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  1. If Hughton goes to Huddersfield after apparently turning us down then he’s a fekin idiot and we’ve dodged a bullet
  2. Yes really....if you want to look at the main causes of the disaster then listen to Klopp’s interview today....and not just them either...the fences were erected down to fans constantly invading the pitch..,,,so every fan who has ever gone on the pitch from the stands has some element of culpability.....more so than the police
  3. Nor did they at Hillsborough you moron
  4. They didn’t - your post is rounduns - whatever is going on now
  5. A child would also know the names of the players without having to read it on their shirt or look at what number they are....we know that lack of visibility of numbers wee wees off the press so it’s a good move in my book
  6. As others have said, at half time we were having a chat about how he looked a liability and glad Iorfa was back next week......second half he was the best player on the pitch
  7. On reading that it seems that the main issues at the United game were double stacking the coaches on Leppings Lane and the “narrow” exit area of just 6m for United fans coming on to Leppings Lane. so, don’t double stack the coaches and take out the pointless temporary barrier outside......problem solved There seems to be no mention or taking in to account the fact that many people exiting the North and West stands head down the back of the South and not on to Leppings Lane
  8. What a load of rubbish.....the concourse at the Leppings Lane end is massive.....one of the biggest in the Country and definitely the biggest at our ground......there is a large space between the turnstiles and the actual stand....even larger outside between the turnstiles and the road and at appropriate times you’ve got the entirety of Leppings Lane which is closed to traffic compare this to the other two two main entrance points of a narrow bridge to the centre of the South stand and a busy dual carriageway which isn’t closed to traffic and the Kop end, with no meaningful concourse once inside and you have to come to the conclusion that anyone who thinks we need a larger concourse at the Leppings Lane end is either doing crack on a regular basis or needs committing....and yes that includes SYP and SAG out of interest, have you ever been to Hillsborough?
  9. He claimed that winner but it wasn’t his
  10. How the hell do Rotherham get away with building a new ground that only has 1 way in and out?
  11. Quinn immense......you are joking aren’t you (or confusing James and Alan).....he’d give one of our current forwards competition for a place up front in our worst ever XI.....it’s as though he didn’t know the offside rule......constantly giving free kicks away, mainly for being offside
  12. Duckenfield is not to blame......he was a very very small piece of what went in that day..,,,not just that day but at football grounds up and down the Country in the 80’s im as pissed off as anyone about this but don’t bring Duckenfield in to it, blame doesn’t need to be deflected when there is none
  13. Alan Billings is the man to hold to account for this.....Police and Crime commissionaire for South Yorkshire.....and it’s an electable position. Every single Wednesday fan should contact him holding him to account for what is going on and reminding him that more than half of South Yorkshire will remember this when election time comes around
  14. Fair play to you, most people would have kept quiet if they’d done research and realised they were wrong
  15. I’m interested in the stats to back this claim up?
  16. Got caught out wrong side of his man in the move that led to their 1st half penalty appeal
  17. It never is though.....but even if it was I can’t see anyone who’d choose Colin over Bullen
  18. All of them that we offer better terms to than other teams that are interested
  19. Neither full back was brilliant today
  20. You obviously can’t take away from Joao’s goal sealing the match for us but I’m surprised to see people singing his praises for his performance......Bannan was almost exploding with anger at him for his lack of effort after coming on and had he not scored I’d have been up for leaving him behind to sort out his terms with them But he did score which he regularly does and that’s the conundrum with Joao, there is a brilliant player in there and he’s got all the attributes but you could never say he’s put a shift in!!
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