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  1. Don’t know how Peterborough do it. Always seem to find top strikers and move them on for a big fee. Would love us to go in for Toney but I don’t think we are in the business of £10m fees. But I’m sure which ever club does pay the fee will get there money’s worth.
  2. Just how it works out on here. Whoever isn’t playing is the answer to all our problems
  3. Been a huge problem all season. We haven’t scored from open play at Hillsborough since 7th December V Brentford.
  4. Did you read the previous comments? I’m fully aware you can’t release someone mid contract We had an offer from Norwich to take him off our hands in the summer for free. Hindsight says that’s maybe wouldn’t have been such a bad deal.
  5. His wages cost around £2m per year. We’d be better off letting him go free just have him of the wage bill.
  6. I don’t care what the statement says. I don’t for one second believe there hasn’t been a disagreement. Sounds like a goodbye. Possibly a “mutual agreement” to leave?
  7. Wouldn’t offer any. Even Fletcher, brilliant player when he’s fit. But at 33 and the big money we pay I just feel we need to start looking to the future rather than short term.
  8. Nothing I’m just happy to help educate you on something you wasn’t aware of...
  9. No, you said the charges were similar. Had you been aware of what we was charged with. You’d know that they are not. Maybe do some research on the situation before commenting next time and also try remembering what you’ve said? Any more insults because you can’t debate? Let me know.
  10. Bit weird then, let me quote your first post. “Have we asked for the SAME to happen to Derby, Reading and Villa - who have all sold their stadium in similar fashion” That’s exactly the point your getting at, they should be punished the same. None of those clubs back dated their sale like we have. Which you only seem to notice once I pointed out That’s twice now you’ve changed what you said
  11. Exactly. Should never have given a 2 year deal to a 34 year old no matter who they are.
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