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  1. Best football I’ve seen in many years . Loved it me .
  2. Hopefully not no but I hope Monk wants to win this game as much as any in the league .
  3. Regards that shower , maybe little consolation but the Jamie Vardy goal and consequential celebration are what I’m taking from this seasons proceedings , quality .
  4. My sentiments exactly , just take each game as it comes , any forthcoming adversity will just make us stronger anyway .
  5. If this , if that !!! , why can’t we go out to try and win every game ? Why does it only have to be league games , The sad fact is we will probably lose to Brighton and the likes of you will actually be happy about that . Why does it have to be one or the other ?
  6. Why ? What do we gain by that exactly , you want us to lose , just don’t get that one bit
  7. Proud of our support today, top drawer .
  8. We aren’t a bad side and haven’t been since Monk arrived , we are still WIP surely fans can see this and stop giving him an hard time .
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