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  1. Need to know now not end of the season, if we lose 12 points now it will give a massive boost to motivation for the players
  2. It's obvious Monk and half the squad are out at the end of the season. They are showing all the signs of someone spending their last few weeks at their job before leaving.
  3. Doesnt help when the two in front of him look shaky every time the ball comes near them. Don't know why they have lost all confidence
  4. It's sad our whole season is down to 1 player, it shouldnt be that fragile
  5. I would like to see his team with his players. With half the team probably getting punted at season end, i want to see a Monk team playing how he wants to and able to action the gameplan.
  6. Expectations are high because Weds is a big traditional club. That will never change
  7. Dawson for his potential, that's it, get rid of the rest
  8. Wow that is disgraceful when you see what tinpot clubs are around us.
  9. Think he is quality but he has burnt out.
  10. Ah yes the boy Beevers, the John Stones proto-type
  11. If we were a "long ball, time wasting side" 3 seasons back, we would of beat Hull and got promoted. Take a win everyday
  12. One of the best in the division 3 years ago, now it's sadly time to let him and his wages go
  13. Champ would have to be one of the hardest leagues in the world for a team of kids to play in. Would rather us go for promotion than be a frustrating development club.
  14. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Big clubs like us and the likes of Forest and hate to say it L**ds should be in the Prem every year, not garbage like Bournemouth and Brighton.
  15. It's the guardian, they base their business model off bullshit and hate clicks.
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