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  1. We need competition for places everywhere, including the treatment room. Bring him home.
  2. Thought it was about time we had another of these threads.
  3. If we can get decent money for Windass and Iorfa we should take it and replace them. Don't trust their fitness.
  4. Anyone familiar with this guy's work? Looks pretty cool. Lot of Sheffield/Football related stuff. https://gutsgallery.co.uk/artists/corbin-shaw/ https://instagram.com/corbinshaww?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  5. Absolutely this. We gambled on name players and we lost big time. It makes far more sense to produce, develop and sell players on or we'll never make the kind of money we need to compete. It still wrankles about Hirst because of the name but also, a quality striker is the one that makes you the big bucks. Will we get another? He's 23 and in League 1, yeah, but he had a year on the bench for us and a year in the Belgian 2nd division. He could go on to bigger things like Gregory, Lambert or Vardy.
  6. Will they be as worried as some of our fans about how they've managed Theo?
  7. Fans like managers when the results are good not because they are an engaging personality. People turned on Carlos when results went downhill. Monk made a big effort to get fans more on board by doing more media at the training ground but his results weren't good. When Pulis came in people loved his first press conference but soon turned when results were bad. Moore is constantly ridiculed for his press conferences and people want him out as soon as we don't win a game. When we put a run together people started to like him.
  8. You are probably right I could do with lightening up but I find the whole big club massive thing tiresome. Ok maybe you think it's just banter with Blades but I see a lot of football fans thinking they deserve better because they're a big club, which is entitled nonsense. Yes there's potential with a big fan base but it means nothing if you can't run your club properly.
  9. Who the fizz cares whether we're bigger than Utd or anyone. We're a mess and we're in League One.
  10. You can drive yourself mad thinking about the reasons behind team selection but for all we know, Dean might not be deemed fit enough to play 90 minutes. Dunkley's been training for longer so possibly he was ready and Dean not. Presumably he didn't want Iorfa playing 2 games in 3 days so that's why he didn't play but who knows.
  11. It's a bit sad that some fans aren't prepared to give him another chance. Horrible start to his career playing in that Jos team when we kept giving the ball away outside our area and he was only in the team because Jos didn't like Westwood or whatever. Not many of our players have gone out and had a successful loan period. When Palmer came back from his year at Tranmere he then made the step up to the first team and has been an important player for us in League One. Dawson appears to be having a good loan down there. Perhaps if we are still in this division next year, he's more likely to get the shirt, but if we do go up he can compete with BPF or whoever we bring in.
  12. Would be a real shame to lose Luongo obviously. But Windass, Iorfa and Bannan are under contract so we should be able to get fees for them and replace. Shouldn't be afraid of having to do that. Not that I think people will be queuing up to take them off us with some of their injury records.
  13. Fair play to the OP for laying it out like this. Absolutely no problem with having an opinion and it is well thought through. Thing is though, calling for Moore to be sacked and questioning Bannan's worth to the team was way premature. Expecting us to go straight back up just because we have a bigger budget is presumptuous, especially when the squad was such a mess before, so many new players came in, so many injuries. It was always going to take time, and that's why people were happy for Moore to have it. Not because they love him or think he's a tactical genius, but because it was going to take any manager and squad time to find their way. Bruce said he needed 5 windows to sort out our squad. Have we even had that since he started? And no windows without restrictions. Even if we don't go up this year, provided Moore doesn't go mental and alienate half his squad and there is a big drop off in performance, he needs time to improve the squad further. He needs more competition for plenty of positions regardless of us being L1 or Champ.
  14. I'm waiting for Liam Palmer to do his no fuss, do-a-job there before the season's out. In fact, didn't he start out as a midfielder?
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