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Chris Houghton sacked.

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It sounds like he has had the same problems that a lot of our managers have had in that there has been interreference from above, and advisors in the background.


He has done good solid jobs everywhere else.

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Forest seem to be at the start of their woes. Early signs are that they getting used to losing.


Watched their match against Cardiff and, despite being 1-0 up, they just fell to pieces in the second half. Cardiff could have scored five or more. Looks like the game against a very average Middlesbrough side went a similar way.


Once the squad falls down this rabbit hole, it's an almost impossible job for the current manager to turn around.

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A club similar to us where players are over paid controlling the club. Brave of Houghton to come out and say it’s all down to him, but how many managers did we go through until things started coming to the surface to see a lot of the players are unmanageable.  

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17 minutes ago, 0114 said:

Like yourself 🤦‍♂️ 


Very true I wanted him at the time, the same way I wanted Bruce once he had left Hull city.

My point is that IF we had signed Houghton he would have had just 6 month's to do the job.

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Just now, sethman75 said:

Dodged a bullet i reckon, bloke thought he was too good for us


I reckon Houghton still wouldn't touch us with a bargepole right now.  And I couldn't blame him.


Because of DC's mismanagement, we're set for a few years in the League One wilderness.


Houghton's next job will be in The Championship IMO.  Where he's been proven to be a decent manager over many seasons.

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