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  1. We have had some excellent results away from home this season so no I was surprised by that horrendous showing .
  2. Sorry I thought Sam Winnall was poor . He doesn’t look up to the job to me .
  3. At half time I thought we would kick on and get a couple more , once Monk got into the players but second we were dreadful waste of a journey really .
  4. Wonder why this hasn’t been thought of before ?
  5. If Gary Hooper had remained fit and kept playing and scoring to such a high level I doubt we could have kept him , he would have gone for big money .
  6. Not sure he is incapable of keeping to a standard required . I don’t particularly like Westwood , I just don’t like the likes of you dismissing his contributions .If like some suggest he is refusing to be a sub well then it’s best he leaves along with a few others .
  7. Yes he does need to improve his composure under pressure as far as kicking is concerned , Westwood’s wasn’t great but dire is a bit strong , he has been a brilliant keeper now he gets ripped to bits on here by some , short memories .
  8. I expect him not to kick the ball out like that goodness me !!!!
  9. How did he get away with it , it cost us a goal !!
  10. Good job it wasn’t Westwood , he would have been slated to high heaven
  11. As you say it was great , no one mentioned premier league did they . They beat Leeds their last week , they beat us at home , I think it’s a brilliant result all things considered .
  12. I love 2-0 in stoppage time though get in there boys woo Hoo
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