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  1. If i found out my company is being sold and half of my colleges are being fired soon, there goes all my motivation.
  2. Would explain a lot, especially if the players have been told. Their total lack of any kind of motivation or hunger tends to suggest they all know something has happened. If we have been sold, the fans won't be told until the end of the season because tickets need to be sold until then.
  3. Let's be honest, he has to be better than Dawson
  4. Don't spend big just smart. Look at what Bruce brought in at the start of the season with little to no money, do more of that but better and by getting rid of the driftwood we should be well.
  5. Don't know if this has been asked but what does it matter if we have a billionaire owner? The FA seem to only care about club revenue so how would a billionaire actually benefit us if he cant spend any of his money?
  6. Need to know now not end of the season, if we lose 12 points now it will give a massive boost to motivation for the players
  7. It's obvious Monk and half the squad are out at the end of the season. They are showing all the signs of someone spending their last few weeks at their job before leaving.
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