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  1. That's what watching twenty years of failure does to a fanbase.
  2. Bolton had at least three clear chances to score. This negativity is terrible to watch and there was nothing to create an atmosphere. Moore expects the fans to get behind his confusing methods. Really can't see him turning this round, he doesn't know what he's doing imo! UTO
  3. He worked his knackers off & scored the winner for a team that creates nothing. Well done Lee!
  4. Doesn't matter anymore - everything is turning to s h it, not just SWFC!
  5. Terrible conditions tonight to be fair to them imo!
  6. Based on what I've seen, the above is very likely. Lovely Bloke tho!
  7. Hard to tell. IS there an actual formation? Very poor standard at this level imo so far. 3 points are all that matter We move on
  8. Storm the pitch when them dirty b@stards start crippling our players. ........on 2nd thoughts........
  9. Totally agree. Palmer shouldn't be above criticism just because he supports Wednesday. He's been v poor for a long time but to point this out on here is practically treasonous.
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