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  1. vulture_squadron

    How we line up today - Blackburn (A)

    It's hilarious how some people cannot accept that the manager might be protecting players who are not fully fit. It's either an alien concept to them or they just hate the manager so much. If he didn't rate Forestieri why would he start him in games last season and this? We know what he does with players he doesn't rate.
  2. vulture_squadron

    Getting the best out of Fletcher

    Not sure about this. Looks good on paper but I think a central midfield of Bannan, Reach and Hector would be overrun. Needs a Beckenbaur or Gullit in the librero role and we don't have one of them! If anything Hutch or Van Aken would be better in that role but both are injury prone so that's no good.
  3. Saw this and got me thinking. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/11/22/steven-fletchers-scotland-performance-sent-a-message-to-jos-luhu/ Would 2 holding players sort out a weak back 4? Personally I'd have Bannan behind Fletcher and Reach wide at the expense of MM. But I guess we don't have 2 decent holding midfielders (assuming Hutch has been discarded for being unreliable).
  4. vulture_squadron

    Todays training...

    Didn't Jos say Abdi has always been training fit but not match fit?
  5. vulture_squadron

    Ferguson out....

    You can compare anything to anything what's the big deal? No one's saying Jos is as good as Fergie. It's pretty clear when you compare their achievements that they're in different classes. You can compare their scenarios a bit. Both tasked with a rebuilding job. It's only because Fergie is famous that people are making the comparison. It's perhaps apt to compare with Megson. He didn't turn it round straight away (also arrived in Feb). But in the summer he was able to sign a load of players (including a captain in Rob Jones and big characters like Prutton and Semedo) and we finally got going.
  6. vulture_squadron

    Ferguson out....

    In defence of the OP, I don't think he is saying Jos will be our Fergie. There'll only be one Fergie. The point is about rebuilding. Ferguson's example at Utd in the 80s is famous and while he didn't freeze players out (I don't think) he certainly got rid of some fans's favourites (Whiteside, McGrath and Strachan). Of course, now we have the tranafer window, you can't do what Fergie and other managers of the era did getting rid of players whenever you wanted and replacing them. Jos has to wait to offload. Like others have said the rebuild will really kick in next summer when contracts expire (if we're not still embargoed). I guess the pressing issue is what you do with the old guard in the interim.
  7. vulture_squadron

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    This thread is hilarious. It's asking whether we'd like Jokanovic but it's turned into an argument about what constitutes spending big. Who flipping cares? When you're in the Prem you can spend peanuts and it will be huge compared to the Champ. Jokanovic has a good record in the division and his teams play nice football. Links to Chelsea and their player-leasing service. Managed Nando, Abdi and Pudil before as well. I'd be pleased with this.
  8. vulture_squadron

    From a player.......

    Whether you believe this OP or not what we don't know is to what extent players are "kicking off" over Jos' decisions. If it's being questioned he can't handle, that's one thing. If they are being wilfully disruptive that's another.
  9. vulture_squadron

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Kieran Lee had been our best player for a few years before he got injured. Hooper also had great nous. Those 2 right there are missing from our strongest lineup but looks unlikely we'll see them again. Forestieri obvs and a fully fit Hutch would start for me.
  10. vulture_squadron

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    Chicken man still involved, Lee?
  11. vulture_squadron

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Not sure it's already been mentioned but I've heard Blades suggesting Wilder is making these comments about wages to HIS board. He's basically saying, "Think what I could do with a serious budget." I'm sure he doesn't mind needling us, don't get me wrong, but maybe more to this than we realise.
  12. vulture_squadron

    Forcing high earners out?

    Sorry, I mean I doubt the contract renewal stuff is true. I'm sure we had bids and we turned them down so we must have had the intention of playing them initially. He gave Boyd a go in the cup and he was terrible. Jones he played a lot last year but his passing was atrocious. Abdi - I'm bored of the jokes to be honest. I think he's looking past them all purely for football and fitness reasons and some players are not happy about it. As you would hope. Shame he can't find a way to get Hutch in the squad. Even if he thinks he can't rely on him surely you'd have him on the bench.
  13. vulture_squadron

    Forcing high earners out?

    I doubt these rumours are true. We're told DC turned down bids for Jones / Westwood in the summer but why would he if he had no intention of playing them (poss due to contract renewals?) Even if they were loan bids, where we still pay some of the wages, it would make more sense letting them go than having them sit around doing nothing.
  14. vulture_squadron

    An assessment of where we currently are?

    We had a good team 3 years ago. We didn't replace any of the ageing stars (Loovens, Wallace, Pudil as LB) with any quality and signed has beens when we needed a future (Abdi, Boyd, Jones). No pace, no athleticism and now financially restrained. Need time to sort it out and need more players to stay fit. Some good kids coming through though!
  15. vulture_squadron

    Grow some cajones

    Not defending the football for a second but 5 games ago we were going pretty well. Losing Forestieri and Matias meant we lost our wide options and attacking outlets. I'm behind the rebuilding process and agree that it takes guts to put the long term ahead of the short term when you're losing games and the fans are pissed off. Impressed by Thorniley this year, hopefully Dawson, Baker, Penney and any others that feature can progress in the same way.