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  1. adelphi1867

    Do we give Conor Grant a go....

    In a word, NO.
  2. adelphi1867

    Out of Contracts

    They are the only 2 I would keep. Also try to off load Hutch too.
  3. In other words, we gambled and lost.
  4. Seem ages since, so why are we not getting Penalties?.
  5. adelphi1867

    Team for Swansea

    NO it isn't. It's about our strikers being overpaid FLOPS How man chances is JOAO going to get, he has been here for 4 years, and still is seen a W.I.P? He is a 1 game in 6 player, get rid, along with Nuhiu, Fletcher, Hooper, and FF, bring in new younger and hungry players.
  6. adelphi1867

    Team for Swansea

    What concerns me is the lack of any threat up front. We have 4-5 STRIKESR'S in the squad, have they score 25 goals between them yet?.
  7. I wasn't there yesterday, but he is human and what sounded like a battering he took, he reacted after the equaliser went in, he was over enthusiatic (?) in his celebrations, but, Ref's today can only Ref by the book and not use their experience and common sense. Modern Football!!!, I phookin hate it.
  8. adelphi1867

    The shadow of The Blades

    Wilder will be in the premier League next year, no matter what happens with the Blunts this season. He might be a Knob head, but he is a good manager/Coach.
  9. adelphi1867

    The shadow of The Blades

    We have been in the shadow of the Blades before, in my time as a Wednesday fan it was in the 1970's with the great United team of the Tony Currie era, since then they have been in our shadow as well. At the moment they have a very good team, 1 dimensional, but still very good, we are ,at the moment, a work in progress and it may take 2 seasons to get where we want to be. That's if the supporter's have patience and give the club and management the time to carry out the job.
  10. adelphi1867

    Steve Bruce

    In a Radio interview recently.
  11. adelphi1867

    Steve Bruce

    The "Bruce" has already stated that it will take 6 transfer windows to sort this mess out ,but next season is the 1st step on that road.
  12. adelphi1867

    Big Hec

    Like the forwards?.
  13. adelphi1867


    I agree, but it does nothing to fix the lack of a goal scorer.
  14. adelphi1867

    Not good enough

    That more or less what I said. No more "Fancy Dan's".
  15. They have some tough games to play yet, 6 at Home & 7 away. Nowts guaranteed yet.