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  1. Reading away

    Sounds a right mare , best hand my tickets back !
  2. Already been asked that !! Haha ,
  3. Tbh you could pair up any colour with other clubs colours , ok Blue is our colour and should have been designed that in mind
  4. Yes I’m buying 2 , me and my son ( Christmas present ) best out of the 3 for me , by a mile .
  5. Baffling to me why he is allowed to leave , even if he only develops to be half the player his Dad was . George scores goals and a natural, for goodness sake surely we should be nurturing such talent for the good of our first team !!
  6. Villa - Owls Alternate Commentary

    Ha ha has me in stitches so funny , loving it , please keep them coming . Bit rude though
  7. Yes but which ones , Carlos up to his cunning tricks again , keep Millwall guessing ,
  8. Just watched the highlights

    Haha love it
  9. Think I know what you mean !!
  10. Such a salvageable season...!

    That’s quite a stat , such a long way to go yet, but we need to start a winning run soon
  11. Who pumps up...

    Wow you are angry aren’t you
  12. Can you ever get it back ?