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  1. sethman75

    Contract it is.......

    So what if he stays for an other 18 months? He will still be one of the best keepers in the league then. Ship has sailed now though, what a disgraceful way Chansiri has handled this.
  2. Why doesn't DC create a new advertising company that pays the club 15m per season for advertising rights? Every other club seems to get around like that, why can't we??
  3. The combination of Lees and Dawson is terrible. Neither have any confidence on the ball which may be ok when you are more direct but Jos seems to insist we play out from the back. Everybody can see it as soon as the ball goes near them, especially the opposition.
  4. sethman75


    Problem is he is slow to move, doesn't talk to the defence and has trouble kicking. Three major problems for a keeper. This whole Westwood situation is bloody ridiculous, he is one of the best in the entire league and we are not playing him. Unbelievable.
  5. sethman75

    Keeper comparisons

    This. After seeing Dawson at fault more than a few times now, i'm starting to think he isn't anywhere near ready to be first choice. It's such a critical position that you can't leave someone in there and hope that he improves. Jos needs to bench him for his own good
  6. sethman75

    Last nights ref

    Ref was itching to give even the smallest foul the whistle. Killed the game as a spectacle.
  7. sethman75


    Dawson was pretty average. Their goal was pretty save able, he was too slow which is worrying. Not to mention he can't kick to save himself which is almost critical for a modern keeper. What has Wildsmith done to be considered second choice? Seeing both him and Dawson for a few games now i think Wildsmith is by far the superior keeper.
  8. sethman75

    The deluded at it again

    You have to ask yourself why players are not moving on and big wages is most likely the cause. They won't get that anywhere else. Thanks Carlos.
  9. The problem isn't with us signing new players because we already have a good squad. The issue is that every other team signs new players and many will make them better than what we have right now.
  10. sethman75

    Potential new signing...

    Don't have to be a genius to realize that that is a good deal
  11. sethman75

    hirst to united

    Has there been a single player that Mourinho has brought through the youth setup and not ruined their career? Stupid move at every level
  12. sethman75

    Slaven Bilic is the one

    My WH mate couldn't wait to get rid of him. Not what we need after CC
  13. sethman75

    Next manager odds

    Would love Pearson out of that lot. He is slightly insane but would shoot a rocket under all the underperformers in the team like Rhodes and turn them into hungry beasts. Pearson is also a fantastic team builder. Pretty easy decision for me
  14. sethman75


    MOM for me last night. Takes the pressure off Bannan which allows him to create more. Simple, tidy and good worker. Great player for us in a critical position.
  15. Mostly got it right except Leon Clarke The clown is still garbage. Even a garbage player has a good patch now and then, he will go back to crap again soon.