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  1. There are hundreds of current and ex managers who would give their right arm to end up as successful a manager as Danny Wilson was
  2. Here we go again Dave Richards as responsible for vast improvements to th stadium whilst getting us to regular high placed top flight finishes not to mention our only major trophy for donkeys years.
  3. Ian

    How many games...

    Your mistake here is assuming that DC is judging their performance against your expectations rather than his own
  4. Ian

    Proving his Point...

    Does he really?.....he's played the last 19 league games. I'd say that means he has exactly no where to go to be our No.1 He is our no.1....he's arrived. That obviously p*sses you off that despite the fact that he had one of his best games for us last night, looked assured and commanding in the box and saved a bloody penalty you still have to have a dig. Get your head out of the sand and suck it up
  5. Ian

    All the Dawson haters

    Some of the vitriol and hate I've heard directed at him as a person at away games would easily support the OP view about haters We all know what football supporters are like though and the coke fuelled morons slagging him at Bristol City will be today telling everyone how they knew he was brilliant all along
  6. Ian

    All the Dawson haters

    Beat me to it......and while we are on with stats, where the poster who was banging on about Westwood's superior record at saving penalties a few weeks ago
  7. Ian

    All the Dawson haters

    You do know he saved that pen wth the palms of his hands don't you Nev.....I thought you'd have been on here straight away telling us how if he'd have used the back of his hands it would have rebounded in to the United net to put us 1-0 up
  8. My supporting of Dawson is over nobody.....I'm supporting a young keeper that the manager has chosen to pick....at no point will you find any post from me saying that Dawson is a batter keeper than Westwood. But hey, don't let facts get in the way
  9. That's right because my assessment of Nuhiu has proved to be totally inaccurate hasn't it
  10. Ooh a challenge.....can I resist? ok I will, as you say, give it a shot despite obviously being well out of my depth taking you on You say he's shipped 13 goals in 4 games norwich 4 Birningham 3 QPR 3 Middlesbrough 2 4+3+3+2 = 13 does it? basic maths sunshine.......come back and have another go when you've licked your wounds
  11. Are we not counting Dawson and Wildsmith then?
  12. Nob * I know we shouldn't say things like this but sometimes my limited intelligence can't think of anything else
  13. Hutchinson (and to a lesser extent Westwood) may be better than Pelupessy for the 2 games in 10 that the plays but what about the other 8?
  14. It’s sorted....their contracts run out at the end of the season and they won’t play for us again - like it or not, it’s sorted
  15. What exactly are you expecting DC to "put up"? The lack of money to spend on players is nothing to do with DC's reluctance to spend and everything to do with the EFL telling him that he can't spend any more money Weve made mistakes in the past, no doubt, in getting in to this position but the only way out is to wait it out for this season and possibly next or sell Forestieri, Reach, Bannon etc