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  1. There’s no way we are going to attract this type of player under current circumstances. If that’s where your expectations are, lower them.
  2. Don’t really get the point either are trying to make. No issue with him commiserating Brentford. The lad’s comments verbally abusing him are disgraceful and I wish things like that don’t come across as a representation of the whole fan base. Moses’ reply is strange though, implying that fans should just be positive and that our negativity has had some impact on the teams performance. I’d just not get into with brain dead supporters if I was a player.
  3. Supposedly waiting on Celtic to match Stoke’s offer of 2 years and £18k a week.
  4. Celtic have made Fletcher an offer but he wants them to match Stoke’s offer of 2 years and £18k a week. Crazy for a 33 year old that’s had injuries every single year he’s been at Wednesday. No matter how good he is.
  5. It’s literally someone posting updates on twitter of what’s happening on his Football Manager 2020.
  6. Used wingers as wing backs for the last 9 games. Prior to that Monk played out and out wingers in every game and is well known as a 442/4231 man. In comparison to United who have played a formation that doesn’t involve wingers now for 4 years. Let’s not be pedantic, you know exactly what I mean.
  7. To be fair he just wasn’t rated by Luhukay and he didn’t play too well under him. Every time I watch Fulham he plays behind the striker and he’s excellent Jos used him on the wing on occasion and in a midfield 2 a couple of times. Then he had a bad knee injury and ended up back at Spurs and we only got him back for the last couple of games and he looked much better under Bruce who constantly raved about how good a player he is. I just don’t think we saw the best of him, that’s all.
  8. Your actually right. Quick glance and I saw he scored 1 in 25. But he’s actually assisted 8 aswell. So 9 goal contributions in 25 is an excellent return.
  9. Wouldn’t be against this. Sort of player I’d like to sign permanent whilst his stock his low. 23 and out of contract in 2021. Didn’t pull up trees at Luton, Leeds was blighted by injury, Brighton he wasn’t ready for the PL. However his spells at Rotherham and Huddersfield were excellent. Just don’t want to sign him on loan and be left scratching our heads in typical Wednesday fashion when we can’t afford him in 12 months.
  10. We had one of the best defences in the division prior to Christmas. Steven Fletcher’s injury wasn’t the reason we became incapable of basic defending for the last 7 months.
  11. I find it mental they are allowed to restrict trade to the point they have. Didn’t really like how the emergency loan window was closed, helped us a lot over the years with signings like Hooper, McGugan and Wickham. Seemingly now you have to commit to a permanent or loan term loan. Cant imagine a manager transfer window either, but then again I bet some couldn’t have imagined a player transfer window at one point.
  12. I don’t see us attracting a decent manager under the current circumstances. I think if Monk leaves it’ll be Bullen
  13. He’s got an impossible job for me. Having to replace 7/8 players in 5/6 weeks with a points deduction, no financial backing, none of his backroom staff and the supporters on your back. Fair play if he can but I’m really struggling to be optimistic about next season.
  14. On a free it’s a no brainier. He’s a good age, he’s won’t be on huge money and can play a couple different positions. Performances haven’t been amazing bar QPR. But he’s done well infront of goal when he has played.
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