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  1. marcx666

    Reach nominated

    done and deservedly so.
  2. marcx666

    Safe standing

    I agree everyone should be catered for, there should be a section of the ground where I cans et fire to people who annoy me
  3. marcx666

    Biased pundits etc

    Give it time, were only 9 games in mate, could be far better yet
  4. Played his second game for Frickley as they lost 1-0 with 9 men against Marine, in the FA Cup qualifying, but but all accounts provided heroics including 2 penalty saves.Go on lad. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/09/23/sheffield-wednesday-mans-heroics-not-enough-to-prevent-frickleys/ Yeah I know its HITC BUT it's ok for a match report
  5. marcx666

    Steve Bruce

    I'm just waiting to see if he gets sacked over the weekend, because only Fessi could get someone the sack without actually doing anything
  6. Depends if he has got Steve Bruce sacked by then
  7. I haven't listened since beginning of last season, and I'm already regretting trying to again
  8. marcx666

    Villa Man of the Match

    Dawson 6/7 Didn't have anything to do, had no chance with the goal, hell, Dawson, Wildsmith AND Westwood wouldn't have saved it. Baker 6, Still not sure about him, but, fair play for not being sent off. Lees 8, Had Kodjia in his back pocket so tightly that rumours were Bruce need vasoline to get Kodija out when he wanted to take him off. Hector 7, Solid at the back and one thing I like is in a 3 man defence he isn't afraid to push up into midfield. Pudil 7. Great flick off the line to stop a certain goal, and brings experience to the defence. Penney 8, brilliant going forward, good defensively, and scared the sh*t out of Villa everytime he went forward. Pelupessy 7 Nice ball for the winner, and screened the defence well. Partnership with Bannan makes me moist. Bannan 7, Quieter game than recent ones but calm in possession, and always looking to stretch the defence with long passes. Reach 8, more like the Reach of last season, driving the team forward, not afraid to run at defenders, and put a peach of a cross in that Fletcher should have scored. Matias 7, great finish, lively, but has a tendancey to run into blind alleys and lose possession by not releasing the ball earlier Fletcher 7, Lead the line well, and is always a good focal point, but really should have had 4.... Subs blah
  9. http://cricfree.live/watchfeeds/demand/55
  10. Honestly, good first half from us. Good defensively Lees has had Kodjia in his back pocket, nice counter attacking and showing threat. Penney is causing them all sorts of problems overlapping, and great work rate and closjng down.
  11. Penneys got chester booked already
  12. http://cricfree.live/watchfeeds/demand/55 Try that one