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  1. God I Miss This Team

    Waddle's pass tho!
  2. Forestieri appreciation thread

    Vital that we keep Nando next season. If madine is worth 6 mill whats the little maestro worth. Others will come sniffing round so hope we put £20 million on him. Best player in this league totally - worth season ticket price to see him!!
  3. Fraser Preston

    If he's any good, some agent will whisper in his ear that he shouldn't bother trying to play for this tripe & he'll get loadsamoney elsewhere. Then we'll never see them again. There's a theme developing............
  4. Bottom Three

    F that C word!
  5. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Another thick, greedy kid who thinks he's gonna be playing for Man City next season after a couple of games in the championship. Good riddance. How come this doesn't happen to the pigs youngsters?
  6. Lucas Joao

    Our problems are not in the attacking department. Our defence and midfield has little or no quality whatsoever (other than Bannan, possibly Lee). Bannan is the only player capable of making things happen attack wise and has been badly missed again recently. Due to the awful recruitment and our naive chairman being roundly fleeced, we are saddled with poor players who will come up short time and again Reach, Wallace, Jones, Palmer, Boyd - not good enough for top ten championship. Abdi, Hutchinson - crocks, no good to anyone, sat in the stands most games. Other than Tom Lees there's not much quality at the back (Pudil won't last another long season at this level). No-one seems to know which option is best for goalkeeper position either. We are absolutely crying out for some fast wide players, an outlet for when we gain possession and a supply line to our strikers - Hooper, Nuhui , Joao, FF , Rhodes, Fletcher - all well capable of scoring goals at this level IF they get opportunities which decent wingers/ midfield players will provide. We currently have neither of these options. I, like many, have no idea how much money we have to bring in new additions to solve these problems and am aware that we are stuck with most of the garbage for at least another season but I hope to god someone at the club can see what people in the stands can see and will look to recruit defenders and midfield/ wingers (we don't need to spend £££, the pigs can do it). Over to you Either way I'll be sat in the stand watching it! UTO
  7. Reach - over not around

    He's not much better than either of them. We'll not go up with players like Reach, get rid.
  8. Reach - over not around

    He's not gonna get any better and has been shocking recently.Time to cash in if we can get some of the 5 mill back and get someone with pace. We've got too many average players.
  9. Defenders Midfielders Wingers Just a thought!
  10. Oh. and hold on to Forstieri for god sake!!
  11. Very low expectation this time as we're skint. Hopefully we'll prepare much better pre-season, not just the annual fortnight to Portugal, few beers & a couple of kick abouts, proper, rigorous, training & fitness programs, maybe some of the deadwood leaving but I have a bad feeling that it will be the same ol' faces (feces) but wearing stripes if the chairman can at least get that right for once.
  12. Good riddance, hope all the money makes it better!