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  1. dani_armo

    Forestieri Red Card

    Was class today when he's like that he's unplayable. Defenders literally can't do owt but foul him
  2. dani_armo

    Hector & Thorniley...

    can we switch to 3 at the back with Hector central?
  3. dani_armo


    He is a crock but Id sooner play him for 30 games a season and play with 10 men for the rest than play Pelepussy for 46
  4. dani_armo


    Exactly this Fletcher is running on to his own flick ons the rest of the team are so far behind him But lets drop him for Nuhiu and play Joao who looked like he was playing in roller skates last night!
  5. dani_armo


    How anyone can slag Fletcher off tonight is beyond me. Hector Hutch and Fletcher are the only players who can't be dropped at the moment for me. Take any of them 3 off tonight and we lose the game The others have got to book their ideas up...Joao, Reach, Bannan, Pelepussy, Boyd were all invisible men
  6. dani_armo


    But the experts on here said hutch was finished and pelepussy is better
  7. Sounds like you could have been watching Nuhiu
  8. stick the scrubbers on the bottom, tug view like it is at the sty
  9. dani_armo

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    The worst thing that could have happened was him fluking a few goals at the end of last season. His performances then were as pathetic as normal but he scored a few so people spunked all over about him There is not one positive thing he brings to the side. Can't run can't win a header can't hold the ball up can't find a man with a pass etc Winnall must be pissin himself laughing watching him come on before him
  10. dani_armo


    Reyt player Fletcher player of year for me so far
  11. dani_armo

    Megson - worse than Jos

    The way Megson turned us around from the shambles we were in one summer transfer window was shocking, and that win % of his was a joke...dinosaur
  12. dani_armo

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    Fletch Joao Forestieri and Winnall should be our front 4 for the next 18 months...for this season Matias can chip in up top if needed until the summer, and Hooper might make a few before the end of the season. Aaarons is a forward too so got plenty there No need for Nuhiu anymore and then as much as I like him Hooper will be gone in the summer - as well as Matias and Aarons back to Newcastle so that's 4 players out straight away
  13. dani_armo

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    How winnall (even half fit) is behind Nuhiu Is the pecking order is beyond me
  14. dani_armo

    The goal yesterday

    The tackle by Hutch made the goal, anyone else in that position and we don't win the ball back
  15. dani_armo


    Hes not been brilliant but lets be honest hes head and shoulders above pelepussy even on a bad day