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  1. So is chucking it out for a goal kick if Bannan is taking them
  2. So if a team is losing every week but they’ve sold his best players then that means he’s doing a good job does it?
  3. He wasn’t doing a good job for Doncaster at all. They were in free fall down the league when he left
  4. You’re talking rubbish. Wilder is the only one on that list who wouldn’t come here, whoever the chairman was
  5. Wilder would you are right. But its hardly news There's over 50 million people in the Country who would get this squad promoted. Square pegs in square holes, attacking mentality and I swear if the only instruction given to each player was "everytime you get the ball, kick it hard towards their net" then we'd score more goals and win more games than we would with this clown in charge
  6. I dont think he was forced to play a left winger at centre back whilst there was a centre back (2 if you count Paterson) on the bench
  7. Reading folk on here defending Moore is one thing....he's the incumbent so I get that people want to back him Reading folk defending Pulis is just madness......the worst football I've ever had the misfortune to watch us play.....ever One of the few good things to come out of Covid was that at least I didn't have to leave home or spend much to watch the absolute crap he served up. Getting rid of him so soon was one of Chansiri's best decisions in his tenure at the helm
  8. Not sure how we’d know that, did we ever even have the lead under his p..s poor management
  9. Ssshhhh…..there’s folk on here who genuinely believe that we’ve only just signed him and he’s about to inspire us on a climb through the leagues and on to champions league glory
  10. Which is more likely to lead to a goal than fannying around on the dredge of our own 18 yard box
  11. At the end of the game they moved us on to the home end while they repaired the train which at least had a roof. Funny thing was that during the game I could have sworn their end was seated. It was only when we got on there that we realised it was terraced......they must have all stood in rows and lines......that must be what a forces fan base does for you!
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