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  1. Didn’t do enough second half invited trouble and it invariably came , as per .
  2. And the full backs getting caught out , more focus required.
  3. Most weren’t even free kicks though that ref was chronic
  4. Think you are being harsh on Monk , yes Bannon for Nuhiu was a strange one but he called it right saying we had to be braver on and off the ball .
  5. Yes but let’s be right here that was more the ref giving them everything than him being clever
  6. I agree we were excellent first half and should have been out of sight . Being honest we didn’t do enough in the second half and sat on our lead as per , we need to learn how to go on and get the second and third even Middlesborough comes to mind . Think Monk is doing a good job and feel we are in good hands.
  7. An old pro that took a swipe at Borner yeah that was clever and old headed wasn’t it , he’s a first class swear word
  8. If that had been in the box that ref would have booked Kadeem for diving , nailed on
  9. Disgraceful decision how on earth could the homer ref allow it
  10. Horrible , cheating individual so was the ref
  11. For me personally a season ticket isn’t really an option , I work every other weekend . When I retire in 5 years I will have one until I’m too old to travel . This is the first time in all my years as a supporter that I have struggled to be able to not only afford a ticket but to also justify paying what I consider rip off prices .
  12. Annoys me people saying you have a choice , we have a choice yes , pay up or stay away , is that really a choice for fans who have supported our team for decades and now find it financially hard and morally wrong to attend .Im presuming you are aware of our attendances not budging beyond low to mid 20 k why do you think that is ? . Play offs and the trip to wembley were a one off . I find it extremely difficult to support my team on a regular basis anymore because of our chairman . Glad you don’t have the same problem .
  13. Hmm many examples of sides with less money than we appear to have had , that play good attacking successful football You aren't suggesting we pay more than any other championship side to compete are you ? . Seems to me we are having to pay for the errors you stated and that is not right is it .
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