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  1. Depends on how much we need to raise to stave off FFP and rebuild but good offers should be considered for any player. On current form maybe only Bannan and Reach would attract good offers. Fingers crossed FF, Winnall, Rhodes and others can improve their stock before the season's done.
  2. Before his injury was our best player. Got us going from defence to attack quickly and it caught teams out. Really great link up with his teammates. Onomah's injuries have been such a blow this year. Believe he was the guy brought in to replace Lee this year. Bannan and Hutch are good players in their own way but lack that box to box quality. Can't see us improving much until we have this.
  3. We shipped 2 against Rovrum earlier in season and one each to Milwall and Ipswich. All at home obvs. We've been passing sideways so long now it'll take time to get the more direct combinations right. Plus Reach and Forestieri are playing new roles for us. Plus Forestieri isn't fit.
  4. Attilio Lombardo picking up second balls and threading it through for Michael Mols.
  5. Think it's a positive he can play both positions. Bruce can have a look at Palmer and Baker and if he doesn't rate them he can try Iorfa. If he does rate them he can play Iorfa in a back 3. Then he can sign a CB or a RB in the summer when we have a clear out.
  6. Anyone else see the ITV interview where Bruce says he will need to sell a few? I wonder whether this Iorfa deal involves Reach.
  7. To be fair last year we had a chronic injury crisis and were protecting players while trying not to get relegated. Reality is we couldn't compete. But yes, the fans deserve better.
  8. More than did us proud. I watched on TV. Nice warm feeling hearing all the familiar songs loud and clear. Even Lawrensen had some praise for our fans tonight.
  9. Surprised by the reaction here. Presume FF and Joao left on bench because not fully fit. But even if they were, made sense to keep it tight and try and nick something. Chelsea are light years away from us. They passed it round us without breaking sweat. If we had pushed up they would have embarrassed us with a 5 or 6 nil. Maybe more. Yes we don't have any pace. Not a great deal the caretaker manager can do about this is there? Far more important that FF and Joao stay fit for the league- Nando's hamstrings will be a constant worry now. Super backing by our fans tonight. Shame we weren't in a better position to challenge Chelsea a bit more and give them some reward.
  10. No harm in asking high. If a deal is reached it should mean a higher comprimise. It was reported DC wanted 20m for him last year so there is some consideration for age / injury. No idea what the hole in our finances is but you'd have thought anything over 10m would be good business. Provided a replacement (ideally young with resale value) can be brought in of course.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06z1c3f Starts at 18:30.
  12. The Star only says we're in talks. Doesn't mean he'll sign.
  13. Baffling. We appoint a manager and talk about promotion, then release a statement like this. What are fans supposed to think? Reading between the lines this is surely a bit of spin to prepare for selling players? He seems to think it's a terrible thing to do but we all seem to have accepted it already. Surely Bruce has come in knowing all this and is prepared to wheel and deal. If not then it's another decision that makes no sense.
  14. Problem with our squad playing this is that we don't have the pace or quality out wide, Fernando excluded. Bannan would make a good 10 behind the striker I reckon and Hutch obvs in DM. Also the front man needs a bit of pace in this system. Is Joao ready to be the main man?
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