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  1. Another enjoyable review, a lot of sense there IMO. The only difference being that I gave a bigger Fraking Ell at that back pass to the keeper with three surnames and his reaction to it. Will Moore turns it around? I’m not sure, the player’s gave a pi ssed off vibe Saturday. UTO
  2. I like this guys work, good summary of the situation. That little spring in my step I had earlier in the season is turning into a limp; quicker than Massimo 15 minutes into a comeback game. I’ll be heading down later this morning with shoulders all tense and a furrowed brow. Biggest crowd of the season so far. Lets hope we quieten the away crowd today . As the preview says, a brace of goals and a performance is a must today. UTO
  3. Genuinely feel tonight’s result could be a turning point of the season.
  4. I didn't realise. I wish I hadn't seen that. I feel queasy now. This football club.
  5. Any genuinely skint Wednesdayite with a young un who would like to go but just cant afford it, please DM me. I won a couple of tickets on the Foundation raffle and got ££'s of credit from my season ticket rebate that I'll never spend.
  6. Surely this idiot who brings a piece of pasteurised prepared cheese product into the game (against stadium regulations 2004) is because he likes the cheese to be in its solid form when placed in between the burger (60% meat content) and bun. It’s quite obvious that the stadium catering team has seen this individual on numerous occasions surreptitiously unravel his Kraft single slice on the concourse so they thought they would teach him a lesson and I quote ‘heat it up even more’. Hardly a nice story if you ask me.
  7. I bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the Stadium. Everyone pulling together, definitely a contender for a Daily Mirror Hero award.
  8. Thatchers legacy. We take for granted solar panelling, wind power, BBC weather monitoring stations and 5G on top of 1960’s style streets in the sky. Back then we had floodlights! No way Boris could get us to carbon zero back then.
  9. The Everton one is John Parrot. I might put a cheeky bid in for it, I reckon it’ll go nicely in between W G Grace and Winston Churchill.
  10. Absolute shyt, obviously zero effort gone into it. I hate that first XI badge n all. See you in August that is unless this fascist government, propped up by Fabian socialists/commie Kants doesn’t put a stop to it. If it happens then it doesn’t matter cos it’ll all be gone. I despise this cuntry……. Ahem WAWAW.
  11. It frightens me death what his next move will be. When Steve Bruce was around I felt we had a guy who could reign DC in and make him see some sense. It’s been a slow, painful, inevitable death. Where we go from here is difficult to predict. Keep the faith fellow Wednesdayites. We just got to dust ourselves down and hope for better days on and off the pitch. Nowt else we can do. Over £600 for a L1 season ticket....you’ve gotta larf otherwise you’d cry
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