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  1. Thank f*ck I'm not the only one who has a lockdown beard
  2. Yeah, but is there any clinically wrong with it?
  3. All well and good, if Monk stays, but, hes a habit of falling out with players and staff, then leaving, so, it's going to be interesting to say the least.
  4. Honestly, Wigan got taken over a month ago, when the pandemics been going on for 3 months, and these owners passed the EFLs fit and proper persons tests.................Yet another failure of the EFL.
  5. Well, that's us jinxed then...........
  6. Be fair, we never did find out what happened to Abdi <.<
  7. Carltons clearly been on the wine again if he thinks Fletcher is on 60k a week and Rhodes 50k.
  8. Will we be able to afford him in 5 years? Legit, all the best to him, and I'm glad you are sticking around.
  9. Lets not forget the misconduct charges against everyone were dropped as well.
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