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  1. Thought the same. Nice to hear positive things about us especially on radio pig!!
  2. Preston played pigs style Sh1thouse dirty tactics with big cheating thugs is the new norm especially in this terrible league. League 1 next year anyhow thanks to clueless chairman.
  3. I'm more worried about my freedom and human rights being slowly removed tbh!
  4. Fully expecting another awful 90 plus mins of diving, cheating, injustice with plenty of virtue signalling and political brainwashing thrown in. Football RIP! UTO
  5. This. More about gaining advantage/free kicks,pens, players sent off etc. Got wilders thugs to the prem.
  6. Yes I really feel for them at such a difficult time for them. 90 minute football matches every 4 or 5 days. I hope they're ok!
  7. We were on top then the ref gave them a couple of none free kicks and a none penalty, against the run of play. Not much changes for us even during this charade. Tough competing against these diving, win free kicks/pens under any contact, cheats, plus the ref on side. No chance. Good luck with the elf DC!
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