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  1. adelphi1867

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    I am more confused than I was before
  2. adelphi1867

    The youngsters - quality

    Mel Sterland, that is how bad we have been over the last 30 odd years at producing our own players.
  3. What are the numbers of attendance when we play cup games at reduced entry fees?.
  4. adelphi1867

    George Boyd

    Dem Blunts sign Oliver Norwood and posters on here are stating he is a great signing because he has won promotion twice from this league. How many promotions has Boyd won from this division, or Jones, Hooper, FF?. With Boyd's fitness and engine, maybe he could do the attacking, box to box player thingy?.
  5. These are not allowed any more, if a player just looks at another player they are booked for intent.
  6. That's the only reason I want us to get into the Prem. 1 season and the club is made.
  7. I thought the Prem league was separate from the FA and the only reason the Prem League was still involved with the FA was the Champions(sic) league?.
  8. adelphi1867

    Phone call from ticket office

    Don't be silly, It is another stick to hit the club with, get with it.
  9. adelphi1867

    Another formation thread : back to basics

    Over 20K fans apparently. All know better than the encumbant of the time.
  10. adelphi1867

    How to run a Football club ?

    Start as a Billionaire and end up a Millionaire.
  11. adelphi1867

    Big Sam anyone?

    Can we afford his £3m pa?.
  12. I agree with Jos's take on this, no more players walking into the team based on the past, rather prove to HIM your worth and fitness to be in the team. We have needed this type of discipline in the squad for the last 3 years.
  13. adelphi1867

    The youngsters - quality

    In 47 seasons as a S/T holder, that is all I have ever wanted from Wednesday, evolution, not revolution. That is how the clubs are doing it today. Burnley. Brentford. Dem Blades. Barnsley. Bournmouth.
  14. adelphi1867

    The youngsters - quality

    The young players will need patience from the fans to progress, this season is a learning curve for them and can do without the added pressure of fans expectations. Forget about promotion this season, if we get into the top 6 it will be a bonus, and give these youngsters all the support we can.