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  1. One thing Burtenshaw did was set up Middlewood Rovers as the youth team for SWFC, they went on to produce the players for Ashurst and 'Sir' Jack to mould into 1st team regulars.
  2. Rotherham will not get a better chance to beat us than now.
  3. Without pace, it doesn't really matter what formation we play it always seem's to take for ever for use to break from defence to attack. Bannan has to have the ball. do his usual spin and wait for the oppo to get into ;position.
  4. The midfield we have, and have had for the last 5 years, are easy to bully out of the game.
  5. We need POWER in midfield, not more passing players, some one to bully the opposition the way they bully our 'Passing' players.
  6. IF the players are fit: Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Reech Harris Palmer Banan Brown Paterson Windass.
  7. Is he playing for the Millers?. My Rotherham mates tell me he is not even getting in the match day squad.
  8. Sounds very much like the other young players we have signed recently.
  9. It will depend on who is available to play. IF Iorfa, Lees and Brown are available the we will win. If those 3 are playing and sort out the midfield we are ok. How many teams could lose 4 main player's and play well, look at Liverpool on saturday or Brentford with out Toney playing well.
  10. Having watched other teams, what we are lacking is PACE through out the team. Yes, midfield is a problem, it has been for the last 4 years, in that our m/f'rs seem to take a life time to pass the ball forward. We need some one like Palmer to kick the arse's of the midfielders and drive them on. I was making a case for Iorfa or Palmer,last season but now prefer him as a C/B, but may be Shaw, when fit or Borner could do the defensive mid field role?.
  11. Made up for it later in the half with a good save. Toney was the difference last night, other wise it would have been a boring 0-0. To be honest, and based on last night alone, I cannot see Brentford bothering the top 6 this season, as for us, we are a W.I.P still and will finish between 15 - 20th.
  12. The Glazer's have always been pushing individual TV agreements, so this is the way they will get it through PPV. Tell these clubs they can have their European Premiere League, but they will not be allowed to play in the EPL in any form. Yes it will impact on the League financially, but in time the game will recover and in a more responsible form.
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