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  1. Is this where the money for the wages came from?
  2. Could be the destructive midfielder to replace Joey
  3. Where are they all now? Is Casbah still laughing?
  4. Footballers can’t be laid off or made redundant. Their contracts are water tight. Unless a club is liquidated their contracts require paying in full
  5. Yes we can debate honours, crowds and history all night but the figure that matters is turnover and we’ll be well down the list on that
  6. Honours is fair enough but I’d say it needs to be in living memory. Footballers were paid a minimum wage until 1961 so I wouldn’t go back beyond that date. All the players were paid the same before 1961 so club size didn’t really matter
  7. Is there anyone that’s still living that remembers us winning more than 1 trophy? Huddersfield have won the league more than us in the last 100 years. It’s good to have a history and some honours on the board but that’s all it is... history. It’s no relevance of where we are today
  8. Using trophies we won before the war as a rationale we’re a big club is clutching at straws. That’s like saying The Wanderers are a big club for winning 5 FA Cups in the 1870s, Preston North End are a big club for doing the double in 1889 and Huddersfield Town are a big club for winning the league three consecutive years in the 1920s. The only trophy anyone that’s still living remembers us winning is the league cup 30 years ago and no one under the age of 30 can even remember us as a top flight club
  9. The Athletic’s article last week said several sources have said Wednesday have a damaged reputation within football and we sign ‘broken’ players hoping to revive their careers not ones that are driven by a desire to join us. I think there’ll be a lot of truth in that. We’re left scraping the bottom of the barrel at the end of the window. And under Chansiri how many players have we signed and improved?
  10. And in January 2014 without Chansiri we beat Leeds United 6-0. Look at where the two clubs have gone since. In Gray and Mandaric’s last season, 2014/15, we finished above any other club in South or West Yorkshire. Now there’s only Doncaster and Bradford left for us to fall below, the rest have all gone past us under Chansiri
  11. The owner has just led us to relegation and turned us into a laughing stock with the EFL charges, embargoes, point deductions, ground sale, fake sponsors and late accounts. We don’t have the money to pay the wages, refund the season tickets or turn on the undersoil heating. And we only signed two free agents in January. But there’s still Wednesday fans that back him and think it’s only the EFL stopping him spending money. We have a strange fanbase
  12. If they don’t they should do. In my view the clubs need to repay any outstanding debts on wages and season tickets before they’re allowed to take on any additional expense for new signings
  13. Irrespective of when the accounts are filed won’t the EFL and PFA get involved to block any transfers until all the wages are paid up to date and season tickets refunded? A club shouldn’t be allowed to sign players while they’re in arrears with wages and ticket refunds
  14. The average attendance in 2011/12 was bumped up too because we had a 38k crowd against Wycombe and a 36k crowd against the grunters. In the 2010/11 season we only averaged 17k and didn’t have a crowd above 23k all season. The only games next season I can see a crowd anywhere near 25k are Sunderland (if they’re still in the league) and maybe Rotherham and Doncaster. When we’re playing the likes of Plymouth and Cheltenham on a Tuesday night in winter next season I can see the crowds being down around 10-12k
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