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  1. And because some of these players are fan favourites it’s almost like they become untouchable.
  2. I agree. Can’t pay a 33 year old around £30k plus a week no matter how good he is.
  3. Fox Lee Pelupessy Fletcher Winnall Nuhiu Hutchinson Dawson Forestieri
  4. Really made a point about something being wrong with the culture and mentally of the club. Behind the scenes something ain’t right. I fully back Monk to sort this squad out, I’m done blaming managers for this squads short comings.
  5. With Wells being took back to be sold from QPR, I’d like to see us try and nick Jordan Hugill off them. West Ham agreed a £3m fee in the summer with Wigan yet they couldn’t afford the wages so out on loan he went. We was reportedly interested but under an embargo. Ideal replacement for Steven Fletcher. Played upfront on his own at Hillsborough and turned Iorfa and Borner inside out all game.
  6. Very good. Excellent in both boxes. Scored some pivotal goals. Much better going forward than I anticipated.
  7. We really do need a new front line. I have gone off the idea of Wickham. I just don’t want loans, it’s a short term solution to a long term problem. We could possibly be under embargo come the summer. Now is the time to back Monk with a striker because trust me we ain’t gonna find a top one on a free come the summer. We was bidding for Hector on deadline day yet wouldn’t go to the £5m plus that Fulham are rumoured to have paid. So there is money. Now is the time to let Monk pick one and back him. His record with strikers is fantastic too. Had Bony before the City move, Chris Wood at Leeds when he scored 27 and then got 14 out of Jutkiewicz and 22 out of Adams.
  8. Bang on. Cardiff we played 4231. Hull 442 and Blackburn 433. All defeats.
  9. The one up top thing is the biggest load of tripe I’ve ever heard in my life. West Brom, Leeds, Fulham, Brenford, Swansea and Forest all play with 1 up top. That’s current top 6. Last home game we played 2 up front against Hull. Problem isn’t formations or tactics. Can’t do anything when players lack the most basic requirement and that’s just putting a shift in.
  10. Completely agree in regards to Chansiri. Just got to hope without an embargo and the transfer team Steve Bruce brought here that we will operate better than previous years.
  11. I see what your saying, but Joao essentially was the epitome of what this team currently is, severely inconsistent. For £5m we couldn’t not sell. I just don’t think we can keep players because we aren’t sure of replacing them. Essentially Joao isn’t someone who will get you promoted, so it was ideal to sell. I agree he needed/needs replacing. But can’t keep carrying passengers.
  12. Played Bannan there last week. It’s not bad management. Modern game you see quite a few teams play a deep play maker rather than a old fashioned Semedo/Hutch type. Aim is Bannan controls the game while Lee and Luongo get closer to the striker for support. Monk clearly recognised in the last home games Bannan and Hutch in a 2 was sitting too deep and isolated the striker so he’s tried to sort that issue. It’s actually trying to be the opposite of negative. Jorginho for Chelsea does this role, even across the city Norwood plays this role while Lundstram and Fleck are allowed to play higher. Essentially we can talk tactics, formations and referee decisions but ultimately this set of players will always let you down. Until a manager is finally allowed to change the personnel and put some new life back on the pitch, don’t expect anything different but inconsistency.
  13. Never a red. Watching the replay the lad grabs the wrong leg that Luongo makes contact with when rolling on the floor. He didn’t leave it on him.
  14. Not half as slow as Chansiri. I swear in ten years time I’ll still be watching Bannan, Hutchinson, Nuhiu, Lees, Westwood and Lee. Reset button has been needed for a long time!
  15. Not half as slow as Chansiri. I swear in ten years time I’ll still be watching Bannan, Hutchinson, Nuhiu, Lees, Westwood and Lee. Reset button has been needed for a long time!
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