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  1. Well crap, missed that...errrr, Okay, Adeniran, I mean people have been banging on about him being absent, so it makes sense he will be the next scapegoat when he does play
  2. Bannan, we've gone 2 weeks without someone saying he's sh*t, takes away from other players, shouldn't be on set pieces etc etc
  3. Always loved the bloke. Gave everything, and while he was never the best, and shouldn't have started, he was brilliant to bring on with half an hour left against tiring defenders, occupying two of them at least everytime he got the ball, and bullying them.
  4. He clearly meant some of our supporters are crackers, which I disagree with, ALL our supporters are crackers
  5. No idea, I don't work for the club. I'm just going off what the Star wrote, and what people who were unable to buy tickets the same day said. I have no insight. I mean, the bloke himself even said he doesn't actually know if he is banned. Would it surprise me if he is? Nope, Would it surprise me if he isn't? Nope.
  6. Oh I agree, never said that was a good thing lmao. From reading others who had the issue, it seems something wrong with the systems, which are probably from the 30s if the website is anything to go by
  7. Which is what the Star did, at no point mentioning he had been banned from purchasing a season ticket, only he was unable to purchase one, which it seems many people were unable to also on the day he tried, but were able to go down the shop or wait till the day after to do it. Hoesntly, this could actually be nothing at all, but, no one will wait for that.
  8. I'm more Interested in the fact Daniel Pudil signed for Hallam. Great move for him.
  9. Tom Ince has gone to reading I think
  10. Talented player but if Watford and Forest fans are to be believed, had an attitude. Both said that hes great when on loan or trying to earn a contract renewal, but when he gets one he stops caring.
  11. I still have the White Room on vinyl...
  12. EFL this morning confirmed they have received absolutely nothing from anyone, let along that f*cktard about the purchase of Birmingham. Shocking I know
  13. When he tried to buy Bolton he was saying Sullivan was bankrolling him as well. Went the same way as this is going, Turns up talking sh*te, SImon Jordan ruins him, nothing happens despite him claiming everything, he blames everyone else,. Blokes a w*nker
  14. Playing Bournemouth on the 15th when we are in Portugal.
  15. Honestly, if Rooney has gone through his agent t pay players and staff while the EFL, Administrators, the fake buyer and everyone else is f*cking about, fair play to him.
  16. He did for the full side, twice, but I think they were friendlies, so cans witch nationality. Its not like the old days where if you played any game for the full side you couldn't change, now its competitive only I think.
  17. As long as you ignore anything Neil posts, otherwise you'd be believing the new kits been announced
  18. Especially on stuff like Owners, and the business side, plus unlike nearly every other presenter, he's not bothered and will ask whatever he wants, whether it upsets the other person or not. He's hilarious when agents are on the phone.
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