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  1. It may have been a fraction outside the box but no official viewing it in real time could have justifiably given any other decision.
  2. The chap in the black/grey t-shirt is my son. I am stood to his right but obscured by the man in the bush hat.
  3. Yeah, I think you're right now I stop and think.
  4. I was quite close and it looked like something went as he stretched to play the ball. He held the back of his thigh (Quad?) Probably not as bad as a hamstring.
  5. I'll be at Centre MK in the morning shopping with the family then home for lunch. Back over with my son to see the match.
  6. If he takes someone on, will he go round the back or come inside?
  7. There is usually someone who will post an 'unfriendly' comment.
  8. I must admit I was going to say Northampton's a dump too. BTW Bletchley Park must be excellent now. It was great when we went, many years ago, and they have improved it loads since then.
  9. Fizzy Bash Only he's rubbish at hitting row Z
  10. I stopped using cash during the pandemic and have found no reason to start again. I don't care if other people use cash.
  11. Woburn Safari Park is great. I gather Woburn is quaint As has been said, all there is in MK is a shopping centre. There is no 'town centre'
  12. I thought he was supposed to be too good.
  13. Of course the club are perfectly within their rights but that is a totally different thing to being the right thing to do. The relationship between fans and club should be different to a simple commercial relationship.
  14. Stockdale Ihiekwe Heneghan Iorfa Hunt Johnson Byers Vaulks Bannan Windass Gregory Subs: Dawson Iorfa Famewo Palmer James Dele-Bashiru Paterson Smith
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