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  1. Most of our squad are either on a one year deal, on loan or are out of contract at the end of the season. Football management at this level isn’t generally a long term job
  2. After reading through this thread it’s clear no one has a clue yet what our best team is
  3. He just seems to have had a bit of a free pass so far compared to Wednesday managers before him like those 3 who were hammered. I hope he turns it round and plenty of here seem convinced he will so we’ll see what the next few games bring
  4. Would you have been ringing up clubcall for the latest after that one?
  5. DC sacked Monk after 10 games last season so the next 2 or 3 games look big for Moore. If we don’t get a win at Ipswich or Wigan he’ll be under pressure by the Oxford game
  6. He’s a lower win percentage as Wednesday manager than Jos, Monk or Irvine but listening to some on here you’d think he was Guardiola. The cult of Moore bigger than the cult of Megson
  7. Morecambe is the only game so far this season where we had more shots than the opposition. That’s a very poor stat for league 1 and says a lot about the performances
  8. Make sure Roman Riquelme from Boca Juniors is your first signing
  9. Using that analogy no manager would ever get sacked. What were your thoughts on the Monk and Pulis sackings? Darren Moore currently has a lower win percentage as Wednesday manager than Alan Irvine and Jos Luhukay. And Moore is yet to achieve a promotion in his managerial career unlike Wilder who won league 2 with Northampton. I like Moore and there’s no way I’d be sacking him yet but the performances and results need to show some improvement. Man City scored more goals in 90 minutes last night than we have in 7 games combined this season
  10. I think last time I bought one there was a bit of a saving with these compared to the POTG prices. But with this one there’s barely any saving compared to attending 6 games and just paying on the gate so I can’t see us selling many
  11. We did these 3 years ago when Jos was manager. I bought one. I didn’t see one win in any of the 6 games of the bundle
  12. He won’t be getting a character reference off Glen Johnson https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/ravel-morrison-hits-back-glen-18864010
  13. If a club offers him a deal on double or triple what he’s earning with us it could be tough for us to keep him. He needs a new deal and I hope he signs it with us. If Iorfa and Bannan play the majority of the games for us this season we’re guaranteed to be up there in this league
  14. With 5 clean sheets from 5 games our defence is going to be in the spotlight now. I’ll be happy when the window shuts if Iorfa is still our player
  15. Like you say a lot of it is circumstances. If Cooper had been playing at Wednesday the last few years he wouldn’t have ended up a premier league player either. Iorfa is good enough to play in the premier league, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Similar to Antonio he has all the attributes to make it at that level
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