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  1. sethman75

    Ground Sold !

    Well i hope this is the case. We need some serious player upgrades right across the park.
  2. sethman75

    Adam Reach

    The most improved player in our team by a long shot. Prem teams have been noticing for sure. Can't see him still here next season. Good on him, he will be another Chris Brunt.
  3. sethman75

    One year ago today...

    Such a shame. When he first came to the club he was scoring freely and we looked like we were going up. Was saying to a mate, it wouldn't have surprised me if he got into the England squad if he kept going that trajectory. As we know it didn't turn out that way.
  4. sethman75

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Please for the love of God sign up a midfielder like Mo Diame or Tom Huddlestone.
  5. sethman75

    Jos banned mushrooms

    https://outline.com This site is your friend for any site with a paywall.
  6. sethman75

    Today's line up

    Well it just proves how totally inept Jos was. Westwood is the best keeper in the league and he hung poor Dawson out to dry week after week when he obviously wasn't ready. Good riddance to bad trash
  7. If it's true well it's a fantastic appointment.
  8. sethman75

    Jos Gone ?

    So he will be appointed boxing day...CONFIRMED!!!!
  9. sethman75

    Jos Gone ?

    How hard can it be to get Fat Sam in until the end of the season?
  10. sethman75


    I hope so. Bruce knows how to build a team for promotion. When we played Hull in the playoff, it was boys against men. Hull dominated us on every level. That's what it takes to get us promoted.
  11. sethman75

    Contract it is.......

    So what if he stays for an other 18 months? He will still be one of the best keepers in the league then. Ship has sailed now though, what a disgraceful way Chansiri has handled this.
  12. Why doesn't DC create a new advertising company that pays the club 15m per season for advertising rights? Every other club seems to get around like that, why can't we??
  13. The combination of Lees and Dawson is terrible. Neither have any confidence on the ball which may be ok when you are more direct but Jos seems to insist we play out from the back. Everybody can see it as soon as the ball goes near them, especially the opposition.
  14. sethman75


    Problem is he is slow to move, doesn't talk to the defence and has trouble kicking. Three major problems for a keeper. This whole Westwood situation is bloody ridiculous, he is one of the best in the entire league and we are not playing him. Unbelievable.