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  1. The report IS in the S*n. Cannot believe a word they say.
  2. The problems we have suffered over the last 2 decades can be traced back to the season we signed this Knob head, not his fault, the club's higher management got it all wrong.
  3. WHAT TROPHY CABINET?. T o have such you need trophy's.
  4. The Porcines website will be in meltdown, Palmer in but not one from the Greatest team in their history?.
  5. Lets just leave it to the management team to decide where we need strengthening eh!.
  6. Always been the case. He looks what he is at right back, a centre half.
  7. If it' is not Thailand to promote the club, then stay in the UK.
  8. £4m, aledgedly, + wages, we will never get back. Thanks 'King' clown.
  9. Nah, a Pint always come 1st at Half time.
  10. Where have you seen this big powerful Onomah?. With Iorfa and Thorniley both available at C/B, maybe play Hector in the midfield role, just a thought.
  11. Cut the wage bill by 33% say, then bring in young players who can be improved and sold on if need be, then reduce the prices.
  12. All down to the money. He will go to whoever pays him the most.
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