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  1. Getting to a championship play off final , 90 minutes from the premier is a massive improvement on what we have witnessed , I don’t look back on that day as an embarrassment more disappointment but the day out was better than sat at home not being involved . How we beat Brighton over 2 legs in my eyes was a fantastic achievement .
  2. Well that’s a different version , TF never agreed to it so don’t know where you got this from .
  3. How is it embarrassing ? So the last 20 years have been ok then ?
  4. He’s never been fully fit and settled with us as yet , he looks decent and should get a run in the team , if he can stay fit that is
  5. Of course the intention is to play him in the first team , it’s up to George to prove he’s good enough . All I know is he supports Wednesday , chose Wednesday, his Dad was the best striker ever to play for us that I’ve seen , so the potential was there ,picked for England regular , scored goals for fun . Let’s see if he emulates the other Wednesday fan at Leicester ,I really hope he does .
  6. It’s a funny ole game , someone once said .
  7. Don’t agree , the first season was the best football I have seen for many a long year and not seen it since , Some like to slate off ex players and managers , it’s not all warranted in my eyes .
  8. Not blaming anyone just pointing out Hillsborough isn’t what it could be in terms of volume .
  9. You been to Hillsborough lately ? Think you are referring to games like Brighton in the play offs but since then ? . It doesn’t take away teams long to keep our fans quiet , we lost our voice quite a while ago I reckon .
  10. I bet it’s pretty much as you last saw it !! That’s the reason I go on the kop , it’s the cheapest !!!
  11. I suggest you Try going on the Kop see if you still feel the same .
  12. Yes but if we were top of the league would you be saying the same ?
  13. Boozed up punchfest comes to mind !! Are you grumbling by any chance ?
  14. What a stunning goal that was but still it gets played down on here , don’t get it me !! .
  15. Didn’t realise there was any trouble at the darts it always looks a great atmosphere and a good laugh !!
  16. Perhaps , violence is the same regardless of the reason isn’t it ?
  17. You not see fighting at Headingley last season then ? . It does happen thankfully very rarely
  18. Loved that first Carlos season we were brilliant to watch .
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