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  1. You say you havent seen this anywhere, yet someone else posted this exact same thing the other day, and I shall say to you what I said to them. Shut the f*ck up
  2. Or, they might not have, You don't know this. Hell it's the championship where anyone can beat anyone on any day regardless of league position. Whose to say that when we play a more open, expansive team, we won't counter attack and exploit the gaps, and ruin them. You can't, neither can I.
  3. Fessi does not excel in an attacking midfield 3 position...... Reach doesn't, but to say Fessi should have replaced him in the midfield 3 when Kieran got rested is ludicrous. Luongo should have
  4. NoNo DC is supposed to pay you to go to the game, and handjobs for everyone on the kop
  5. He's not a centre mid, at all. Wouldn't have started him unless Harris or Murphy were being rested. Rest Kieran, start Luongo
  6. Yeah I'm having this issue, Dotty made me agree with Sally on his post as well.....This is doing wonders for my mental health
  7. This, do I think Bullen is the long term solution, no, I want the Cowleys, BUT in a league where anyone can and does beat anyone every week, where there is usually 12 clubs at minimum going for promotion, to win games while not playing your best, is great.
  8. I really though this was going to be "sam Winnall"........is pointless
  9. How is one game riding our luck? We were great against the 6 fingered ones, lost at millwall while playing well. Grinding out results while not at your best is the sign of a good side. You know, instead of losing games while not playing your best.
  10. Exactly, probably should have fleshed out my point more, but I feel I'd be wasting my time with the OP
  11. I don't get it, we aren't playing at our best, but are still winning, so, whats the problem?
  12. Right, go and watch the game and lets never speak of this again
  13. I bloody told you to make sure it was the sky sports app and not score centre
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