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  1. It is confusing to me too. The picture that has been painted was that we were in a really bad situation and that this has meant that the league put us under embargo in April. That's fairly believable but I can't see that we have done enough to be freed from embargo. I would think there are strings attached or were we in a better situation than we all thought.
  2. OxonOwl

    Liam Palmer

    I thought he was ok last night
  3. OxonOwl

    George Boyd

    Yeah, true, but he had to play all over the shop and he just buckled down and did his best. Maybe I am being a bit hard suggesting he has a poor attitude. Perhaps he is just struggling in the unfamiliar role.
  4. OxonOwl

    George Boyd

    Adam Reach just got on with it. I think Boyd George needs to stop being so mardy.
  5. OxonOwl

    Embargo and the new keeper

    I would think academy spending is outside of FFP P&S
  6. People used to blame Carlos but we are still doing it.
  7. OxonOwl

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    Not much in it. I slightly prefer Wildy but I wouldn't start messing about with it. Clemence and Shilton shared the England role but I am not sure you can do the same at club level.
  8. We need to start quickly or Brentford will be all over us. We'll be fine if we can get playing without going behind because once we start we can win this game. It is just this slow starting that worries me.
  9. I wondered about that. Is it an old rumour that we have already dismissed or is it some new info we don't know about? I reckon it's the former.
  10. OxonOwl

    The futures bright

    Nielsen, Thorniley
  11. OxonOwl


    Little between Wildy and Dawson but Nicky and Jos see them in training and prefer Cammy. That's fine by me.
  12. Fletcher looks a bit rusty but you can tell his brain is working. Can't wait for him to start really firing.
  13. Even if you could sell it for 20 years you only get to put £500k revenue through the accounts each year for twenty years.