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  1. Monks now copying Southgates tactics of playing all the right backs.....
  2. Sh*t, I thought that was how much it would cost to pay up Monks contract and was going to pay it....
  3. and he got it, while Im sat here, with us having the worst home record since the 60s, waaaaayy before I was born, wondering who Chey Dunkley is, and Jack Marriot, and well Paterson, and the kid from city, and why Odobaju, is a centre half, and why wingers are wing backs, and why we have no strikers, nor a proper defensive midfielder......
  4. Plus, Jos had fair less backing than Monk, sh*t, all he could sign was f*cking Joey.
  5. Unless Chansiri picks the team, the tactics, the formations, the backroom staff, then Monk shoulders some of the blame, same as Jos, same as Judas Bruce, same as Carlos etc etc.
  6. Tp be fair, even without the 12 point deduction, Monk will probably take us down.
  7. Honestly I defended Chansiri for the longest time, because I believe he does have the best interests of the the club at heart, but honestly, when he appointed Monk I found I couldn't defend him any longer, theres only so much even I can defend....
  8. He might as well be, especially because he isn't a centre half in the first place, he jumps about as well as I do....
  9. I agree with most of that but it's harsh to blame Oubajo for his defending from the corner, it should be whoever told him to mark Toney that wants shooting.
  10. Dom probably has his name down as Jason Koumas
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