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  1. Remember Thailand is 7 hours ahead of the UK. So it’s the equivalent of posting at 6am on a Saturday morning
  2. It’s not expected to peak in the UK for 3 months so how could they restart in mid April? Once they stop it looks like that’ll be it until June at least
  3. The Chris Eagles goal was away at Burnley on New Year’s Eve in 2005. We won that game 2-1. We’d gone 7 games without scoring. I was at that game at Burnley away and this is miles worse. Even though we’d gone ages without scoring (and we had Barry Corr playing up front) the spirit among the fans was still good. We’d only just been promoted back to the championship that year with no real budget so none of us were expecting to be up there. I can remember no one knew how to celebrate when Eagles scored... we couldn’t believe we’d actually scored. We then signed Burton and Tudgay in January. It’ll be close in terms of points but as a fan going to games in the 2005-06 season it was better then than it is now
  4. I’ve heard people say on here Dawson is a good shot stopper. Some of the recent games: Brentford 6 shots on target, 5 goals conceded Derby 5 shots on target, 3 goals conceded Birmingham 4 shots on target, 3 goals conceded Reading 5 shots on target, 3 goals conceded Wigan 5 shots on target, 2 goals conceded Blackburn 9 shots on target, 5 goals conceded Compare that to Wildsmith on Wednesday night where Man City had 9 shots on target and we only conceded once. A keeper’s primary job is saving the ball when it’s going in the goal and Dawson is not doing very well at that. I’m not sure Wildsmith is the answer either but he has to be given a run in the team if Westwood remains banished
  5. Unless something changes we won’t average that next season
  6. There’s not been many paying on the gate since Chansiri took over. The season after Wembley the average attendance went up to around 27k mainly on the back of increased ST sales. Now attendances are falling and the club isn’t doing anything to stop them falling. We’ll have to see how far crowds drop before they start going back up again. On Derby, they’ve consistently had higher gates than us for the last 20 years so no surprise they filled it this week and we didn’t
  7. All about opinions but personally I think we’d have conceded 2 or 3 last night with Dawson in goal. Wildsmith made a couple of excellent saves in the second half. City had 9 shots on target last night, Dawson’s save percentage over the last two seasons is 64% so going by the stats you’d have expected him to concede more than 1
  8. He’s Chris Waddle. He can do what he wants
  9. Are some of those marks a wind up? We had one shot in 90 minutes and none on target. Agree Iorfa was class tonight, Wildsmith did well and most of the rest put a shift in but player ratings of 8s, 9s and 10s?
  10. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting but one shot on goal with none on target and 20% possession at home is pretty poor. I could have played in goal for City tonight. There were large sections of the game when instead of pressing the ball we just sat in. They should have put a few more away, didn’t feel like they ever got out of second gear. Do we expect much more when lads like Pelupessy and da Cruz are playing 90 minutes against one of the best teams in world football?
  11. Did Pep say anything about Pelupessy or Da Cruz?
  12. League attendances are being propped up by season ticket holders and away fans. It remains to be seen how they hold up next season. There’s not been more than a couple of thousand Wednesday fans that have paid on the door for any league game this season
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