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  1. Grassy knoll

    FF out injured

    Soooo frustrating!!!!! hopefully back to tear the pigs a new one at bumhole lane
  2. he blanked against the faroe islands and played 90 minutes today.
  3. Thoughts on this?
  4. Grassy knoll


    People round me were indeed blaming Dawson, they’ll be slagging penny off next week no doubt, they’re young inexperienced lads who will make mistakes and have bad games like most players do.
  5. Grassy knoll

    Walking Home Together

    Should have kept the leeds fans in the ground for 30 minutes, like they do us.
  6. Grassy knoll


    Jeez some reyt bed wetters screaming at him every time he has the ball,he was ok,should have commanded his area better at times but christ! What some fans need to learn is getting on an inexperienced keepers back is the worst thing you can do! I cant remember people slagging him off at the villa game ....a whole 6 days ago.
  7. Wednesday don’t look great with this story but rules are rules,and hopefully he gets to the west brom game a few days later, but christ leeds fans are probably top of the list of trouble makers especially at Hillsborough,a few years ago there was that idiot who hit Kirkland and they ripped an advertising hording down! Sometimes you reap what you sow , How the Sheffield star have the cheek to report this non event I don’t know.
  8. Grassy knoll

    Bruce Grobelaar

    Can’t remember the score,so won’t have been 7-1,and can’t remember that chant but i do remember a you’re sh*t and you stink of fish. I think the game was midweek
  9. Grassy knoll

    Bruce Grobelaar

    Might be wrong but seem to remember being our sub keeper away at grimsby, im probably wrong though
  10. Just woke up slightly hungover from yesterday, no matter which side you’ve on,i think everyone in the ground yesterday can feel privileged to have seen such a goal!! It really was a thing of beauty, the fans open mouthed,shocked even......but lets just appreciate the way Fletcher peeled off his marker and powered in a great header from an even better ball in from Joey ......
  11. Grassy knoll

    FAO Jack Grealish and Jonathan Kodjia

    Loads slagging his hairstyle off ....yet i saw loads in our end with the same style.
  12. Grassy knoll

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    We’ll be 2-0 down in the first half,and some of our fans will start scrapping between themselves, halftime chavs will chuck beer about and sing about wilder and we’ll lose 3-0 in the end and trains will break down on the way home
  13. Grassy knoll

    Sky Sports Red Button

    Id always prefer to go if possible like i did last night at forest, but hopefully the red button option will force clubs (especially us) to lower prices in the future. Nothing beats being at the game but i am probably going to watch us v qpr away on the red button rather than take time off work etc especially when we put performances in like yesterday
  14. Grassy knoll

    Having Slept on it...

    He’ll have one good game,then a few bad in my opinion,I don’t think playing in numerous roles is helping him either. i would stick him out left,gives penny some protection and in reach and penny both have good engines and width,would like to see them working in tandem ala king and worthington