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  1. Any would be an improvement on what we have - which is no strikers as it stands. Jerome Sinclair - wasn't he highly rated at Watford? Kachunga? Could he do a job?
  2. You don't really get the benefit of a magnifying glass if you put it there.
  3. Don't think I'll ever fall out of love with the game. Started playing it again recently and am enjoying watching certain games even more. Yeah the professional game is a bit sickening at times. Wednesday, on the other hand. It seems that the club has been poorly run and struggling financially the whole time I've been a fan (nearly 30 years). I have given up on us ever being a top team again, and doubt I'll see us in the top flight any time soon. I will support Wednesday whatever division we are in and as long as we have competitive team, I don't really care. At the moment though, it feels like you get very little back. I would love it if we could just run ourselves properly, buy and sell players at the right time and have a plan to make progress, even if it's slow.
  4. Barnsley and Rovrum seem to have yo yo'd a bit but they are largely stable clubs. You could say that's pretty consistent. We have a broken team, that 1 point from losing positions last season is a stain on them. Some young lads coming in but I'm expecting nothing but a tough old slog next season. Hopefully this Darren Moore project is a long term plan and these young lads improve year on year. Might be all over by Christmas if he doesn't get some results though.
  5. I don't think so. No proven keeper or goal scorer - the most important positions on the pitch.
  6. I find the idea of "back up players" strange. Are they just in the squad in case someone gets injured? For me, anyone we bring in needs to offer something different and compete for a start otherwise there's no point them being here. Presumably with these free agents and loans they will have to prove themselves and it may take some longer than others. The back up should be the U23s. There was no point having Sam Winnall waiting to be on the bench if Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes, Joao or Forestieri got injured, earning a nice wedge.
  7. Bannan will have had his wage halved when we dropped down a division.
  8. Any idea why they are taking so long to file the accounts @YesWeCrann? Let's hope Chansiri gets the Training Ground sale in the right tax year anyway.
  9. I would suggest that no one else wants him or no one else will agree* to pay his wages. Or it is nonsense. *see what I did there.
  10. Felt sorry for Dawson under Jos. We just passed it around at the back and he was so exposed. Possibly biggest problem is they are both 25 and haven't played enough? Seems a problem for young keepers who aren't top class. I think Rich O'Donnell had about 7 different clubs after he left us before he got regular football. We always seemed to be able to pick up decent keepers on a free when Andy Rhodes was here. Shame about all that.
  11. What do you mean by normal-ish? Wednesday paying over the odds for players? Cos that's what we'd have to do to stop him going to the Championship. I'm surprised there are fans even disappointed by this Reece James stuff. Even without our current crisis, do people think a player, and one coming into his prime, would really come to a grand old club like Wednesday and not take his chance in the Championship - even for good money? He might even still be dreaming of the Prem and if he can prove himself there next season he may just get a chance. I still think expectations of our fans are too high. Promoted first time? We haven't done that either time we went down to League One before and we weren't in such a mess either.
  12. I might be wrong but a DOF is more of a scout and a negotiator than a coach so not sure Woy fits the bill. Don't think he'd be offered it or would take it anyway. What we need is someone who knows all the agents (and their tricks) and also can sell players on in the future. While also agreeing on a style of play with the chairman and the manager. How many ex players/managers actually go into this kind of role? McLaren is only one I know of. Be interesting to know of more.
  13. Agree with this. This article is more proof that there is far more to a club's performance than just the manager. So much more to it than Moore. As others have said, Moore could be a brilliant manager or a terrible one but if he doesn't have a good structure around him it won't matter either way.
  14. If the club was well run we'd have a value for him based on his contract and the cost of a replacement. If it's met by another club he should be sold and replaced. But we aren't a well run club so he'll either leave for less than a good replacement would cost (or for free next year) or be given a new contract he isn't worthy of.
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