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  1. George Hirst

    i was gonna loan him out, but sold Dave instead, and unless I buy yet another striker hes being bench backup for when Fletcher or Hooper inevitably die, or Fessi throws a tantrum, which seeing as this years game seems to be somewhat realistic, might happen. I brought hutch off the bench after an hour of my first game and 10 minutes later he got injured
  2. George Hirst

    not half the imagined potential, he will only get to 81ish, so he should be fine in real life
  3. George Hirst

    dunno but thats probably half the issue now aint it, more exposure = more cash. Although Jordan Thornily has been in it for 2-3 years and we've never had this issue
  4. George Hirst

    Nope, I got him to sign a new deal
  5. George Hirst

    I know, great isn't it
  6. George Hirst

    Don't thats probably added another grand a week onto what he wants
  7. Get some Hendo's on this

    Literally just heard them talking about this on Talksport
  8. Honest opinion on the derby

    well, that was worth it
  9. Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    I know a fair few Gills fans from living down there for 9 years and every one of them rates him highly, which is good to hear.
  10. Jack Stobbs

    Well, from the Under 23s, he seems far too good for that level, so loan to a lower league club was really the only way he was gonna progress, but honestly, Michael Brown is a crap manager so I'm hoping thats the reason he abrely plays, and whoever takes over gives him a chance
  11. Jack Stobbs

    f*ck sake, stop p*ssing on my bonfire!
  12. Jack Stobbs

    Now that shitstain Brown has been sacked at Port Vale maybe Jack will get more of a chance, because he needs to play regular footy, and well, he wasn't exactly been given the chance
  13. Boyd had a shoulder operation