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  1. That’s a view or opinion not an agenda
  2. I’d love to know if you can articulate my so called agenda to me?
  3. The chances of him even playing against England are slim.....Kosovo now have at least 12 able bodied men of working age
  4. To be honest if we got rid of Van Aken for nothing and replaced him with me for petrol money we’d have improved and made a bit of money
  5. That’s just not true the only reason we played at Filbert Street was due to the weather. We were in the middle of a particularly harsh winter and Very few if any grounds had under soil heating. Filbert Street however had a cover that was somehow blown up to make a bubble and protect the pitch from frost and therefore a decision was made to play the 2nd replay and on there
  6. This one photo sums up Pudil for me....he’d be in Mick Lyons 6 a side team every week....Imagine being a forward and seeing those 2 on the team sheet
  7. All this “Westwood would have saved that” boll*x that keeps being spouted backed up by spurious stats on goals conceded by each (which take no account of 100’s of other factors behind those stats) But here’s something for those that want to go down that road to think about Based on stats, if Dawson had played in the play off semi against Huddersfield, he would have saved more penalties than Westwood and we’d be in the play off final
  8. 90 minutes since he kept a clean sheet against Bristol City says you’re talking sh*te
  9. It’s the keepers job to sort out that the centre half heads it in completely the opposite direction to what he meant to.........wow
  10. Stop it with the facts and sensibleness now.....you’ll be upsetting folk
  11. I’m blinkered am I?.....in which case I’ll add part of the Sky match report for you “Preston skipper Paul Gallagher fired in a free kick from the acutest of angles, one which again tested the increasingly impressive Dawson” Blink at that
  12. I refer you to the last line of my original post
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