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  1. marcx666

    Westwood starts u23

    Which in turn is still better than Phantom 2000 Sedgwick
  2. marcx666

    Nathan Jones

    Not worng mate, although half the issue was, as always he was called up too soon because of Vinces pre mentioned hard on for big guys.
  3. marcx666

    Nathan Jones

    Well, I don't think the 4th official would argue with him
  4. marcx666


  5. marcx666

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Gillingham at home unless they fail epically to make the 3rd round then ill go Bolton away
  6. marcx666

    Sparks must go.

    well the alternative to Baker is Palmer, who has been Owlstalks scapegoat for the last 4 years.....
  7. marcx666

    Sparks must go.

    So, Jos plays the front 3 most of Owlstalk wanted, we are losing, and people are again quick to blame Jos, so, are we finally admitting Owlstalk knows nothing
  8. I'm not giving you a complimentary reach around.
  9. https://www.hemsworthandsouthelmsallexpress.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday-bound-fearn-admits-it-was-tough-decision-to-leave-frickley-1-9422241
  10. marcx666

    Dark Arts Department

    Thank f*ck for that, I thought this was gonna be a Harry Potter thread....
  11. marcx666

    Reach nominated

    done and deservedly so.
  12. marcx666

    Safe standing

    I agree everyone should be catered for, there should be a section of the ground where I cans et fire to people who annoy me
  13. marcx666

    Biased pundits etc

    Give it time, were only 9 games in mate, could be far better yet