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  1. Would be interesting to know how much the club owes in terms of the double yer money merchandise offer that was on last autumn.
  2. Takes me back to my mate buying £10k worth of Northern Rock shares weeks before the bread queues started. Personally I don’t think they’ll let us get back to ‘normal ‘ for some time yet. Anyone has a rebate call?
  3. Being in L1 next season considering Plandemic would have being disastrous. We must move on as a club together. Let’s face it there’s another lockdown coming in the winter. There’s a few twists and turns yet. Personally I think professional sport in its current state is f u cee kd UTO
  4. The loss at Blackburn way back in November sticks with me. I somehow knew then that this team wasn’t good enough
  5. Probably need a bit more info Gaz mate. Tbf this beast of a football club has swallowed up better men.
  6. Decent enough footballer with a soft centre. Bye.
  7. Lucas Joao for me. Scored a goal then got sold for 5 million.
  8. Imo wildsmith is just miles off. Cammy didn’t take his chance either. Westwoood obviously can’t be arzzed so we need a new keeper.
  9. Millionaire bang average footballer who will add to his tat collection in the off season
  10. I think I’ll get a load of bog roll in, stay indoors and wait for a vaccine.
  11. If the Government continue to show a lack of leadership and the media continue to peddle fear the transfer window will be the least of our problems. Your quite right, it’s totally unsustainable now and in the near future. Just wait until the annual flu season kicks in around November. Let’s hope by the end of the summer there’s more of a can do/positive attitude towards getting back up and running. Jobs knackered otherwise.
  12. Alarm bells began to ring when the 10 year ticket offer came out. Agree with the above. Just call it a gut feeling. Don't forget there's that double yer money deal on the club shop in october. At the minute I'm due a refund on this year, due £200 on the shop deal in october and £700 on next year's season ticket. Interesting few weeks coming up.
  13. The club should offer him the lease on a tea room in the peak district where he can sell cakes, refreshments, souvenirs and stuff like that. Something he can put his heart in to.
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