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  1. I find your comments a bit confusing , so you think Palmer played terrible ,why ? It was his first cap playing alongside defenders he had only just teamed up with , all things considered was he really that bad ?
  2. Thought we had a gud un when Chris Lines joined us , you know what thought did !! .
  3. Well yes I agree but I also believe Norwich and Leeds have more quality .Stoke are on paper a very good side and I know we will have to be at our best to beat them . Stoke will have lots of pressure from the fans they are just relegated and are underperforming .
  4. We have to go to Norwich ,Preston and Leeds but this is our toughest game !! Hope you are right but somehow I doubt it . I don’t think we got lucky beating Blackburn either . Yes I hope you are wrong too !! Ha
  5. Think you’ve got away quite lightly to be fair, probably due to you being held in high esteem . Ha .
  6. And on paper this is one of our easier fixtures !!! .
  7. That’s true , it’s the justification of spending so much which is the dilemma.
  8. £40 a ticket is £20 too much whatever .
  9. I thought you must be and to have had a season ticket all those years that’s dedication. My point is for those that don’t a have season ticket and often can’t afford to go regular ,will pick the more attractive fixtures based on price of course .
  10. There speaks a man of wisdom !! Ha , we like to get ahead of ourselves don’t we !! .
  11. Can we still make the play offs if we don’t beat them ? Yes of course we can . Ideally we will win all our remaining games . If it’s in our hands when we play QPR , brilliant .
  12. Out of interest You a season ticket holder ?
  13. Think £39 will put most off Villa or not , it cost me £33 yesterday that is ridiculous quite frankly .
  14. Yes so far we have coped ok , I just feel we will need our best players against the better teams we have yet to face . Cautious optimism just now but it’s great to be a Wednesday fan again after the previous regime !! .
  15. It’s imperative we have our best players available, like you I doubt we can make the play offs otherwise.
  16. It takes a team of good players , comfortable in possession to pass from the back . If you have control of the ball the opposition can’t score . I prefer to mix it but I also like to see teams with good , fast passing and movement Man City being the prime example . I become quite nervous when we start knocking it about in defence and I’m relieved when the ball is in the opponents half !! , Play to our strengths it’s working so far .
  17. Sad as it is but not many will pay that much and rightly so , Villa or not !! .
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