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  1. vulture_squadron

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    Semedo will have a soft spot in many a young owl's heart surely.
  2. vulture_squadron

    The elephant in the room

    Sheff Utd are doing great and well done to them. They are showing that there is no one to fear in this league and that a modest budget won't hold you back. I agree with the OP that it will be affecting some of our fans. I also agree with the Blade who posted in that we can't deny we look for their results. It's natural for rivals to do so. To let them being top get you down is silly though. I love beating them and hate losing to them but our destiny is in our hands and it makes no difference to us where they are. BTW wishing their manager would leave is a sign of fear. Cut it out.
  3. vulture_squadron

    Get through this season..then?

    If it's as bad as Chansiri's making out then it's got to mean bye bye to the out of contract players, big earners gone bar Lees, Bannan and Fletcher with likelihood Foriestieri and Reach gone if good offers come in. Maybe a few loans to cover the gaps in the squad but will be hard to justify top end ticket prices then. Personally I think Chansiri spins quite a bit ("we're up against it" then sign Van Aken for £4m) and he's just preparing us for selling 1st teamers. Not necessarily a bad thing if the price is right.
  4. vulture_squadron

    Dawson and Baker

    I don't get why people say don't play them they're not ready yet. They'll never be ready if they're not given a chance. Coming though nights like this and being backed by their manager will make them better players.
  5. vulture_squadron

    We need to pick a best XI

    Danny Wilson used to pick the same XI every week. Seriously though - last season should remind everyone that playing every game is not always the best option! Jos has his hands tied to some extent. Top teams rotate (when they play midweek as well) it's part of the game. Our problem is we are relying on inexperienced players coming in while established pros taking up a lot of our budget don't seem to stay fit and/or contribute much (Rhodes, Jones, Lee, Abdi, Boyd, Hooper, Van Aken, Hutch.) Perhaps harsh on Hooper - but he's only played half our games in the past 2 seasons.
  6. vulture_squadron

    Worst Signing Ever

    Saw an article that converted old transfer fees into modern equivalent and Sinton came out about 30 million! Makes Rhodes look not as bad but considering he added nothing and now we're fizzed financially it's hard to look past him.
  7. In fairness though- maybe Nuhiu's getting the nod because Fletcher hasn't had the recovery time and he's been the one playing midweek for the cup games (on account of not being fully fit at the start of the season.) After the international break we might see who's really first choice up front.
  8. There were last week.
  9. vulture_squadron

    The Abdinator!

    Given up on Abdi personally but at least we have been playing a formation that might suit him recently. Could be an option if he can get fit.
  10. vulture_squadron

    3 at the back, what’s the point?

    Not a fan of us playing 352. Our wing backs are not good enough. The ball always comes inside and our midfield 3 seems to lack the energy to keep finding space. Even Bannan gives the ball away now and then. 343 looks better cos the wing backs at least can play up the channel to the wide forwards. Riskier though
  11. vulture_squadron


    I thought Neilsen did ok. didn't look the most confident but he's only played 2 or 3 games at first team level so that's natur I guess. As for people comparing him to Rooney at 16 - come on! Rooney was a world class player and fully physically developed at a young age. Anyway, it's one game, in the cup, with lots of changes to the line up. Hopefully the youngsters will be able to come in now and then, surrounded by experienced players, and develop over time.
  12. vulture_squadron

    Player Ratings

    Wildsmith 7 Palmer 6 Nielsen 6 Lees 7 Van Aken 6 Boyd 4 Bannan 8 Hunt 5 Reach 7 Matias 7 Fletcher 7 Kirby 7 Penney 6 J Lee 6 Thought Kirby looked good. Read the game well and got some good interceptions in and calm on the ball. Penney looked comfortable at left back (don't feel anyone benefits from Boyd playing there) and deserves another chance. First half they pressed us well and our defence looked shaky. Not helped by midfield: Reach being too advanced and Hunt being nervous (understandable on his debut). We're gonna have to be patient with these kids. Nielsen looked ok but lacks that confidence that only comes with experience. Hopefully him and the rest don't get relied on too much with injuries and get the chance to play without too much pressure.
  13. vulture_squadron

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    That may be and that sucks but I believe the Hirsts might not have been so ready to shaft us with the Belgium thing if we hadn't frozen George out. All supposition though.
  14. vulture_squadron

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Once we froze the lad out though, effectively stopping his development, they probably thought screw us.
  15. vulture_squadron

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    While I was gutted when this happened one thing is painfully clear: Wednesday were not set up to develop young talent. He could play more elsewhere, he could earn more elsewhere, and once he was frozen out I think any loyalty went out the window. We have to learn from this. I suspect that Dawson and Wildsmith getting the nod over Westwood is partly down to this. But of course, it seems ridiculous that a quality player like Westwood is now frozen out. I just hope we can actually keep some players once the poo hits the fan next summer and we don't lose all the senior pros and promising kids.