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  1. Buddy Repperton

    Reach song

    Great he gets a song as we're about to sell him
  2. Buddy Repperton

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Time to drain the swamp!
  3. Sky Sports. - Ruining football since 1992
  4. Buddy Repperton

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    True mate but sadly it's Wednesday's luck these days* * its the fans fault remember
  5. Buddy Repperton

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    To burn in hell with any luck!
  6. Buddy Repperton

    John Pearson

    Bambi = Legend!!
  7. Buddy Repperton

    How many windows will new gaffer get?

    Two words NO MONEY!!!
  8. Buddy Repperton

    That miss by Palmer

    Garbage like this is costing us games. Shouldn't be anywhere near 1st team but we're in desperate times
  9. Buddy Repperton

    Absolute shadow of what we used to be

    Don't think looking at the league table and (for those of us living in Sheffield ) living amongst pig fans is helping our mood atm. And we've still got to visit the cess pit!
  10. Buddy Repperton

    If Jos was to go

    Easier to predict our next line up than next manager, or maybe the lotto!
  11. Buddy Repperton

    The pressure is on...

    Don't bet on the replacement being any better. Or maybe third time lucky. Keep tryin like the pigs have! Who cares , seems like wasting money isnt a problem for DC
  12. Buddy Repperton


    He needs to ditch the concrete boots.
  13. Buddy Repperton

    Eyad Hammoud

    He'll be injured shortly.
  14. "What does a Swedish Fred Flintstone say?"
  15. Buddy Repperton

    Watching/Listening to match.

    Anything Anything but radio Sheffield united!