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  1. Azerbaijan, heard Mammadov wants us to play FC Baku
  2. Now you've reminded me of the glory days of Topless Darts on Men and Motors
  3. Aye, was fine on the North, and I get a mobile signal all the way through, my lad doesn't it annoys him which in turn, pleases me greatly
  4. Thought he was brilliant tonight, finally, he didnt just run around like a cat chasing a torch. Probably because he wasnt having to cover the full back constantly. Direct, incisive, took his goals well, and caused them all sorts of problems all night.
  5. Given tonights performance, theres no reason why we can't be in the mix. Other teams will drop points. Honestly, got to the ground tonight, checked OT for the team, and saw everyone bitching about it, and someone say "anyone who goes tonight has my condolences", and I feared the worst, but, honestly, while the first half wasnt geat,they never caused us problems, and second half we were pretty bloody good. It ain't over till the fat b*stard has died of a heart attack so, LETS HAVE IT!
  6. This list has Jostein Flo FFS,
  7. It's fine, we can always pay Chelsea for him with Tesco Clubcard points.
  8. He's been with Everton since he was 14, must only have been a year deal last summer
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