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  1. Cousin Steve’s a bit weird !! Haha love . Big test today are we up to it , all will be revealed , Going to be close and tight it’s how we go about it . Come on boys show us how good you are .Keep up the good work Snoots ole boy .
  2. So you think he’s not giving us 100% ?
  3. TBF he didn't start many games last season , maybe that was down to pukki scoring for fun though . Jordans lack of form is difficult to understand on the basis we splashed out a fortune on him .
  4. Takes deep breath and sighs , maybe you are right , hope you are wrong .
  5. Wasn’t the offer derogatory though ? . Letting him go back to Norwich was by far the best option for all barring D.C. it seems . Shame that .
  6. It’s still ridiculous to state it as a World Series isn’t it , who are they trying to kid !!!
  7. Well what should it be called then ? I agree with your take on USA based sport being called a world series that’s a joke . I enjoy watching lots of sports , so if you can only watch Football well that’s a shame then. Today’s version of football can be very trying at the least with all the cheating going on , money and greed has totally ruined our great game for me .
  8. Yes I was meaning reasonable for D.C. not a comparison with the rest of the league really .
  9. I thought a season ticket worked out reasonable ?
  10. England all the same and you can’t deny there is a national interest, it’s a popular sport .
  11. Or a drop in ticket prices maybe ?
  12. D.C. has made us competitive by funding new players I totally get that , I just wish he would see sense and drop the eye watering prices he charges for the casual fan .
  13. It’s a World Cup Final that May well be the reason
  14. England for me , we can soon catch up . I suppose smashing one of the greatest teams around is lost on some !! .
  15. So we have to wait till we are promoted and then maybe just maybe D.C. will perhaps lower ticket prices to a more acceptable level , don’t hold your breath though . Wonder how all the other promoted teams manage charging less ? . Hmm !!
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