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  1. Fair play to him he came on and made a big difference for 20 minutes....but its 20 minutes. He's been absolutely crap for the last few months and has proven over the years he's not good enough - we need to get better in on loan asap to cover Fletcher Typical wednesday fans getting carried away, according to some Rhodes was gonna get 20 goals after his hat trick at Forest....look how thats panned out And Winnall will deserve a new contract if he bags a couple against Blackburn etc etc!
  2. Basically this, looked half decent but was thrown in at a difficult time and never really recovered. Always put a shift in and was nice to actually see a full back sprint back....unlike palmer! Good luck
  3. A bit of a daft one but I remember the promotion season from League One and we had won something like 7 in a row at home at the beginning of the season. We played Brentford and they had a big CB with a hairband in....Miguel Llera - he was solid that day and almost scored for them and it finished 0-0 No wonder Megson signed him after that
  4. Hopefully Monk is working out the likes of Nuhiu and Murphy arnt good enough...
  5. Agreed pal costs us about 1.5m a year altogether, that's nowt
  6. Fletcher is fine, hes been brilliant all season but he is being asked to play EVERY single game up top on his own getting battered by the CB's. He looked tired last night but the fact is there is nobody else who can do his role and when he doesnt play we are f***ed - look at the Hull game earlier in the season when Nuhiu replaced him. It is crying out for somebody to play alongside him....Forestieri....Winnall....even Rhodes? Or Harris and Forestieri either side of him? Not Nuhiu hes too slow and static
  7. It's almost as if the council want us to move to an out of town stadium near a main dual carriageway (with easy access to the motorway), and nearby supertam links etc....
  8. To be fair Bruce wasn't daft and hardly played him, Bully has never been the proper manager and if Monk thinks Nuhiu is the answer he will go the same way as the rest Only Fletcher is good enough out of our strikers and that clearly showed in one game at Hull
  9. The last 4 or so managers got sacked. It's the same players week in week out that as much as we like them arnt good enough....and Nuhiu is one of the poorer ones
  10. As much as he tries hard etc he's part of the problem. He's been here how long? And for the majority of the time we have been crap. Get rid, you don't keep players for 6 seasons cus you can thrown em on for 13 minutes to 'do a job'
  11. Atkinson 2nd time Bruce cus thought it was what we needed Also Sturrock and Megson I was fairly happy with as both came from the prem to League 1 All the others I was gutted about and i am today too about Monk
  12. Of all the signings im shocked we havnt brought in a left back - you are only as strong as your weakest link. We need to pray Penney comes good until January!
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