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  1. Enjoying reading these debates on here! Maybe someone can clear this up, but before Mandaric came in, wasn't the problem that we had too many minor shareholders and couldn't account for them all? We also had the co-op bank holding shares and we owed them money? I like the idea of some degree of fan ownership but whether we get that or what we have now it doesn't change the fact that you need good people in the boardroom. We've been a badly run club ever since I can remember. We need a combination of execs and technical/football people to sort this out.
  2. One thing about League One - now with the salary cap you've no choice but to run the club sustainably. He won't be able to pay silly wages to players down there. It will make it harder to get out of the division but if it means we buy and sell smarter it would be a start.
  3. While of course I would like to see us in the Prem again, I will support the club whatever division we are in. All I ask for is a competitive team and a clear plan. It would be good to see things improving. League One will be grim at times. But hopefully we can put a structure in place that allows players to develop, be sold at a profit if needs be and funds reinvested in the squad. A steady improvement would be good enough for me, I don't expect us to go straight back up by any means. I don't expect this to happen under Chansiri though.
  4. Bit of a cliche but are goals the be all and all for this kind of striker? Chris O'Grady didn't score many but played a big role. Kevin Davis at Bolton years ago was similar. He held the ball up and allowed the midfield to play more in the opposition half. Obviously we'd like a Drogba who can do all that and score 20 goals a season but in our predicament that obviously isn't happening. Someone like this could get Marriott or dare I say it Rhodes into the game more too.
  5. Get him and Liam Shaw on the phone. "They filled my pockets with money but I should have stayed at Palace, played games and improved as a player. Don't be like me or your mate Hirsty."
  6. Wouldn't it be more like this, Tone? Wildsmith Harris-Palmer-Lees-Dunkley-Borner-Shaw-Van Aken-Reach Bannan Windass
  7. You've put a lot of effort into that OP and it was a good read but you're only focussing on the first 3 years of Chansiri. His decision making was muddled to begin with, and you can put that down to inexperience and different advisers initially, but the problem is his decision making has REMAINED MUDDLED. It's like he hasn't learned from his mistakes. As others have pointed out, he can't get the manager right and the recruitment and selling of players has been woeful. He is not a victim of circumstance. He has control and has messed it up.
  8. Depends on the rest of the team for me. If he's got players around him doing their jobs well, he will be able to get away with making the mistakes that he inevitably will. Hopefully he will then improve and become more consistent. If a young player comes into a poor team fans will inevitably criticise him more and you could say justly because it will cost the team more. Dawson and Wildsmith for instance. Come in behind a poor team under Jos/Monk and got exposed. If they come in for the odd game behind a Hutch, Loovens and Lees it isn't such a problem.
  9. Disciplinarian? Should go down well with Westwood and Hutch when he comes back. Defensive football? Should go down well with the fans who have been putting up with Monk and Pulis-ball. Definitely happening then. Then sacked in 3 months when Chansiri doesn't like his style.
  10. First time I can think of where I don't care who the next manager is.
  11. A terrible start no doubt. But what is often accused of being love for Pulis (or love for Monk before him) on here, is just people saying the main problem at the club is not the manager. There is so much slagging off managers on here - it's a distraction from the real problem.
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