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  1. I like the look of the 352 lineup. Definitely worth considering how to get the best out of Rhodes if he doesn't move on for whatever reason. I've always thought Nuhiu would be his best partner. If we can't shift Rhodes then we may have to lose Hooper or Forestieri to keep afloat. Then 3 in midfield and 2 up top would probably have to be the way forward.
  2. vulture_squadron

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    He had surgery in early Feb so probably won't be fit to play until November time? I suppose Forestieri was out 6 months so he could be back earlier but can't see anyone taking him until he is fit. poo situation all round.
  3. vulture_squadron

    If #SWFC could get any player this summer

    Out of interest OP why do you think Knockaert is realistic? Don't think we could get any PL first team player to Wednesday to be honest. Isn't he a star man for them as well?
  4. vulture_squadron

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Rhodes to star as the Loam Ranger next year?
  5. vulture_squadron

    Rhodes to Rangers

    I suppose if they can afford him he should go seeing as he is the least effective of our strikers. But if he fails there (lot of pressure at such a big club) then his resale value will be even less than it is now. He needs to go to the Championship IMO and preferably one that plays attacking football.
  6. vulture_squadron

    The future of Joao

    Where's Reda?
  7. vulture_squadron

    Big sam

    My mate's point was that for £100 all in you expect some entertainment and it was not about being in the top 4. I know some fans care more about entertainment than others but it's undoubtedly an issue for fans of all clubs. Perhaps Allardyce and Mourinho are so detached from fans that they do not appreciate the importance of entertainment. For them they are at work and are getting results so what's the issue? I'll say it again. I'd have Big Sam. I was happy with Megson. I can watch other teams to enjoy pretty football. I am a win at all costs person but you have to accept others want something different.
  8. vulture_squadron

    Big sam

    I put your argument (which I agreed with at the time) to a good mate who's an Everton fan and he said there is no way Everton can justify keeping Big Sam when they are paying £50 + for a ticket. He admitted that results had generally gone better but there were games he attended where they did not have a shot at goal at home. He takes his son a long way to watch them and it can cost him £100 for the privilege. I would love Big Sam at Wednesday. He basically guarantees Top 10 in the Prem if he gets what he wants. We'd all want that. But there is a reason he gets sacked despite his relative success. We couldn't afford him probably and Jos deserves his shot next year so academic anyway.
  9. vulture_squadron

    The future of Joao

    I spoke to a Blackburn season ticket holder at the weekend. We talked about Joao and Rhodes. He said Rhodes offered nothing but consistent finishing - thriving off Conway, Marshall and Gestede. He said it was just perfect timing they came together when they did. He rated Joao way higher. Said he was capable of everything and probably just lacked in decision making at times. He said he would only want Joao to return! I imagine most Wednesday fans would agree. But Joao needs games in my opinion, won't do him any good to sit on the bench for most of another year.
  10. vulture_squadron

    Breaking News

    That was kind of my point.
  11. vulture_squadron

    Breaking News

    Carvalhal to Return? A source close to my arse has suggested that sacked Swansea manager Carlos Carvalhal could be about to make a sensational return to Hillsborough, where he only left in December. Confused SWFC chairman Dejiphon Chansiri was quoted as saying: "The fans are so bitter about him leaving I can only assume they want him back. I mean, otherwise you'd be grateful he left wouldn't you? Because you must remember, I wouldn't sack him out of loyalty and he was going to get us relegated." Carlos has also poured meat on the fire by declaring, "I never wanted to leave Wednesday in the first place. I got confused because I had a dream where I built a football team with SWFC as their initials and I saw Swansea fans using that hashtag last season on Twitter. I now realise they were wrong so this is where I must return." To be honest I'd be shocked if this was true.
  12. vulture_squadron

    Offload dilemma

    Agree. And having the younger players around can make the older ones take more responsibility which is good for the dynamic.
  13. vulture_squadron

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    Don't think anyone has forgotten about him. Too many unknowns to say whether he'll be with us next year. Is he ever going to play more than 25 games a season for us? Will competition for places next year mean he isn't over used or played when not fully fit? Can we afford to keep him with FFP looming? Could we get a decent fee for him and reinvest while he's still highly regarded? When would his value drop? I have no idea if he'll be here next year and wouldn't be surprised either way. Class player though.
  14. Mate, I see what you're saying but we need to sign Venancio. Not our player! Surely we'd want another left back. Perhaps Jos will have a look at Penney in pre season but it can't just be Reach and Fox.
  15. vulture_squadron

    Jack Marriott

    Forget Marriott let's sign the bloke(s) who finds all this striking talent for Peterborough.