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  1. Atkinson 2nd time Bruce cus thought it was what we needed Also Sturrock and Megson I was fairly happy with as both came from the prem to League 1 All the others I was gutted about and i am today too about Monk
  2. He would play in front of Reach for me
  3. Of all the signings im shocked we havnt brought in a left back - you are only as strong as your weakest link. We need to pray Penney comes good until January!
  4. We need a man manager not really a coach, the players we have got are all pretty experienced pros....thats why I think Bruce did pretty well with them he knew how to manage the likes of westwood, bannan, hutch etc Can you imagine a young up and coming guy coming in and saying for instance to a Westwood come on then out we go to train and Westwood turning round and saying nah mate I dont train on Thursdays at my age with my injuries.....I'm not saying this is true but look at Jos and how his style of management worked out. Apparently Carlos was a bit too much the other way so we need someone in between who can manage the players we have. Also someone with a good record in the transfer market - sounds like we need Big Ron haha
  5. After Van Aken and Pelepussy I'd stay away from the Dutch league
  6. What a player and he's so important to how we play. Leeds kept him quiet and we were poor, Norwich couldn't handle him and we should have won...
  7. Let's be honest he's shocking. The young lads we've played have been better. Terrible signing
  8. Matias and Hooper will go surely If we can get anyone to take Nuhiu he should go and we'll probably try and get rid of Rhodes Fletch, Winnall, Joao and FF...we are gonna need at least another
  9. If winnall can't start then I dunno what it says for Nuhiu he looked even worse on Tuesday
  10. cant complain with his recent performances but hes been here years and has never been good enough, still a bit undecided about a new contract.....see how he goes over the next 10 games
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