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  1. He needs to play in a settled position. Become one of those “can do a job” players, having been used at left back, right and left wing, centre mid and even as an attacking mid. For me the most consistent I saw Reach was at right wing under Bruce, what helped Reach during that period was the overlap of the RB, usually Iorfa. Too often this season we don’t let the full backs really go and help the wingers, we just get the ball to Harris/Murphy/Reach and expect them to beat 2 men and put a cross in. Doesn’t work you need to create overloads in the wide areas and that’s something we don’t do. I also thought Reach was brilliant as a LWB at the end of 17/18. Luhukay used him there a few times and I always felt it suited his game.
  2. Simplicity of the badge is what made it so brilliant. RIP, I truly hope in the future we return to that badge.
  3. Telegraph Article today https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/13/championship-clubs-face-delay-possible-restart-date-possibility/ Us along with Hull, Huddersfield and Cardiff.
  4. I liked the home shirt when I first saw it. Not keen on it during matches, not distinctively blue enough. Much preferred last seasons home kit.
  5. On top of that Monk doesn’t rate Odubajo, Westwood and Rhodes. So your looking at over 10 incomings this summer. Needed a refresh like this for 3 years.
  6. Borner for me has been average. I’ve seen many people seem to incorporate our downturn of form with Tom Lees coming into the team, which isn’t true.
  7. Myth. Prior to being 3rd at Christmas Julian Borner started 2 games out of 8, both defeats at WBA and Blackburn. The previous 4 wins before Christmas all had Lees and Iorfa as CB.
  8. I was referring to your comment in the first post “promotion is cancelled and your finances are f*****”. Which is a gamble. I don’t think the Blades would. I read last week that if the season had ended after 37 games last season United wouldn’t have been promoted because they weren’t in the top 2 at that point. Yeah I agree testing, doesn’t sound too difficult just expensive. Which is why I don’t understand if every player on the pitch has tested fine why they can’t celebrate together? Or even Gordon Taylor’s idea of shortening a match? I just don’t see if it’s not safe to do those things how it’s possibly safe to play a game full stop. Also not keen on football clubs buying testing while there is a struggle for frontline staff to currently get one, not the best look. Your right in regards to possibly seeing clubs go bust, hope the EFL are prepared and hopefully can offer help to ensure that doesn’t happen. Many businesses up and down the country will struggle and not receive the handouts that football will. I just hope we don’t lose a player/referee/coach because we had to have a game too soon. But who knows ey, so many if, buts and maybes it really is difficult to have clear idea of what’s going to have to happen before we start.
  9. I prefer a big team. Having a strong spine through the middle of the pitch for me is really important. Look at the good sides to get out this league in recent years and they have a strong spine first and foremost. Sheff U, Wolves, Newcastle, Brighton, Burnley are some of the recent teams to go up and kick on and absolutely none of them were a soft touch at this level. Fulham who everyone talked about as Barcelona in the Championship they couldn’t play their tippy tappy stuff in the PL and got stuffed every week.
  10. I just think too many of the solutions are driven just by finance. Like I said in the post above, your not going to even be allowed to celebrate with a player because of safety reasons but over 90 minutes it’s ok to come into constant contact with players? Just so contradicting, one player possibly losing their life just isn’t worth the risk of any financial benefits. I personally think we will see a lot of players not wanting to participate.
  11. Yes around £200m but a club shouldn’t be gambling their own future chasing promotion. If it was safe to play we wouldn’t need all these crazy ideas. I get a lot of what your, your right. But if it’s not safe to celebrate with each other but your allowed to contest a header or mark in a wall together then how is this possibly safe? I personally just don’t see how possibly one players life could be risked for financial reasons. Because your right in regards to greedy chairmen, if money wasn’t an issue football would have been cancelled already. Sad predicament really.
  12. I don’t think clubs finances should rely on being promoted. Silly from the club. But if the ideas I detailed above are to happen, such as you can’t celebrate with team mates but you can stand in a wall or challenge for a header then surely it’s not fully safe to do so. I personally don’t care about finance, promotions and titles over health. For me football is about the memories and finishing the season with no fans, in neutral grounds, not even allowed to celebrate with team mates just isn’t football. It’s all just a charade now to appease TV companies and the PL. Think of all the memories missed in the last 10 games of the season, the Cardiff and Brighton in 2016, Carlisle and Wycombe in 2012. If we was in a position of promotion I’d want to experience those games and moments not watch them on telly in empty stadiums. Not for me.
  13. £1m for Holland looks a bargain. It’s the sort of deal you see Brentford do and 12 months later he’s worth £10m plus. They’ve linked us to a couple players (Sanderson at Wolves & Gomes at Doncaster) and if accurate it looks like we may be going down a different route and aiming for younger players.
  14. The more I see the ideas coming from the PL like shortening matches, extra subs, neutral grounds, testing for players before every game and not being allowed to celebrate with team mates the more I think it’s getting desperate and they are clutching at straws to finish the season. Personally hope the season is just voided. Imagine being promoted and not being allowed to celebrate it in a stadium or even with fellow supporters. Not how I would want it.
  15. Brutal from The EFL. 7 points on top of a club that’s already received 4 points deduction already. Pretty much relegated them.
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