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  1. Hi folks, ST holder 490 miserly points. Anyone drops out and has a ticket spare please let me know. Cheers
  2. Were so close to the start of the season that I'm still hopeful someone can get through to him that this is a suicide mission, it's that black and white (see what I did there). Sam Alladyce of all people turned the job down. I think £5 million compo is totally justified when you consider the cost of appointing a new manager, backroom staff, plus the Strudwick fella who wouldn't have taken a wage cut from Old Trafford. Not forgetting the players who have signed and resigned (the indefatigable Westwood) on the basis that Steve Bruce was in charge. As for us supporters, well we just have to see what the next 48 hours brings. It is what it is but no matter what we get behind the boys.....and the Chairman. WAWAW.......oh FFS i can't even say that now.
  3. Totally agree mate but for me if be happy to move on from this pretty quickly seen as we're so far down the track in terms of signings on and off the field and the season starting in 3 weeks. What a beast of a football club this is.
  4. Seems to me that SB is a man in a hurry to complete his bucket list. Don't be surprised to see him swimming with dolphins or abseiling down the Great Wall of China soon. I was stupid enough to think that he was a man of principle. I know it's football, but bringing staff in, signing and re-signing players then running away like a divorcee with a boob job is just shoddy behaviour. Alarm bells should have been ringing when he said he was 'going home to walk the dog', a term used up there for going down the local for a Broon Ale. Lets hope DC makes Ashleys pips sqeak.
  5. I'm getting a Mega Bus down and a National Express back mate.
  6. £7 ticket leaving Victoria Bus Station at 9.30 arriving in Bradford at 2am then a taxi to Fax. I must be wrong in me head.
  7. It's difficult to keep belief in this group of players and I'll be genuinely surprised if we beat Luton in the 90 minutes. Certainly the home match against Luton we seemed to revert back to a style of football that we saw under Jos and Carlos. Against Birmingham we played a lot more direct, quicker, in the opponents half and the players seemed more comfortable. Even if we beat LT I'm not sure I fancy us being torn to pieces and looking like a tin pot club infont of the nation. The sooner we get safe and part company with these players the better for everyone.
  8. It's looking that way. Mrs Bruce might just tell him to get out from under her feet in the next week.
  9. This sort of thing (along with having a beer in the local golf club) brings out the socialist in me, and I hate socialism. Never mind the last instalment in my 10 month season ticket ends next month. WAWAW
  10. Thanks LS, decent review of 2018 and an enjoyable read. A case of 2 steps forward, 1 or 2 steps back (depending on your viewpoint) but 5 months nearer to clearing the decks and rejuvenating the squad again. After a strong finish to last season and a fairly decent start to this one, your left stratching your head trying to understand what Jos was trying to achieve with the constant tinkering, a midfield with more holes in it than a swiss cheese, and a play book that would make the Miami Dolphins blush. He knew things were delicately balanced, why? He blew his chance, 'lost the players' and looked pretty foolish in the end. That being said I think we end the year stronger than we entered, only just mind and partly down to the last 3 performances. I'm sure that 2019 will continue to be testing, as the club continues to address on and off field issues which weigh us down. If in a weeks time we have our new manager in place, 3 points against the blues and a place in the 4th round draw I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and perhaps that by the end of the season, it will be the end of the beginning. Happy New Year fellow Wednesdayites.......and don't forget KBO!
  11. Just seen some of the Bullen press conference, that looked like it was the longest half an hour he's had for some time. Another parting of the ways is very likely.
  12. Wonder if anything would have been different if Onomah hadn't got some grit in his eye, deep into the 2nd half against the Baggies.
  13. Was it Paul Sturrock that said, ‘It’s a beast of a club’. I’m just picturing that posse of Portuguese gangsters in a team photo with Chansiri outside the main stand.
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