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  1. dewsburyowl58

    U18s Owls v Stoke

    UTO come on boys
  2. He will get there , the gap has closed bigtime spoiling the Celtic stroll season after season , hopefully
  3. I’m a Rangers fan you know !!!!
  4. Isn’t it nice to get on !!!
  5. Cheers I need a laugh following our shower lately !!!
  6. Hope it’s as funny as they are / were !!!
  7. So what times kick off or kicking off ?
  8. dewsburyowl58

    Sky Sports whispers

    It’s insane not playing and getting rid of such a quality keeper who has been brilliant for us and keeping some of the other deadwood we are splashing out a fortune on
  9. Transfer embargo , players past their best , players frozen out mysteriously, Promotion this season or we are in big trouble , but the big one for me is I cannot afford to follow my team anymore .
  10. At a big big price though Bingley
  11. dewsburyowl58

    Where is winnall?

    Haha really !!!!
  12. dewsburyowl58

    Where is winnall?

    Turkey ?
  13. Yes he brought in decent players , yes he has ploughed millions in , yes I loved our first 2 seasons , Yes he gave us hope and even expectations and it was more when than if we went up . But I’m priced out , never felt less attached , bored silly . confused with players not playing , formations are baffling and player selections disappointing . I just expected more on and especially off the pitch . Mr Chansiri needs to restart to build our club or leave for me .