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  1. Stats = Best England and International manager, Sam Allardyce. 100% record, 1 game- 1 win.
  2. I am not happy. Ruins my weekend, and all just for Friggin Sky.
  3. adelphi1867

    Who will be our next signing

    Hector, in the summer of 2019. We have Hooper, Lee, Winall and Abdi all to come back over the season. How much would it cost to sign players of that pedigree?.
  4. adelphi1867


    It is my opinion of a player, based on what I have seen of him in the games he has played for US. there is no need to act in a silly and childish way by name calling.
  5. adelphi1867


    I must be the only one to think he reminds me of Ross Barkley when he came here. Good quality, but flits in and out of the game, shows nothing when he does not have the ball. There is no doubt that he will be a regular for Spurs in the very near future, and for England, but for me, Now, he is a Luxury player.
  6. adelphi1867

    Shocking but happy

    Grow up. Results are what matter, not performances, at our level.
  7. adelphi1867

    Shocking but happy

    How was it a shocking start?. Did we concede a goal? Did we look as if we were going to concede a goal?. Just how was it a shocking start?.
  8. adelphi1867


    You what?. I thought he was the weak link in midfield today. He reminds me of Ross Barkley, no doubt he will be a regular in Spurs Team and an England regular, but is he what we want NOW?. He looks like a Prem player who has no idea what it takes to play in the championship.
  9. adelphi1867

    Team for Bristol

    That I hope.
  10. That would be my choice.
  11. They did have Middlesboro manager and were doing well, but sacked him for a more expressive and entertaining style. The rest, as they say, is history, I bet they wished they had him last season.
  12. If Stoke had Middlesboro's Defence they would be higher up the league. BUT neither team has those options. There are 36 games to play, and owt can happen
  13. adelphi1867

    Quit moaning, plenty of positives

    And it will Rain or Snow, some where. FFS, this is football, not a computer game, REAL people are involved, not CGI images, and as such, they WILL make mistakes, same as us.
  14. adelphi1867

    Still an out from me

    Do you spend your life sat at the Computer just waiting for Wednesday to fail to rise to your expectations, and then have a moan?.