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  1. Disgraceful. They would still compete in the PL but be financially MILES ahead of everyone else, more than they currently are! Would essentially make finishing in the top 4 redundant. It completely devalues the current PL format. This decision is motivated by nothing more than money. I say kick them out the PL and let them play this super league every week. Then let’s try and build a PL where the division is more open! Make a league where everyone feels they have a chance of winning it.
  2. We win and Derby lose it’s finally confirmed. Sooner the better for me.
  3. 0. There is a serious loser culture that’s ingrained in that dressing room for 18 months. We need a complete revamp.
  4. Impossible position for him. Clearly knows we are down but can’t come out and say it can he.
  5. The whole club needs a fresh start. Problems won’t go away with DC and his current way of running things. If anything they’ll be worse the lower we go. We could be in for some tough few years unfortunately.
  6. Mentality of a poor team. We have thrown away points all season from winning positions and picked up 0 points from losing ones.
  7. Id have Rhodes on in 2nd half. Perfect game for a striker of his ilk.
  8. Feel free to explain why... Rather than just laughing at the post and telling them they’re wrong.
  9. Fair play to him if he gets a move to QPR. Personally I’m unsure if he’s a Championship standard player. I think he’s got a little bit of Adam Reach about him in a sense where no one really knows his best role. On paper he’s a 23 year old lad with a fair bit of CH football and Bundesliga 2 experience who isn’t on big money and will be available on a free. It’s a very low risk, high reward signing for QPR. But certainly wish him well if he gets a decent move to QPR.
  10. Hope he gets well soon, football comes second in a scenario like this.
  11. Seeing as there’s a huge possibility of being relegated against Middlesbrough, I bet they can’t wait.
  12. Not that it matters because it’s over. But if I was a fan with some hope, I’d be wanting Rotherham to win as any other results leaves us further adrift. But in reality I have no interest in tonight, good luck to both of them but our season is over.
  13. This is what happens when you recruit with a 12 point deduction and the rest are all out of contract. You get a poor squad and half of them can’t wait to jog on in the summer. Only one person to blame for the mess. I won’t waste my breathe saying his name. I’d fully come to terms with us being down around the Luton game so today hasn’t really left me angry. I find it strange how long some fans have taken to accept the inevitable.
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