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  1. It is not like it was an accident. That's where the ball was and all it needed was a nudge. Why make things difficult just to get a foot on it? Anyone who knows football at a decent level can see that.
  2. it's not just the boos. You can hear a disenchanted chuntering coming from the crowd every time he gets the ball. He seemed to get the blame for the rest of the team not giving him an option when on the ball. How's he supposed to play with that going on? He did make a couple of errors but on the whole I thought he played well. Certainly not the only one to misplace a pass. Get off his back lads.
  3. I was tempted to go with Bomber Harris but couldn't ignore Bunsen Börner
  4. Most seasons we lose against these teams and do well against the top teams. We just need to do well against promotion rivals as well. Why not?
  5. If you had the choice, you'd beat your rivals and lose to teams not in contention.
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