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  1. From my admittedly untrained eye, its actually the opposite because although turnover was down £9m, cost of sales was down £11m......it seems the more we sell, the more we lose so covid has helped us....happy to be corrected. The biggest difference from these accounts to the previous years would seem to be a circa £6m drop in transfer fees received......I think the previous accounts included the Bruce payoff
  2. Well done….you must be proud
  3. Good point……my error…..he didn’t kick it out once.
  4. There’s nothing optimistic about booking a train ticket for the play off final. Auto’s is where it’s at
  5. I take it you didn’t watch the MK Dons game on Saturday? His kicking was rank……at least 4 times he put goal kicks out of play….by some distance
  6. He was Shiite………but still close to mom….only Storey pipped him for me……6/10 for mom
  7. If people chuckin smoke bombs is the only fun you get from football, I’d suggest you look for another pastime
  8. Yep, you could tell that the way he took his goal!!
  9. Why? If we win our last 4 we finish on 88 points Rotherham are scratching around and will be lucky to get that many Which means unless MK win 2 of their last 3 then we will finish 2nd
  10. BPF doesnt get anywhere near player of the season. Hutchinson, Bannan, Johnson, Luongo, Gregory, Hunt, Storey all come in front of him for me
  11. BPF doesnt even feature in our top 5 this season
  12. It really isn’t rare. Apart from the ones filming themselves or the game there’s the acca tracker brigade. There’s a bloke in front of me who literally opens up the BBC app and scrolls up and down the leagues without a break………he’d be better off staying at home and watching ceefax
  13. You could.....but only a complete fukwit would even try
  14. Ah that old chestnut. See where this all falls to pieces is that when away tickets are freely available and people can rack up some points then no new faces tend to show up.....Portsmouth and Plymouth in the cup are just a couple that spring to mind
  15. You don’t know how lucky you are not having heard it
  16. He already has…..although it needs tweaking from “he used to be a winger” to “he used to be a defender”
  17. No it wasn’t. I’d suggest you read “the question” again
  18. Probably because it was Hunt who fouled Kachunga
  19. Im six years off 50 and 4 off 60 (but that's just detail - the headline is all people need to know!)
  20. yes, you are correct......my error, was basing on a 42 game season......old school!!
  21. If the ref saw it as reckless then it would only have been a yellow
  22. Why do those stats take some believing.......its works out to around 87 points over the course of a season....probably not even enough to finish top 2
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