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  1. RIP Mr Walker. A quite brilliant design. Iconic gets over used but not in this case. Ozzie will return to reclaim his rightful perch one fine day.
  2. My mate and I used to meet up around 8.30 to catch the first bus to Meadowhall (a bus service cut a long time ago) to make sure we were in situ at the Travs ‘early doors’. We’d at least have a gallon in our bellies approaching the burger van on the way down. Pitchers of lager and I think I still have one of those blue match day passes in my programme box. Salad days.
  3. Nailed it. I’d sussed Carlos out from the off, but was late to the party in terms off the majority of playing and coaching staff. Hopefully the majority have all f ecked off by the time the game starts up again.
  4. In all seriousness folks, I think we are in this sort of territory now.
  5. Maybe after announcing the line up, instead of the usual rendition of Hi Ho Silver Lining, the MC could ask us all to look at the big tele in the corner and recite the Lords Prayer? All together Hillsborough, 'Our Father who art in heaven.......
  6. That first half was utterly disgusting. Does anyone remember that ripping yarns episode when Barnstoneworth got leathered 8-1 by Brighouse and Gordon comes home and tears the front room up. The useless useless useless ba stewards.
  7. Missed the goal, but heard the roar crossing penistone. Probably get home for way past midnight as the trains are so slow. Yeh we keep going, good ol fletch, si thee Saturday
  8. Hails from my village on the outskirts of Halifax does Greg, I understand he was very academic and a nice lad too. I can still remember him (barrel chested) on the team photo with the likes of Dalian, Hirsty, Big Ron etc......and Darren Wood.
  9. Decided to tidy the garage, saw that we went one down early doors. Then had a quick look at the half times, 2 a piece, c'mon you SOB's. Continued to mince rearranging stuff when the boy bursts in to announce we've gone 3-2 up. I look at the phone, it's 16.46 (why don't games finish at 16.46 anymore). I'm tidying up the tool box thinking please don't send the boy in, just don't send him in yet DAD!!.....Guess what!
  10. I think this goes back to the Carlos era when the club unwittingly signed up to Article 18 of the European Treaty on displaced footballers. Thankfully now that we’ve left Europe we’re in the transition phase but no doubt we’ll continue to abide by the treaty. True story.
  11. OT regulars may remember the change of pre match breakfast routine after the Blackburn massacre. Out went the tried and tested Bacon and Eggy bread to the more continental style Greek Yoghurt and Muesli. That doesn’t seem to have worked either so at no expense spared the boy and I have had kippers sent down from the Angus coast last night on the Caledonian Sleeper. Fingers crossed that this new breakfast formation works.
  12. I agree, for better or for worse let's get to the bottom of this sh hit show.
  13. I’ve come to the conclusion that the sooner Mr Chansiri finds a buyer (good luck with that) the better for everyone concerned. For his sake much as anyone’s. Im not calling for the managers head, the last 2 weeks he gambled and it’s misfired spectacularly. As for the players all I can ask is that they show some professional pride and respect for the clubs supporters and chairman who pays their wages. I felt sick last night, sarcasm, black humour, perspective ain’t working for me anymore. I’m pissed, really pissed off with the state of my beloved football club See you Saturday folks.
  14. I think I'll put a faulty towers on or an only fools and horses Christmas special. Im starting to feel a bit Tom and wee pipe. WTF is happening to this team.
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