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  1. It has always been thus. People are entitled to their opinion but all this "it's a terrible appointment" or "great appointment" is based on conjecture. Proof is in the pudding. Only way the fanbase will come together is through results. Wouldn't worry too much. No one is going to boo Monk when he walks out at Hillsborough.
  2. Would have thought Cowleys might be more interested in somewhere like Brentford or Preston. A stable club, not necessarily a big club. But apparently also settled in their area so prepared to wait for the right opportunity. Personally I think their attitude is refreshing. The fact that they don't just want big money but want to build something.
  3. Do you think we went for Monk because he was prepared to work with the staff Bruce put in place? (Transfer guys and Strudwick) Cowleys sound like they would want total control. Probably makes sense if Monk is prepared to work with the structure in place. That and has good experience for a young manager.
  4. Great to have Bullen around, initially at least, as Monk gets to know the squad. Will probably bring in coaches as/when he needs to.
  5. It's Michael Vaughan that has got me thinking there might be something in this more than SSN. He called Bruce joining early and Jos leaving.
  6. I'm just assuming but surely the 'delay' is to give Bullen time to prove he can/can't do the job. Would people be happy if we released a statement saying, "We are just giving Bullen X amount of games to prove he is the man."?
  7. He's given Bullen an audition. He hasn't just been doing nothing.
  8. Totally agree. Whether it's Bullen or someone else it needs sorting so we don't have a thread after every loss saying get *insertuninspiringnamehere* in now. We need to decide how we want to play and get cracking on it. Why Bullen switched to 442 today after 433 for the past 4 or 5 weeks is beyond me. Maybe while you've got 4 strikers sitting on the bench you feel compelled to? Squad still unbalanced.
  9. Yeah they know they're the only ones in for him that can afford his wages too. I think they'll get him on loan again.
  10. Some rumour that Reading have dropped their sell on clause for Hector as part of the Joao deal. Hopefully this knocks a million off the £5m price quoted by Howson.
  11. Hope it's not £5m. That's big money for us and great as Hector is, there'll be no resale value. Just look at the Rhodes and Abdi scenarios. That £5m needs spending on an asset. Look at Spurs, potentially selling Eriksen at 27 years old, to buy Fernandes for the same money, aged 23. We should have a young player lined up that can make us money, as Joao has done.
  12. It is code for Amadeu Paxaio, our unofficial Director of Football who has close ties with Doyen Sports, I believe. Grey hair and beard.
  13. Seem to remember Bullen saying a while back it was good to have these guys because the club had not had specialist recruitment people watching players and identifying targets before. Beggars belief, that in 2019 that's how a club like ours was operating. I know we had the committee and Paxo but hopefully we can find some better value closer to home now.
  14. Such a mess this. Joao and Rhodes are the only ones, I think, on contracts beyond next summer and the only ones anyone's interested in. Will we be renewing Forestieri, Fletcher, Nuhiu and Winnall next summer? Can we afford them? Fletch and Nando are on big wages apparently. Joao is probably the only one that will develop, add value and is the likely heir to lead the line when Fletcher departs / gets injured. I imagine we will sell whoever we get a decent offer for, even if it's not ideal for our squad balance.
  15. Question - Norwich played one up front last year and Rhodes occasionally covered Pukki and scored a few goals. Are we absolutely certain we he can't compete with Fletch for the lone frontman?
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