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  1. You obviously have a very scant grasp of physics if you think totally changing the direction of the ball as he did was easier than just deflecting it slightly and yes, I was gutted, completely spoilt my weekend, I couldn’t eat my tea and have been up all night chucking up
  2. So you are including the one who has kept a clean sheet in every game he’s played this season?....bizarre
  3. Which is an interesting stance to take given that anyone of us on here could have made the judgement and it couldn’t have led to a worse result than Westwood’s did
  4. In that case the keeper would never be at fault
  5. This exactly ...whilst the point about play acting is valid we can’t say anything about time wasting .....Westwood set the bench Mark in the first half and they played to it once they were 1-0 up.....I’d love to know if he’s instructed to do that by the manager
  6. Should folk ask you for permission to post on anything outside your narrow vision of what can be discussed,,,,,,how long after a game we’ve won can people discuss anything other than the 90 minutes If you don’t think Rhodes omission is worthy of discussion just don’t read the thread......or post if you are interested.....or post saying you aren’t interested if you want to come across as a somewhat confused individual
  7. We should hold out for less money and not having to play them
  8. I’m not sure how buying a couple of houses in Nottingham is going to help create a new exit
  9. In mine Ian Knight made his comeback from his horrific broken leg and that dwarf Speedie scored a hat trick of headers
  10. That trick in front of the South stand attacking the kop
  11. Here my letter Mr. John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Pinstone Street, Sheffield S1 2HH Dear Mr Mothersole, Arsehole Yours sincerely Ian
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