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  1. I can see us hovering around mid table to the playoffs most of the season and chansiri not really wanting to pull the trigger on Moores sacking until unfortunately it will have been too little too late . What is Moore doing to justify his job? He has helped bring in some good players and that’s about it, he is tactically naive , he’s brought in about 5 wingers, and today we didn’t have 1 on the pitch because he’s changed formation(apart from brown who was played at wingback ) we are playing out from the back when we are simply not good enough to do it, we are boring to watch and we are negative. Moore hasn’t got a clue what his best team is, does anyone know where wing is meant to be playing? I’m not even sure wing knows. Can anyone say they enjoy watching this football under Moore?
  2. That has to be better than watching the likes of Palmer and dunkley trying to play out from the back. Rabbits in headlights spring to mind
  3. Agreed, worst culprit for this is wing imo
  4. Play Johnson and hope he does a hammy …..
  5. Would love to watch a race between Johnson and Dunkley
  6. Thought he grew into the game today, played very well, hope he’s ok, but if he is injured it will be a blow but we have the likes of Byers and adeniran coming in to replace him, rather than Joey pelepessy
  7. Think we look such a better team now bannan is playing higher up the pitch FINALLY
  8. One of my first few away games with my mates aged about 15/16. can only remember it being the first game of the season and red hot
  9. like a lot of modern day footballers , especially centre forwards they spend to much time bulking up but then they lose that mobility they had and that bit of speed but can hold the ball up better .
  10. Was good at forest, poor from then on and I think his career should have been far better
  11. remembered for 2 things, that pen v luton and that diving header away at Man U midweek with the Wednesday fans behind the goal
  12. Wonder if Bullen will be brought back into the fold for 500th time …..
  13. Difference being, when Hunt was sold we was a team in the championship still hopeful of getting promoted to the premier league, some fans thought we could improve on him, now we are in league 1, and have massive financial worries thanks to Chansiri .
  14. I can remember about 3 or 4 years ago when we played villareal in a friendly, then the year after we “only” played espanyol and people complained because they weren’t a big enough club to play .
  15. Mooro is nothing new, was also Bobby Moore’s nickname
  16. I wonder what such a leader and warrior like Lyons thought of quiet as a mouse Tom Lees
  17. No mate, most fans just pretend they know what they’re on about
  18. Agreed, I’d also have good quality cctv up everywhere as well , too many crimes go unpunished, I know this is off topic like but I just want people feeling safer . Too many scumbags getting away with crimes and innocent people getting hurt
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