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  1. People that wanna fight over a football game blows my mind . I’d just put them all on the park and say go knock your selfs out.
  2. This is what Wins you games in this division. Quality just goes out of the window. If you work harder and win the first and second ball, you will be up there. B011ox all this passing from the back 532 wingback play the way you face sh%t, just work harder and win your battles.
  3. First time I’ve actually seen him play, and I must say I was impressed with him. Was only on the pitch 15 min and looked like making more happen than anyone else did in the other 75 minutes.
  4. BB was annoyed at there player for not giving the ball back and basically taking the ********. BB and there player then exchanged words, Patto then came over pushed there player (I think) then a few handbags happened. A bit of nothing really. No one should have got booked. Just let the game carry on
  5. Think he’s been one of our better players this season tbh
  6. Good. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He’s the biggest snake in football. I wouldn’t want him back here also. Got what he deserved imo
  7. Bannan. Only one that looks like he’s got an Imagination.
  8. I think I’ll be going to the corner house. 15 min walk to the ground.
  9. Do you get to see what’s happening in the changing room?
  10. What’s a happy clapper?? Someone who supports there team? Someone that supports them when they are joint on points with teams in the playoff with a complete new squad? yes we threw away 2 points today, but come on! It’s a point away, new squad, new style of playing, new league. Get a grip man
  11. Did he really say this?? Giving to much credit to other teams.
  12. One of the worst shirts I can remember. It was baggy but tight. It didn’t stretch. It was like a cardboard marital? All sizes seem to be the same. Bizarre kit.
  13. Like I said, these players are on a reyt wack. If chansri has enough cash to pay them, he certainly has enough to refund us moaning about it. credit for what you’ve done like
  14. What I want to know is why the hell, have we only got 1 person on the job
  15. There’s slow and there’s taking the p7ss ok so what’s your thought on signing players on contracts we can only dream of, whilst they still owe the fans money? not trying to be argumentative, just Curious to what you think
  16. Well that’s your opinion, but I think differently I’m afraid. I have also been hit with the pandemic. I’ve have lost money. If you can pay players thousands it’s a kick in the teeth that you can’t get paid £100 back
  17. Mate, he signed about 10 players this season, and no doubt gave them all healthy contracts and other perks. It just feels like us fans are being shat on, and put to the bottom of the pile, when infact we are the fabric of this club.
  18. That’s not the point. £100 wouldn’t change my life, but it would help me that month. And ITS MY MONEY. I’d be same if it was £20. What gives a certain person the right to hold your own money back from you.
  19. I’m looking forward to this one. It’s one ground I’ve not gone too, so I’ll be there
  20. I stand by saying… he was one/if not the worst forward player I’ve ever seen in a Wednesday shirt. I don’t even know what sort of player he was. Except a crap one.
  21. I honestly didn’t think the ref that was that bad! It definitely was a dive. The pen was 50/50. Bb hands we’re in a Natural position so would have been a bit harsh, but you also see them given. Overall Bolton was the better side, but they didn’t take there chances. We did. Unlucky. That’s football I’m afraid
  22. Yeah I looked into this, knowing my luck I’d lose it and have to owe them Money
  23. Haha I was exactly the same! I feel like I’m been treated like a mug. It’s MY money ffs. They have my money and are basically refusing to give it me back. I love swfc, but this ST saga has left me with a bitter taste.
  24. Thats quite sad tbh, I love oakwell as a ground. And that old rusty wooden stand always reminds me of them. that and 7 fingers on each hand.
  25. Good. He should. I’ve said many times, I don’t care what new system they have, no way does it take this long. I’ve contacted the club via phone and email many times regarding my ST refund and I get the same response that they are working there way though them, and I will definitely receive it eventually. I for one don’t believe them anymore. Why should I?! It’s been over a year. Sending money by pigeon would have been quicker. I don’t think they realise but £100 back (OF MY OWN MONEY MAY I ADD) would help me massively.
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