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  1. They don't affect me too much as I'm in the North although occasionally the Ladbrokes and Sky ones at the lane end do....my elderly parents sit about 20 rows back in the South and it's all my mum is seriously considering not going any more because of them. i emailed the club a few mmoths ago and to be fair they did get back to me with all the bumf about modern advertising revenue etc etc and that they would monitor the brightness I'd venture that they either aren't monitoring it or are but done give one
  2. Anyone who thinks Fox played better than Wallace and significantly better than Hooper either didn't go, is blind or an idiot
  3. To answer the question. -why are the back 4 getting so much stick because the way we play, every time we get the ball it has to go to the back 4 (all 4 of them preferably) before we can start to attack.....and (Hunt apart) they are so bloody ponderous and negative that it makes creating anything going forward almost impossible the number of times one one of the centre halves as an obvious release ball out wide or to say Hooper but gives it to the other one or the full back before receiving it back and then playing the obvious ball is so frustrating because by the time it's happened the opposition have regrouped thats why they get so much stick. - hunt apart
  4. It must be.....I'm struggling to think of players who have as little bottle as fox....we've had a few over the years but Fox would definitely get in any bottleless XI
  5. Westwood 7 (unless he wasn't told to keep kicking it to Fox in which case 5) Hunt 6 Fox 4 Loovens 3 Lees 5 Bannan 6 Reach 5 (although to be fair I'm not sure how would choose to play centre mid) Butterfield 5 Wallace 7 Hooper 7 Rhodes 5
  6. Do you know why that is Carlos......cus we never get the ball in the pillocking box.....yes there may have been 1 or 2 shouts that could have gone our way on a different day but its difficult for the ref to give a penalty if we are faffing around with the ball along our back 4 Todays best example...0-0 at home and just in to 3 minutes of added time and we've got a free kick in the middle of our own half.....took us nearly 1 of the 3 to get the f**kin ball in to their half, never mind their penalty area!
  7. If I was advising a young footballer I would be telling them that money is the most important aspect of their first contract as long as it makes a material difference.....by which I mean if the difference is £1k per week on a 2 year deal to £10k a week on a 4 year deal then take the money and get yourself set for life (if the options were £10k or £15k on a 4 year deal then I'd be saying there's little difference in long term financial security so go with the best footballing option even if it's the £10k one)......your next move would be the main career choice
  8. How many league 1 or 2 clubs do you think would have taken a 14 year old Hirst on loan which is how old he was when we signed Nuhiu?....never mind the thought of offering 14 year olds a deal worth £100k plus per year
  9. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Hirsty away at Barnsley near the end
  10. If you couldn't set yourself up for life with a £million at 18 then you need to get advice
  11. I suspect you aren't in a job which may end up any day in you sustaining an injury which stops you working ever again
  12. Or alternatively our club's intention is to develop and reward those players who have indicated a desire to stay with us longer term over someone who has indicated they will be off elsewhere at the end of the season
  13. Chelsea did exactly the same with Solanke I believe
  14. I don't know if that would be a good deal or not as I'm not itk with regards to other players contracts.....It wouldn't set him up for life if he was to get a career ending injury in that 4 years though, hence why he may choose reject that offer if there were others on the table that would give him lifetime financial security
  15. I suspect the bit you are missing and many people aren't aware of is that the England team Hirst was playing for in the summer was very much a reserve side.....the main team was playing in, and winning, the World Cup with the likes of Solanke up front