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  1. Especially to go to Gillingham. Spent years living in Medway, utter hellhole.
  2. I read Daily Mail and closed the window
  3. He's already gone as far as I know to Marbella with the U18s.
  4. Aye, Forest and Watford fans said this when we signed him on loan, that he'd be great until he gets a contract, then will become crap, with an attitude.
  5. Steve Evans running on the pitch like a teletubby, thinking they had won the game, only for us to smash it and Stevie May produce the only moment he will ever be remembered for in his stay with the backheel for Kieran Lee. The pain on the Rotherham fans faces. Glorious.
  6. End of the day, it's the EFL and Prem, who try to create a closed shop, with the parachute/failure payments, then restricting what EFL clubs can spend, so they cannot compete with relegated teams. Add to that the EFL being as much use as chocolate bog roll, with their "fit and proper person test", which let Anderson in at Bolton despite him being banned from being a director of a company for 7 years, and then Wigan, who 5 seconds after the EFL approved the owners, sold everyone because they had put bets on them being relegated.
  7. https://mikepaulvox.medium.com/championship-manager-season-2001-02-hints-and-tips-for-new-or-returning-players-3347af9eaf7f For anyone interested in 01/02
  8. Yeah that's 01/02 mate, with the worlds greatest right back in Mike Duff, and Mark Kerr, the Lampard before Frank Lampard, plus everyones favourite legend, Cherno Samba.
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