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  1. yeah, I got told off a few times for standing. it's tricky because I understand that people can't stand for 90 minutes, and I don't want to spoil it for others, but part of me thinks... it's a massive game! we all know that standing creates a better atmosphere, and the selfish part of me just thinks, sod ya, I'm standing and enjoying myself. overall, I thought the atmosphere was class.
  2. Yeah it’s gunna be horrid. Good luck tho mate. And if you win I hope you go all the way.
  3. Do you recon Sunderland are happy with a 1-0 advance? I think a lot of them will say no.
  4. Do you actually think Moore told the players to go and lump it forward for our small strikers to win in against two big cbs… when all season we’ve tried to get the ball down and play? Flipping heck
  5. Yeah, played in a friendly v Lincoln I think it was??
  6. Not gunna lie, I think you’ll beat us at your place, but i think we will win at ours. it’s just a case of who scores more for me
  7. Just don’t understand why they do it. If someone has done it or thinks it’s acceptable, can you tell me why? I’m not looking for an argument, I’m genuinely curious
  8. People that run on the pitch are the sort of people that walk around with 35p energy drinks from premier.
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