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  1. Hmmmmmm.........Isnt there another club not too far from S6, having a lot of luck with this "Style" of play?
  2. Maybe DC convinced Bruce to join by telling him we're gonna do a "Wolves/Leicester/Bournemouth etc " and totally ignore the EFL rules. Sign a load of prem quality players to give us a good chance next season. But, really in the sh ! t if we don't get promoted
  3. Agree, great user of the ball, the heartbeat of the side when he's up for it. Obviously loves playing for Wednesday, runs his nuts off, always acknowledges the supporters. Quality stuff Bazza
  4. Really hope not. Sick of players who can only manage a couple of games, then out injured. No good to us, no matter how talented imo.
  5. Yes we all know how bad Luhukay did. I'd like to know who's idea it was to appoint him in the first place, as they're the one to blame!
  6. If we finish well, regardless of play-offs, it should mean we can attract the more decent players available, if we're allowed to that is. Good stuff SB
  7. Pelupessy lost his man for their 1st tho!
  8. Compared to how boyd is doing now he'll look like Lionel Messi!
  9. Let's not forget the all important "....1st Goal in Premier League History!!"
  10. Does this mean that Forestieri is no longer injured & available to be picked, or has he "vanished" like so many before him at S6 ??
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