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  1. This is absolutely true. Any one who thought that we were going up at the 1st try need to have their bump's felt. For heavens sake, we have played 7 games, we are mid table with a large influx of new players, name one manager who could INSTANTLY turn them into a promotion chasing team?.
  2. Yet Houghton has 4 promotion's to his name, yet he could do nothing at Forrest. Naming a manager is not as easy as some fan's think.
  3. The same manager and 'Tactics' that the Donny fans were raving about before he left.
  4. Not many of our midfield player's have managed that so far. At Rovrum he had a more advanced role, here we seem to stick him wide or as a def midfield player.
  5. Here's my take on the game yesterday, also in the games so far. I thought the penalty miss deffinatley changed the game and the mind set of both team's. Our players head's dropped from then on where the Shrew's player's were lifted and began to dominate in midfield. The second half was a history lesson from last season, Moor deffinately has a job on his hand that wont be solves over night, or in a few game's. The attitude of the player's is still questionable. Tongue in cheek: I think we sent the wrong Goalie to Exeter
  6. OK!. When are we going to give a manager the time (3 Season's) to build a club?
  7. True. You have to win the right to play football, and that only come's with hard work.
  8. There is no excuse for not trying, you can be the best player in the world but you are no good with out the ball. As soon as the team loses the ball every player is a defender and must do their upmost to win the ball back as son as possible. What make's you think we are a title winning team?, we are still a w.i.p, maybe this time next season we will be in a better position to challenge.
  9. Very true I wanted him at the time, the same way I wanted Bruce once he had left Hull city. My point is that IF we had signed Houghton he would have had just 6 month's to do the job.
  10. Another manager who was going to be our saviour, according to some.
  11. Maybe that's when the game was a working class game run by working class people?.
  12. It is obvious that no matter who the Manager is you will moan if we do not win every game of football, the Boat race and the grand national too. Just look at the manager's who the fan's wanted and tell me how well they are doing.. Moore may be the man to take us up, or he may not, I don't know, but I do know that it took Sir Jack, the best manager we have had in my time, 3 years to put a squad together to get us out of the 3rd tier of football, even Big Ron took us down. According to your thinking both would have been sacked after 9 month's.
  13. Any fan who seriously expected us the go up this season really does need h their heads examining. We released a shed load of players and signed 14? new players over a short time, now it could work out that those players MAY gel instantly, but it is more likely to take several month's. I said at the end of last season that it would take 3 window's before we began to see any lasting improvement's, I still hold that view. As for the future of Moore?, he has not been here 12 month's but the turnover of players has been spectacular, I believe he will take us back to the Championship, but not this season.
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