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  1. Buddy Repperton

    We Aren't Happy Bunnies

    Just the star poo stirring,creating problems at Hillsborough that dont exist,as usual. Like with RSufc - best avoided if you follow Wednesday imo!
  2. Buddy Repperton

    Standing ovation for Rob Staton

    * distant sound of crickets*
  3. Buddy Repperton

    BREAKING: Sheffield Wednesday agree BBC commentary deal

    Just hope the ifollow away game audio won't be using the RS commentary. Been great so far not having to endure that wednesday hating, pro blades garbage.
  4. Buddy Repperton

    Joao News?

    On paper we have attacking options most championship clubs would envy. In reality only Nuhiu available!!
  5. Buddy Repperton

    Squad Value

    Dream on!!
  6. Buddy Repperton

    The Championship just got all serious

    It's all a total sham anyway. There's different rules for different clubs.
  7. Buddy Repperton


    So far looks a tidy player. Sitting in front of back 4!
  8. Oh that's alright then!
  9. Cheers FA. Shafted again!
  10. Buddy Repperton

    Are we trusting him yet?

    The Cult
  11. Buddy Repperton

    FF - potential ban

    Its Sheffield Wednesday. They'll throw the book at him!
  12. Buddy Repperton

    What a day

    Great news! Good on ya Bazza UTO
  13. Buddy Repperton

    Youth Players Tonight

    "Oreyt Yoooof!"
  14. Buddy Repperton

    Tonight’s attendance

    Yeah, bloody season ticket holders, like me who have spent £700 plus of our hard earned, missing matches - what a disgrace! Call themselves supporters!!
  15. Buddy Repperton

    The Abdinator!

    Great news! UTO