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  1. It'll be down to employment contracts and the wording of. A players contract is for a fixed term and fixed payment and not dependent on them playing. As Abdi demonstrated. Non-playing staff are salaried just like the majority of us.
  2. Someone else suggested that we cancel next season and use the time to finish this season and maybe have an ad hoc competition or two to pad it out. That way no one loses what they have achieved this season so far. I am inclined to agree.
  3. Whenever a footballer does something wrong people go on about how they are role models to the fans. Why shouldn't Kads be a role model and encourage people to do the right thing?
  4. I have to say I am surprised by that, but I'll take your word for it
  5. IMHO he wasn't a better defender than Palmer and although he looked like a better player going forward, I don't think he had any more end product than Palmer. I think selling him was good business
  6. A true story sort of about John Pearson Sometime in the 80s when I was living and working in Oxford, I went with one of my Oxford Utd supporting friends to see Oxford vs Wednesday. I can't remember much about the match but I think it must have been pretty boring. John Pearson gets brought on as a sub and I don't know how tall he is, or if the rest of the players were small, but he looked really, really tall. My mates says to me "he's a tall lad!" I says "John Pearson. 6'8". Tallest player in the football league. Me trying to keep a straight face. He gives me a knowing grin and says "John Pearson, eh? Tallest player in the league? 6'8"? Well I never" We both grin and get back to watching the match. A couple of minutes later a young lad standing near by turns to his dad and says "Hey, dad, You see that player who's just come on for them? He's John Pearson and he's the tallest player in the football league! He's 6'8"! "
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