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  1. dani_armo

    Slightly disturbing

    The only things that have improved in the last 3 years are the pitch, the scoreboard and the advertising hoardings which have been swapped for fancy electric ones... Stuart Grays team would beat us and in fact were more organised, and were comfortably higher up the table
  2. dani_armo

    Van Aken

    He's crap another waste of millions I'd hate to kno who the other 199 cb's were
  3. dani_armo

    DC do’s and dont’s.....

    It will start off with DC rambling on about how much we are a family and that he loves the club, then he'll tell us we are bigger than the pigs and will get a round of applause. A few people will ask questions like why is the water cold on the north stand and why is Hutchinson and Westwood not playing...DC will say it's up to the manager but I love the wednesday family. He will get another round of applause then the meeting will end
  4. dani_armo

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Just watch Joao's reaction afterwards....says everything
  5. dani_armo


    It shows how poor and lazy Palmer is that Baker plays in front of him
  6. dani_armo

    Name one thing...

    They are both crap but Palmer is slightly better.....I would tho play Baker because he can actually be bothered to run back after going forward So one thing Baker does better is actually get back and defend - see Blackburns goals last week
  7. dani_armo

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Wildsmith or maybe Fletcher?
  8. dani_armo

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    If I was him I'd keep quiet If it was Joao who has been poor but to be fair banged a few in I'd understand.....but Nuhiu haha what a joker
  9. dani_armo


    He was crap last season too but stumbled on a much needed run of goals - which happens to some players...jeffers, ricketts, and other one season wonders etc, and stupidly we gave him a new contract (probably on a higher wage too) How anyone can say he was good away Leeds and Sunderland for instance (bar 2 of the goals which to be honest even he couldnt really miss) is beyond me. At Sunderland he should have been dragged off he looked like a player on FIFA who is fatigued This season the run of goals has dried up (unsurprisingly) and hes back to normal. Only got another season and a half left to have to watch him lumbering around again
  10. dani_armo


    His only positive is that he seems to look like he's working hard Too small, not strong enough, doesn't want the ball...when he gets it he panics and goes backwards or gives it away, doesn't cover the defence etc etc He's just another nothing player. People are saying he's not a defensive mid - I'd hate to see us try and play him a little further forward, would be painful to watch
  11. dani_armo


    Hated Megsons team (put together in one summer for nothing) turning up all over the country and 8/9 times out of 10 out fighting, bullying and beating teams....Not to mention still looking fit enough to last the entire 90 minutes Give me Dave Jones and his footballing midfield of Mcphail etc, Carlos and his high earning midgets who spend 80% of the time in A&E or Jos and his midfield powerhouse Pelepussy supplying the deadly Nuhiu anytime
  12. dani_armo

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    Lets be honest hes a shocking player Not big enough and doesn't make up for that with ability or strength. The amount of times he stands around and shirks the ball or gets brushed off is embarrassing We must have the smallest and weakest CM in the country....Bannan makes up for his lack of height etc with ability
  13. Get well soon. Awful to hear when anything happens like that to anyone his age bless him
  14. Its the same every match to be honest
  15. he was that good he only dribbled it of play once and gave the ball away 127 times keep up the good performances big man #daretonuhiu