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  1. I’m yet to see any sign of a player that once scored 14 PL goals in a season. I don’t know what his strengths are.
  2. It just screams desperate. Cash is the only reason the early bird has been brought forward from the usual Feb time. Everything seems to have been running fine with DC out of the country and within 1 week he will have annoyed so many families right before Christmas.
  3. It’s only took him a week or so! I genuinely think they’ll back down on this. I’ve never in my life known a business not understand their own customer as much as SWFC.
  4. If you ever want clarification of how a club treats you as a customer and not a supporter then this is it. 9 months before a season starts the club want all the money up front giving you 4 days notice & 1 week to buy at the cheapest rate. The pricing is fair for 1 week, the same ticket 10 days later is £40 more? Why?! Have one early bird & run it from Mid January until Mid Feb giving all fans plenty of time and opportunity to buy one at a fair price. Poor from SWFC.
  5. Poor to give supporters 4 days notice and then only 1 week to buy them at cheapest rate possible a few weeks before Christmas. Never surprised though.
  6. No complaints over the attacking side of the game. But it would be nice to see more clean sheets. I think that’s the difference between us going up automatically.
  7. Absolutely. 5 goals conceded in the last 7 days is the only notable concern.
  8. Don’t think it was a horrendous error, but I do agree he possibly could have done better. I would love an experienced keeper behind that defence myself.
  9. Absolutely. Great performance, just a slight concern that we give goals away too often. 5 conceded in the last week isn’t great. But out of all the draws I’ve seen that’s the happiest I’ve walked away from Hillsborough.
  10. Seems like it’s turned to slush mainly around Hillsborough. Penistone Road pretty clear albeit very wet. Bigger concern if we’ve not had the boiler fixed is the pitch. Some very low temperatures due this afternoon.
  11. Bullied?! Seems like there is no context sometimes to Dunkley’s first season here. He was recovering from a double leg break, he’s lucky to even be playing again. We was then trying to rush him back unfairly throughout the season which led to further set backs. This season, since getting his chances he’s absolutely snatched it with both hands. He’s gone from me thinking he’s 4th choice to being the first name on the team sheet. I love a player that’s been wrote off here and turns it around, shows what a character they are! Doesn’t happen often. 0 complaints from me this season.
  12. Kind of makes Saturday a bigger game than I originally thought. Gap could be 2 points with a win or 8 after a defeat.
  13. It’s just trendy. This playing out certainly isn’t the reason behind the goals we score or chances we create. Thought we always looked more dangerous when we hit the front 2 quicker. We looked dangerous from set pieces more than open play. Still think we need to learn to carve teams open more, especially at Hillsborough.
  14. I’ve always said the lack of opportunity he’s been given suggests he’s maybe not someone Moore wanted & came from this mysterious “transfer committee” we have set up. With the options we have available I would hope move him on swiftly.
  15. At 3-1. He should be going to a flat back 5 & playing 4 in midfield. Nullify the game! We have a manager who can’t manage leads & can’t effect the game. Waste time, fake injuries! Learn to win.
  16. 3-0 up and we still concede 2. This is why we won’t go up under Moore. Defence wins titles.
  17. Best attacking half of the season. Still worry Accrington could get back into it. This is where Moore needs to manage the game. Let’s waste time, run the clock down when we can! Make substitutions that make us more solid.
  18. Mariappa? Played 90 minutes for Jamaica last week. Surprised it’s not one of Reid or Wisdom.
  19. Had a horrendous injury. Be shocked if he’s the lad.
  20. Yep. Also played 90 minutes 3 days ago for New Zealand.
  21. Surely be Wisdom. Can imagine him also having interest from The Champ. Seems to fit Moore’s profile of being an experienced Championship player. Still a decent age & if fit I think isn’t a half bad signing for L1. We can’t go through the Christmas period with 1 fit CB.
  22. Wisdom & Reid the standout choices. Not sure Reid would come, I’d be surprised if he’s not had better options since leaving West Ham. Prefer us to get through to January & look at something better myself but I don’t think we can go through the Christmas period with what looks like just having Chey Dunkley. I’m unsure if short term deals are still a thing, but for me getting one of these while January seems the sensible option. It’s a shame they scrapped emergency loans! To be positive, we did pick up Glenn Loovens on a free around this time of year & what a signing he turned out to be.
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