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  1. Just as much risk going with an up and comer though isn't there? Carlos aside, who was well backed unlike most of our recent managers, we got our best 'bumps' out of experienced managers like Sturrock, Megson, Jones and Bruce.
  2. Rowett wouldn't be my first choice but think he could be an astute appointment. He played 442 at Birmingham which suits our squad currently, he also knows the division and players. A colleague of mine that worked at the FA said Rowett was very clued up and methodical.
  3. Always thought Rhodes and Nuhiu should be tried together. Rhodes has always scored goals with a big man next to him.
  4. Find it hard to believe we can poach someone at this short notice, without paying a large fee. Cowley, Cook, Stendel et al - can't see it. If we did get 4m for Bruce, with more coming for the Steves, surely that's for a new manager to sign a player or two.
  5. You say this, Zola appears on list and then odds shorten. Coincidence?
  6. Was Bruce unhappy here before the Newcastle job came up? That's what I'm interested to know. That VG Tips guy said Bruce was annoyed with Chansiri for broken promises- and to be fair the whole embargo/accounts affair hasn't made life easy for him. Don't get me wrong if he's spoken to them without our consent then he's crossed a line, but I wonder whether he really would have if had room to manoeuvre in the transfer market with us. Also, if he's been offered a smaller basic salary at NUFC, knows Ashley is unpopular and the fans don't want him, then I find it weird he was so keen to go
  7. Agreed. He looked ready and took his chance last year. Been a while since one of our youngsters did that. Wonder if Penney will play on the wing if we get a LB in. Malek you've seen him play there for U23s haven't you? What's his best position?
  8. I'm not sure it was a great signing on paper. He was unhappy playing wide in a 442 at Watford and we do what... play him on the left in a 442! I'm not convinced Carlos wanted him or Jones as neither fitted into our midfield. Hopefully, with the manager signing the players now, we won't have these problems any more.
  9. From tomorrow, Abdi will no longer be our player. Hallelujah.
  10. If we do sign Bidwell or another full back, I wonder if that means Penney plays as a winger.
  11. To be fair to HITC, not all their stuff is guff, Pete O'Rourke writes for them regularly and has a good record on transfers.
  12. I'm guessing it's the deals involving fees that he wants to hurry along. Presumably doesn't want to miss out on Hector, Morsy, Onomah or his loan targets (which will have a loan fee) if he can help it so wants JR, Nando and anyone else interesting other clubs gone asap.
  13. Yeah agree with this. As things stand he's only got 1 player in form who people might pay a premium for (Reach) the ones we're prepared to sell need to be moved on soom so we don't miss out on good deals for players coming in. Can't see anyone paying 14m for Nando or 7m for Rhodes in this window.
  14. Links to Cattermole and Diame are a bit deflating to be honest. Reeks of Abdi/Jones/Boyd to me. Suspect we are shifting to more affordable targets as we can't shift any of our own players.
  15. Yes but what if we give him another chance and he scores goals next season. He's got 2 years on his deal. He could either help us or be sold for more money.
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