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  1. FF just behind the strikers will be a nightmare for the opposition. Look at his second goal yesterday. 4 Reading players dragged out of position to try and stop him, opening up space for the front two. As for the two strikers I'd always start Hooper when fit and possibly Nuhiu/Joao alongside based on the past 4 months.
  2. Three things I want to see this summer are: A proper pre-season (I trust in Jos for this 100%) Smart spending. We won't be able to chuck money at it so we can't be as wasteful as we have been previously. A team ready to go on the opening day. Preston away this season set the tone for the 5 months that followed. Not really been looking forward to next season much. More so just hoping that this one would end. However I can sense the feel-good factor coming back to S6 so I hope we can make the most of it.
  3. Modern Football

    These two are already laws just need enforcing properly. I would however like to see the introduction of a separate time-keeper who stops the clock every time there is a stoppage in play. I can't see how this would have a negative impact on the fans and the only teams it would hinder are those looking to waste time.
  4. Got to be Reach. Our only decent outfield player until about 10 games ago. Couldn't argue if Wildsmith won it mind you.
  5. Add it to the list
  6. Is there any guarantee that the 5-year ST will be the most cost affective way of seeing every home game for the next 5 years? The 5-year Kop ST averages out at £415/season. If we were to get relegated this season and spend the next 5 years in League One surely the club wouldn't be charging over £415 per season to appease the fans that took out the 5-year option.
  7. Jacob Butterfield

    Doesn't take enough responsibility for me. Need three battlers in there if we're playing this system.
  8. Pre match music.

    what was on? Bit of Green Day at HT enjoyed that
  9. When they're competing in the Championship yes.
  10. Did well in the cup but should never be starting a game at Championship level
  11. Just seen this on Twitter, no idea where it's taken. Any clues?
  12. Was surprised to hear this last night. Hopefully this is a sign that JL is keen to give players a chance to properly recover rather than rushing them back and risking further problems. Give them all time and let some of the youth have a chance. The rest of this season should be about planning and finding out what we need for next 2018/19.
  13. You do know we're away don't you?