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  1. dani_armo


    Fletcher in front of Nuhiu every time for me. Nuhiu was pathetic at Wigan rounded off by a defeat and a red card When Joao is fit its between Fletcher and him to play with FF....then if Hooper comes back happy days
  2. Yeh I agree mate but at least Fletcher can get about the pitch and has some movement, id play joao and Fletcher and just let forestieri do what he wants
  3. No just play Fletcher. He was so much better than nuhiu....quicker, won headers, played nice quick football etc and forestieri looked much better and comfortable alongside him When joao is fit it should be between him and Fletcher to partner FF unless we play all 3
  4. dani_armo

    The Money's got to come from Us

    Lets all chuck another tenner each in to cover Abdi's wages for a week
  5. dani_armo

    World cup 2030 England

    If we bid for it Hillsborough and Sheffield will get chosen 100% Last time it scored higher on the criteria than elland road...bumhole stain etc
  6. If we don't sell Westwood and hes not number 1 then sumats not flippingreyt
  7. that Pearce cant even speak english so how he knew Forestieri was speaking spanish is beyond me
  8. dani_armo


    More of an interception to be honest
  9. dani_armo


    Not shown anything for me, was expecting him to be a ball winning defensive midfielder but never seen him make a tackle to be honest. Also not very good or quick enough on the ball but hopefully improves this season. The worrying thing for me is that Jos seems to be playing him in the holding role and Hutch a little further forward....Hutch should be playing there as he looks uncomfortable bombing forward and also Hutch is 10x the player Pelupessy is in that role
  10. dani_armo

    Thoughts After Today

    Westwood should stay and start but he'll be off We need a commanding CB but wont sign one We need a right and left wing back but will probably end up with Palmer and Fox starting most games Hutchinson should be sitting where Pelupessy has been playing - he cant play as a more attacking midfielder and is 10x the player Pelupessy is Nuhiu cant start next week, its got to be Joao and also thought Fletcher looked well so hopefully he can get fit and stay fit If one of Bannan, Lees or Forestieri get injured we will do well to stay up
  11. dani_armo

    Sam Smart

    Probably not injury prone enough
  12. I think we should Prosecute his bloodclart
  13. dani_armo

    Liam Palmer and Morgan Fox

    I honestly think we would have gone down if these 2 continued in the side last season..... Add them to van aken, Pelupessy, Nuhiu, Jones etc and it's all pretty depressing
  14. I reckon we will have struggled to shift 20k this year
  15. Can watch all these top signings we are paying to help fund our promotion push.....oh wait