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  1. We will go on to win EVERY game 1-0, leaving us with 126 points, win the League cup and the FA cup. The gates will go up to 30k ave, because we are winning.😉
  2. Barcelona will be looking for a new coach soon. How long has Carlos been a fan of Barrca?.
  3. Do you really expect us to challenge for a promotion place next season?. Even if the Fans favourites had stayed that would not happen. This just the 1st step on our way back, after being led up the garden path, recently by CC, and it will take at least this season and next to turn the tide.
  4. Maybe a chance for him to go out on loan, maybe to a 2nd division club to gain experience, with Dunkley here.
  5. Only the fans who think we can get promotion this coming season will be dis appointed. The fans who live in the real world know that we will do well to finish between 10th and 15th as a good season for us, with or without the 12 point deduction.
  6. I think he is in management now, but wouldn't mind him involved in our coaching dept some where.
  7. All quite true and is so for society today. Any one who though who thinks society is going to change after the pandemic is fooling them selves. When people were clapping for the NHS, they were clapping this years hero's and next years villains.
  8. We had a corner and Barnsley left 2 small but quick players on the half way line and if my memory is correct they scored.
  9. Remember when Barnsley did it against us at Hilsboro?.
  10. Would be a good move for Westwood too if he wanted.
  11. If we had played derby Co we would have won, but as soon as Hull city got through I knew we would not win. Simply because every time we came up against any team that physically dominated our 'Midfield' we lost, and that is what Hull did at Wembley.
  12. As a coach/ assistant. Liked him when he was where, did a sterling job and would have liked him to stay, but?.
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