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  1. I would do neither for either reason. I would pick the team that I thought would be best equipped to beat Shrewsbury this Saturday. This would be based on what I saw in training since the last match.
  2. They are a little bit, but many fans expect there to be comment after a poor performance and they clearly don't want to hear "Ah well, we lost, so what, it's only a game". No, people want to hear something like what has been said even though it is a bit predictable. So the options 1 Say nothing - They would be criticised for not accepting responsibility 2 Say they need to improve and put it right in the next game etc etc - People say blah, blah, blah 3 Say something dismissive as if they don't care. - People would say not fit to wear the shirt They can't win
  3. I was just about to predict posts like that ^
  4. I don't think he did. He was at the club but I think he never played
  5. Do you pay extra for roaming?
  6. Doesn't look like Render to me... Though looking again, the profile might just be a bit old
  7. I thought we'd fixed the slope on the pitch
  8. I prefer it when they are all facing the camera
  9. I've already given up on it
  10. I think they went up the Northern General and got a few doctors to sign.
  11. Finish Second Player of the season? Adeniran Top goal scorer? Berahino Signing of the season? Adeniran Most disappointing player of the season? Shodipo
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