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  1. Buddy Repperton

    Hutch will start at RCB

    Until he gets injured.
  2. Buddy Repperton

    Question re: transfer window

    Because football is bent.
  3. Buddy Repperton

    Out of interest

    At a time when top flight clubs are spending ridiculous amounts of money on players, Wednesday finally have a wealthy owner, but we are restricted from strengthening our squad because of regulations which benefit no-one and are regularly ignored anyway. You couldn't make this stuff up. People question why Wednesday fans seem to accept mediocrity? Because we don't seem to have any choice! Lets hope & pray that our current manager & playing squad can produce the goods, against all the odds.
  4. Buddy Repperton

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    What no 'big' clubs in for him yet??
  5. Buddy Repperton

    Sign him up!

    Get the wee man signed up.
  6. Buddy Repperton

    Has Jo’s seen something in Palmer

    Pretty much bang-on, every word 100% agree - really hoping they'll be bringing in a loan or freebie r/l wing back. Financial restrictions or not, most opposition managers will exploit this major weakness in Wednesdays side.
  7. Buddy Repperton

    Chris Waddle - #SWFC LEGEND

    The Messiah!
  8. Buddy Repperton

    What they up to?

    Hope they're trying to bring in a replacement for Hunt :-)
  9. Buddy Repperton

    Elev8 done it again

  10. Buddy Repperton

    Atomic Kitten

    Time to get rid of that,long since,worn out joke, freeloading kop 'band' all together FFS!
  11. Buddy Repperton

    Clare tho!

  12. So Forest can spend what they like can they? FFP = BS
  13. Buddy Repperton

    Elev8 done it again

    Personally I'd take Adidas over the amateurish shambles we're offered anyday!
  14. Are they waving Winnall off to the pig sty?