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  1. Baseball isn’t about sport though is it....it’s a day out where American families have a competition as to how much they can eat whilst the most mind numbing “sport” ever invented is going on behind them
  2. So he’s impressed on 2 or 3 games out of the 12 he’s played.....25% in his first season consistently in the first team squad in a position notoriously difficult to impress in for anyone. How would you say that compares to Harris or £5m Reach?
  3. Unfortunately though goals per minute counts for poo in how the games are decided......Paterson has scored more this season than Nuhiu averaged for us over 7
  4. I'll reply for him then because you have made the case for him.....I could put highlights package together of any player and make them look world class.....you say one would make him look no worse than mediocre......says it all. But some of us dont just watch highlights packages, we watch the whole game and he was shocking....any player playing up front and averaging 5 goals a season (some players score than many in a game!) is going to struggle to get a mention much above that But he lets the fans mock him at the end of the games therefore he's an asset.....ok
  5. Patterson’s is massively better than Nuhiu’s
  6. Other than not being able to score anywhere near as many goals as Patterson
  7. “Let’s move on”....” I’d like us to bring this guy back” Owlstalk classic
  8. That’s because it is about religion not football
  9. It’s unfair to compare Manchester with Sheffield. Man Uniteds fan based is purely down to a unique set of circumstances and City’s is down to the money they spent prior to the drawbridge coming up. You only need to look at their recent Champions league attendances to see how passionate their fans are
  10. So it’s Monks fault that we’ve gone down this season because he froze out a player that left in the summer.....brilliant. And it’s a very long time since Westwood had his day....what happened under Pulis when he wasn’t frozen out then...was that the period where we won 8 out of 10?
  11. Since when has 14th in a table of 24 been something to shout about. What it says is that we are worse than average......and you are using that to say Bannan isnt poo at set pieces?
  12. imagine us bringing in a 32 year old forward who's averaged 5 league goals a season for the last 8 years including none in the last 12 months in Cyprus......meltdown on here would be fun
  13. Why did you feel guilty?...are you forgetting that your money doesnt pay for anything
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