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  1. Can't fault you mate, summed up perfectly.
  2. Halifax Owls

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Sky = Fake News
  3. Halifax Owls


    If Jos can keep his s hit together, get us through this season relatively unscathed and bin a few parasites in the summer he will have done a good job. This may take some turning around but we must stick together. So pleased for Cammy...well done mate.
  4. Halifax Owls

    Reaqdy for a night of Horror?

    https://youtu.be/P9fa3HFR02E I understand Jos’s pre match speech will give this a run for its money. Got to be worth a goal start.
  5. Halifax Owls

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    The whole dynamic of the game could change on this news. Never a dull moment is it.
  6. Halifax Owls

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Been feeling fairly nauseas since 4ish on Saturday thinking about Fridays game. As I blew out the solitary candle on my birthday cake I thought, even Carlsberg could be struggling with this Birthday wish. However get back to the office from lunch, take a quick look at the Star headlines. Straight away the pupils dilate, the heartbeat goes up a gear, blood flow increases to the muscles...FF and Marco are fit (WTF) and Fletch is banging the drum. I can see those straws.......if only I could reach them.
  7. Halifax Owls

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    Chris Holt pulls no punches on this one and nails it 100%. I hope Cammy can put it in to perspective and see it for what it was, a section of 'supporters' who had to vent and get their point across to the manager, no matter how misguided or embarrassing (IMO). A couple of weeks in football is a very very long time isn't it.....need to draw a line in the sand and dig in for the next few weeks or else the whole things gonna blow. It'll be backs to the wall Friday night but its an opportunity to stand up and be counted. FFS
  8. Halifax Owls

    Chansiri kicking off

    I was really hoping for 3 points today to dampen the flames. However any manager that drops the player of the month for that shivering shyte of a footballer Pudil deserves all the criticism aimed at him. oh well at least it’s the derby next up
  9. I think Cameron's doing OK as well and the guy needs our support more than ever. I am going with the theory however that KW's omission is more for non football matters, be it money, ego, clash of personalities etc. As for Sam, I can see the football reasons why a manager couldn't trust him to give a 90 minute performance without it becoming a story about him, god only knows we need some ballast in the centre circle. As for Abdi, Jones, Boyd, Marco......pffttt. I'm sorry to say it (patience wearing thin with FF sadly as well) but we simply can't rely on some of these guys. Week after week after week is just endless talk and speculation about injuries and comebacks as likely as an Oasis reunion concert. A number of players (ie.Fletch) could easily break down tomorrow afternoon as well adding to our woes. One criticism of Jos I do have is messing about with that back line every week. A back line with Penney, Lees, Hector, Thornily, Palmer in it should be good enough to get better results than we're getting. I thought his team selection for the QPR match in particular was poor. I actually think we're in an OK position right now considering the wreckage which was left last Christmas (think Burton at h), it's only 2 weeks ago we were in the play-offs spots! We're fragile at the minute and another tough (Derby Day) month of results and the place could go in to meltdown resulting in more tweaking of the hamstrings. We're in transition and it can go one of two ways. The only way we're going to move forward here is by sticking together and backing the team, starting against Norwich.........there's no other way. See you tomorrow & UTO
  10. Halifax Owls

    Gary Hooper has had surgery

    Some nasty bruising on the arm there.......
  11. Halifax Owls

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    I used to have that training top and I’ve got some underpants just like that.....just sayin Well done Fletch, all we need is that first clean sheet now
  12. Halifax Owls

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    I thought Boro played well, they were very physical ( see forearm smash on fletch), relentless and seemed to have that 'killer instinct' you need in this division. That being said i don't think it was a shambles as other supporters have alluded to. If Adam takes one of his chances, we don't let that ball bounce blah blah but this is the championship and it's utterly ruthless. Still (for me) I think our midfield is too porous. I love JP 's application but he is limited and would have benefited from Josh playing IMO. Reach is scoring wonders but we can't afford him to disappear for 50% of the match. I thought our defence got battered on Friday and needs more protection than it got. No-one will be more gutted than Tom about his fubar, he's our skipper and as Reach said we win together and we lose together. WAWAW
  13. Halifax Owls

    Should we have kept Wallace

    Letting him go was the right decision 100%
  14. Halifax Owls

    We've got Carlton Palmer ....

    If I had a pound for every time I came to the defence of Carlton against people who thought they knew football. You had to see him live to appreciate what a fantastic player he was for us. He was the original box to box. Stood on the kop watching Carlton.....wow salad days.