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  1. Having watched that load of tripe that masqueraded as a Newcastle football TEAM last night, no. Newcastle are the worst team I have seen all season, on last nights game, a group of work shy show pony's.
  2. That's my thought too. We need goal scorers not more defenders.
  3. 18 yr old defender from Everton. Should we be doing this deal or should we promote our own home grown talent like Galvin, Brennan, Osaze, Rice , Errat Thompson?. And do we really need yet another Defender?.
  4. Unless Cook is the Director of Football, his only influence will be over the 1st team squad. He will work with the development coaches on weather any young player is good enough to join the 1st team squad.
  5. With Players like Palmer, Reech, Paterson and Shaw in the 1st team it's like playing with two squads of players with their ability to play in more than one position. A coach's dream.
  6. One of the things Dave jones was asked to do was to Build a club, meaning improving the scouting system and the academy. This began to show benefits in the last 4 years, but the foundations were put down in the Milan era. Just like Steve Burtenshaw began the process of Youth development while he was manager and 'Sir' Jack reaped the benefits, sadly, 'Sgt' Wilko abandoned the youth set up to concentrate money on the 1st team squad, and we have neglected it ever since.
  7. Cheating, Diving, gathering around the ref to get some one booked or sent off, celebrating either like a goal, VAR.
  8. It was good to see a Wednesday side act and play with such professional ability.
  9. There that's better. Good job there were good young players to pick up the pieces.
  10. He was playing men's football at 14 yrs old and brought up to be hard in the tackle by all accounts. From what I saw today, we are going to be a good team in about 3 years time if all the young players continue to progress.
  11. That's why he has always played in the age group bellow his age in the academy. No doubt he thought that Brennan and Glavin were useless too.
  12. I wanted him when the disatrous Portugese was sacked.
  13. He was a decent young player for us with potential. Southampton, alledgedly, offered £100k for him in the early 1970's, a lot of money then, but we turned the offer down, and saddly He never hit those heights again and eventually left on the cheap. Just goes to show the mess we are in now is not a new experience.
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