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  1. The EFL are an utter joke! Good to know it's not just us trying to find ways of competing with parachute payment clubs.
  2. He's got Sheffield Wednesday to sixth in the championship. Under all the circumstances, that is some achievement IMO Regardless of how he answers questions at press conferences. Keep up the good work Garry!
  3. Anyone would think the efl had something against us
  4. Give the lad a break he's only just started his career. GM will know what's best in regards to the right back position.
  5. No way of predicting what this team is gonna do, so best to keep expectation low & hope we turn up against that awful blackburn side next week! UTO
  6. Beggars can't be choosers. All the teams around us are after quality strikers and all the best available will probably go elsewhere. So if Wickham is all we're gonna get then so be it.
  7. Me included - full credit to him, Well done!
  8. Ayling the biggest C-word for me. Goes down under any contact (like so many in this league tbf). Always though Bamford was cr@p also. L**ds try and knock it around like Real but they had nothing today.
  9. Far as I'm aware, preston aren't being investigated for breaking P&S rules. Smartarse!
  10. Maybe the people running preston know what they're doing!!
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