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  1. It seems a strange loophole. I was under the impression that expenditure on infrastructure was not included in FFP/P&S so surely gains from selling infrastucture should be excluded too. What you could do is sell your ground then buy it back again. And the do it again and again... You could them spend as much as you wanted on players.
  2. There are plenty of reasons for Westwood to be pissed off with Wednesday but it is Bruce who now holds the key. But regardless of all that a decent monetary offer from elsewhere may override other considerations.
  3. Oh! Just clicked on it. Penney playing! Great.
  4. Can we have a second referendum?
  5. I have to say, for me, Bruce can get rid of anyone, with maybe the exception of Westwood, who it seems Bruce wants but the decision will be Westwoods. He can keep anyone he wants and I will support them. The judgement I will make will be when I see what team he has built.
  6. there were multiple options but you could only choose one.
  7. Shouldn't 6 have been a multi answer question?
  8. Seems hard on Matias. MoM contender and two goals gets him dropped.
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