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  1. dani_armo


    He makes me ill watching him
  2. dani_armo

    We've got Carlton Palmer ....

    One thing people seem to forget about him is how much and how far he used to travel with the ball....people think back of him as a tackler holding midfielder type etc. As a kid I used to love him That England v Holland game in the 94 qualifiers was on the other week on BT and he was class that night
  3. Come and pay top whack to watch mid table championship players and under 23's.....and watch dem pigs finish above us for a 3rd year
  4. dani_armo

    Team v QPR?

    This but I'd stick wiv lees and swap pudil for thornley
  5. Kim Olsen mixed with a bit of Sibon (on a bad day)
  6. dani_armo

    QPR Restricted View

    My view wasn't restricted enough last season
  7. There's a reason the same players get criticised in football at any level and at any club.....and it's usually because it stands out that they are not as good as the others You support the 11 on the pitch but it doesn't stop you from seeing that certain players in certain positions need improving - we love Bannan but palace moved him on for these exact reasons
  8. Don't get the myth that there's no room to build at Hillsborough.....when the world cup bidding was done we got marked the highest for redevelopment possibilities etc The South still has loads of room internally for improvement....there's loads of room to knock down and rebuild the west....behind the north there's a the old sports hall and shop and car park....and the kop has loads of space at the back
  9. Can he clap tho and attract 10 defenders to him whilst working reyt hard?
  10. dani_armo

    Sheffield, city of students

    Dunno if this is the scheme, but I read an email sent to all local schools where they are running something where as a school you can sell so many discount tickets....and then your school can claim funding back from the sales of these tickets Essentially the pigs win by gettin income and bums on seats and the school get some funding back
  11. Sounds about his level
  12. dani_armo

    I wonder if DC...

    This.... We havnt even spent big money really just wasted loads on crap aging players on big money, and we never signed the players in positions we needed. I know he's only on loan but hector is pretty much the CB we needed 3 years ago
  13. dani_armo


    Until his goals he was a having a Nuhiu type performance and was driving me mad.....so much talent in there
  14. dani_armo

    World cup bid 2030

    If Sheffield is in the running as a city then we will get it
  15. dani_armo

    Gary Hooper injury update

    One player out of the injured lads I really want back and feel it's worth preservering with....he's a class act