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  1. Fulham are also purveyors of the "dark arts" .So expect some preston/QPR style - going to ground under any slight contact, stopping free kicks, time wasting etc. Prey for decent officials - for once!!!
  2. Cheers! That was the point I was trying to make. I guess some on here are either very sensitive or have no sense of humour (sob,sob)!
  3. Send Benfica this - and owt over £10 mill snap their hands off!
  4. Jordan Rhodes doesn't play in latest Sheffield Wednesday match. New managers' 1st match after 10 days at the club. Wednesday win 0-2. But, oh no, Jordan Rhodes didn't play, so let's "discuss" if this is the end for him!! FFS.
  5. Could easily have had two today if palmer could pass
  6. Some loan players have a " can't be arsed' look about them. He's here for the season so really needs to buck his ideas up or he's a waste. Maybe GM can get him playing better.
  7. Will have noticed Murphy's lethargy. Doesn't look like a £13 mill player at the moment!
  8. I've said on here many times how much the star & radio sheffield really don't like SWFC and struggle to hide their utter contempt. Always positivity for the pigs and negativity for us. This was prevalent when the pigs were league 1 so is nothing to do with their current status. If they employ blunt fans in general, then the bias is inevitable. I no longer entertain either, because their bias became stomach churning. National media has all but forgotten we exist, but generally favour our opponents when the opportunity arises. The events in 1989 continue to taint our clubs reputation unfortunately.
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