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  1. I get what your saying. The players have come back and got drawn towards the ball and not the box. There was enough to stop the lad being allowed to come back inside and also enough to show him down the line. But the positions taken up for me are poor and represent that of a team with no coherent plan on defending as a unit. But over committing players forward is the reason we end up reactively defending and not proactively defending. At that point in the game we should be structured, organised and frustrating Wimbledon. Not getting caught on the counter when leading.
  2. Because we have no shape when on the back foot. It’s all reactive defending. I mean look at this before they equalise. Iorfa & Dunkley have been dragged out to the right side of the box when they should be defending the centre. This leaves Palmer isolated. Bannan, who should be the one closing down the crosser has decided to join the back line. When we lose the ball we should be working as hard as possible to make a flat back 5 and a solid 3 in front of the defence. There is no shape, no organisation. We can talk all day about scoring more goals but at 2-0 we should be able to see a game out.
  3. Not a one off either. The team doesn’t know how to set up when their backs are against the wall. The defending for the equaliser was horrific.
  4. This will be our best chance of getting straight back out the division. The longer we dwindle the harder it’s going to be. The squad recruited is full of 1 year loans & most players on 1/2 year deals! This isn’t a project over 3/5 years it’s a team built to instantly bounce back. Seems a nice man & don’t really like how personal some fans have taken this but it’s Turner/Irvine vibes. Act quickly and get someone who has proven they can win promotion.
  5. Manager with a history of promotion out of L1. Paul Warne - 2 promotions at this level and looking on course for a possible 3rd this season.
  6. Yep, but not even based off today. His interviews lost me saying he’s going to constantly make changes and that he doesn’t care about performances. Probably the earlier I’ve ever advocated change. Get someone with promotion on their CV.
  7. That’s such a bad comparison mate
  8. Fair play to the referee. No one wants to see that stuff. It was embarrassing from Shodipo.
  9. Funnily enough our goal came from the one bit of direct play we did all day. I think people nowadays associate direct football with defensive football, yet to me you can be direct & attack. There is no right or wrong way to play. But we certainly don’t have the players to play out.
  10. The jury is out on Moore. I’m all for backing someone to get it right, but I don’t like some of the things he’s saying. Firstly that we will pick a team & system based on the opposition, that instantly won’t work. We will not find consistency altering ourselves every single week. Secondly that performances don’t matter, they do. I can’t think of a worse win in recent years than the one against Bolton. I don’t mind a scrappy 1-0 win but we kept a clean sheet only due to Bolton’s inability to finish rather than a solid defensive performance. We simply give away too many chances in games. Finally, the excuses! Last week was tiredness, despite only playing 12 times in 2 months and having probably the biggest squad in the division. Then this week we didn’t have time to prepare for a game due to Mansfield away on a Tuesday and for some strange reason we could only train Thursday/Friday. But like I pointed out in another thread of the outfield players that started Saturday 7 of the 10 outfield players didn’t start against Mansfield. Also, Bolton had also played on Tuesday so the circumstances were the same for both teams. I personally just don’t believe we will go up under Moore. It’s probably the earliest I’d ever advocate change with a manager and I’m usually one of the last to want change. However I don’t like the personal insults, seen a few refer to him as “thick” and while I don’t particularly like his interviews and find them repetitive I would hope fans keep it classy.
  11. We don’t even play out from the back. We play back from the back. The amount of times it ends up back at the keeper just pelting up under pressure to me suggests clear as day the players we have aren’t people can play out. So if 80% of the time it’s resulting in going long regardless then why don’t we just set up higher up the field for second balls and just let the keeper hit the front.
  12. He’s also going to be picking the formation & players based on individual teams and their strengths. We have without doubt the highest budget in the division. Other teams should be adapting and adjusting to us! I have no doubt in my mind we will not be going up under Moore.
  13. There was one point in the game it became 7-0-3 where we just seemed to leave Berahino, Gregory & Paterson up top. Was very strange.
  14. Spot on. The clean sheet hasn’t come through a solid defensive performance it’s come from Eoin Doyle having a shocker.
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