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  1. We go on and win that with 11 v 11. 11 v 10 for over 1 hour is always gunna be a tough task against one of the better sides in the division. We win some, we lose some. I still think we will be up there come end of season
  2. I’m sorry but that’s the most ridiculous red ever. Why don’t refs use commen sense ffs. He’s clearly gone for the ball, he’s not out of control, it’s slow… joke
  3. Yeah thought palmer and Byers were very good. unsure of bakinson. Thought he did well at times but also made some daft decisions.
  4. He’s bang average. Played ok today but Sunderland were very poor!
  5. Jokes on you mate. I don’t have any friends.
  6. Well get rid. He’s too good to be a number 2 imo
  7. I do. I personally don’t see much benefit to Dawson being on the bench. He’s a young keeper that need to be playing now. Stockdale is coming towards the end of his career. Might as well play Dawson let him improve in league 1. Because say we go up with stockdale in goal, next season Dawsons won’t be number 1 again as he doesn’t have the experience being our number 1
  8. I’ve got a feeling Dawson will start
  9. I hate everything about buying stuff online with swfc. It always seems hard work.
  10. I’ve been hoping for something like this for a while. Been to a few grounds where they have a similar set up and it always comes across well.
  11. These players are not that thick to not understand the dangers ffs. They have to read, sign and understand a professional contract.
  12. Why do we have to spoon feed everyone these days? Why can’t people think for themselves? personally I think we definitely should highlight the damages of heading a ball, then it’s up to said person to make that decision.
  13. I haven’t read all the reply’s so don’t know if this point has been made but… we can decide if we want to play football and head the ball or not can we not? footballers get paid a lot of money, can they not just decide that the rewards outweigh the cons in terms of heading a ball?
  14. Bit stupid imo. Extra cash in the pot for them. Just a pre-season friendly. Once again Common sense doesn’t win.
  15. I know nothing about this guy. reyt player.
  16. tbf I’ve not see us at our best. Started following us in 2000 when we first got relegated
  17. I still stand by that Dunkley is the best header of a footballer I’ve ever seen at Hillsborough. Very good signing for Shrewsbury imo.
  18. I love my beer. And id love to drink in the stand but I just know it wouldn’t work, unless we have an area just for it, where you know it’s gunna get thrown about.
  19. Katchunga jaden brown. I honestly don’t know what type of style or position they play. Just bad footballers.
  20. Derby.. and don’t I bloody know. Not ever seen us win there. Every time I say I’m not going, but Always get talked into it somehow. im NOT going next season.
  21. I really liked Brian laws. Did a cracking job with what he had.
  22. Yeah I got mine eventually. Still not happy with how it was handled.
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