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  1. It's the Wednesday way. I can just see the same faces sitting, waiting for the Guilotine to fall, so they can have a good moan.
  2. + Remember how Houghton, Cook etc were all going to be our saviours because they had success else where?.
  3. A proper Footballing legend, and a Wednesday legend to boot.
  4. 100%. I have never been convinced about BPF, a great shot stopper and, sadly, that's all. It's a pity Dunkley got injured but there is no excuse for not bringing in another of the same style, Beevers?.
  5. Buy a Football club!, they wont be Millionaires for log.
  6. But posters were saying to play the same team as last week?.
  7. Still not convinced about BPF, leaves a ;lot to be desired. Good shot stopper and that's all.
  8. I want to know who these giants are that Oxford are playing?.
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