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  1. Up there with Salford sacking Alexander
  2. Why would he....Lee couldn't possibly have improved on the points we got......he may however have reduced them
  3. But it wasn’t.....we won.....we kept another clean sheet.....we continue to catch third bottom at a rate of a point a game And you hate that Enjoy stewing over the weekend
  4. We are catching 3rd bottom at a rate of a point a game at this rate we will be 34 points clear by the end of the season nothing to worry about, sit back and enjoy
  5. Good side but picked up less points than us so far this season
  6. 2 in the starting XI 2 on the bench 1 injured / suspended / rested 5 seems a pretty decent number to me
  7. Because it would be illegal not to pay them....and legalities take precedence over moralities
  8. At not demanding the ball when hes in no position to do so......,all of them At taking free kicks......most of them At taking corners.....most of them At scoring goals.......most of them At not making inferior players shrink and have less influence on a game.....most of them At heading the ball...most of them At tackling......many of them
  9. What like when we sold Atkinson? Best players dont always contribute positively to best teams
  10. I think the flaw in your plan here is that we can’t pick a starting 12
  11. All of them would have chance....it’s almost guaranteed that whoever took over set piece duty would improve them (unless we sign Pickford!)
  12. Whilst Bannan the individual is obviously one of our better players he doesn’t make us a better team. He demands the ball in ******** poor positions when he shouldnt because we have an relatively inexperienced team they then give him the ball in positions they shouldnt he insists on taking free kicks and corners and they are sheite....up there with Kane’s corners for England his goal scoring record is poor his leadership leaves a lot to be desired Without Bannan others would step up to the plate and we’d have a more bal
  13. and yet there's loads on here lauding Westwood and saying he would be a great signing......despite not being able to get in our side for about a year And Sheridan didnt turn out to be too bad
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