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  1. Yeah lets keep tabs on an ex player who will probably never play for us again.
  2. Predictable "...I said we should never have sold him" brigade now he's on a scoring run. We needed the money remember, thanks to our chairman's hopeless struggle with P&S. We just haven't been able to get players fit properly or organise teams to play a style to benefit players like LJ. Most were glad of the money at the time including me. Just another example of the turd that Pulis needs to try and polish! Three points today please lads!!! UTO
  3. Please not Conor Wickham again ffs! No more crocks!!
  4. Really hope he's here to sort this mess and not just picking up a big payout regardless. They all say the right things and build expectations. I wish him all the best UTO
  5. Must be plenty more injury prone crocks that no other club would touch out there for us!
  6. Don't think it's something we've mastered - rather the officials are being overzealous, can't think why they'd do such a thing!
  7. Finishing with 11 players on the pitch will be a bonus! Womder who will get a red tonight?
  8. Perfect Wednesday signing - ridiculously high wages & very little chance of being match fit.
  9. Totally agree. One of the worst. The championship is full of this kind of team. Awful tactics, cheating players. Ref also on board. And we just haven"t got the players to beat these sh! thouses! Good luck Pulis
  10. How about signing fit players without a history of broken legs etc.
  11. Plus he should be hanged for crimes against humanity along with all his colleagues.
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