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  1. Is your view that it’s a new stadium then?.....I’ve got Forest Green and Gillingham to do and (having been to the previous White Hart Lane) was wondering if when the new stadium is opened I need to do that as well Hopefully I do because it would be nice to make that number 92 rather than the new lawn celebrating with a veggie burger!
  2. We’d be 6 points off 6th with 8 games left which is very similar to now if you take games in hand in to account
  3. Do you think we’ll sell out against any but the top 6, especially when many of the games will be on TV with 2am kick off times
  4. This is what concerns me.....the only way most of DC’s offers make any sort of financial sense to supporters is if prices shoot up if we get in the Prem its got a classic DC mistake written all over it thinking he can charge £60 for the Kop and £80 elsewhere for premiership games
  5. 230 points for away games that have no spare seats (for us) most weeks
  6. I agree....folk seem to be forgetting that we were getting rinsed on Saturday until the switch and not sure if I’ve seen the score right but did we end up bagging 4?.....were all 4 inspite of Pelupessy?
  7. I wondered where the bi annual Nuhiu has scored so let’s have a dig at his detractors thread was
  8. Can we vote for their keeper.....4 shots on target, 4 goals.....we need more like him
  9. None so blind as those that will not see
  10. Or alternatively we could aim our anger at the **** wits who took it in and set it off.....and help identify the morons
  11. A vendetta?......or perhaps they’ve just seen him in all his 218 appearances for us and would struggle to name the 18 as games where he’s looked half decent
  12. I don’t hate Nuhiu just realised sooner than most he is way out of his league in the Championship We are a professional football club and you need to stop accepting rank mediocrity being paid ridiculous wages playing for Wednesday because “he tries hard”.....that’s no where near enough....it’s not an u10’s team where players get picked because they turn up to training every week. debating if Nuhiu is good enough is one thing,,,,,,trying to discuss whether he’s a better option at any time than Forestieri is just laughable
  13. Do I disagree that this season Nuhiu has been more effective than Forestieri?......another clearly insane question Nuhiu offers nothing apart from the odd cameo appearance....yet another new manager was lulled in to a false sense of optimism by his 20 minutes at Derby that led to his start last night, Fair play to Bruce, it only took him 56 minutes to realise he’d been duped. Forestieri offers more in 45 minutes against United than Nuhiu has in his entire career with us
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