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  1. You certain of that are you ? I’m not , he was shockingly poor for us , all this set him up and he will score carry on ,bet I could score if set up too !!! .
  2. Well he’s gone now so let’s hope our next batch of players don’t get injured eh
  3. Do you not think the reason some don’t want Palmer is simply because of how you have described him , a lower half team player !! Think fans prefer a higher league player that’s all .
  4. Say what you like it’s your opinion, we obviously differ on what we like to see on the football pitch .
  5. He should have been kept on . He is now injury free and was our best striker by a mile . But the main reason is I like him and his song !! . Hope he gets sorted he is quality.
  6. Hardly one for the future , please let this report be a load of rubbish .
  7. Why are you so adamant in wanting Rhodes to stay at Wednesday, what have you seen I haven’t since his arrival ? . Do you believe it’s down to Steve Bruce taking over ?
  8. Playing for a team who were very successful and created many chances .
  9. And what happens if D.C. remains stubborn and won’t budge on price Norwich back out , we keep him and his form continues next season . Sounds like the only way you think Jordan Rhodes can thrive is if chances are put on a plate for him , well the game has moved on and strikers need to be contributing more I believe . He has moved his family down Norfolk , he is happy down there , let him go we have enough strikers as it is , his fee and wages don’t warrant the risk of keeping him , Hope I’m wrong but I doubt it .
  10. My argument wasn’t about his sell on value but even though he hasn’t played a full game in goodness knows how long ,I reckon we could get our money back yes .
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