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  1. dewsburyowl58

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Yes that’s somewhere I will get to one time. Think Norfolk in general is brilliant , always love spending time down there .
  2. dewsburyowl58

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Thanks will do
  3. dewsburyowl58

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Love Cromer , enjoy , I was trying to book for a couple of days next week but struggling to find a decent price most places £100 a night minimum !!
  4. dewsburyowl58

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Nice drive though and well worth the effort don’t you think !!!
  5. Money attracts ALL players first , if a few clubs offer the same then other circumstances are considered
  6. dewsburyowl58

    What was the last game you went to

    Wolves away for me , wanted to witness a promotion party
  7. Haha interesting assessment!!!
  8. I absolutely love England games and the pub went crazy when we scored , love it , actually shouted come on Wednesday at one point though !!! It’s ingrained must be . Club and country I love them both
  9. Lets hope you are wrong and I’m right then as we progress !!!
  10. I think you are being harsh on him he scares defences with his pace , ok there isn’t always a finish but I actually like him would you believe , offers more than Lingard I reckon .
  11. So you wouldn’t have Sterling playing for for us then , seeing as though he’s so chronic makes me wonder who is picking the England team , how on earth can a player who is so bad get anywhere near playing for his country ??
  12. dewsburyowl58

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Oh dear , just don’t get the negativity. !!! .
  13. dewsburyowl58

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    I can’t wait , well up for it me can see some scenes if ( when ) we score COME ON ENGLAND !!!!!!!