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  1. End of the day, it's the EFL and Prem, who try to create a closed shop, with the parachute/failure payments, then restricting what EFL clubs can spend, so they cannot compete with relegated teams. Add to that the EFL being as much use as chocolate bog roll, with their "fit and proper person test", which let Anderson in at Bolton despite him being banned from being a director of a company for 7 years, and then Wigan, who 5 seconds after the EFL approved the owners, sold everyone because they had put bets on them being relegated.
  2. https://mikepaulvox.medium.com/championship-manager-season-2001-02-hints-and-tips-for-new-or-returning-players-3347af9eaf7f For anyone interested in 01/02
  3. Yeah that's 01/02 mate, with the worlds greatest right back in Mike Duff, and Mark Kerr, the Lampard before Frank Lampard, plus everyones favourite legend, Cherno Samba.
  4. Nah mate, the deduction will be split between, us, Bolton and Wigan, Derby will be given a points bonus for time served and offending them, and everyone other than Derby and Boro in the EFL will be given a transfer embargo. Wycombe will also be folded for last season having the audacity to have stayed up if the EFL had done their jobs and deducted points from Derby.
  5. Soon the FA will be charging players for things their mam put on social media when they were in the womb.....
  6. If it is as reported a free, and an incentive based contract, no brainer. Plus, I trust Darren Moore, and he obviously knows the lad, who by all accounts has grown up and matured after becoming a dad. Looking forward to this.
  7. He's walked out of better clubs that were far better ran.
  8. Going off Wolves fans, they rate him highly, and I'll take fans opinions more than a youtube vid.
  9. Why hasn't the swear filter got rid of G***y and M**k, outside of him paying Neil to be his advocate.
  10. Patience is indeed key. Take Bolton last year, nearly went bust thanks to a c*nt owner that the EFL decided was fit and proper, went to league two, had to rebuild, were 19th in January, despite on paper having a good squad and manager. Board could have easily sacked the manager, but didn't, then everything clicked, went on a massive unbeaten run and got automatic promotion. I personally don't want to see any knee jerk decisions or sacking Moore if things don't start brilliantly.
  11. Shame he was still in South Africa when Joao was here
  12. Exactly this, hell, look at Bolton last year in League 2, 19th in January, but the board stuck with the manager, and they blitzed everyone and got automatic.
  13. Legit a player who was never a starter, but the perfect bloke to put on with 15/20 minutes left to bully a tiring defence, and create space for others.
  14. They've said you can get them without the sponser.
  15. Aye, didn't their latest manager last about a week before leaving.
  16. Up to 7th, 3 games to pull a miracle, Which won't happen but I'm trying this optimism thing people talk about.
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