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  1. I don’t actually think ticket prices next season will make much difference to the attendances. If Chansiri is still here next season the crowds will be the lowest for 40 years whatever the prices
  2. I know a lad who’s a Man U season ticket holder. He received his refund for the 19/20 season last June and he’s been receiving a pro rata refund every month through the 20/21 season for the games he’s missed. Man U are maybe not the best example to look at as clearly they’ll have plenty of money available to make the refunds. I don’t know how we compare to other championship and league 1 clubs
  3. Won’t most of them have already refunded this years season ticket money so they won’t have this issue?
  4. When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was going to be about Andre Green
  5. Fair enough but personally I can’t have a game we lost in the list of favourite moments. It was great before the game but after the game was flat
  6. Sorry I can’t have that one. That game be in there with my worst moments as a Wednesday supporter. First time we’d made it to Wembley in 23 years so we all turned up but the team didn’t
  7. From the games I’ve been at... - The Waddle game against West Ham - Play off semi against Brentford 2005 - Maclean pen at Cardiff - Chris Brunt scoring from 40 yards against Leeds - Madine equaliser against the grunters for the 2-2 - Ched Evans getting sent down - The Wycombe game - Beating Leeds 6-0 - Newcastle away and Arsenal at home in the league cup run - The Brighton play off semi - Atdhe’s winner against Leeds in the snow
  8. My mum used to say stuff like that when she told me my Nicks trainers were as good as Nikes
  9. Our scouting network only goes between Cardiff and Wigan. And in the last 5 years we’ve barely had one decent transfer window. The window under Bruce is the only one in 5 years you could argue we did some good business. I’d like to be proved wrong but I wouldn’t have any confidence in Chancer and Paxo getting the recruitment right
  10. Do you want to take that bet? We won’t sell out again under Chansiri
  11. In what way? I’d be happy to have a bet with you we won’t see another sell out at Hillsborough while Chansiri is owner
  12. We’re more like Glen Campbell. He’s been dead for 4 years
  13. If we lose the next two games we’ll have had 4 managers this season who have all lost 4 consecutive games during the season. To have 4 managers in a season is some stat on its own. But for 4 managers each to lose 4 consecutive games in the same season is mind blowing
  14. How do you get tickets away if you’re not going to the home games?
  15. There’s not been clamour for tickets for a game at Hillsborough since the 4-2 defeat by the grunters. And that’s nearly 4 years ago. Even against Man City at home we only got a 20k crowd and that was with them filling their allocation
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