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  1. http://www.ohl.be/nl/heren/nieuws/bericht/10898/oh-leuven-strikt-aanvaller-george-hirst
  2. OxonOwl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Whether we pay part of his wages and who we loan him to are two separate issues. If the choice is pay all his wages and not use him or pay half his wages and him be on loan, the latter saves you half his wages. Ideally you wouldn't want to loan to a rival but Premier clubs won't want him and League 1 won't be able to afford half his wages (probably)
  3. OxonOwl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Of course they can, they've just sold Maddison.
  4. OxonOwl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    what is your source for this?
  5. Someone post stats on how many points in each third of a season promoted teams got and generally they were fairly evenly distributed. Top teams need to keep the consistency going.
  6. OxonOwl

    Sam Winnall at #SWFC

    When he is fit he should be given a fair chance if he wants to take it. Even if he wants to go elsewhere he should want to put himself in the shop window. It remains to be seen what Jos thinks of him.
  7. I trust in Jos to have fit players at the beginning of the season and not knackered ones.
  8. Who knows? Some of them may be struggling by then.
  9. A sample of one so far; Pelupessy. A bargain thanks to Jos.
  10. OxonOwl

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    I'd be in favour and would probably use it.
  11. We had an opportunity to win and we took it. The bottom line is the most important. We have things to work on but that should always be the case. We know all this means is that we have three points. That's all it needs to mean.
  12. It is bizarre but not unusual. England fans and the British media never find the right balance. There is so much talk of the lack of expectation this time but I think there is expectation but many are unwilling to voice it. I think many are expecting England not to match this unspoken expectation and are trying to get excuses ready. A win in the first game is bloody brilliant! Something that has eluded many decent teams. England's performance was not all bad or all good. There were problems that need addressing and potential to be fulfilled but now this can be done without the pressure that not winning the first game would have brought. All is well!
  13. OxonOwl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Not only that but God says we deserve to be in the Premier League.
  14. Black and Silver, Shirley.
  15. OxonOwl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Every team is where they deserve to be so let's all give it up and not bother.