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  1. Yeah beating Spain on their patch is soo much easier because it’s the most senseless competition in football yeah right dream on , seriously think they practically let us beat them , you did see how dirty they got didn’t you , oh but it was meaningless haha can’t get my breath .
  2. Showing their true side here Spain dirty tactics disgraceful
  3. Yes hit them on the break we have pace up top too , don’t know about a clean sheet though !! But tbf they aren’t exactly ripping us apart and creating goal scoring chances as yet are they . 3-0 up can’t get my head round this , what a sensational half .
  4. You all know Spain’s home record don’t you , this is outstanding I’m just in shock
  5. Come on now give the bloke some credit
  6. Long way to go yet keep it at 3-0 into the second half
  7. This is astonishing !!! What a goal
  8. England fans sound amazing as always
  9. Get the flip in woo Hoo yes yes
  10. Not sure about the winks lad tough out there for him
  11. Sterling has had some stick lately and rightly so but boy was that a fantastic finish and move great to watch