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  1. This. Why change a successful formation that has got us into 3rd position?.
  2. Profesional football is said to be "A result based industry" and that is what happened tonight. If you want GUARANTEED entertainment go to the Cinema, Theatre, Circus etc where every mistake or error can be rehearsed out of the performance. There were 2 teams out there, both trying to win the game and we came out on top, that is football, we cant all be Man city or Liverpool.
  3. They bypassed midfield in the 2nd half, like Cardiff, only this time we dealt with it a lot better. I can only remember Dawson making one proper save all game. We won, we are 3rd in the div, FFS!, only Weds fans can complain about that.
  4. He was man who was years in front of his time. We certainly could do with some one of his vision and admin skills today.
  5. Nothing new here, we have neglected the youth side of the game for the last 40years. That is why dem blades are years ahead of us in this, they invested, heavily, in youth development over the last 20 years.
  6. Pacy striker who will Play off the shoulder of the last defender, not blocking up the mid field.
  7. Iorfa at RB looks what he is, a C/B playing at R/B.
  8. FF has to fight for a place in the team, like every one else.
  9. "It's tight at the top" Said the actress to the Bishop.
  10. Getting the ball into the oppositions half/ Area is not "Hoofball", it is about being positive with the ball, moving forward instead of square and back, allowing the Opposition defence time to get set.
  11. ALWAYS play to your strengths, not the oppositions. There is no right or wrong way to play football, only the way that suits your team.
  12. Lets worry about the league position with only a few games left in April.
  13. A central striker with pace and the sense to stay on the last defender. A dominating midfielder.
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