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  1. Grassy knoll

    Our fault again

    No idea how i do that
  2. Grassy knoll

    Our fault again

    I got fed up of scrolling down through blank spaces and stupid adverts, christ what a bad website the star have
  3. Grassy knoll

    Alan Nixon

    There are rumours of Bruce coming in and taking over, now I don’t think Bruce would be a good appointment at all BUT as long as we get rid of jos i would happily accept Bruce, at least we could then hope to get back to basics like joao upfront instead of this left wing rubbish,Reach on the left flank, penney left back,push Bannan higher up.
  4. Grassy knoll

    Alan Nixon

    He often does just say “bit in paper” if so ill be running to the shop .
  5. Grassy knoll

    Alan Nixon

    Correct, ive pacing around the house since 8am. Desperate times
  6. Grassy knoll

    Alan wheen

    Might have been negged by mistake pal, can’t see anyone disagreeing with your post.
  7. Grassy knoll

    How has Jos not noticed this??

    Some people saying against Bolton we played 4 at the back,others saying wingbacks,for What its worth i thought we started with wingbacks, god knows what we finished with, BUT Jos has said he likes how we have the players that are adaptable and clever enough to be able to change formation numerous times in a match(think he said it around the villa game) so no wonder nobody knows what formation we are playing. I think hes one of them managers that probably sets up to nullify the opposition each week rather than look at our strengths, i also think we have gone past what formation is the best,the players have given up and its a matter of time before jos gets the sack and rightly so
  8. Grassy knoll

    Alan wheen

    RIP Top Bloke, saw him in a boozer at Birmingham away only a few weeks ago
  9. Grassy knoll

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    Basic player with no football brain, no better than the likes of sonner,potter and o’connor.
  10. Grassy knoll

    Does God hate us?

    Crappy fixtures like this separates the men from the boys,can’t say im looking forward to it but its what we do I suppose. Us fans deserve a win tonight,so for all of us that are still going tonight....cmon Wednesday!!!
  11. Grassy knoll

    Kev Austin RIP

    45?? Bloody hell. RIP.
  12. Grassy knoll

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    Same mate, i went into this season with no expectations so can’t say im shocked at this but still frustrating all the same. And yes im doing Blackburn,mboro and West Brom away but not bothering with swansea.
  13. Grassy knoll

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    You might be right pal.
  14. Grassy knoll

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    I was hoping for jos to go after the Norwich debacle,the crowd turned that day so its pretty inevitable its a matter of time now before hes gone,it was also international break so 2 weeks to get things sorted and mick mccarthy was available,who i think would have been ideal for us at this time. we’ve obviously missed the boat with that and now the games are coming round thick and fast, I’m just not sure who 1 would take the job in the circumstances that we are in and 2 who would actually succeed. I think jos was brought in as a safe pair of hands and to steady the ship in what was always going to be a transitional couple of years and then have another go at it once we had turned the corner with the ffp trouble, BUT the worry is , if things don’t change now,we could be relegated.
  15. No chance mate, siggi johnson struck it into the ground yes but Colin West scored with a diving header, im not saying its the best ever goal but i love it,think it was late in the game and our fans behind the goal go mental.