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  1. adelphi1867

    U23s v Forest (a)

    Most of last years u23's are now training with the 1st team squad, promotion for those lads, and now we are starting to promote last years u18's to the u23's. It's called progression.
  2. adelphi1867

    Realistic view

    I have been saying that for years and, hopefully, he will get time to finnish the job. Never mind Ferguson, it took 'Sir' Jack 3 years to stop the rot and turn the clubs fortunes around, the last time we had any sort of long term plan.
  3. adelphi1867


    We keep clean sheet and score 1 goal, we win 1-0. Move up the league, 6 points off relegation, improves confidence. Or we could go heel for leather, leave huge gaps at the back, batter Bolton and lose 1-0. Funny old game, Football.
  4. adelphi1867

    Cowley brothers

    Get real, and not Madrid. WE ARE NOT A TOP CLUB ANY MORE.
  5. It's simple really, some how our forwards have got to learn how to hit a Cows arse with a banjo. Simples.
  6. adelphi1867

    U23s v Forest (a)

    I might be wrong here, but aren't most of ;ast years u23's in the 1st team squad and so we are starting again?, must be a good thing.
  7. adelphi1867

    U23s v Forest (a)

    Looks like Hutch is getting a game then after all.
  8. adelphi1867

    Jos loss...another Boss?

    I was on the Kop in those days.
  9. adelphi1867

    U23s v Forest (a)

    Shouldn't our u23's be doing homework or summat?.
  10. adelphi1867

    Today's presser.

    Over the last 10 months?, yes, but what about the previous two and a half years?. It seems to be a continental thing to me, hate it, but then I am not a great fan of modern football anyway.
  11. adelphi1867

    Today's presser.

    Sorry,I was meaning Penny and EXPERIENCE, just how much EXPERIENCE does Penny have?.
  12. We haven't had a plan for this club since 1976, when 'Sir' Jack was the manager, and that only lasted for 5 years.
  13. adelphi1867

    Season ticket holders

    Even though we have the kids we STILL have those players on long term, high wage contracts to fund. If it was at all possible I would make them Redundant, treat them like any other employee who cannot do their job, alas, that is not an option due to the only vontacts that are honoured in Football.
  14. Nothing, but I have seen no one out there who fills me with hope of achieving that too, just the same OLD farts who appear every time we are in this kind of mess. Come in, get a "New manager" bounce and back into the old routine come February. Maybe it's the time to bite the bullet and hang in there, who knows?.
  15. adelphi1867

    Season ticket holders

    Correct, and that is your choice, it's like education, you can always go back to it.