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  1. In Steve Watson Jurgen Klinnsman Mark Hughes Out Pullis anybody foreign (apart from Klinnsman) McLaren
  2. “Knows the club inside and out” is the biggest load of rounduns spouted when any club is looking for a new manager for a start we don’t need someone who knows what pies are served at half time, what the catering folk get paid, what detergent is used in the washing machine, we just need someone who knows football, can pick the best players in t(e best formation with the best tactics......improve the players we have and have a knack and contacts for bringing better ones in anything else is irrelevant That apart, the term is used more loosely than “club legend”.....Loovens was here for a few years as a player, why would that mean he knows us inside and out......there was even a post the other day claiming that Sturrock knew us inside and out,,,,,Christ he’s had nothing to do wit( is for at least a decade, we’ve had 2 new owners since then! just get a good bloody football manager like Steve Watson, a club legend who knows us inside and out
  3. From what I saw of her I think a nice bottle of red would be more her thing than a few pints
  4. As deluded as Portsmouth fans when they signed Merson......or Villa when they signed Terry. Gary Cahill is currently unemployed
  5. I should declare that whilst disappointed that it looks like Bruce is off, it’s no where near on the scale of when Atkinson went and I think there’s plenty of other very good managers out there to replace him Not exactly sure if what compensation we are likely to get but let’s say in a nice piece of symmetry it was enough to lure Gary Cahill to his boyhood club A replacement for Bruce with an international centre back or Bruce without one....which would you prefer?
  6. Steve Watson for me with a £5m release clause so we’ve got some more money in the pot when we are top of the league and gets the Newcastle job at Christmas
  7. Not only do the total of games not equal the sum of win, draws and losses, his teams seem to score nearly 4 times as many goals as they concede...despite losing nearly twice as many as they win and given that they conceded only 115 goals I’d love to know they score of the 173 games they lost.....at least 58 of which they managed to lose without conceding!
  8. Because this is the sort of rubbish they come out with
  9. Instead of moaning about the loop hole we should just be doing a similar thing ourselves assuming that Chansiri is still saying he’d chuck millions at us if he was allowed. Buy Bangkok United or the likes for a few dollar and then get them to buy Fox and Nuhiu for £80 million a piece FFP sorted and half of Owlstalk can gloat about one of them in particular being one of the highest value players ever Whats not to like
  10. Why would he have been considered a first team player?.....he wasn’t,,,,,he was a very bright prospect in the youth teams on the fringes of a senior call up.......that doesn’t need to be made clear to anyone, it was a fact
  11. Those revelling in the fact that Hirst is struggling in the Belgian 2nd division should take stock of the fact that this may actually prove that he made the right decision.....football history is littered with examples of wonderkids who never actually kicked on and ended up on the scrap heap......there's no guarantee that by staying with us he'd have faired any better, in which case his decision to make himself fairly financially secure for life would seem to be a reasonable on
  12. QPR is where he went from us
  13. Was just about to post the same as this.
  14. There’s better players in Sunday leagues up and down the Country
  15. So you’d definitely sell him then
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