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  1. Yeah, I am pleased for him too. I have been recognising his contribution but I had to admit I was losing patience a little with the lack of goals. A couple of crackers and now the monkey is off his back. Pleased for Rashford too. Let's forget about the Croatia misses.
  2. He is 18 now and is on the SWFC site as in the U23 squad.
  3. Thought Clarke was a forward or midfielder
  4. I guess it was only going to be 45 for Winnall. Hope there is no reaction and he does 90 next time. Like to see what Hammoud can do.
  5. He doesn't need to. He just bangs it in the net.
  6. Not wishing anyone to lose their place but having Winnall playing well would be a great different option to have.
  7. Kick off at 1.00pm isn't it? Seems a bit early to be there.
  8. Get stood next to someone who is and keep us updated. Please.
  9. I doubt he gets on with Jos. Under CC he was allowed to manage his own fitness. Jos will not settle for anything less than his own idea of fitness level required. I would imagine Sam is a bit hacked off.