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  1. I want all the players to create and score more goals. TP lacks ambition
  2. Is that his new nickname or is autocorrect struggling with Joost?
  3. Yeah, I saw that. I was well chuffed. Even the wife chirped, "Andy, he's using Henderson's in his Jus!" she's not a Sheffield lass.
  4. All we need to do is get more points than the teams around us
  5. Our man, can't see who it is, that runs to the near post and past it is genius as he take his man with him and opens the gap. Well worked
  6. Yeah, that's the Kassam. I've never been there but went to the Manor on many occasions
  7. After nearly a year of pandemic are we still surprised at anything this Government comes up with?
  8. Didn't mean to take anything away from Spain. They could have had a load more. I suppose the pressure from Spain causes 'forced' errors, to use an expression from racquet sports, in any defence.
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