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  1. Think the decision to make him just a CB has worked wonder for him
  2. Entitled to his opinion. Probably trying to be a little controversial. Don’t take these things personal at all. Recruitment has been exceptional considering we spent so long under an embargo.
  3. I think Ipswich have done some cracking business, really spent some money well. With Cook as manager I’ll be surprised if they aren’t in the top 2. Sunderland I’m unsure how they’re one of the favourites, lost their main goal, a couple decent midfielders at this level and their star defender Dion Sanderson returned to Wolves and they’re yet to really strengthen. Charlton similarly, lost Aneke but replaced him Sean Clare. I genuinely think on paper, we should be competing for automatics.
  4. Would like Cosgrove. Real unit, been linked in the past. Had an amazing 19/20 season at Aberdeen scoring 23 in 38.
  5. Good move for him although it sounds like he will be more of a squad player. Get him playing on the wing anything like he was in 18/19 then you’ve got a top player. If you use him at LB/LWB/CM/CAM (or even strangely striker) then he’s very average. Good luck to him though.
  6. Anyone know if the rules changed on International loans? Can’t say I’m up to scratch on loan rules and regulations but I remember not so long back you could have as many international loans in your starting 11 as you wanted and that didn’t effect the domestic loan quota. What I’m getting at is, would Florian Kamberi’s loan not effect the 5 domestic loans due to him joining from Switzerland.
  7. Probably the most exciting summer since 2015/16. Considering how long we spent under an embargo we’ve done well, Moore really seems to thrive in the market. Still hoping we can get Johnson, Byers, Sims & a new number 9.
  8. Hope this doesn’t mean Sims isn’t coming in aswell. Hopefully Johnson is sorted soon and the situation with Byers is resolved with them hiring Russell Martin.
  9. Personally see him coming in as a LB/LWB rather than a winger. Played the vast majority of the last couple years at WB. Either way I’m delighted with this deal. Great acquisition at L1 and we’ve seemingly beaten a Championship side to get him here.
  10. I personally think we will get Johnson over Hull. If he’s coming in as a LB/LWB then his competition here is a young LB who hasn’t played too many games. He’d probably be a 1st choice player. However at Hull he will 100% play 2nd fiddle too Callum Elder. Plus even as a wing option he’s not going to start over Lewis - Potter or Wilks.
  11. Played a lot of football last season for a decent Boro side. Played the vast majority of his time as a Wing back last season, may be coming in to compete with Jaden Brown rather than the wingers.
  12. It could also be argued that he’s improved us despite relegation… Aderniran > Pelupessy Shodipo > Harris Brown > Non Existent LB Hunt > Odubajo Bailey Peacock Farrell > Never Fit Westwood Wing > Brown Byers > Shaw Sims > Kachunga
  13. I said this in another thread. His League 1 recruitment has thoroughly exceeded all my expectations.
  14. Sims would be an excellent addition. Has also had his injury issues and didn’t score too many goals at Doncaster. But I’m sure he tallied up a decent amount of assists in the games he played for them. Darren Moore’s League 1 recruitment has far exceeded my expectations.
  15. Wasn’t expecting this to happen after Lewis Wing signed yesterday. You’d have to assume there will be some outgoings in central midfield.
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