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  1. The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    All in good time we know how we long things take at S6
  2. Match Day Pies

    Seagull pie maybe ?
  3. Why not ? Next season though !!
  4. He’s entitled to his opinion but feel he has been a bit silly saying we are the worst , playground talk , grow up , man up and just admit we were too good for you especially the at ours . Bit of a stupid statement really Hecky .
  5. Clean language viewing

    Quite saddened by this , words can be very powerful and intimidating , what example is an adult setting to some impressionable young kid when Effing and Jeffing , only words yes but mostly said in anger. I’m no do gooder but I think there’s a law against swearing isn’t there ?
  6. Throwing points away

    That free kick in the last seconds had me thinking here we go again ,
  7. I hope Huddersfield get dragged into it burst their bubble if they came straight back down .
  8. Clean language viewing

    Let’s get it done then
  9. Barry Bannan

    That’s wonderful news
  10. U23s away at Watford

    Of course !!
  11. Clean language viewing

    Haha you’ve got it mate
  12. Clean language viewing

    Perhaps a swear box section is the answer
  13. Clean language viewing

    Haha , blimey
  14. Clean language viewing

    I’m looking at a more refined cultured society though Mr Idol . My son is 21 and I still don’t swear in front of him am I old school ? Still don’t sing out the swear words in front of him at games !! Haha .