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  1. People who bring this stat up also seem to forget last season that we scored injury time winners against Mk Dons and Wimbledon at home. And we were 1-0 down away to Doncaster and 2-1 down away to Fleetwood after 70 minutes in both of those games. So there’s 4 wins just off the top of my head that we achieved by scoring late goals. If you’re going to refer to points we dropped in the last 20 minutes you need to offset it against the points we picked up in the last 20 minutes. I’ve not gone through all the games but I’d guess that if games were 70 minutes long we’d have probably picked up about the same number of points
  2. Did you watch the two games against Sunderland? What makes you think we’ve got better quality players than them? Would you take Batth, Pritchard, Roberts, Clarke and Stewart at Wednesday? Pritchard and Clarke have both been transferred for over £10m in their career. Who’s gone for anywhere near that in our squad? Some Wednesday fans are delusional about how good our squad is. Whether he’s here or not next year we’ll see but personally I think Moore did a very good job to get 85 points from that squad. There are better quality managers than Moore out there but I wouldn’t back DC to hire one with his track record of hiring managers. If he sacked Moore we’d probably just start the season with Thompson in charge
  3. That ship has sailed if you’re hoping for any Hillsborough ground improvements under DC. With the money we spent on Rhodes, Abdi, Reach, van Aken, Dave Jones etc we could have done a lot with Hillsborough but we just wasted it instead
  4. Sing whatever you want, just don’t get your phone out and start waving your flashlight about until we’re at least 3 goals up. It’s a play off semi not an Elton John concert
  5. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. We won’t sell out the north stand again now for at least another year
  6. Do you geniunely think anyone’s going to pay big bucks for a 32 year old league 1 player? Bannan can stay at Wednesday as long as he wants for me but there were times in the two legs where I thought he struggled to keep up to the pace of the younger Sunderland lads. The pass to Johnson for the goal was absolute class but he didn’t do a lot else over the two games
  7. See what the summer brings but that could be the last game at Wednesday for quite a few tonight. BPF, Storey, Dean, Hunt, Luongo, Paterson, NML and Berahino are all either out of contract or have finished their loan with us
  8. Sunderland have got better and younger players than us though. After watching the two legs I’d have Clarke, Roberts, Pritchard and Stewart at Wednesday. And Batth has sorted them out defensively. Clarke and Pritchard have both been transferred for over £10 million in their career and are both in their 20s. We don’t have a player in our squad that’s gone for anywhere near that money but still fans seem to think we had the best squad in the league
  9. 18000 is nearly everyone who can buy one before tomorrow?
  10. They’re only on sale to season ticket holders at the minute? Think it’ll be sold out by midday Thursday
  11. Sunderland would still have been at Roker Park in the early 90s? The grunters played Sunderland in the play off semi in 1998, I thought that could have been up there. There was 40,092 at Sunderland but only 23,800 for the leg at bramall lane
  12. I’ve just had a look through quite a few years and the highest two leg attendance I can find for a play off semi in any division is Villa v Middlesbrough is 2018. There was 40,505 for Villa’s home leg and 29,233 for Boro’s home leg so a combined crowd over the two legs of 69,738. The Wednesday v Sunderland crowd over two legs is going to beat that so looks like it’ll be a record crowd over the two legs for a play off semi in any division
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