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  1. For me he is a much more hard working defensive player where Mass is more creative. We could use both for sure.
  2. Any news on Jackson Irvine? Dude is a free agent and better than what we have. It's a no brainer
  3. Have always rated him above Dawson. He will make a mistake or two like every keeper but over a season he is a much better keeper and should always be our #1
  4. Imagine 2 or 3 years ago we said our front two would be Wickham and Rhodes. If we can get them back to the level we know they can be, what a forward line.
  5. He might be interested in playing again after Hutch leaves.
  6. Not sad to see any of them go but for free is a joke. I hope other clubs are as incompetent as ours so we can replace them
  7. Chansiri should be signing him ASAP. Not only is he an upgrade on what we have now but is a good age and will only increase in value. Come on this is exactly the kind of player we need to go forward.
  8. We will be looking for a huge clearout......to pay the bills.
  9. Sad to say it but bye Fessi, peaked 3 years ago. I wish we had that version of Fessi back.
  10. They have been good servants but both need to go
  11. Ah, the sky was the limit for us then
  12. That game against Brighton in the playoff, i thought the sky was the limit
  13. Well it would be nice to get an owner that can actually move players that are not needed out of the club and off the wage bill.
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