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  1. It’s ok saying or threat normally comes down one wing or the other, not both, but you never know which one until the game is in progress Also 1 winger is much easier to defend against than 2 because you can just overload defensively against that 1 not sure how anyone can say 2 wingers isn’t working after that first 25 minutes tonight
  2. Some strange comments in there....Dawson just about achieved par.....no mention of him claiming every cross tonight so you decide to go on about his kicking......many of which we’re very good kicks from less than ideal passes Rhodes movement without the ball is a massive improvement for us up front and for the first 25 minutes we were utterly dominant going forward of which he was a part and you know Reach was number 20 don’t you?
  3. Absolutely,.....I know we tend to play him as a holding midfielder and he sees himself as a centre back but for me he’s also our best attacking midfielder if we played him in that role. best player we’ve got and would walk in to any championship team
  4. So you don’t remember the play off semi finals then....bit strange that
  5. They were as bad as us into first half....it was like watching a conference relegation battle.....shocking first touches and passes either went to the opposition or out for a throw
  6. Not lost a league game with him between the sticks this season
  7. I’m not sure......starting a thread about another poster because you don’t agree with them must be right up there challenging anything they’ve had to say
  8. Is there keeper allowed to run off and jump in to the South stand while Fletcher is still on his run up......Worst attempt to save one I’ve ever seen
  9. I can’t see how they can punish them any more than they did Bolton.....suspended points deduction.....made a right hash of all this.....big surprise
  10. The answer to your last question is no. im not aware of any keepers that we have on loan from another club or on loan to another club
  11. It’s crept in to the kids games as well.....makes me angry when I see 12 year old kids feigning head injury The anger soon moves to them and their manager when i make them go off for at least 10 minutes for an “assessment” before allowing them back on.....even the parents go off on one ”Your son has had a head injury which is potentially very serious and should be stopped from playing football for at least 2 weeks and you are having a go at me for making him take 10 minutes out......either that or he’s a blatant cheat” tends to put them back in their box
  12. We’ve not done too bad without a keeper playing 1 minute between them
  13. You having a laugh?....I take it you’ve never been.....the Amex is half an hour from the nearest car park never mind anywhere useful Thats half an hour by bus by the way just in case you were thinking that sounds like a nice stroll Ricoh arena style
  14. Why would they?.....ours don’t and neither do 90% of other teams
  15. Nuhiu above FF...are you insane? bloody stupid thread and im allowed to be mardy - I’ve replayed the Fa cup draw 3 time and we still get them bloody southern pillocks....and bit like when I rewound McBurnies goal last week 3 times and still couldn’t get it to hit his arm and you can’t have Dawson / Westwood as 1 player....stop sitting on the bloody fence man right, where’s the cat
  16. Of the 126 possibilities this was my 126th choice......trip to somewhere down south in January followed by a bus to the middle of nowhere.....a gob full of weed at half time in the bogs and half an hour breathing in Diesel fumes after the game.....I might even vote for the Green Party if they promise to give us a different draw
  17. That’s just not a correlated stat is it.......so if a team loses 1-0 after conceding a goal from an horrendous goalkeeping error that would suggest the keeper costing us points whilst still contributing to a sound defence. Also you want to look at Dawson’s contributions to that “3rd best defence”
  18. Ok, you said you’d love to see the stats and luckily for you I have them right to hand......and not just over 1 or 2 games because they could just be a spike but over 100+ games in the last 4 seasons with Westwood, Hutchinson and Forestieri being the backbone of the team in the vast majority of games = No promotions....not 1, not even close the last 2 seasons Does that satisfy your desire for stats
  19. When he was making dozens of saves last season it was supposedly because he was rubbish at organising the defence hence the opposition getting lots of shots in...when Westwood returned (along with other senior players) the reduction in shots to save was apparently down to his ability to organise.......does that not apply to both? and those crosses that he punched that he could have caught.....very similar to the ones Westwood has been trying to catch recently that ended up in the back of our net.......the days of keepers catching all crosses are long gone at all levels and talking of the top levels....his kicking.....he’s the bloody keeper.....keepers who are brilliant with their footwork cost north of £50m......Christ half our outfield players kicking isn’t good enough His desire to start attacks quickly was a refreshing change though and he didn’t need to kick it because he saw and distributed early with throws out
  20. What’s there for all to see this season is a 75% League clean sheet record
  21. The stats on Dawson and Westwood this season are above.....but then again if you know one of them has let one goal in in 4 games you don’t really need to be a genius to work out that’s probably not been beaten
  22. We’ve hardly been a mid table team.....we got in the play offs 2 years running
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