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  1. When Football players are offered the wages that can be 'Earned' in the USA football leagues, Basketball, Rounders, oop's, Baseball and F1, they will say yes. These clubs no longer want English football fans when they can play the Manchester Derby in Dubai or Mumbai etc and get £100m each.
  2. As some one who does not go out of my way to watch either PL or CL games, both boring, I say let them go. Football will survive, it did when the PL was inaugurated in1992-3, and we might get OUR football game back.
  3. Forward planning and Sheffield Wednesday have not gone together since the day's of 'Sir' Jack and Bert Magee. Always looking for the short cut to success leading to Boom and Bust, more Bust than Boom.
  4. And there lie's one of the problem's at this club. Fan's would rather worship one individual over the team. FF had one good season out of Four.
  5. We have had 9 (NINE), changes of coach/manager since 2015, just over 5 years. How the feck does changing the Coach/manager, on average, every 7.5 months make for a good team?. Every time we change personal we change the 'style' of the team, no wonder the players are poor, they don't know if they are coming or going. Keep with Moore, we have seen the style of play he want's and it look's good to me, let him put together a squad of players capable of playing that way, and see where it takes us. I, for one, am fed up with the club seeking a short cut to success, and when we dr
  6. This 100%. It is time, after having 9 managers/coaches in the last 6 season's, to put down the roots of revival, and that includes giving a manager/coach the time and tool's to do the job. I have seen enough of how Moore want's to play the game to convince me, with the right players, the club can begin the long journey back. Add that to a rebuild of the structure of the playing, commercial and scouting side's aim for a long term plan, not another short cut.
  7. FFS!. Get your head around it, WE ARE RELEGATED. It dunt matter what other team's do. I hope Rovrum stay up, it will hopefully, stop Wednesday fan's from being so arrogant and realise we are not a MASSIVE club, just another middling club. Then, once we accept that, we can move on and up.
  8. No. Once his pace is gone he wont be good enough. What we need is a younger Vardy while he is still at a non-league or lower div club.
  9. Even the best players have off day's, but what make's them great is the fact that they work hard ALL the time.
  10. They had enough ability to get out of Div 1. We do not need a squad of Championship or Prem league players who are on their last legs of a career. We NEED players who are capable of playing in Div 1 next season, I am sure Moore and his coaching team know that and know what is needed.
  11. 100% this. Just another way to attack DC, no real interest in WSL.
  12. Look's like a 4-4-2 formation to me. We are down which ever team we play.
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