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  1. Well some one has done all the hard work as usual for this muppet.
  2. Rathbone and Lyndsey at Rotherham, lots of drive and energy to compensate Bannan, Byers. and Fiz.
  3. When we put the club on a realistic level and stop going on about other clubs and concentrate on our own long term development.
  4. Up to his last injury he was looking very good, a leader, some one in defence to attack the ball and put his body on the line for the team. You are not the only one.
  5. I wanted him when we let Pulis go, would still have him now, but not just yet, Moore is doing a good job of rebuilding the squad, bit like Len Ashurst, and should be given the time to finish the job.
  6. It's human nature, every one likes a good moan now and then.. If you had a room full of Wed's fan's you would be hard put to find 2 that agree.
  7. And blamed the Man Utd fans for the 4-0 thrashing too, for buying the shirts.
  8. Possibly 6 weeks to recharge my Batteries and get ready to go again next season.
  9. This 100%. In my 50,odd years of watching Wednesday, all I have ever wanted was a long term plan for the future of the club. Instead all I have seen is a decade in the Sun followed by Decades of mediocrity, followed by a few years in the Sun and so on.
  10. You cannot please everybody all the time.
  11. Just because we are Sheffield Wednesday does not give us the right to win games, no matter who is in the squad. As for naming games, no I cannot be ars-ed to look through the 46 games.
  12. 100%. But some of our fans expect miracles, this time last year I think we only had about6-7 players under contract, this time around we have double that. Next season!, who knows?, but with the right players brought in anything can happen.
  13. How would the "Decent manager" have dealt with 12 1st team players out at the same time?. Maybe this mythical "Decent manager" would have magicked 12 new players.
  14. True. Changing manger ever 7 months, on ave, hasn't helped at all over the las 22 years.
  15. I like Lowe, but how would he have dealt with 12, TWELVE, 1st team players out injured at the same time?.
  16. When we [played wigan at home I thought they were one of the worst teams this season.. We beat MK twice, and they are still in the same division as us.
  17. Agree + we are out of FFP. We exceeded my prediction of finishing between 7th and 10th for this season. Hopefully, recruit better players (Thank's to being out of FFP), and avoid the injuries we had last season.
  18. The majority of the Rotherham squad has been together for the last 3 seasons, I expected them to go up, this season because of the fact that the squad knew what was needed to get promoted from this division, as do Wycombe.
  19. We said the same about his brother when he 1st came here.
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