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  1. Exactly this Reach for Fox means 3 of the 4 stay as they are looking comfortable with arguably a like(ish) for like swap at left back Monks substitution means 3 of the original 4 end up changing positions...ridiculous sub
  2. They don’t want replays because they play too many games and now they won’t have a break when they were planning on flying half way round the world to play some money spinning friendlies
  3. Me too....would rather win the FA Cup than get promoted
  4. You’d probably be bets not asking people to look over your posts again given the amount of sheite that’s in them
  5. Not only is your, struggles to get past the halfway line comment complete fiction, I’d love to know how you know what his intended target is? to me it often looks like he is told to aim wide....Fletcher, Winnall and quite often Fox seem to be the intended targets and will take up a position out wide, in which case the target area is quite small im pretty sure that he could smash 10/10 kicks straight down the middle of the pitch well over the halfway line if needed,,,,,but that’s not what is required
  6. What on earth are you on about......the only reason he (and most others) ever kicks it out of his hands is due to the presence of an opposition player around him.......are you suggesting that he should still drop the ball to the floor irrespective of the situation?
  7. I’m intrigued what crosses he did well on given that you say he had absolutely nothing to do?
  8. He’s the most 2 footed player we have in the team......by a mile
  9. Honourable mention for Murphy but Hutchinson for me... not only did he generally run the game, his quick thinking for the throw practically won us the game and that tackle......I can see them making a decision to relay the pitch today with the damage he caused
  10. Yes because Westwood distribution is Allisonesque isn’t it......as for looking nervous under pressure, he’s the most 2 footed player we’ve got in the entire squad...a nice attribute to have when supposedly under pressure
  11. The players are the least of your worries.....stop saying bloody backfield......it’s up there with soccer as a phrase we don’t use Carrying the ball from defence to attack is the phrase you need
  12. Leeds and Brighton didn’t look like they could beat us.....or Forest and Middlesbrough And last nights result puts Boxing Day in to some sort of perspective.....stoke have been one of the best teams we’ve played each game for the last 2 seasons.....and Hutchinson is still out best centre back
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