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  1. Well, stating fact based on a post on the last page, some twitter rumour from some agent or something, I didn;t read it, I saw the name and felt the urge to state my opinion on the matter
  2. I remember last summer us being linked with him and everyone went nuts on here, said he was crap, overpriced and what was Jos thinking. Yet because it's now Bruce, it's ok to sign him?
  3. I don't think Owlstalk has an influence on SWFC, I'll be honest, but if you think ti does go shout at Neil to approve accounts quicker
  4. It's probably my fault to be fair, I remember praising our medical team on here when Gavin Gunning was supposed to come to us, and went to Brum, then got injured for the season after about 5 minutes. Must remember, never praise anyone, ever
  5. If Jos had wanted Downing everyone would be wanting his head for it.
  6. Thursday 20 June marks the release of the 2019/20 fixture list for the Owls before another significant day on the calendar right at the end of the month. Owls in the Park, in association with Hallam FM, is on the horizon once more, with the hugely successful community event entering into its eighth year. Sunday 30 June is the date for the diary, when Hillsborough Park in the summer sun becomes the focal point for all those a blue and white persuasion. Wedensdayites of all generations are welcome to join us as we host thousands of fans throughout a fun-packed day across the way in the park. Chairman Dejphon Chansiri, manager Steve Bruce and the whole squad will be in attendance, roaming out and about across an event now widely recognised as one of the most relevant on the Sheffield calendar. Owls in the Park 2019, with free entry for all age groups, runs from 11.00am to 5.00pm – watch this space for your full checklist!
  7. We still need Penguin to appear, and Roland to start negging everyones posts on the thread yet. Might be a while.
  8. I think he is still in the car park at Loftus Road
  9. Thats the bellend who, when questioned about Bassinis bid for Bolton, and the fact that Bassini was twice bankrupt, and had been banned from being a director of a football club, said "maybe he has learned his lesson" Total w*nker
  10. Wouldn't worry about it, theres about 5 people on OT who I would listen to regarding our youth teams, and only one has posted on this topic
  11. Offered new deal according to the Stir https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/new-contracts-offered-to-sheffield-wednesday-duo-67348
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