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  1. dewsburyowl58

    Set back

    Haha It was a beauty wasn’t it , how long did it last ?
  2. dewsburyowl58

    Foul on Forestieri

    The problem with Fessi he does tend to fall over a lot it just looks like he’s conning but he gets some right stick .
  3. dewsburyowl58

    Fans yesterday

  4. dewsburyowl58

    Foul on Forestieri

    It was shocking ,stop playing it down I was a few yards away and I cringed
  5. dewsburyowl58

    Fans yesterday

    Were a tad quiet too barring a couple of songs .
  6. Didn’t the advertising board fall over and a fan got manhandled off the pitchside , Fessi high fived him as he walked past it looked messy from where I was sat ( behind dug out )
  7. dewsburyowl58

    DO we trust the players

    Just pointing out that one has balls not sure the rest have I agree
  8. dewsburyowl58

    DO we trust the players

    Some of the tackles sammi dished out today suggests one has balls
  9. Carry on as they are and they won’t need the play offs to go up
  10. dewsburyowl58

    Serious question

    We aren’t going up that’s for sure !!
  11. dewsburyowl58


    It’s never boring with Fessi he stirred the crowd up that’s for sure
  12. dewsburyowl58

    Serious question

    We are better though even you must see that !!
  13. dewsburyowl58

    Summer Sort Out

    It’s clear players will be leaving looks like Steve Bruce wants to trim the squad down by releasing 5 or 6 . Whoever goes and whoever stays some fans won’t be happy , just think it’s a rebuilding process that will take time unless we get lucky so I am quite happy to leave it to Brucie because I like the way he approaches games . Give the man a decent run
  14. dewsburyowl58

    I pay £30 a month for this!!!

    Is that tingling ?
  15. I will pass your credentials onto a certain individual who is an expert in fans and support , you have a decent shout at being classed as a true fan !!!! .Well done