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  1. Haha , Perhaps he’s just misunderstood ?
  2. The school opposite the South is good for that side of the stadium , if it’s still used . Permit only though I believe.
  3. Yes I know what you mean , it’s easier for locals and fans familiar with the area , some talk as though we should know or are incapable of walking , the simple solution is get to the area at least an hour before the game .
  4. She originated from Ossett I believe , her brother taught me at school he was a PE instructor if I remember rightly .NO !!
  5. Try linking a compilation of Gayle's diving if you’ve got a day or two to spare
  6. When did he actually last turn out for us anyway ?
  7. That’s a ridiculous comment isn’t it .
  8. Having that diving piece of .....in our team is unthinkable
  9. Greed mate basically , sad sad carry on , you are actually saying oh it’s ok because everyone does it .
  10. Knobs !! You mean different opinions do you ?
  11. It does happen but it’s rare , there are different levels of cheating and it’s difficult to spot all the time , this isn’t my issue , my moan is why do so called sportsmen have to cheat at all ?
  12. It should all be stamped out but it’s how society is these days I’m afraid
  13. Yes that’s why it’s sending off offence , shame blatant divers aren’t sent off too
  14. I must be old school then because winning through cheating doesn’t sit well with me at all .
  15. So you believe Gayle and Forestieri are the same then , if I believed that I would want fessi gone , I can’t stand these mamby pamby diving , moaning ,cheating excuses of modern day footballers that try to con .
  16. You don’t mind winning by cheating then ? . He should consider a none contact sport I reckon .
  17. Agree 100% I would go as far as to say if we signed him it could put me off going to games .
  18. Well wasn’t the land sold so investment can be brought to the area you say has had none for 30 + years ? .
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