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  1. The way I saw it at the time was if our chairman seriously thought we had a chance at going up this season we were already f**ked.
  2. Fletcher FF Hooper Joao Onomah Bannan Penney Thorniley Lees Baker Dawson Would be my starting 11 if everyone was fit (aside from Kieran Lee). Loving Joao under Jos. FF if he's putting the work in. Think Fletcher, Hooper and Bannan combine really well.
  3. 20 yards!? Ignore that rubbish. Where do people find these meaningless statistics?
  4. Should the head coach/manager/whatever have the final say rather than the initial say on a player?
  5. It's fine when it's just a film though, this is real life!!!
  6. I really think DC needs to disappear into the shadows for a while until the ship is steadied a bit. He's pretty much lost the fanbase at this point and there's just no point in him coming out and addressing the fans about anything while the club is in the state it's in. Start working hard and working smart behind the scenes, use a bit of good PR and keep us up this season. I wonder if DC sold the club for the amount he bought it for, took the huge loss and wrote it off. Would the club get a blank slate in terms of FFP? As each case is assessed individually, I wonder what the EFL's take on it would be.
  7. Doubt we'll see these two play for months yet. Hope the club gives us some proper updates soon but can't see that happening either.
  8. Dawson Palmer Lees JVA Pudil Reach Bannan Hutch Forestieri Nuhiu Joao
  9. I can't say I've followed him his whole career but from what I've seen of him in a Wednesday shirt he just looks like a pretty average footballer. When he's played he's not offered anything in particular. Wallace had a cracking left foot and was a big game player; Reach has versatility, a massive engine and carried us at times last season; Marco has a bit of speed; FF has everything and Boyd has... long hair?
  10. Bet he ends up signing for another Championship club out of pride and ends up on less money than we offered him.
  11. Surely they'll get it right this time. Stripes or no stripes I just hope it's a decent design, so far the 2016/17 kit is my personal favourite from the Chansiri era.
  12. Feel good factor back for me! Hoping for a more organised summer than last year.
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