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  1. Something I found out the hard way repeatedly growing up
  2. *Waits for Steve Gibson to try and sue us for a "conflict of interest" and the EFL bans Fessi for 12 games*
  3. It really does, its practically the San Andreas theme...........still, I do love these videos we've started putting out.
  4. Another 6 game ban for bringing the game into disrepute
  5. Steve Gibson is trying to work out how he can sue us because of the score
  6. One of the Fulham fanzines gave him both barrels. Returning from a 1-match ban in the in the 66th minute for Ivan Cavaleiro, Harry Arter entered the fray to galvanise the Whites’ midfield department but, in a perplexing series of events, the AFC Bournemouth loanee did anything but. Treating the pitch like Albert Square, Arter’s amateur theatrics disdained our discipline and tarnished our dignity. Clawing at passing opponents, blue-mouthing every living creature in sight, disobeying basic requirements and responsibilities, the 29-year-old’s restoration to the fold was vulgar and unsightly. I see better attitudes from ex-cons on recreation grounds every Sunday morning. There was a sheer lack of respect in Arter’s outing, a petulance that’s better suited to whinging toddlers in McDonalds when the ice cream machine’s bust, again. Taking matters into his own hands, literally, Parker wasn’t prepared to stomach his brother-in-law’s boorish antics. Summoning Arter to the touchline, the former England stalwart eyeballed the antagonistic playmaker, fastened fist to jersey and laid down the law. Arter was incensed and Parker wasn’t convinced by his indefensible dismay. Arter will be a hugely beneficial member of the camp this term, but with outbursts like that, he’ll be nothing more than a regular hindrance. Cut it out and let your football do the talking, Harry. No one cares for your hideous play acting.
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