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  1. I always associate 4 with Carlton. Did he wear that or was it before squad numbers?
  2. Dom Howson said today that the hearing is next week. Either way expect an appeal and for it to drag on longer though (his opinion).
  3. Weren't Brentford after him too? They would probably have played him in their B team to get him up to speed. Hope he improves in the short time he's got left.
  4. Can't believe we haven't seen more of Reach on the left. He has a great left peg and we have Jordan Rhodes FFS. Get those crosses into him!
  5. It's not that simple though is it? Depends what we pay him. Yes - but it would have to be reduced terms.
  6. Gonna be a mental summer. I know there'll be a megathread but it will be even more painful than normal because a) we have no idea what our budget is and b) Players and agents have no idea what any clubs' budgets are going to be like. The uncertainty and delay will drive fans nuts!
  7. Jesus that's depressing. Booed when subbed off or just the whole team?
  8. Real question is: Who was the best right back we've had since Roland? Cafu Buxton in his later years? I liked Simek in league 1. Jack Hunt had one good season.
  9. Agree with Malek that it's likely he left thinking he probably wouldn't get game time. Looking at our list of youth players that made it to the first team is depressing. Is that all we've managed? At least Palmer broke in and stayed in the team. Only one that looked quality was Beevers in my opinion. Didn't Everton bid £2million for him? Could have been a good move for him. He had to play with Woody, who was never convincing for me.
  10. Read this article today and it really stood out that, like with the current squad, it got to the point where we had to start again and rebuild. No surprise we ended up getting relegated. Also, after seeing the Sunderland documentary - you can see the same thing there. They just papered over the cracks signing players and sacked loads of managers in the Prem. No plan for the team or the business. We have to learn from this and start selling players at the right time, and having replacement options planned in advance that fit the squad. Forestieri is a prime example, plays well, we get a good offer (apparently) then he has a hissy fit, gets a new contract and now could leave for nowt.
  11. If we had got them people wouldn't be complaining. They cover the extra wages you need to pay in the Prem. Not all players will accept a relegation wage reduction clause and you need to compete for good players when in the Prem. We have seen they don't always advantage teams. Sunderland tanked, Hull tanked etc. Also teams have gone up without them and Brentford might have done this year. The most important thing is trading well. If you're Prem signings are good you can sell them on if relegated.
  12. Wasn't the story at the time that we wanted Carlos to work with Mark Cooper but Cooper pulled out? Even an appointment that was a relative success seems to have been a mess in the first instance.
  13. I agree that Waddle is a good pundit. I think he does provide technical insight and has done, especially regarding the national team, for years. He has, however, offered no technical insight to the running of a football club. Of course he is entitled to his opinion, that's what he's paid for. But Chansiri has a point about constructive criticism.
  14. To be fair to Chansiri, he said be constructive with criticism and Waddle has come back again and not been. No suggestion of how the club could be run, just saying it's a mess. Waddle says Chansiri can't take criticism but what is he supposed to do when people just tell him to sell up and wee wee off?
  15. I think a lot of us find it hard to accept that the recruitment team is a group and that we can't just blame one person for the poor recruitment. Without being an insider, it does seem there's always been a group making transfer decisions whether it was Roeder, Senior, Paxao, Downes or Hughes around with DC and the manager. Yes their chairman signs them off but there is collective responsibility there. I am pretty sure Steve Bruce said he brought in Iorfa, who had been on his radar for some time. It's possible Paxao may have also recommended him of course. The main fact is, no one complained about Paxao when Bruce had us going well or when we were 3rd at Christmas. We seemed to accept that the club had learned from it's mistakes and was signing younger players for fees like Reach and Iorfa, and good value freebies or loans. It's only now we're doing badly that the Paxao/Doyen talk resurfaces.
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