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  1. Jos tried that and they weren't good enough. No thanks
  2. Looks more hungry than i have seen for years. Good for us
  3. Players that signed thought Bruce was going to be manager so it was all him and his staff. At least he did this one last thing for us before he bailed. Kadeem is a star
  4. If Chelsea can bring in the inexperienced Lampard, we can bring in the legend Nilsson. Make it so
  5. Would take the crazy SOB for sure.
  6. I can't recall the last time we had pace on the wings and someone who just wrecks defences. The fact we got him on a free is mind blowing.
  7. If we got him for 1m well it might be one of the buys of the season
  8. Love how he anticipates tackles and pinches the ball then sets up attacks. A rare quality
  9. Has anybody mentioned Jordan Mutch? Good age, great experience, on a free and a great option to have when the inevitable Hutch or Lee injury happens.
  10. Add Jordan Mutch to the mix and i will be pretty happy
  11. I think Moyes works well in a "safe" environment and let's be honest if he came here he would be one of the safest managers in English football.
  12. I hope we don't sign Mile. He would of been great 2 or 3 seasons ago but now is slower than ever. Imagine an older slower Hutch and that is Mile right now. No thanks
  13. Sounds pretty done and dusted. Said his goodbyes to the club. Only knocked back Norwich last season because he didn't want to move his family last year but seems ready to now. Captain for the past 2 years and still only 28. Sounds really good value on a free
  14. If there is a coach to give an out or sorts defender confidence it's Steve Bruce. Could be like a new signing when Hector leaves.
  15. Give Chelsea 250k to loan him next season, then sign him on a free.
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