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    Why do we always need to defend a lead ? Be positive get another goal , does my head in this keepie ball in the corners should be banned it's boring !! George Hirst is just not ready yet either !!
  2. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    Just love our club .
  3. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    Its looking good , we are settling down ready for another crack at promotion onwards and upwards
  4. 'Sit Anywhere' stands...

    Will there be an improvement with the catering because it takes an age to get served as it is , so if I find my seat , nip to the toilet come back and my seat is taken !! .I think season ticket holders pay for the privilege of the same seat don't they ?
  5. Aiden McGeady

    That is brilliant haha
  6. According to Dom Howson

    No I don't think Rhodes is either , Hooper is first choice for me but he should have had a couple tonight . The strikers as a whole aren't clinical enough
  7. According to Dom Howson

    Well Winnall isn't the answer
  8. Right you JR loving idjuts

    Just doesn't suit our style for me it's looking increasingly like we shouldn't have bought him . This isn't just on today's showing it's watching him since we got him . Is Jordan Rhodes any better than Winnall ? His Transfer fee suggests this but I'm beginning to think Sam fits our side better than JR .
  9. Keep Sam at RB

    Yes I'm sure you are right but he was run ragged against Chesterfield , so Championship wingers !!!! Not ready imo
  10. Keep Sam at RB

    He was all over the place defensively , maybe if he had a run there he might be ok but I wouldn't want him there .
  11. Keep Sam at RB

    Sorry on what I saw against chesterfield it's a big no no from me !!!
  12. That bannan goal

    Be very nice that !!
  13. Hooper

    Everyone has their opinion and some see players and performances differently but for me we function far better with Hooper in the side when fully fit , If he netted a bit more no one could possibly not want him in the team surely ? He is our best striker for me .
  14. Hooper

    Almost sounds like you are blaming Hooper for this !! .
  15. Hutch in goal

    He wasn't he was having a bit of a mare out there ,