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  1. With players available at that time I dont think Jesus and his Dad would have kept us up.
  2. They ALL look good on paper, it's when they get on grass it goes t*ts up.
  3. It dosen't seem all that long ago when poster's were calling for a more footballing style.
  4. 12 changes of manager since 2016. The longest serving being Carlos, who inherited a good squad of players, fit and organised. Left a group of unfit, disorganised, Rabble.
  5. 7.8 month's is the average time we give a manager. Fan's complain when they say the menager play's the wrong Tictac'sm or formation, well Moore is changing the Tictac's and formation so who's to say which is the right one.
  6. By the same token, if Bannan had scored that penalty, if the Goal keeper was not error prone, we would be in the top 6. That's football.
  7. Since 2016 we have had 12 changes of manager, at an average of 7.8 months, so if any one comes in, and the fan's favourites are Lowe and the young lad at Harrogate, that's how much time they would get, before the fan's will be calling for them to be sacked and new Saviour's will be identified.
  8. If it hadn't been for sloppy Goal keeping we would be top.
  9. What about the tackle by Eoin wotisface on a wed's defender while he was in midair, that is a sending off in both Rugby codes, never mind Football.
  10. True, but they are club's who knew what is needed to play in this division, we are only just beginning that process.
  11. How do people think this squad is any where near good enough to go up?. I agree with OP, we are a W.I.P at the moment, let's see what happen's in January as far as getting strikers in and next summer. All 3 previous manager have said it would take 3-5 windows to get the team on track again, meanwhile the CLUB is making slow, but positive, head way.
  12. Fan's and poster's were predicting a severe beating for us yesterday, 0-4,0-5 . But they never looked really dangerous, our defence dealt well with what is, allegedly, the most potent attacking force in the division. We won, that's all you can do, how is irelevent.
  13. Yet another saviour who is going to guarantee success. Just like the other's, who by the way are not pulling any tree's up .
  14. We have had 10 changes of manager since 2016. That's an average of 7.8 months between managers, how the feck is changing the manager so often benefiting the team, let alone the club. This squad has been to gether for less then 65 month's, Jesus and his dad could not turn them into a winning team i n such a short time.. Posters say we have the squad to be challenging?, well look at the legue, we are 1 point off the play off's and 5 point's off automatic. I have not changed my pre-season view that we will NOT go up this season, but will finish in between 6th & 10th, stopping the rot.
  15. They came through in the 1970's. We have had a few since: Beevers Spurr Haslam Hamshaw Quinn. But not all at the same time.
  16. Before the game and afterwards I agree, but during the game I hope he get's Dog sh*t. He is playing for the opposition after all.
  17. Gibson hasn't kicked a ball in anger this season so why risk him from the start, bring him on in the 2nd half for 20-30 minutes. Play Berahino and Patterson to get their fitness level's up. WILDSMITH HUNT PALMER (CAPT) DUNKLEY BROWN CORBEANU BYERS(If fit)/WING DENNIS(!) JOHNSON PATTERSON BERAHINO Rest: Hutch, Bannan, Gregory.
  18. Just look at the men who the fan's were absolutely sure they would take us up and look how they are doing now. Houghton: Kept forest up by the skin of there teeh, sacked after a handful of games this season when they were Bottom. Cook: He has taken over at Ipswich and actually spent money and is in the same position as Moore, I am certain the Ipswich fans are calling for him to be sacked. Is this a measure of society today?.
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