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  1. Aye, didn't their latest manager last about a week before leaving.
  2. Up to 7th, 3 games to pull a miracle, Which won't happen but I'm trying this optimism thing people talk about.
  3. Thats the problem, alot of these mentioned dropped off for either physical injuries or mental health reason, Adriano, Lentini, had a car wreck and fractured his skull a year after signing for Milan, Villa, broke his ankle badly and was never the same. Short lived brilliance that wasn't caused by injury, Michu at Swansea
  4. Was a cracking player before Jonny Evans broke him in half. Was never the same after that.
  5. Best Players, well, Bolton have a lad in midfield called Kieran Lee, probably be head and shoulders above every midfielder in the league
  6. Nah, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to financial constraints
  7. I remember one of his first games, we played Man U, he lost the ball to Stam who burst forward 50+ yards and De bIlde chased him all the way, then fell over
  8. The most depressing thing is the amount of posts on here that end up being a copy/paste of another 50.
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