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  1. I want that intensity every week as well, I also want decent tactics when we are at home
  2. Nah at home we sit too deep under Monk and play backwards, same as we did with Jos. a better team would ruin us.
  3. You don't half talk some sh*te mate
  4. id back us to do well against anyone, away. Monk has no clue how to set up at home
  5. If we get drawn at home, we are out, Monk has no clue how to set up when playing at home
  6. Has to be Westwood, given the fact his abilities seem to have dropped, his wages and the fact he throws tantrums like a 12 year old.
  7. SO in other words you want the woman from the Kop to go to away games to make you feel wanted?
  8. Most random rumour of the window so far, but here goes...... AC MILAN KEEN ON CASH AC Milan have made an enquiry for Nottingham Forest's Matt Cash. Cash, who recently signed a new deal with the club is valued at £10-15m.
  9. How much different is the coaching side now, to the last few years, because we seemed to be far better then?
  10. You sure about that, this is Owlstalk, everyone on here knows more than the actual people involved
  11. 51, I also am relying on you now, mainly ebcause I can't be arsed to care enough about some random tweet from a nobody on twitter, or be arsed to care about twitter as a whole
  12. Wait, is s6 Owl actually s6 Transfers.......................
  13. It's not even Winnall, and god knows I think Winnall is garbage, BUT, if you are expecting to play one up front, and that person is Sam Winnall, and then have everyone fire balls in the air to him every 3 seconds, you need to take a look at the tactics.
  14. It's not really a one off is it though, 1 league win in 5 is really not a one off, plus plenty of last minute goals conceded due to poor substitutions and such.
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