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  1. Didn't we lose 2-1 and Dean Saunders got em both. Remember Villa fans singing Deano Deaaaano come on Deano cus we want some more....to that beetlejuice song
  2. Scouting for Wednesday

    Charltons left back...had a few good uns off them recently
  3. Team for Derby

    Agree bouncing owl Wildsmith Hunt Fred Loovens Pudil Fox Boyd Jones Wallace Joao Rhodes Suddenly that side looks a lot stronger than last few weeks....0-3 Derby!
  4. Brokeback Mountain (based on the way a few of our players put tackles in) *going to run and hide now
  5. Sean Clare getting the Hirst treatment

    Maybe clare has said he wants his new contract to match other members of the squad who like him (in his 30 second cameo at bumhole stain) have done very little if anything on the pitch this season. The club are then refusing to match fox, palmers, pelupessys, Rhodes deals etc...
  6. Must admit as much as i want him to come good i dont know what these strengths are! For me he should have played some games for the under 23s...bang the goals in and get a bit of confidence from it
  7. Jon Newsome comments

    Jones actually did get injured sort of neshing that header.... That's why he went off
  8. Jon Newsome comments

    100% spot on and here we go again with fans defending spineless players who won't even put the very basics of effort in These players are taking us down and a lot of it is to do with effort and desire - who honestly thinks their goal yesterday couldn't have been stopped?
  9. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Instead of clapping todays shambles I gave nuhiu and the rest of em the cheeky monkey sign...hate to think what that bloke would have done to me - might have even spunked on back of my coat
  10. I think all the season ticket holders at away games is having the same effect
  11. Adam Reach

    Shame he can't stand up and put a tackle in...even when it's 70-30 in his favour. Not gonna argue that he is standing up and showing a good attitude and work rate but it's embarrassing to watch him and the others neshing everything. Shameful really
  12. Morgan Fox

    Him palmer reach pelupessy and Jones etc should be ashamed of themselves. In that 1st half today I have never in all my life seen as many players bottle tackles like they all did. Some even 70-30 in their favour. I can forgive a player for just being poo (which fox is), but for putting nothing in to a 'tackle' time and time again I was embarrassed to be a Wednesdayite watching these players
  13. Pelupessy

    Dont wanna slag the lad off when hes just come into a bad situation in a foreign country etc...but surely people cannot think hes played well in ANY game yet? Boro away I would maybe say he was steady. Im struggling to see what he is supposed to be - A defensive midfielder? Hes about as strong as petter rudi and has pulled out of more tackles than even Reach has! An attacking midfielder? Erm... A ball player? Erm...i dont think hes played a ball further than about 10 yards. I hope im wrong but at the moment the games just passing him by...I honestly expected him to be a strong little rascal who was all over putting 100% in and throwing himself into tackles - in fact is there anyone like that in the under 23s cus we are crying out for one
  14. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    The fact that this station (and a station in Stocksbridge) would probably help traffic etc into and out of town means it's likely to never be used again Too much like common sense
  15. Team for Saturday

    Relegation fodder