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  1. It needs to be put in context, he did go on to say he thought we could beat them and that we knew what their weaknesses were.
  2. I do think it is a good opportunity for players to play with heart and show that they are behind the manager, if they indeed are.
  3. How will you know if they are playing badly on purpose?
  4. Who are these Hillsborough chiefs?
  5. Wolves Game tactics

    I'd play 5-4-3 and hope no one notices.
  6. is he after a job?

    Who is it supposed to be?
  7. Carlos dismissed...

    Carlos dismissed claims he was feeling the pressure.
  8. Black Shorts

    It's a cautious nazi salute
  9. It doesn't exist. AFAIK there isn't even someone saying "I have this on good authority from a reliable source."
  10. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    I'd go with that team and 1-1
  11. Got to be El Loco

    Wow! That might be fun