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  1. I'd take bloody Swintowl over Monk.
  2. F*cking useless gobsh*te. Monk, not Giddings for once
  3. The woman on the Kop with the complimentary reach arounds migrated to the North for the FA cup games.
  4. Play your best players. Don't play Bannan in a two man midfield. Play Iorfa and Borner at CB.
  5. Monks fallen out with players and staff at Boro, L**ds and Birmingham. Clearly has attitude issues on top of being a garbage manager. He might know winning dressing rooms, but they had a good manager.
  6. Awesome as always, BUT, I just want to say, fair play for bringing up the mental health sh*t and how difficult it is these days to be a bloke. Not for me, mind, I mean, I'm already insane and couldn't give a monkeys c*nt about anything, but, it's stuff I worry about my lad with. So cheer Snoots me ol mucker.
  7. Always said he should never EVER start a game, but as someone to bring on in the last 15 minutes to bully a tiring defence he is invaluable.
  8. Hang on, hasnt Monk already given us a 22/23 points deduction with the amount of points we have dropped from winning positions? Surely that should be taken into account.
  9. Well Monks tactics of having the defenders and keeper always boot it up to the poor b*stard upfront will be entertaining......
  10. Aye, this was brough out at Xmas with Monks inability to change tactics tosuit the game, either to change it to win, or change it to defend a lead, plus his like for like substitutions, instead of bringing on another midfielder or defender to hold onto a lead.
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