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  1. Unlucky.....it’s carried on....I’ll end it now for you though
  2. Do I sound like I’m the type of bloke who reads books? Im more of a Danny Wilson Toby jug or 2015 team poster man
  3. Block away snowflake....can see why you don’t like people been told to work hard now....and trust me, there’s many one here who will vouch that you are far from being picked on because I don’t agree with you......I don’t agree with anyone And just to put your “60 accidents since 2015” in to perspective, Royal Mail have REDUCED the number of accidents in their vans by 2,500 in the last 3 years...imagine how many they must have to reduce by that many! Im going to go and buy something off Amazon now just because I think they are brilliant
  4. Your first sentence is Trumpesque what’s wrong with raising targets.....if people have proved they can reach a certain number then what’s wrong with raising their target......I’ve been working for more that 35 years and not once has my annual target reduced or stayed the same...it’s a fact of life.....stretch people......if they don’t like it then feel free to leave and go elsewhere or set your own company up (and yes, I’ve done both, although not necessarily for those reasons) absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your last sentence isn’t an example of ruthless at all, it’s
  5. his last signing for Middlesbrough was more than 3 years ago....hardly recent
  6. ok, to be be honest I’m now more interested in you stating that you were judging him on his “cash signings”.....handing over £15million in used notes must have been interesting.....and we though Clough and Venables were dodgy
  7. As it’s written down it would be libel not slander......I’m an expert on these things
  8. Fair to say you aren’t a mathematician then
  9. How can you be so certain that Derby and Forest won’t continue to only get the points per game yet you think we will? its goes against any sane statistical thinking
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