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  1. Hirsts potential is only 81 though. Joost is fairly handy, and he can blast balls out to Wallace with ease, hutch came on after an hour in my first game, then got injured ten minutes later, and now Fessi is out for 3 weeks with a twisted knee. All in all fairly realistic
  2. Neils hijacked it to run a pay to view service to give Sam a payrise
  3. This goes out the window every week in the championship. Squad, forum, league position, all mean nothing half the time
  4. that's only because you are banned after the last time when you wanted DCs address and number
  5. Fair play Mick, can't stand Gage, love the way he was either staying silent or trying to move away from it because he flat out knew he was wrong. At least have the courage of your convictions, and if you post stuff don't try and sweep it under the carpet. Grade A wa*nker that bloke, which is ironic because he was a grade Z footballer
  6. That idiot Kevin Gage

    3rd rate footballer, 3rd rate Peter Stringfellow impersonator
  7. George Hirst

    i was gonna loan him out, but sold Dave instead, and unless I buy yet another striker hes being bench backup for when Fletcher or Hooper inevitably die, or Fessi throws a tantrum, which seeing as this years game seems to be somewhat realistic, might happen. I brought hutch off the bench after an hour of my first game and 10 minutes later he got injured
  8. George Hirst

    not half the imagined potential, he will only get to 81ish, so he should be fine in real life
  9. George Hirst

    dunno but thats probably half the issue now aint it, more exposure = more cash. Although Jordan Thornily has been in it for 2-3 years and we've never had this issue
  10. George Hirst

    Nope, I got him to sign a new deal
  11. George Hirst

    I know, great isn't it