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  1. He's not passionate enough for me....I was more angry at us missing all those chances and only winning 3-0 than he was losing And I'm sure my reaction at seeing Bannan stepping up to take another set piece wouldn't get past all sorts of filters. He is right on one thing though....lump on QPR to get relegated next season
  2. Not even 200 but never mind the facts Bothroyd played for England......doesn’t mean he wasn’t a disgrace in a blue and white shirt who is te one example in my lifetime of a player that should have been boo’d on the pitch
  3. Its not strange. Its normal practice. They will probably have been given a nice leaving present and in return signed a non disclosure agreement to never talk about their time at the club
  4. why wouldnt we know what was going on if some points were suspended?
  5. Ryan Lowe = this years Paul Hurst Can't believe we didn't get him given how successful he's been since he left Shrewsbury
  6. im struggling to see how, if proved, spending too much money get the same or worse penalty than going in to administration and not paying for the money you have spent with potentially horrendous life changing consequences for innocent people
  7. ah, i thought you were talking about current players, not those from the distant past So, on inspection, your statement that our squad is full of journeymen and big timers you've come up with a grand total of 3 1 of which hasn't been with us for over a year and 2 that we've f*****d off last month Genius
  8. If you factor in Wigans 12 point deduction then Barnsley on 42 are 3rd Bottom and I cant see them getting 8 points from their last 4 games (although 3 against Leeds would be nice)
  9. Same question to you then.....which of our players are in the categories you say?
  10. Come on then Shearer.....name the journeyman and billy big rounduns that you refer to. or keep quite and show you are spouting she ite and talking cliche’s
  11. That’s the thing though isn’t it............even if we did spend within our means that would still be at least 10x more than Rotherham could even dream of spending. Every night you must go to sleep wondering if any of your players are going to get a tap on the shoulder from us and demand a move......worse than that I think there must be at least 10 local clubs who could do the same to your players. they don’t though......because the players you have aren’t good enough
  12. what an absolute load of she ite......so if Wildsmith keeps 9 clean sheets followed by us losing 6-1 you'd drop him for Dawson cus he only let 5 in against Brentford You clown
  13. if you want to be fair why pick and choose.....just count every game
  14. Dawson’s average goals conceded per game this season is less than Wildsmith’s. you’ve picked two out.....but Wildsmith has played 5 and let in 10 only fair to pick 5 games to suit for Dawson so let’s go for Charlton (h) Millwall (h) Leeds (a) Bristol City (h) Forest (a) Debate that
  15. Have you actually watched the game.....it wasn’t like Murphy sneaked off......they made a bit issue of how injured he was.....to criticise Monk for taking off a player who wouldn’t walk is really strange
  16. Damn right I’m feeling it....pity you don’t after another abject performance like that
  17. Why?....proves what I’ve been saying for 7 years.....the guy is so static that using him for a wall pass is the only way to make any use of him
  18. Apparently not.....there’s at least 10 championship clubs queuing up to sign him according to @swfcjack27
  19. Was it that free header 6 yards out near the end that he glanced for a throw in that made your mind up?
  20. Already said, to be fair picture was fine tonight.....all other rants remain
  21. Strange that the goals conceded are now Monks fault whereas previously they were Dawson’s fault....how’s that work then?
  22. I don’t think I understand......that free header at the end.....I’d have thought he’d have put it in the net rather than glance it out for a throw........the nuances of the game only you experts understand are well beyond me
  23. I think you’ve put a zero after your 1 by mistake......and even without it I think you are being optimistic
  24. Agree on the picture.....which is a shame....I think I preferred the freeze frame when I could dream we cleared it or scored
  25. Took us 7 years to realise using him for wall passes is his best use
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