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  1. Owen for me. That spell when he first broke through he was unplayable at times, sad what happened to him with injuries really
  2. dani_armo

    Starting XI

    Some of these teams are basically the same team that failed at wembley, against hudders and then flopped last season. I honestly think we need more changes than people think but we probably are stuck with a lot of what we have. The minimum id be hoping for (presuming hutch and Lee will still be out).... Westwood Hunt Lees *New commanding CB Pudil Reach *New strong CM to do the Hutch role Bannan Joao Forestieri Hooper Subs: Wildsmith Fred *New Full back? Pelupessy Fletcher Rhodes *New Winger?
  3. Rhodes performance at Hull away was for me the best pound for pound CF performance this season by a Wednesday player Then he starts the next game and does pretty well before being dropped for the last 2.......not sure what he did wrong
  4. dani_armo

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    Wednesday fans saying get rid of Hooper cus we've got Nuhiu........heard it all now It will be the same fans who loved Carlos and now think hes poo and the ones who were saying Jos Out but now we are going up next season A half fit Hooper walks into our side in front of Nuhiu and Joao (and I like Joao)
  5. Top be fair I bet Hirst didnt play no more than about 30 games with Waddle and Sheridan behind him 92-95ish. Bright probably played at least double that amount and how many times did they create chances for Bright - same with Warhurst that 92-93 season? I reckon a fully fit Hirst in 92-93 would have hit 30 easily
  6. dani_armo

    Joey Pelupessy

    So far id say hes not strong enough, doesnt seem to like getting stuck in, gives the ball away as hes too slow in possesion and generally looks lost. Other than that hes done ok! To be honest look at Hutch on Saturday, been out most of the season and not kicked a ball for months - comes onto the field and immediately looks head and shoulders above Pelupessy. That is the standard we want, Pelupessy, Jones, Buttercup, etc etc are all miles away
  7. Reading cus it's miles away, shame the rest arnt bad to get to really
  8. Nowt like takin wee wee out of a fat bloke
  9. dani_armo

    FFP and avoiding an embargo

    Probably only forestieri, bannan and reach we'd likely get a decent fee for and we'd struggle to get back what we paid for reach. Hooper maybe too but he's injury prone, same with Lees. The likes of westwood, hutch, Lee, etc we'd get next to nowt for and Rhodes we'd make a loss
  10. dani_armo


    He was shocking first half today, proper driving me mad....but second half he kept trying and was strong and took his goal well, didn't think he had it in him. Please let him go in the summer tho, he can get games week in week out somewhere else, and the fans will probably appreciate him for his hard work this season
  11. Well that young CB and that big hard Mark Beevers didn't seem too bothered cus they both bullied him
  12. dani_armo

    Leeds info

    dont understand why people wont go really. 39 quid but next to nowt to get there, yet we'll take 3k no probs to London, Reading, Sunderland, Villa etc etc and it will cost more overall iv been every year with my young un since we came back up and hes 11 now so was only 6/7 then and never had any probs - same at any ground. people need to man up!
  13. dani_armo

    Mick McCarthy

    I'd have him tomorrow, with the money we've spunked away he'd have had us in the prem by now
  14. We had a half decent team that first season but still wasted some reyt dosh on wages like 20k a week for mcgugan, then lachman, wiggins, matias, sougou.....etc etc Since then our strongest 11 is still 90% full of them players who are now 2 years older and many are injury prone.... We've spent some reyt money since and wasted a fortune and the starting 11 is no better - to be honest pound for pound it's probably now worse although we probably have a better 'squad' if u think we are still managing to field a fairly experienced 11