must be absolutely gutted, after all that planning for carnage today. I wonder if they’ll go back to the drawing board?
  4. I think ive seen enough in Dawson to believe he will be our number 1 keeper for years to come, admittedly he looks a bag of nerves at times but not surprising as some fans start moaning and groaning at every chance they have with Dawson for some reason-might still go back to wigan away last season when he started number 1 under dross and every player that day was horrendous and Dawson got the bulk of the moaning as he was taking ages with the goal kicks, ironically so does westwood .
  5. If this doesn’t get sorted soon and it probably won’t, I wonder if swfc could buy the 5 or so terraced houses on Leppings Lane flatten um and then use the space to have either better segregation in/out of the ground or redevelop the away end.
  6. Totally agree, even these crappy new grounds like Reading etc as soon as you walk out, you literally bump into the home fans. I really do hope DC is giving as good as he gets to the SAG, police and council and whoever else seems to be giving us a kicking
  7. Keep it clean boys. post not poster ! Discuss not insult
  8. Partnership looked ok, but Reading had absolutely nothing up front, so too early to say.
  9. With Bullen saying we hope to bring 1 or 2 in , i wonder who has identified the players? Will they be someone Bruce had pencilled in or if its the same person who brought hector and Onomah in(that clear wasn’t tash) possibly the infamous paxou
  10. Kids 6 weeks holidays have started i see
  11. Announce zola, let him use his chelsea contacts and bring hector back,mount and a few more and then sack zola
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