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Dejphon Chansiri indicates major change in financial direction for Sheffield Wednesday

Guest Grandad

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Guest HillsboroughOwlNI
6 minutes ago, Morepork said:

Pretty sure Brentford managed not to breach FFP rules, be self sustainable and get promoted……ambition-less b@stards!!! 

Yes, but the Brentford owner also has business acumen. Ours is a muppet.

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5 minutes ago, TheEnchanter said:


Fans were happy because they weren't expecting his strategy to break the rules in the way it did. No one presumed he'd be so awful at financial decision making. Plus he kept it silent about embargo's and club strategy around spending. Pulling the wool over and lying to fans then blaming them. No one knew he was capable of that in the first couple of seasons. 



Or is this as case of Att Chansiri actually running the show, now dad's stepping in to clean up the poo show 🤣


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7 minutes ago, Noleafclover said:

Not really a dig though is it? Just honest. We would all moan if the club were just happy to stay mid table in L1 for the next few seasons. 

Can't say that on here. It's a positive thing for my club that we'll be less of a basket case in terms of beyond our means spending.


Whats the alternative? Oblivion. 

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