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  1. All the best to everyone. A bit of bed rest, plenty vitamin c, paracetamol a good book and we’ll see you the following weekend.
  2. I’m really pleased for him, he looked inhibited at S6 and another indication of the wider pervasive culture at our club. I had a look at the goals he scored for us recently and you forget there were some absolute beauties.
  3. Decent review for people not in the know at S6. Get help or cut your losses DC for gawds sake. What will be will be, nowt I can do about it.
  4. Currently in a competition with Politicians to see who can get to the bottom first.
  5. Efficient I’ll grant you that. Wouldn’t the Disarrano and Panda Coke warm the cockles even more if you received a handwritten card. I especially love a wintry scene, the horse drawn mail coach sweeping down through an early 19th century hamlet, dimly lit taverns and weavers cottages in the distance.
  6. Next year’s season ticket is making those Northern Rock shares look like a shrewd move.
  7. I think the term you are looking for is, ‘On what side do you dress sir?’
  8. Absolutely mate, wearing a mask must work cos flu cases are down a whopping 90%.
  9. Get it on’t tele. It will be closest we get to a Vietnam War style draft pick.
  10. Honest, 110% n all that but a bit of a lump. Half a million doesn’t go that far these days.
  11. Me and the boy have just slid on to the floor in a heap. I need a drink. Great point.
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