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  1. Not been to any pub in Oxford for years Both the Trout and Perch were good for food and beer. I think they still have a good rep
  2. I was working just up the road from the Manor back then and I went with a mate from work who was an Oxford fan in the home end. It was difficult to enjoy. Until back at work
  3. New York City to Addis Ababababa Keep on keeping strong Keep on keeping on So why no stack for black On a radio station in this, the city Been going on so long Level on the line, I'm a leaf on the vine of time Black bones are the original bones And so this is the whole wide world should know, y'all I came to sing this song in your city
  4. I remember Rob Burch but there are plenty on the list I don't remember.
  5. I noticed the stats early on in the second half. Something like Wednesday Shots : in the teens Shots on target : high single figures Goals : 2 Plymouth Shots : 1 Shots on target : 1 Goals : 1
  6. Pass the Uche on the left hand side
  7. Uwakewe up before you go go Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
  8. Yeah, watched it a bit back. iPlayer I think. I really enjoyed it.
  9. It'll be 25 years, the end of the initial lease term, when and if they move. I don't know if this is their choice or whether the landlord doesn't want a renewal.
  10. He seems quite big and strong for a sixteen year old.
  11. I didn't know that. Do you know why they are exempt? If their reasons are as flimsy as Novax then I believe they shouldn't have been allowed in
  12. He has to travel the world as part of his profession and he says he is not vaccinated. He should already be vaccinated. How can testing positive for Covid in December be a valid reason for not fulfilling the vaccination requirements for being allowed to enter the country? Doesn't make any sense at all.
  13. He'll have someone on his team sorting his travel logistics.
  14. I was at the Sheffield side of Stupidity. Greatest live album
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