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  1. remember it very well......my son was born at 11pm the day before......we won 3-0 Campbell would have been 24......hardly young and definitely didn't play up front
  2. Surprised Peter Shirtliff hasn’t had a mention yet......used to go straight through the back of his man as early as possible in every game
  3. At the time we appointed Wilson he was one of the most sought after young managers in the Country...…..
  4. I’m not due to pay for another league game til 2035 so I can’t wait to see what we get offered!
  5. Says the person who thinks Sterland was "miles better" than Nilsson!
  6. Someone was saying Nilsson was the best right back in the world because he was....and it wasn't just folk on Owlstalk that were saying that. Without wanting to decry Sterland because he would be in a lot of people's top 3, he played 1 game for England, against Saudi Arabia, when his main competitor for the shirt was Mike f. ckin Duxbury!
  7. And there goes the award for the most stupid post ever on Owlstalk Mel Sterland, not only better, but miles better, than Roland Nilsson...….take your meds please
  8. Obviously...….except he played at left back!
  9. Sterland was not even close to being in the same bracket as Nilsson
  10. Steve Nicol and his 5 league titles, 3 FA Cups and a European Cup might disagree
  11. Im not sure the at risk thing is mutually exclusive...….Also be interesting to see the stats on risk between a BAME footballer like Troy Deeney and a white gardener
  12. makes you wonder why subsequent Labour governments didn't change it then?
  13. My view on his footballing ability is that he would walk in to any team in the Championship. However just to add to the contradiction issue.....I'm sure I read a quote from him somewhere saying that the new manager made him train everyday which was the right thing for him and that previous regime's molly codling him didn't do him any good!!
  14. And yet you’d give a lot to have the career he’s had so far
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