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  1. A draw is a fair result , we did well !!!!! . What now Mr Monk ?
  2. Like Cantona you mean ? Oh yes he was a right team player wasn’t he . No exception made there then
  3. Crippling us really !!! yes you don’t like the bloke , so you would move on for much less to help out ? Seriously . You could argue ALL players are money grabbers and why not it’s a short career
  4. He was diabolical !! Goodness me , ok you don’t like the bloke but is there any need for such strong condemnations ?
  5. Got any proof have you ? , the only b3ll3nds as you put it are the clowns paying him to do nothing , . How do you know he’s happy ? , you are throwing accusations around on what grounds ? . He’s not taking anything out of me it’s just your take on it .
  6. Come off it , he signed a 2 year deal thinking he would be playing and any player will take as much as he can that’s the reason a vast majority of players move clubs .
  7. How do you know he hasn’t tried , I’m sure he would much rather be playing than lolling around putting on weight !!!! . He needs to move on maybe the slating will stop then , short memories some .
  8. Why should he ? Perhaps all the players should do the same , seeing as though they are on a Bob or two !!.
  9. We haven’t got a striker who can score on a regular basis , who we can rely upon to get us a goal and that includes Rhodes , I just don’t see why you think he’s the answer , you have seen his performances haven’t you ? we are still searching for a striker to take us forward , Hopefully we get one soon .
  10. £7m plus add ons !! Seems a lot to me is this official or just another Owlstalk punt ?
  11. Wish him well hope he makes it . Funny how a player’s performance can be seen so differently , a match commentator was praising him today
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