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  1. Was it him hugging their goalscorer? That was some atrocious defending.
  2. We have four keepers. Westwood, Dawson, Wildsmith and Jones I think Jones is a permanent signing
  3. I thought it might be 'hears' :-p
  4. I think the crucial bit is that we are bringing charges that their charges are unlawful. If we simply tried to defend the charges by saying everything had been agreed the EFL could quite possibly win. If our charges are upheld we don't have a case to answer and the EFL cannot apply sanctions.
  5. My take on this. The accountants who have put together our accounts have their reputations and their livelihoods at stake so I don't believe there will be anything vastly untoward in the accounts that were submitted to HMRC and Companies House. That is nothing illegal has occurred. The club must think they have found a plausible interpretation of the EFL's P&S rules such they can present the accounts showing that we have not breached the P&S limits. They clearly believe they can defend this interpretation. The EFL obviously believe we have not adhered to their interpretation or the intentions of the rules and that we are in breach of the limits.. An independent body will adjudicate
  6. The majority of things that appear in newspaper articles with the word "could" in them never happen.
  7. One thing managers see that we don't is training. It could be something about how people are in training that affects selection.
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