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  1. Well now you put it that way !! . No . I’m a needy woman anyway aren’t I old lad ?
  2. Not quite no , just not my idea of fun , I can’t even joke about such things , everyone to their own I say .
  3. Am I being a bore not enjoying or finding that kind of talk the slightest bit funny ?
  4. He has a job though , he left premiership for Germany too
  5. Enthusiasm , style of play , wants and like us , got teams promoted, give the fella a chance
  6. We have to be open minded and give any manager a chance whether we like them or not , I don’t care who gets it as long as they move us forward
  7. Soothing , calming music could be played softly in the background when we are losing , to lessen the tension , stress and sadness in those arduous moments. Music always helps
  8. All I said was players should acknowledge the fans travelling so far that’s all. Lee Bullen seems passionate about our club so that will always go down well obviously.
  9. Think it’s as much about the distance travelled more than anything , Scunthorpe being a tad closer than Germany
  10. With Hughton seemingly out of the running there just is no stand out candidate, whoever we end up with won’t be popular with all fans .
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