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  1. Spot on, to be on loan struggling in L1 in 2011 to be a 1st team PL player in 2012 is quite rare. Still going strong at 34 at Shamrock Rovers aswell!
  2. Joey O’Brien, the second loan spell anyways. I was looking at who played for us in the early 2010’s and his 2nd loan spell was completely erased from memory.
  3. Isaiah Osbourne. 10/11 season. Came with quite a good pedigree on loan and was truly abysmal.
  4. Wouldn’t be disappointed with Moore. Young manager, who has seemingly done well at both clubs he’s been at. However I don’t see DC paying compensation for a manager. On top of that Moore could quite easily have Doncaster in the Championship next season while we drop into L1. Cook is still my number 1 choice. But I’d be happy with Moore, especially over some of the unknowns that have been linked.
  5. www.footballinsider247.com/forest-sheff-weds-derby-county-want-murphy/amp/ Derby County, Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday are plotting January moves to sign Cardiff City winger Josh Murphy, Football Insider can exclusively reveal.
  6. Of course there was excitement. While ever ever club is spending money there will be excitement. But to put it on the fans shoulders is wrong. He did the same with the departure of Jack Hunt.
  7. Because we was after him and he was a record signing in the history of the club! Didn’t mean we needed him. Like Sally says above, if the clubs transfer policy is based of what supporters want then you really need to re-evaluate what your doing.
  8. Spot on. At the time, we had Hooper, Fletcher, Nuhiu, Joao, Forestieri and Winnall. Rhodes being signed for the fans is the biggest myth in the world. It’s just another way Chansiri can deflect blame away from his own ineptitude. I remember us as supporters wanting a CB and a DM. We all knew we needed to upgrade on Loovens and Hutchinson and that a striker wasn’t a priority (even more so after Winnall had signed).
  9. Cook didn’t rule himself out. Just said that talks weren’t currently on going. He said “I wish Sheffield Wednesday going forward, whether it’s Paul Cook or any manager, the best of luck because it’s a fantastic club with fantastic support.” Sounds like he’s had an interview. But it hasn’t been a yes or no. For me he’s an absolute standout. 3 Trophies at Sligo. Titles at Chesterfield, Portsmouth and Wigan and all of those achievements in the last 11 years. Not been sacked since Southport in 2007 (1st job) and every job since then he’s only left due to him being p
  10. While Jokanovic would be a brilliant appointment. I just don’t see him coming here, his stock is very high amongst Championship clubs. I imagine if he’s determined to manage at this level again he’d not have to wait long for a better opportunity than the one we currently present. Hard to see this one happening.
  11. Fair enough, I’m not suggesting everyone wanted him. But did seem to be quite popular.
  12. I didn’t say it as a negative on Ivic more the competitiveness of the division itself. I’m just suggesting the teams he’s managed in Greece and Israel are the standouts and always seem to be up there no matter who is the manager, similarly to Rangers and Celtic in Scotland. Where as Cook in Ireland (where I’m aware the standard isn’t great), won 3 trophies with Sligo, a team who doesn’t really dominate the league in Titles and Cups. I don’t really understand the last sentence, you don’t think the vast majority of people were in favour of Cook? Strange.
  13. It’s an odd appointment. On top of that it’s one that makes little sense. Especially when there is a universally popular choice in Cook who has openly said come and get me. Cook has won 3 trophies at Sligo. Plus titles at Chesterfield, Portsmouth and Wigan. He’s an absolute standout candidate. I have noticed Ivic has sort of a decent record in Israel and Greece but you have to question the competitiveness of those divisions in comparison to the Championship. All in all, very disappointing.
  14. That’s DC for you, what he says and what he does are 2 different things.
  15. 541 was his preferred formation at Watford
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