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  1. Yes being 6'4" must be a massive disadvantage for a keeper!
  2. Almain Abdi

    David Armstrong
  3. Almain Abdi

    Jim Holton
  4. Utd game away !!

    "All our star players not playing a part in it"?......it's only since Lees, Bannan and Forestieri have returned that we've got the wins against Leeds, Sunderland, Preston and Hull to make us safe Without them returning we'd be stuffed
  5. Brian Hornsby

    He looks like Maurice Setters did when he was here
  6. A disagreeable incident

    All those apologising for our knuckle Draeger should probably reflect in the fact that anyone singing away team songs while walking amongst home fans is probably from the same gene pool
  7. Butterfield

    Because he's worse
  8. Butterfield

    How do people know he won't be here next season?
  9. The stat missing from that tweet is that Westwood has been substituted injured more than every other keeper we've ever had put together in our entire history
  10. 4/1 to win......best value bet on th coupon.....lump on
  11. It's worse than that though.....we didn't just rock up with that kit, we designed it specially for that 1 game!
  12. I had an "exchange of views" with Richards about this at the AGM.........he claimed the ref was the only person who thought that kit clashed with Newcastles home kit......I told him that if he logged on to windows there were 264 different fvckin colours, which idiot thought that white and black would be the best combination not to clash with black and white. he took offence which made me think he might have been that person
  13. Sorry guys, gone to the first respondant
  14. Ok it's yours.....I'll pm you about meeting
  15. As title....only 1 available but if someone can make use of it let me know Thanks