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  1. The most worrying aspect for me is who chose Moore in the first place. Absolutely no-one was suggesting this guy and we even had to PAY another fee to get him!! Whilst this chairman and his kids are running/ruining our club we will sink lower and lower into the abyss! Chansiri & sons OUT!!
  2. I bet he has to answer to chansiri's kids, especially when picking a new manager!!!
  3. Not much judging by the match-day "performances". Look down at the floor slowly shaking my head!
  4. Not just me who's noticed then! I just hate having to listen to this idiot, with his constant, deliberate " Sheffle Wednesday" , and total negativity, practically willing our opponents to score and barely struggling to contain his sheer delight when we inevitable concede. Looking back, maybe I should have chinned him at Wembley when I had chance.
  5. A "big change" would be a battling performance with three points!
  6. God only knows what we're gonna get tonight. Come on lads. three points needed UTO
  7. That's what watching twenty years of failure does to a fanbase.
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