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  2. Sij hasn't stepped up to back down in fairness.
  3. Sounds about right dude. Lesson learned, he's on block now anyway, CBA with little girls.
  4. I said that three times ten minutes ago. You had your chance to show you weren't a little fanny, you chose not too. Leave me alone, do not quote me, make my posts invisible. Ta
  5. Funny you should mention Big Malc- Thats the fella it's starting to click into place now.
  6. There was a lock screen message, dont act daft. (I couldn't click anything at all on the site) saying Another poster feels threatened by what I had put. Now call me old fashioned but seeing as you were saying I was threatening violence, which I wasn't, i'd hazard a guess it was you Sij, it's exactly what your like. Name call folk on here and soon as anyone says something back you run off and tell the teacher like a little girl. If I really wanted to see you, I have friends that could get hold of your IP in 5 minutes flat. Just stop being such a girl and leave me alone.
  7. I'm not banned anymore so it's gone obviously and I can now view the full site again. Anyone else who's been banned for a length of time can verify this.
  8. I never got a PM Just a lock screen message that was there when I came on the site. Now leave me alone please for the third time.
  9. Read my last post. Leave me alone please.
  10. Anyway, I really think you should make my posts invisible or stop quoting me.
  11. Absoloute Bobbar You've probably deleted it just before you did the shot.
  12. He is a fanny, can't help himself. I bet he's not had a ban for that 'abuse' though.
  13. Possibly, yes, but as it stands they've had no action against them at all.
  14. They are actually, because they've had no punishment whatsoever.
  15. I think when they sign other players of the same or better quality that will help him at the new level. So strange how he ended up at city at 27 years old after playing scottish football etc.
  16. Yep! When you see the type of player they'll be signing. Proper gutting.
  17. Really good signing for them, he was a key part of their success.
  18. Still on bout it are we? I was banned for 2 days and your still talking about me. Your an absoloute flap. The mod who banned me told me you went crying to him. Pathetic.
  19. Nah he's a student so not much older. Well unless he's one of these mature jobbys.
  20. Following me around does make you a troll though.
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