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  1. Rotherham are currently a point above us We need them not to win.
  2. I thought he was out cold. Should not have played on whatever if that was the case.
  3. Yes, agree. Not sure what. She was keen to steer Ted away from Osbourne who brought her in, but I am not sure if she is bent. Probably has her own agenda.
  4. Who cares about Arsenal? They won't be in the third tier next season, FFS.
  5. Buckles just isn't the top bent cop. He is just the one taking the rap. Most likely the CC Osbourne is and he is installing his own people into AC divisions to carry on the bent work
  6. I said this in another thread We have gained 6 points more than Wycombe, 5 more than Rotherham and 3 more than Derby but we expect them to win and us to lose.
  7. I am happy we are not travelling all the way to South Wales, mind.
  8. There are nine permutations of results. If they were all equally likely and we ignore any outrageous GD swings then us and Rovrum have 2 chances each and Derby have 5. That is about 22% for us.
  9. https://luxe.digital/lifestyle/technology/brennan-b2-review/
  10. It's funny. We have gained 6 points more than Rotherham and Wycombe and three more than Derby, and yet we expect them to win and us to lose.
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