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  1. You have played Football at a high level then ?
  2. It’s just a debate ole boy , we all want the same scenario at the end of the day WAWAW .
  3. It’s a staggering decision , it isn’t the first and won’t be the last . I truly hope our keepers play out of their skin but I don’t agree with how Westwood is being treated and not in a million years is he 3rd choice that’s my opinion .
  4. Too late for that he’s 3rd choice in Jos’s eyes . Which I think is laughable
  5. Yes on the bench unlike Kieran Westwood
  6. We both know Ronaldo walks straight back in don’t we
  7. Brilliant that really moving . Big plus for Fessi and all the best for a full recovery to Cameron . WAWAW .
  8. And this principle was applied to FF then ?
  9. Ok exaggerated here but if Ronaldo is out for 6 months does he have to prove himself before picked on his return . You see what I mean ? . The way you are suggesting no player can be judged on past performances, look at it this way , Westwood is fit play him and see if he’s back to his best . If , as you appear to be suggesting he is past his best well it’s justified to drop him . He isn’t keeping 2 younger keepers out is he we can only have 1 in the nets even so think we could do with 2 at times lately !!! .
  10. Shame we haven’t been so ruthless with others really isn’t it !!!!
  11. So you so you believe Westwood is 3rd choice ?
  12. It’s his reasons for this I’m not comfy with