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  1. 1) What was the first game you can remember ever going to? Southend relegation (or not as the case may be) in 76 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Brian Joicey, Willie Henderson 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? Hirst 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? hard one this....Villa at home Atkinsons return, BDM, Blackburn but I think the Singing Abide with me at the FA Cup final has to take it as this was always something I wanted to experience 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? too many to mention 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? New White Hart lane tied with Hillsborough 7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match? Hirst v Villa and Barnsley 8 ) What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced? Kaiserslautern just edges Brighton 9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender? Mike Lyons / Roland Nilsson And.... 10) Where's it all gone? When you experienced all of the above did you ever in your life expect to be now talking about FFP, P&S, VAR, Chairmen, Points Deductions, Hearings, Appeals, Transfer Embargoes, Court Cases, Lawyers, Barristers, QC's, Agents, Advisors and Loopholes? (not talking about just SWFC here - but football in general, as a whole.. as a sport) no!
  2. I’m pretty sure no squad ever, at any level, in te history of football, has an even “2 players for every position” For a start many players can play in a number of positions.....add to that teams can employ tactics with differing numbers of positions, sometimes in the same game. best example is goalkeepers...nearly every “squad” has at least 3 You can add to that, the nest way to improve a squad is not to create a “vacancy” and then look to fill it.....but to improve on what you have and then, and only then, release the weakest link This is real football, not champ manager
  3. Are we only having a starting eleven next season then?
  4. im not sure anyone needs to, or indeed can, provide evidence of their own thoughts
  5. Why are they. Players don’t pay their mortgages with “challenging” they pay them with cash And I’m not sure 12 points rules us out of the former anyway
  6. Some people have brain tumours Doesnt mean my head doesn’t hurt like F..k after a night out and I presume if you’ve ever had cramp in your hamstring your reaction would be ”ooh, that’s a bit of a twinge there......I could cry like a girl but some people have had their amputated so I’ll just carry on as though nothings happened”
  7. As though anyone would “have Lee” but only Murphy “at a push” Take it you don’t actually watch the games and base your opinions on John Pearson’s commentary
  8. To be fair Steve Heighway’s impact from the bench was a very good match to Nuhiu’s......I can see why you mentioned him
  9. All of the above made substantially more starts than appearances as subs. Nuhiu is 50/50 additionally fans of the teams all of them played for would be happy to see them start. the fan discussion should be about whether a player should be starting or sub Not whether they should be sub or not even in the 18
  10. Another example from the last century
  11. Aah, an example from nearly 50 years ago.....as if to prove my point. Thank you
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