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  1. I wish I was as tolerant as you....
  2. That's the aristocracy for yer....
  3. Were you in Rita, Sue and Bob too?
  4. As long as the liquid is clear you should be fine pal.
  5. I get where your coming from mate, Orwells 1984 was way ahead of its time wasn't it. Applying similar logic I would expect to see concrete blocks zig zagging there way up from Hillsborough Leisure Centre right up towards Sainsburys. Maybe the boys in blue (when they're not painting their nails and virtue signaling on twatter) can get their mates with guns to form a ring of steel around the ground. Nah although they think they have our best interests at heart its not really necessary is it, but we'll get a quick win, tick a box and all pat ourselves on the back for doing a great job. If only I truly believed that the people in charge knew what they were doing........but they don't. They may confiscate my backpack but they'll never take away my cheese and pickle.
  6. Ticket details: Owls v Hull City

    Good opportunity to take the old man to a game and use the Owls Foundation voucher hopefully getting a seat as near as possible to mine and the lads. At £20 he should only go on about it for a couple of days at least. As I'm out of town I can post the voucher to the ticket office?.....teks yer back don't it.
  7. Talk is cheap and even cheaper on social security media, so I can understand where he's coming from on that score. I'm afraid though when your a Football manager it sort of goes with the territory these days unfortunately. I don't think it helps to blanket all those who criticise him and his performances as the mortal enemy either. Maybe Carlos could have vented and chosen his words more carefully and told the press that he aims to prove the doubters wrong etc. (of which I am one) instead of using the emotive language like he did, but I appreciate he's quite an emotional man himself and under a lot of pressure. Get the team playing and WORKING like you did on Saturday Carlos and they'll be no need for crushed £20's or more drama's. No one wants him to fail, in fact its quite the opposite. UTO
  8. little bazza

    Bazza is playing very well at the minute but I'd be surprised if a team in the lower reaches of the PL would take a punt on him. One swallow doesn't make a summer n all that but that Butterfield combo worked very well on Saturday. I hope we get to see it again a week on Saturday.
  9. Man of the match - Player ratings

    To a man we were superb, a real team performance similar I thought to the job we did on the Toon last Boxing Day. MOM for me was Butterfield who gave us the type of central midfield display we've not had for some time, harassing the opposition, a foot in, cleaning up then getting rid. This combination with Bannan seemed to work really well, our fullbacks were a little more circumspect and I'm sure this gave the boys at the back a bit more cover and we were harder to break down as a result. After Butters, it's Adam Reach who is just getting better and better with every game and probably already bagged the goal of the season, barring an injury crisis he'll never be played at fullback again..........surely? Tom Lees was outstanding also, we're lucky to have him. Moment of the match for me was about 10 minutes from time and Butterfield made a 70\30 in to a 50\50 and put a great tackle in on a Villa player.....summed up the teams performance. Damn these international breaks....
  10. There's a lot going on in that photo, maybe the Commercial Team can commission a 2000 piece jigsaw of it in time for Christmas......a bit like one of them Wasgij puzzles? What better way to wile away a couple of hours during the festive break whilst Dad watches Heroes of Telemark? Pour yourself a glass of something nice, open up the cheese and biscuits and hear the family rejoice as the last piece of the jigsaw falls in to place..........ideally with the wandering hand of the lady steward. Just a suggestion....
  11. Your pushing it to get back to the station for 22.11 as your banking on a tram turning up between 9.30 and 9.50 to get you back in to the city. The last inter city to Leeds goes at 22.17 and I usually end up tweaking my hamstring running through the bus station. You can always catch the train to Huddersfield and get to Manchester from there?
  12. Time For Rhodes

    Rhodes looks a lost soul.....its absolutely pitiful to see our £8M man in a complete daze.
  13. Hutchinson out Indefinately

    Second retirement looming, another massive wage to negotiate.
  14. United

    I don't think anyone can say for definite that we lack team spirit or that anyone's shirking. I think what you've got is two groups of players that reflect their manager personality. We look anxious, muddled at times, almost constricted whilst they look like they'd run through a brick wall to get a result. Long way to go, just got to hope for massive turnaround.