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Community Answers

  1. Success! I think it must be a browser settings thing. On my third browser Microsoft Edge, it worked ok.
  2. What's the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?
  3. I can't seem to vote for anything.
  4. Wouldn't matter and wouldn't happen so much if the clock was stopped. It is only used to run the clock down or bring a penalty taker on
  5. I did not know these stats. Thanks. I could go looking for them. Perhaps I should, it is too easy to unwittingly be turning a blind eye.
  6. Until the age of 9 I lived in Huddersfield. My father was from Glasgow and not really a football fan, though his club was Queen's Park. He would occasionally go to Leeds Road with a friend. I just didn't have a team. We then moved to Sheffield and whilst house hunting we would drive past Hillsborough which impressed me. On my first day of school I was cornered in the bogs and asked "Wednesday or United?" I replied "Wednesday" as I hadn't heard of United. Been Wednesday ever since.
  7. I am surprised you say that but obviously you will know better than I do. From my view as a heterosexual I see more acceptance of what other people are. I must be missing the things that are getting worse, which doesn't help.
  8. I am very pleased he has done this and I hope many others follow suit and that he gets the support he deserves.
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