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  1. Think there's just been more pressing issues to complain about They're still sh!te and we still want em gone
  2. It's almost like the club don't want commercial success
  3. Surely should be knocking on the door of the first team. Better end product than Reach by looks of it
  4. Yeah but what a talking point!!!! Everyone loves a bit of human error. Such a good game too, nobody wanted a video ref interrupting it.
  5. I doubt it evens itself out and I doubt it is the same for all sides over the course of the year. Until video tech comes in we'll just have to put up
  6. What mood are you in?

    Disinterested Not looked forward to today at all after the week we have had. Would love us to show signs that we're going to get back on track but I can't see it. Will be there supporting the team regardless!
  7. I enjoyed the fire shown in this press conference. It will take fight and doggedness to get out of this league and hopefully Sunday was a wake-up call for both the coaching staff and the players.
  8. We will hammer United

    Do well to get a hattrick of touches way we've been using him
  9. We will hammer United

    Unfortunately a derby isn't as simple as 'our players are better than theirs' A lot of it will come down to mentality on the day. I have no doubt that Wilder will have his players fired up for it
  10. Annoyed.

    Imagine how pissed off you'd be if you paid on the gate every Saturday cause you can't make midweek and couldn't get a ticket but some bean 10.5 miles from Hull got one on general sale. Priority points work, might be worth building a few up before next season's derby.
  11. We turned them around presumably due to the evening sun. Always prefer kicking towards the Kop in the second half but today it made sense
  12. Lee & Dutch Kid

    Tell us rest of line up then
  13. Adapting to the league. We've been in the league for 5 years now and have still failed to prepare.
  14. So, so predictable

    There was a 15 min period in the second half where Burton couldn't string two passes together. Every time we got the ball we should have been bombing on stretching them all over. Instead we would slowly move the ball forward allowing them to get back before giving it away.