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  1. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Sunderland 1 Burton 2
  2. First time post. Bit of info

    Clearly not. He is as off the booze as I am........
  3. Joey Barton

    To be fair, hes not wrong about the FA though
  4. We really need to do this post for owlstalk members we need to get rid of
  5. This, every day this, hes what would have happened if Ozzy Osbourne became a footballer
  6. to be fair, he only repeated what Jos said the other day
  7. Sean Clare future in doubt

    don't care to be honest. If you want the big pay rise prove you deserve it. Earn it. No company in the world in any industry would give random payrise and major increases to people when they haven't proved they deserve it. Why should a football club be any different.
  8. featuring Dave http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11317642/sky-bet-championship-stats-xi-of-march-adama-traore-and-james-maddison-feature
  9. It's happening again!!

    Its almost like Neil has no clue what to post, so just recycles what everyone else posts
  10. Nuhiu: Hero or Villain

    zzmdu, honest decent poster with his own opinions, or wum like troll? See it is dead easy to do these 50/50 questions
  11. North, but ill be f*cked if im saying where on here, I'll get stalked
  12. Christ Sean Clare is lightweight in midfield