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  1. Laughable how some on here kiss this blokes backside
  2. Aarons & Lazaar trained fit by TS could be a different proposition this time tho. Last season they came in far from match fit & picked up injuries as a result imo!
  3. Bullen says they're starting "...to nail down a starting eleven for Reading." Thing is, will there be any additions at all, difficult under our current circumstances, or is the current squad seen as sufficient? Think we all know all departments need strengthening but seeing as we've been left in the brown stuff this might not be possible?
  4. Playing better than we did against rangers a couple of years ago
  5. Lots of championship clubs go up & just because they spend all their lovely money on unknown foreign players they expect to compete with the "big boys". Then, when they get tired of being the cannon fodder they are, losing every week, they invariably turn on the men who got them there. Hughton might do well again in the championship, but I don't think he'll want to come here. They'll be other offers if he waits a little longer.
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