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  1. Now Leicester city are pushing to join the 'Elite' top 6, does any one think he will get a regular place there, bearing in mind Leicester MAY go down the foreign route for the forwards?. Still he is already a millionaire and that is all that matters.
  2. Poor advise from his agents and his dad. Out of interest, how is he doing at Leicester?.
  3. Good going forward but defended like the top of a soft custard.
  4. Just one part of the dark art of Accountancy.
  5. Not missed the game too much, but I always try to get the best out of every situation and the lack of football or even being able to go out has saved me loads of monayyyyyyyyyyyy. I have got the credit card bill down and even saved up some cash. The FA, Prem and EFL have really made a dogs dinner of the situation, all down to TV money.
  6. Maybe his drop off in form is down to the way we ponder forward when in possession of the ball?. If Bannan didn't take so long to decide who he was going to pass to we could get players forward more quickly?.
  7. Has been that way since the Wicked witch of Grantham and her acolytes came on the scene. But the public accept it, even when the Public services are being pummelled while the top dogs get the benefits. Rant over
  8. I said many years ago that the clubs Name, colours and badge should be trade marked or summat, so when the likes of Man Utd separate from the Prem league, they would have to pay us! to be on TV, phone, Tablet?.
  9. Suffering from Depression myself I can only offer support to any one who also suffers. It is like being in a room full of all the people who love and like you, yet you feel so alone, the least thing can push you over the edge. No one really knows how you feel, some times you put on a brave face, laugh, be funny and yet feel empty and lonely inside, the last thing you want to hear is some one say "snap out of it" " Pull your self together", it is the loneliest illness in the world.
  10. The same reaction when Hirst, Waddle and Sheridan's time came to an end at the club too. It is always hard to replace a legend, but Hutchinson has had his time at the club, having said that, with out his injury problems he would have been a regular in the prem league instead of us. You cannot build for the future while holding on to the past.
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