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  1. Someone in Kuala Lumpur had that in double. Wildsmith wont be playing in the 5th tier of football after Wednesday. Weak as pish.
  2. How refreshing, I sincerely hope that all Wednesdayites enjoy the hospitality shown in a friendly boozy manner. Just a short trek over the Pennines for me, looking forward to it. Any top tips for locals please let me know.
  3. I hope you’ve checked your historic tweets and Facebook messages.
  4. If anyone has a junior ticket going spare, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Is Rob asking the questions kneeling down? Couldn’t watch all of that, it was like someone dragging their nails down a blackboard. Hopefully he won’t change much from Saturday especially the front two, he can pis about with things next Tuesday. Would be good to see everyone wanting to put things right after the poor performance down in Devon a few weeks back. UTO
  6. Transfer the lot Baz into Gold Sovereigns, Silver, a little bit of crypto and buy up good pasture land. T's & C's - Always seek independent financial advice.
  7. You’ve obviously parked smoking a tab whilst having your back scrubbed by a 14 stone collier.
  8. The bottom photo is a good example of how to play musical chairs, the top one isn't.
  9. Would go with that apart from kamberi for Berahino.
  10. I don’t think I ever wanted a manager to succeed as much as Moore, we’ll since the last one whoever that was. I clocked the players body language last week against Lincoln and smelt BS. Todays result is worse than a loss for me. We can’t afford another month of this. He’s going to run this (decent) team into the ground. Next!
  11. Fair play to you Andy, don’t know how you can put yourself through that every weekend. Here’s a picture of how my Saturday afternoon is going. UTO & Moore out
  12. I’m taking the dog for a walk via a pub, see you Tuesday night lads.
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