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  1. Don’t fret too much.....it’s happens to everyone in the end....you’ll see Nuhiu with new enlightenment should we be unlucky enough to see him again in a blue and white shirt and even a perfect hat trick will have you slating him as a lucky donkey
  2. The difference between the club and the ground isn’t an opinion....it’s a fact which you seem not to understand
  3. You’ve got a lot of very strong opinions on this and people’s ability to have there own.....coming from someone who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between selling the club and selling the ground that’s some going fella
  4. As if to prove my point you chose 2 games where we scored a grand total of zero goals while he was on the pitch
  5. Centre forward scores 1 goalI in 12 championship games = been great for us this season mind boggles
  6. Has he gone off?.....when did he come on.....I’ve been sat here watching and wondering if he’d get on
  7. Add Kirkland Bywater Weaver Crossley Lucas to my list And Camp should have said Grant
  8. Are you kidding......I know it’s Monday morning but that’s ridiculously easy Hodge Pressman Springett Westwood Turner (Ian) Carson Camp Without even spending too long wondering if I’ve missed any
  9. Some bloke sat at the back kicked off because he couldn’t see the tele....effing and jeffing in front of kids like he’d paid £50 to watch Forest v Derby rather than it being background stuff for people meeting up for a pre match pint
  10. And in the foundation lounge before kick off!!
  11. Howler against Cardiff.....brilliant....any more straws you want to grasp?
  12. It’s not just a couple of gaffes though is it.....there’s probably half a dozen or more added to the injury issues
  13. I seem to remember one clean sheet including a brilliant penalty save somewhere quite local.....or has that I e slipped your tiny mind?
  14. Wow.......and this years performances?
  15. No one wants to return to that.....I think we’ll all stick with Dawson’s clean sheet record this year.....or doesn’t that fit your agenda?
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