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  1. A friend and myself have been saying for the last 10 years, maybe more, but unless the rules have changed, a player cannot be offside from a throw in. So why, when we have a throw in at the opposition end do we not have a player stood on the G/L, there for playing every one else online?. Simple basic stuff.
  2. Maybe this is what Monk meant when changing the Philosophy of the club?. We,as, fans maybe expect too much from the players, or maybe we,as fans are too 'BIG' headed when it comes to Sheffield Wednesday. Why cannot we accept that we. SWFC, are a middling club, we must accept that if we want to progress, as a club, we must accept that.
  3. GREAT TIME'S When football meant some thing and it was a working class game. Not like today when Football is all about corporatiion
  4. Too true. I was there through it all,. God bless Sir Jack Charlton & Sir Bert McGee. Sadly the last time the club had any forward thinking plan.
  5. One of the main items that needs addressing is the expectation of the fans. Too much pressure is put on the players and coaches to perform at the level the fans expect in a short time.
  6. Several u23's taking part too. Looked like 'Elvis' and others.
  7. Spot on. There has been to much time wasted on JUST the 1st team over the last 30 years, how long does it take to sink into the skulls of some people to realise there is more to a club.
  8. Go back to the Luongo/ Pellupessy/ Bannan c/m/f, like against Brighton.
  9. I don't want him to be the 'General' in midfield, just to give the midfield some energy and drive plus a physical presence to dominate the opposition. Let the ball players do their thing.
  10. Yes, I am sure Monk tell's them to play that way. Maybe it is the last throw of the Kick-a-ball era due to the old players.
  11. I think the reason Harris has faded is 1) Other teams worked out that Harris is the only real out let we have through his pace, and so have doubled up on him. 2) There is no one to really challenge him for his position. The priority we need to look for in any future Forwards are, Pace, directness and a positive attitude.
  12. Ditch Lee, no where near good enough for this league NOW, bring Iorfa into the m/f to add drive and energy. Harris Bannan, Iorfa Louongo Murphy Fox Borner Lees.
  13. Our midfield has been struggling to impose them selves on any opposition for the last 5 seasons. If teams stand off them, we will football any team to death, but teams soon realised, 5 yrs ago, that if they get at our midfield they will collapse, as is too oftenly shown. We, the fans have been calling for a phyisicaly domineering box-box player, until we van bring such a player in then we should move Iorfa into that position. He has the physique to dominate and the energy to drive the play forward and help out defensively. Lastly.do not for get that Carlton was originaly a C/B.
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