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  1. Amazed if this comes off. Really hope we can get his wages off our books and use the money we'd save for our benefit. Shame his signing has been an expensive failure - I always used to say,when he was scoring for fun, that if Wednesday signed him he'd dry up!!
  2. This is still a worrying fact for me also. To think what this mob have cost our club is frightening & even with Bruce we can't get rid of them. It would be interesting to know the real reasons why this bloke is still sniffing round Sheffield Wednesday.
  3. Yes we get it. Pigs have got promoted to the prem, now have more money to spend than us & can buy all our best players. Big Deal!
  4. Don't want him back. Don't care what happens to him, greedy b astard!
  5. Wish this "Nixon" guy would F right off!
  6. FF not a big enough thug for the scrubbers - total horse sh I t!
  7. Excellent news this. Lots of championship clubs are gonna be using this high intensity, high energy, pressing game in future & we really need to be able to compete with it. Spot on Bruce!
  8. Truly awesome strike Nando, worthy of Messi himself!!
  9. Can't be Doyen- no large transfer fee to be shared out
  10. Good that we're finally looking further than Watford, Middlesborough,Burnley & Portugal!!!
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