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  1. Ian

    Lincoln away

    Nothing but they beat Sweden at the World Cup so now everyone thinks winning it in 2022 is a nailed on formality
  2. 3 points for me....and ignore the idiots who think their opinion is the only one its an irrefutable fact that there is an inverse correlation between ones support of the national side with that of Ines club side its why you find England die hards from the likes of Cornwall
  3. Ian

    Jack Hunt statistics

    There different "lack of quality" though.....crossing in to space when there are 4 players in the box is a great delivery if it's on front of the players....if they attack the ball and score then it goes down as a positive stat......if they stand and watch it's seen as a negative even worse and this has sadly been the case far too often, is when a cross goes in with no one there because the players haven't the pace and / or desire to get in the box or when the crosser has to check back because there's no options in the middle I fear that by Christmas we will be massively missing Jack Hunt
  4. Ian

    Jack Hunt statistics

    The calibre of player trying to convert the cross needs to be taken in to account.....it's fair to say that he could have put 52 chances a season on a plate but if whoever was on the end of them didn't convert then it's not seen as an assist therefore massively skewing the stats
  5. The last thing we need is another 5,000 people in the ground that haven't got a clue, constantly tapping us on the shoulder asking "which ones Harry Kane" "are we playing Sweden next week" etc and where will they all park
  6. Wouldn't you prefer an option where not only did you not have to open the thread but even better the fact that no one would force you to take part in it. Ask an admin, see if they can do that for you
  7. So what if the number of games was increased to 8?
  8. Have to agree with you...I find there is an inverse correlation between how much folk support England and how much they support a club side
  9. And also lack the intellect to make a choice even in a hypothetical situation
  10. England to win the World Cup and Wednesday to lose the first 4 games of next season or England to lose to Croatia and Wednesday to win the first 4 games of next season and yes I know different permutations are available but thats not the question I've asked!
  11. Because most songs that are popular with Wednesday fans are popular with football fans generally ......it makes me laugh that people think any songs sung by Wednesday fans are written by folk on the Kop and copyrighted as such
  12. Really....so you think they aren't Wednesday fans?......as for the tuneless unmelodic commmet then you can tag a hell a lot of musicians with that who earn millions from their "music".....your prostiture comment is pathetic....does that apply to everyone who has a job then?
  13. Ian

    Chris Turner 1991

    What a ridiculous post....comparing on international caps only?.....Martin Hodge would fall in to the zero bracket but he was 10x the keeper Woods was....and that's not even up for debate
  14. Ian

    Chris Turner 1991

    I'm better than Woods....in fact everyone who posts on here is better than Woods