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  1. Man Irvine played some of the most boring, dire and defensive football know to mankind but somehow it's still a better option than Moore
  2. Come on let's hope so, new owners to bring in a proper manager
  3. You can't be serious. Haven't you be paying attention to the hot garbage served up the past 12 months? Not going anywhere with Moore
  4. It's pointless because our coach thinks it's cool ignore some really good talent and give them game time. I could almost forgive a poo season if he was blooding the younger players this season but he is not and we are still poo
  5. Red Bull would be amazing if it happened but come on it's not
  6. Will be happy to give him support when he can show the goods. Hasn't so far
  7. So that's why he doesn't play the academy kids the past couple of years and let's them go for nothing to other clubs....
  8. I really hope so, would be great to feel something again
  9. Nah mate, they are getting let go from the academy for nothing instead of giving them a chance in the first team
  10. If leaves for nothing, close the academy down Absolute joke of a an owner who has let our future players out the door for nothing
  11. That's a worry if true, wont even get 10% of that back in reality
  12. question is can we get a worse manager? been garbage for the past 12 months
  13. Surely his advisors do their homework and the summary sheet must find Derby in a better state than we are. I thought they were one of the worst clubs in the country for debt but apparently we are worse
  14. Ah all good then, HMS ******** the league is back on
  15. What i'm most disturbed about is that Derby are considered to be a more financially better club than we are. I thought they we riddled with debt and will be for years to come, yet Ashley thinks they are still better than us. How bad a state are we in really?
  16. Would like to but don't know where to start haha. Tactics, game plan, motivation, training, player development.....can't think of one thing he is getting right
  17. Much better than our current manager and team. Still believe if Monk was allowed to stay, we would have stayed up last season
  18. 100% agree, i don't even get angry anymore when we lose, it's just routine now. Haven't for several years now, since Carlos left tbh
  19. Was hoping to wake up this morning and read in the papers he was gone
  20. We thought we weren't good enough then and that team is x10 better than our current one
  21. Look literally anybody is better than Moore at this stage
  22. Can we also bring back Luggy so he can still call him "The Boy Beevers"?
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