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  1. The financial advantage for the clubs coming down has been going on and increasing for years, The evidence suggests that the OP analysis is wrong, I stand by that.
  2. I've got 2 eyes but was struggling to keep them open for the first 60 minutes
  3. Do people really think that today's dross was any better than that served up by the previous manager?
  4. The problem with the OP analysis is that the evidence proves it not to be the case i don't think the 3 clubs relegated with parachute payments have ever all gone back up Very rarely do even 2 of them and on more than one occasion they've gone straight through into league 1
  5. The one in front of the Noryh Stand. for me he was obstructing the ball, making no effort to get up or play it.....thoightbthe ref called it right
  6. Whilst I like the idea I'm not sure it would fix FFP. Chansiri could rejig the shares to invest more himself but I think we need to raise external revenue, hence club 1867 you actually got something on day 1 so that it could be recognised as revenue
  7. Ah but don't forget if he'd have organised the defence better he wouldn't have had to make the saves
  8. If anyone ever needed proof that listening to and even watching on TV is absolutely no substitute for actually being there then this is it
  9. Plus they only had 7 shots on target.....nearly half of them ended up in the back of the net......just to put some sort of perspective on the number of saves made
  10. If we'd been playing goalie wag then perhaps but I think it's a fair bet that we'd have had another keeper in his place.....a keeper that would have saved the majority if not all of the shots Westwood did
  11. I never really get the "where we're you at Wembley" chant a) because the odds are that those at the game today (or any other run of the mill league game) would have been at Wembley but mainly b) because we lost....why would you want to bring it up...iyes our following was great but I'd rather have tuned up with 300 and won the bloody thing im also dissapointed in Hull for not having a decent response chant that makes point b
  12. If Dawson had played today and got his arse out of the way of that shot for their 3rd goal th Westwood wetters would be in meltdown on here.....same for his superman impression in the second half that he ended up getting away with And anyway, apparently it's not down to shot stopping (or not as th case may be) ....you only keep clean sheets by shouting at your defenders......did he have la sore throats today?
  13. Really?......I must admit he did well to get out of the way of their 3rd and his impression of superman at one cross was fairly spectacular......Hutchinson mom for me, if we must have one
  14. Ian

    FA Cup replays

    From what we've heard the last few days, we'd have been playing United midweek anyway.....TV or not........
  15. Ian

    A new signing

    Seeing as you ask the question I'll answer for you....never looked back since 2014.....you are joking right?...he's spent the best part of the last 2 years out injured - I'd say that's pretty conclusive "looking back"!