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  1. A couple of good points re advisors etc, but then a load of the usual 'it's the fans wot matter' type guff.
  2. Sigh............. "Spend some money on players, ya tight barsteward" "oh, ok then, here you are" "Look at the state of the accounts! Great management....not!"
  3. talon

    Dear Mr Chansiri

    How about a ‘Tache Day’ for his first away game?
  4. Jesus wept, there are some right numpties with short memories on here. DC is the best owner we've had in decades, and if you don't want him to prepare the club for the Premier League then its probably best just to say out loud that you don't want to get there. There is an argument that Carlos is past his sell-by date with us, indeed I'm reluctantly coming round to that point of view, but to slate the Chairman for backing him to the hilt financially and then not knee-jerking him out of the door is just cretinous.
  5. So, is it like a contest, like Bake-off? 'Scum-Off'. I like that. We could have simpletons from every league team competing with each other. Bit like The Darwin Award, but with added hate.
  6. Away @ Rochester Rhinos, and some other team on that tour which I can't remember clearly. Spectacular lightning show during one game.
  7. F***ing fool. How old is he, FFS. Grow up, you Stone Island wearing lobotomised f***ing tw*t.
  8. talon

    David hirst

    Perhaps one of the reasons he wants to go is that at another club he'd slip in under the radar and would hardly be noticed. Whereas here, he's saddled with the whole Hirst name and legacy. Expectations here are through the roof; elsewhere he'd be just another promising kid.
  9. Many years ago, I was invited up on a jolly to see a L***s game by one of the clubs professional advisors (as in accountancy/legal etc). It was a few years after Cantona had been moved on to Man U. Anyway, it would seem that Eric had been indulging in a bit of ooh-la-la with one of the Directors wives, hence when Ferguson made the enquiry (fully expecting an immediate knockback) he was 'gobsmacked' to be told Man U could gladly have him. Lad!
  10. talon

    Walk-out music

    The intro to this......
  11. talon

    Forestieri Transfer Value

    But does he approve of the position you'd play him in?
  12. The 3-1 game vs Man Utd from 1998 is airing later this week, at 8pm on the 10th. Oh, happier days..... * (usual papal considerations apply)
  13. talon


    No player is bigger than the club, and that includes Forestieri. And no player gets to insist on where he will or won't play. We can always do better without this nonsense, it's too reminiscent of the situation we had with Carbone (baby-gro anyone?). We need less of that type of crap. 100% in agreement with Carlos on this. He knows he's getting slaughtered by the fans for playing FF up front, and it's surely only fair that the truth comes out. Get him sold.