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  1. OxonOwl

    Jordan Lonchar left

    how did he get on?
  2. OxonOwl

    Jordan Lonchar left

    Has Hirst been involved at national level since he left us?
  3. Can't you appeal a yellow if it is mistaken identity?
  4. I don't remember 1995-1999 There is something I'll always love about 1973-1995
  5. OxonOwl

    Top Half?

    yeah, we'll be top half.
  6. I think there may be different rules for keepers though.
  7. OxonOwl

    Over paid and under performing

    Boyd was offered a year but wanted longer so chose to leave and come here.
  8. OxonOwl

    Credit to Steve Bruce

    I suspect he has already scrawled "F off" on his slate.