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  1. Spot on. Plenty of players this summer will have been put off. Most will want to join clubs with the ambition of getting in the play offs. However seeing him without a club after the window has closed may leave him in a precarious position. Ideally we need a player like him and there may be a deal to be done there now both situations have changed somewhat.
  2. Meh. Can play position I think we need in both full back areas and midfield. But the amount of games the lads played in 4 years is a worry.
  3. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/meulensteen-s-concern-for-clubless-socceroo-irvine According to this we had interest in him but a move didn’t pan out.
  4. That’s also the only time we have led at Hillsborough at HT in Monk’s entire tenure.
  5. He didn’t deserve a start over Pelupessy or Dele-Bashiru. I don’t think he was atrocious just offered very little on and off the ball. He’s just come back from an injury, wrong call to stick him infront of 2 players who have been waiting their go.
  6. I don’t think some grasp how bad the home form is. Maybe because we haven’t been allowed in stadiums for a while now. 1 win in 15 league matches at home. 9 of those 15 were losses. Not scored 2 goals in one game at home since 7th December 2019 against Brentford. Not lead at half time at Hillsborough since 22nd October 2019 against Stoke.
  7. He’s a number 10 type player. But we persist on using him as a striker. With Brown being injured I thought we would see Windass playing behind the front 2 but seems not.
  8. And for some reason Monk isn’t getting the same pressure Jos received. People were begging Chansiri to get rid of Jos with an actual better record than the current one. On top of that Jos never got defended for not bringing in his own people or the fact he was only allowed to bring in 2 permanent signing in his entire tenure. Monk has been given a very easy ride for how bad things have been.
  9. It’s a huge concern that other clubs have picked up on something a lot on here have been saying for quite a while. He did something similar in the game Griffin park where he parries a shot from out wide with 2 hands straight out to a Brentford player. I don’t even think we have an adequate back up in Wildsmith.
  10. Issue for me isn’t that game tonight just on it’s own. Brentford never really had to get out of 3rd gear tonight. We huffed and puffed without ever really hurting them. HIllsborough has never been an easier place to come and take points.
  11. And tomorrow will be the 12 month anniversary of the last time we lead at half time at Hillsborough...
  12. Wing backs are exhausted. Struggling to get forward.
  13. Unless there is an injury, why take off Alex Hunt? Was that half that he needs dragging off at HT? No. No wonder players are terrified to make mistakes. Never know any manager consistently have to make changes at HT.
  14. Like what I see from Marriott. It’s the first time in a while we have a striker who is constantly on the shoulder looking to go in behind.
  15. Even worse is sky playing crowd noise of us singing about Steven Fletcher
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