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  1. Yes yes YES! Nice to see someone puncturing the myth of Carlos. We played some nice stuff that first season, yes, but we lacked the ability to change it up. We lacked pace and power and were a nowhere near good enough to get past Hull and couldn't find a way through Huddersfield despite spending twice as much as them. Where we are right now, with the players that have left and the ones that have come in, is on the rocks BIG TIME. Squad is paper thin. Injury to Luongo or Bannan and we are done. Pulis knows he has to find ways to score or he'll have failed. That's why he
  2. Yes this. The Cardiff fans told us he deffo wasn't a target man. Pulis is on to that already. Gonna be interesting to see who he picks on Saturday but it's also another reminder that here we are again with a new manager and a load of players signed by somebody else.
  3. Yeah this is a tricky one. When Monk and Luhukay both did what they did part of me was like, 'Obviously they don't know how to manage different types of characters" but at the same time, if someone is threatening your authority then I guess you need them out the way. Ultimately this comes down to Chansiri though. If he trusted Monk and Luhukay surely he would have done all he could to get those players out of the club. What message does it send to the U23s when some guy who's not got the right attitude is allowed to train with you?
  4. Thanks for the input @Liam_Baggies from what you're saying this could be a period similar to the Megson era. As Megson himself put it, "I got Wednesday going again." He built the foundation - signed Semedo of course - but getting rid of him when we did turned out to be pretty inspired. Another thing Megson seemed to do well was get players fit. JJ played 90 mins under Megson far more than under other managers (I think). Hopefully Pulis can sort that out as well.
  5. As if Chansiri would be that quick to sort an appointment. We'll appoint someone in 2 months time who was available all along.
  6. Ron Atkinson on a short term deal with Danny Wilson and Nigel Pearson as assistants.
  7. If he'd done that and not picked Flint on the bench, with Lees being sent off, he'd have got hammer on here for not being able to bring him on and being left with Palmer and Borner at the back. It's unfortunate but we've had terrible luck in the last few weeks with injuries. It's not all Monk's fault.
  8. Come on - what else was he gonna do with the rest injured or suspended?
  9. A new club would need all of the fans to back it or it wouldn't get very far. Then, how do you find a ground big enough? But the big issue is the salary cap in League One and Two. That is a set amount, so having relatively large attendances doesn't give you an advantage. The gulf between League One and Championship is going to get bigger. If we start again from the bottom it's highly unlikely we'll ever get back to the Championship let alone the Premier League. Hopefully a new model for the English game comes about. Paying nearly £40 to watch rubbish won't be viable for
  10. Seen a couple mention Cowleys. Didn't they turn us down because they wouldn't get full control of transfers?
  11. Watching this I just felt like I'd heard it all before. We've seen so many managers come into this club that seem like decent blokes, work hard and have a plan to turn things around but you know they'll be gone within a couple of years. It does make you wonder, if we had some big name come in, either as Director of Football or as Manager, (like Steve Bruce) would they be given more time and trust? The hallowed three or four years required to build the club back up? Don't think the fans will tolerate 3 years of Monk even if we stayed up this year and next.
  12. Ha ha. They can't all be though. And probably a fair few of the type we want won't join a club that will most likely be in League 1 next season. Hopefully all these CBs being linked are a sign there at least contingencies if Iorfa is going.
  13. Don't think our players can handle switching to be honest. They need to get used to one at the moment. Once the games come thick and fast we won't have time to drill different formations on the training ground either. Plus half the squad will be injured by then.
  14. Good point. And we blocked Hirst's route to the first team. Hopefully we don't overload areas and lose another decent prospect like Hunt or Shaw.
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