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  1. vulture_squadron

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    That may be and that sucks but I believe the Hirsts might not have been so ready to shaft us with the Belgium thing if we hadn't frozen George out. All supposition though.
  2. vulture_squadron

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Once we froze the lad out though, effectively stopping his development, they probably thought screw us.
  3. vulture_squadron

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    While I was gutted when this happened one thing is painfully clear: Wednesday were not set up to develop young talent. He could play more elsewhere, he could earn more elsewhere, and once he was frozen out I think any loyalty went out the window. We have to learn from this. I suspect that Dawson and Wildsmith getting the nod over Westwood is partly down to this. But of course, it seems ridiculous that a quality player like Westwood is now frozen out. I just hope we can actually keep some players once the poo hits the fan next summer and we don't lose all the senior pros and promising kids.
  4. If we are under an embargo we'd want to keep it quiet so clubs don't think they can have our pants down over player prices.
  5. Not watched a friendly for a while but some positives. Villareal looked a good test for us - very good in midfield if a bit rusty up front. We look fit, Matias and Fletcher look like they could be useful again, improved displays from Palmer and Boyd. Some faffing about at the back wasn't pretty. Still think we need a left back (if Reach is playing CM) and another CB once loan window opens.
  6. vulture_squadron

    Breda Video

    Thanks. Anyone know why we played there?
  7. vulture_squadron

    Breda Video

    Where did we play the game against Breda? Don't recognise the pitches.
  8. vulture_squadron

    The incompetence of journalists is a joke

    Ha! Yes incompetence I suppose. Don't think I've ever written it before. Forum posters these days - bloody useless.
  9. vulture_squadron

    The incompetence of journalists is a joke

    I think calling someone incompetent for a mis type is a going a bit far. The references to Brammall Lane and Wilder show they clearly know which club he was actually at.
  10. vulture_squadron

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Steve, Watson?
  11. vulture_squadron

    Team vs Lincoln

    The survey was just getting fans' opinions. They didn't say they were going to do everything the fans said. But it would stick in craw if we were paying 40 quid to watch a team with less quality than previous seasons.
  12. vulture_squadron

    Team vs Lincoln

    Surely the Football League would have published the fact we were under an embargo. They'd want to warn others of the consequences of breaking FFP.
  13. Except we have a good squad right now and then we didn't.
  14. vulture_squadron

    Away kit 2018/19

    Great kit.
  15. It really wouldn't surprise me if Hooper and Fletcher move on you know. Can't see us renewing their contracts so will sell for the right price I reckon. Abdi and Jones too possibly.