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  1. Halifax Owls

    Jos trimming the squad

    That's my interpretation also. In the summer months I have RL to keep me occupied, the team I follow are part-time and spend half the money that other clubs do yet we are 3rd in the league and giving full time teams a beating. Last Sunday we blew away a team that has twice our budget. We've an outstanding coach who believes in promoting youth through the ranks (half the team are born and bred in the town), getting the players super fit and playing some great RL. You can see the players love playing the game and will run through brick walls for each other and the blue and white hoops. Funnily enough the players also don't seem to be picking up the injuries anymore..........no-one absolutely no-one gets carried. At the Wednesday we've some very good players and if we hold on to our star men (we know who they are) I can see no reason whatsoever why we cant give a good account of ourselves and be there or thereabouts. I can understand why some supporters (including my son) had a bit of a wobble when Jack left but looking at it objectively it made sense and was decent bit of business for a player (taking in to account his stats) with 1 year left on his contract. We've become used to collecting players in a very unsustainable, inefficient and costly way. This season I'm (hopefully) looking forward to seeing some much better football and the players playing with a smile and a swagger. More than anything though I want that gut feeling that my club is being run properly and is sustainable. With the help of a supporting Chairman and CEO I hope that Jos is the man to drive this forward, I'm confident he can but sometimes these things can take time. Good luck to the lads and all the fellow owls heading down to Lincoln tonight. UTO
  2. Halifax Owls

    If you HAD to choose...

    When fit and the bit between his teeth.....Hirsty. Both wonderful players.
  3. Halifax Owls

    Let's help this young fellah!

    God bless the little fella, reading the story on Friday was so upsetting, it stayed with me all day. I can't even bear to read the story again. I pray that he recovers and his family have the strength to get through this awful period. C'mon Wednesday let's give the lad a day to remember. WAWAW
  4. Halifax Owls

    Matias wants to stay..

    He's under contract and I guess every one starts with a clean slate from 01/07. He's going to have to go some to shake off the malingerer tag though. He's also another one who needs to channel his energies towards the game and not opposition players and referees. It'll be fascinating to see if Jos and his team can get players like Matais and Abdi fit for more than a few weeks.
  5. For a football journalist with his experience, I can't believe how insipid his weekly efforts are. Grow a pair of ballacks Alan and start getting ahead of the curve instead of dishing out yesterdays news and trying to be all things to all men.....and women of course.
  6. Halifax Owls


    Agree. Don't forget we've already got another player (recently signed a 1 year extension on the back of his new CB role) who openly admitted that his legs have gone?!
  7. Halifax Owls


    There's no question that Sam's a good footballer however his fitness record is appalling and does the manager trust him to get on with the football and not get in to bother? I've got a feeling that we're in last chance saloon with Sam's career here. I really hope for his sake that he has a great rehab in the summer and he's ready to go.......I fear the worst though. One lesson we've learnt over the last couple of years is that we can't afford to have any players been sent on to the pitch with a niggle and the handbrake on. If your not 100% you don't play....IMO.
  8. The circle is now complete. I expect he will find a new post on the fringes of continental Europe or spend the summer on the cote d'azur looking to charm an unsuspecting elderly heiress and relieve her of some of her fortune. I shall speak no more of this man. UTO
  9. Halifax Owls

    Venâncio celebration

    This guy is a winner. ......sign him up Mr C
  10. Halifax Owls

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    You gotta go there (new years day) to come back, we'll be alright.
  11. A smashing little player who should have gone on to play for bigger clubs on a bigger stage. I always thought he maybe lacked a bit of self confidence/drive in a team which had some big personalities....almost as if he didn't feel he belonged there? Did Francis believe in him, trust him to do a job for him. Just my perception of Chris 30 years later. Glad to hear life's treating him well.
  12. Halifax Owls

    Skipper next season

    Fred is captaincy material.....If we sign him.
  13. Bill Shankly used to tell Kevin Keegan, ‘cause some havoc’ Id love it if FF was given similar orders. Let’s worry less on the opposition and focus on what we can do.
  14. Halifax Owls

    If SWFC 150 got made into a film

    Does any remember the comedy Only When I Laugh? Abdi, Marco, Fletch, Hoops, FF, Westwood et al all in a hospital ward bickering, bitchin and joking their way through another day in traction. I’m H.A.P.P.Y, I’m H.A.P.P.Y, I know I am I’m sure I am, I’m.....H.A.P.P.Y