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  1. Blackburn H Wigan A Millwall H
  2. He’s going to do well between now and the end of the season. Then spend the entire summer window talking about him, it’ll be this years Hector.
  3. Don’t confuse the “general consensus” for your own dislike of Monk.
  4. Spot on it was terrible v Luton but he’s tried to implement a 352/532 a couple of times. Second half against Derby at 3-0 down he tired a 352 and he also played a 532 against Man City. So it’s clearly something he’s seen in the long run but maybe at the time he found we didn’t have the players to currently play the system. But with our form being as poor as it was he’s probably thought what on earth have I got to lose trying it now. So far so good.
  5. He’s had 2 international breaks. During the first international break we sat 8th, having won 3 out of 5 matches. The second international break we sat 7th. Your suggesting that at those points he should have just transformed the team to a new formation despite doing reasonably well at said time.
  6. Think it’s definitely been more effective. Think he’s having to put square pegs in round holes to make it work. But I hope he sticks with it and builds around this formation for next season. We’ve seen Wolves and Sheffield United have success at this level and carry it on in the Premier League using 3 at the back.
  7. Crazy to think we have had a genuine link with him in the last 12 months and now he’s playing in the 12th tier. Although there has got to be more to his situation, had a very successful Millwall loan in 17/18 and still only 29. You don’t just fall off the face of the earth.
  8. Going to be a fire sale surely. I’d like us to pinch Sam Morsy while we are it.
  9. Don’t get why any manager thinks Reach in the middle works. He’s a winger, best crosser we have. He’s absolutely wasted in the middle.
  10. Since they scored the first we went into our shell unfortunately. West Brom are a good side in all fairness. But still my biggest concern is we don’t create good chances from open play, 3 goals since lockdown all 3 goals were corners.
  11. Harris gets into some great positions and space but his final ball really needs improving
  12. Love the balance in the side with 352. Seem to transition from defence to attack very well and same in reverse.
  13. I’ve never found figuring out a formation so hard. Is it 442 with a back 4 of Odubajo Palmer Iorfa Reach or a 352 with Mo and Palmer either side of Iorfa.
  14. I expect 2 or 3 changes tonight. Maybe due to high demand of games coming up. Possibly Da Cruz starting upfront. Maybe Pelupessy in midfield. Reach at LWB. If Borner is injured I hope Tom Lees doesn’t play as the LCB, I’d move him to the middle of the back 3 with either Iorfa or Palmer at LCB.
  15. Personally like the teams to go down that I think could turn it around next year. Huddersfield, Stoke and now Boro under Warnock I wouldn’t expect to be down their next season if they survive. If Luton, Barnsley and Hull were to stay up I’d expect them to be in the same position next year that they are now.
  16. Same could be said of people blinding defending him aswell. There is always negative off the field issues with Chansiri. Sort of eventually have to stop believing he’s hard done too and nothing his fault.
  17. Nixon reported around Christmas that players hadn’t been on time then. Quite worrying payment issues.
  18. Guess it’s like £5 per match
  19. Hopefully he sticks with 3 at the back till the end of the season. Leaves Reach and Harris to be LWB. If the need for someone to play LB arrises in that time Palmer and Odubajo have both played their before.
  20. I appear to be only getting options 1 to 6? Won’t let me scroll down to option 7 or 8
  21. Think anyone with a run of games will improve. Him and Wickham have looked suited together so far. Rhodes numbers over the last couple years in terms of minutes to goals isn’t half as bad as you would believe. It was something like 14 goals for every 34 matches. We may not be able to move Rhodes on now either. His wages are huge, football has taken a huge financial hit and I’d be surprised if we can move him on easily. Be our luck that he bags 20+ next season and then off he goes on a free.
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