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  1. I’m a bit surprised by our record there , it’s shocking . Do we play a certain way because of that though , we so could have and should have got something from that game that’s the frustrating thing , Frustrating hmm sums up my years following our great team I suppose
  2. Stupid errors yes but did we look like scoring until 2 down ? . Preston were beatable I’m sure but we will never know we didn’t go at them .
  3. I’m convinced if we stay close to the play offs things won’t change , why would they. Think it’s obvious there is no stand out manager though . It’s Bullens to lose at the moment isn’t it
  4. It’s difficult putting a time scale on it but at least a season if things are going ok , I would give a manager 3 years really but would Jos have turned us round given more time ? It’s a gamble
  5. What I’m saying is get a manager in , this caretaker stuff isn’t the answer in my opinion .
  6. We have to give a manager time , it’s a gamble and there’s no guarantee he will be worse than Bullen either .
  7. You must agree we need to get someone in and concentrate on a push at going up . We as a fan base have to get behind the manager regardless of whether we agree with the appointment or not . This current situation is clearly not helping .
  8. It must have hurt the porcupines , it was a class move after getting booed love it me .
  9. So you feel Lee Bullen is the man for the job then , fine .
  10. Too much so especially as we have pace and talent that can hurt teams .
  11. Big difference in the way we played before going 2 down to the kitchen sink approach at the end
  12. Play off form ? Long way short yesterday and long periods against Luton , we need to improve , look to go at teams more .
  13. I agree , why did we play so cautiously yesterday until 2 down , are we simply not good enough to impose on good , well organised sides ?
  14. We still got beat and would we have gone hung ho at 0-0 or just carried on cancelling one another out , it was tbf a borefest until we were 2 down
  15. It’s not quite as simple as that though is it , there has been tactics since day one . You don’t match up a slow defender with an opponents fast winger for example . I understand your sentiment to just go and attack teams and believe we are far better attacking than defending .
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