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  1. How can you build a team around players who are not fit enough to play more than half a season?. show him the door.
  2. A luxury player. Seem's to think he is a legend in his own mind.
  3. Perhaps if we had players worth £30m we could sell them as asset's. We haven't, but we can sell one asset, the ground. What's the difference?.
  4. If Rhodes comes, hopefully Bruce will get him playing towards the goal and not with his back to goal, like the Clown did.
  5. Yesterday showed the lack of POWER in midfield to hold the ball and dominate in that area. Thank you Carlos.
  6. Where do Westwood, Hooper, Lees, Hutch come into this?.
  7. Get rid, just get the money back we paid for him , plus a resale of 20% in the contact. No where near good enough.
  8. He should have been brought HERE when his Stoke contact was up. Friggin Portugese coaches.
  9. The same can be said about Joao.
  10. We get ONE penalty this season, and we pass it to the Goalie HIT THE BALL THROUGH THE LACES AS HARD AS YOU CAN FFS!.
  11. A sign of the times I'm afraid. Soon their will be no cash transactions any where, of course it is for the consumers benefit.
  12. He is the type of payer we should be looking at with a view of improving him and getting a decent price for him in the future.
  13. Younger and cheaper, but so are Wildsmith and Cameron.
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