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  1. Moore definitely deserves another shot at this. I think he’s earned that much. BUT………he’s not going to have the ‘luxury’ of another average/slow start to next season. Top 4 by November, or he’ll be toast.
  2. You could even try Googling ‘football drills defending crosses’, if you consider things like this to be of an expert level. Start off with the primary school stuff, and then work your way gradually up from there. In fact, you wouldn’t need to. The Y5/Y6 coaching pretty much covers it.
  3. The notion that you need to be some sort of a footballing mastermind in order to see that this was utterly unacceptable is an interesting one. This isn’t an FA coaching badge level critique, discussing the relative merits of zonal marking vs man-to-man. This is Y7 school football level basics. If you’ve got any kids, show them the photo and ask them what went wrong.
  4. …..why DM isn’t up to the job, this is it. A routine cross into the box. Count the defenders, look at the marking. If this happened in a Sunday League game, there would be f**k to pay. Shocking.
  5. “Carvalhal told The Athletic in an interview in 2019: “The second season, we signed players that were not (even) my third option or fourth option, it was players that the advisers proposed. Sometimes we had to decide in the last two days of the transfer window to sign the players. It was really very hard, it is why the club made mistakes.” “I accept that I made mistakes because it was my responsibility but the reality was that everything was really very hard. There are the players a manager wants and then there is a list of players suggested by external advisers. In the end, a manager has to pick players from that list suggested by advisers, adapt to that and try what a manager knows best.”
  6. But you also have to bear in mind that it’s an easier job to coach a team to be be competently skilled at high pressing than it is to be skilled at playing out from the back. The former takes a degree of organisation and a high level of physical fitness, whilst the latter also requires advanced technical ability. At this level, high grade technical ability is a rare commodity, so most teams will concentrate on the things which they can do well, eg ‘the press’. I fear we will face this problem repeatedly this season.
  7. Hope this isn’t the same guy…….. https://hobnob.royals.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=188528&hilit=Gibson
  8. Burnley, about twenty years ago. A later kick off time contributing towards half of the crowd being absolutely spannered. Marvelous.
  9. Actually sounds rather sensible to me, although it’s a pointless exercise trying to explain the irrational expectations of fans. Personally, I’d rather a long term project which involves spending far less on players wages and agents fees, and considerably more on facilities and infrastructure, particularly at youth and U23 level, training ground and data analytics etc.
  10. I remember that game at Old Trafford. Most Wednesday fans were bemused by the Utd fans throwing a wobbler. Typical Mancs, thinking it’s all about them.
  11. Millwall away, loads of Wednesday lads giving it the big one during the game and then hotfooting it straight onto the coaches outside the away end. The rest of us had the joy of the walk to the station….. Also, City away at Maine Rd. Horrible place. Darts, coins, rocks etc coming over the fence.
  12. Strongheart were excellent, and used to pack the place out. Until the idiots running the club decided to refurb the concert room, and then barred them from playing in case the new seats got damaged!
  13. A bit further afield, but I sure do miss the Non-Pots on Eccy Road. Probably 50/50 Owls and Blunts, but a good laugh and the occasional decent turn. The brewery’s used to play ‘pass the parcel’ with it, lending the club money in the hope that it would go pop whilst they had it, thereby giving them the opportunity to redevelop. Grim. Not far from there, the Banner used to have a staunch Wednesdayite called Roger running it. Unfortunately he retired, and it’s now apparently gone over to the dark side. Thinking of joining Crookes Club. I hear that it’s still going ok. Always associate that place with the Gutter Band Christmas shows. Epic!
  14. Our defence was shambolic. Their first goal was an utter joke; two defenders vs one striker, a long ball into the box so plenty of time to get tight, and neither did. The second was an unlucky deflection, but Wildsmith had to do better, and the scorer should have been closed down before he got the chance to hit it. For the third, they won two consecutive headers in our six yard box. On the plus side, we looked ok in midfield and going forward, although Rhodes missed his usual sitter and it looked like they should have had a player sent off for a deliberate handball to prevent a goal. Down to ten men and we have a penalty, maybe a different game. But our defence is poo .
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