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  1. Let's be honest, we are going nowhere with this current squad. It's long overdue they are all let go and we can move forward. We haven't progressed since the playoff final
  2. By far the best name out of the dross being banded about as favorites. Dross like Joey Barton and Mick Mccarthy should be nowhere near our club
  3. When was the last time an eastern european player has come to the Weds and done well? FFS we couldn't even make Darko Kovacevic look good here and he was an excellent player
  4. 400k for a Prem team is lunch money for the week. Needs to be 2-3m at least and thats a steal
  5. It's like at work you hear about this new guy coming in that blitzed the interview, had a great resume and then on his first day you ask him to double click on an app on his computer to start up work for the day and he says "what do you mean double click"........fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! DC just leave.
  6. It's what a proper owner would do, alas we are stuck with DC. He needs to put someone in place to keep us up this season then sell next year. Best case scenario
  7. I know it's DC but he needs to sell the mission for this season is stay up. Then a proper plan put in place starting next season for the next 10 years Howe has done that before and Pearson has helped teams stay up before.
  8. Get Howe or Pearson in now like should have been done a couple of months ago.
  9. We could only wish for someone with as much forward thinking and planning as Monchi. It's what our club has never had in my lifetime.
  10. This season sign 3 players that keep us up. End of the season we plan for the next 10 years, long term thinking, planning and make a real proper plan to get us to the EPL and stay there. I like the RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg style of planning, they should be the template for us.
  11. Please just leave and get somebody who at least can hire people that know how to run a football club
  12. One of my favourite recent players, wish we had him in form right now. One of the only players we have had in 20 years that can cross a ball properly.
  13. Would be happy to see that entire list gone. Pulis recruited well in his previous jobs, he can build a team to how he likes it. Probably the only reason he took the job.
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