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  1. Some idiot came in and gave us good money for Prancing pony, Jaoa, but no one came with a bid for Reach. We cannot sell a player if no one wants to buy him.
  2. "Nando" now has to fight for a game, like every one else in the squad. What has FF done over the las t2 years or so to be 'irreplaceable' and I know he had the injury, but before that and since he has not played well enough to merit an automatic place in the team.
  3. 6 points from 3 games, dunt look like a crisis to me. I said in the summer break, when Bruce was here, that if we finished 6th I would be happy. Still feel the same.
  4. Why will it be too late?. Is the world going to end?.
  5. So, after screamin about bringing in some pace, you would drop MURPHY (pace) for FF WHY FFS!.
  6. If Bully does not get the gig, then I would rather we get, either, Gary Rowett or Gary Monk. Both experienced managers at this level and both did good jobs at Birmingham city under FFP.
  7. Three losses on the bounce and the crowd will turn against the manager. Looking for a new manager, YET AGAIN.
  8. I may be mistaken, but I thought FF was sitting out a 6 match ban?.
  9. Murphy in for FF and I would go with that. There is no room for sentiment in Football and Pace win's every time. All we are missing now is out & out pace up front.
  10. "Northen scummers" Well to me , the best visitors to London with the best intentions were, 1) Black Death 2) the Luftwaffe, 3) The great Stink.
  11. So let me get this right. We don't want Bullen because he is untried as a manger, but we want a Non-league manager because he has had a couple of good seasons with a lower league club?. Bonkers.
  12. According to some Blunt's we ARE out side of the city. Seriously tho, there is Brown field land in Neepsend area of Sheffield.
  13. It's all about opinions., and in my opinion they are a decent footballing side, keep the ball well and will get better through the season.
  14. MoM today for me. Organises the WHOLE team from the back and doesn't make many mistakes, reads the game well and so makes up for any lack of pace.
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