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  1. Cheers Hootie - didn’t mean it to sound like that. Rhodes takes it for me for spending £10 million on a championship striker when we already had Fletcher, Hooper, Forestieri, Joao, Atdhe and Winnall at the club but can see your logic with Jonk
  2. They’ve not ordered them yet. Shearer and Richards will do that on the show if you’ve ever watched it. And yes I’d expect the Manchester United v Liverpool, Manchester derby, north London derby and Merseyside Derby to be in the top 5. Shearer will no doubt have Newcastle v Sunderland quite high in his list. I wouldn’t really class Man U v leeds to be a derby to be honest and Man U are already on the list twice with City and Liverpool. Agree Black Country derby could be on there but they’ve just picked Forest v Leicester to hype up the fa cup match that’s on bbc next week
  3. £2 million for a Dutch international who played at two world cups or £10 million for a striker who barely played above the 2nd tier of English football and you pick the Dutch international as the bigger waste of money?
  4. It’s called the top 10 premier league derbies. Apart from West Ham v Chelsea out of your list the others have only been played in 1 or 2 years as premier league games. I’d agree the ‘A23 derby’ has no draw for anyone in the north of England but it’s been played as a premier league derby for the last 5 years which is more than any of the games you’ve mentioned have been played as premier league games. And remember the BBC are making a show using match of the day footage which they’ll have little of for any of those derbies. That show is presented by Lineker, Shearer and Micah Richards so I’d expect the Newcastle/Sunderland and Manchester derbies will take up the majority of the 30 minutes anyway. And Forest are playing Leicester in the FA cup live on the bbc so that’s why they’ve added that one along with Lineker presenting to talk about Leicester
  5. Yes out of that list posted by Birley Owl it’s not often the teams have gone into the derby evenly matched. In the early 90s we were strong favourites, in the 00s they were. The game at theirs where we beat them and Tudgay scored would have been a bit of an upset. The game we lost to them at home 2-4 under Carlos we actually went into as favourites after being in the play offs the previous two years. But by the last time we played them in 18/19 they’d gone a long way ahead of us. The 11/12 season is one of the few times the two sides were close on the field and we came out on the right end of it
  6. Could argue that one should be in there but that was only a premier league derby for two years (2003/04 and 2004/05) so the BBC won’t have much footage of Saints v Pompey games
  7. Which derbies are missing that you think should be in the list? I’m guessing they’ve picked the 10 derbies that have been played most often in the top flight in the premier league era
  8. Good stat that.. it’s only been a top flight derby 3 times in the last 50+ years and the OP is asking why it’s not on the list
  9. That probably got picked because Lineker presents the show
  10. Is that even a big rivalry? Same again anyway… two seasons in the 90s when both Forest and Leicester were in the premier league
  11. Forest and Derby were both in the premier league for the 1996/7 and 1998/9 seasons so same as ours for two years. Both Forest and Derby have both won the top flight in the last 50 years too and Forest have won the European cup. And it’ll give them the chance to talk about Brian Clough on the show
  12. Because it was only a premier league derby for two years and hasn’t been since 1994? 1992/93 and 1993/94 are the only two seasons it’s been a premier league derby
  13. The best window we had under Chansiri was when he first took over and we still had the transfer committee with Adam Pearson and Roeder on there. But DC got rid of that model and decided he wanted to call the shots himself. I don’t know how much involvement Chansiri has in transfers but if Chansiri trusts Moore to be solely responsible for transfers that’s the club set up DC has created so it’s Chansiri that’s ultimately accountable for whether it’s a success or not. And the appointment of the manager is absolutely crucial because it’s a lot of responsibility for one man to scout the players, make the transfers, negotiate the contracts, coach the team and pick the team. Anyway as I say, let’s hope Dean, Storey and Jules reverse the trend and prove to be a success
  14. If we’ve such a great squad why hasn’t the owner changed the manager given we’re lying in 9th place in league 1 after 26 games? Nearly all the signings we’ve made this year (including Dean, Storey and John Jules) have been gambles on players that are available for free because they’ve fallen out of favour or been released at championship clubs. I hope Dean, Storey and Jules reverse the trend and prove to be shrewd acquisitions but I think some of our fans get carried away at the calibre of players we’ve signed
  15. If you’re putting his name into Google at work to check his CV make sure you spell it Harlee Dean and not Harley Dean
  16. Reading through the Birmingham fans comments on Twitter and on their forum they’re all delighted to see him go and gutted it’s only a loan. Having a scan through the thread on their forum about him this is one of the comments from a Birmingham fan: ‘I do think he's a bit of a nobhead, I'm happy he has gone since his relationship with the fans had well and truly died.’
  17. Chansiri appointed Moore and has left him in the job. When you have a club structure like ours where all appointments and signings go through Chansiri it’s the owner that has take responsibility if we’re unsuccessful
  18. We’ve got Morecambe and Accrington at home on Tuesday nights this month to look forward to while we’re languishing in mid table in league 1
  19. Don’t know if these class as modern day players but quite a few I’m surprised haven’t been mentioned yet: Jermaine Johnson Marcus Tudgay Steve Maclean Chris Brunt Graeme Lee Graham Coughlan Glenn Whelan JP McGovern Michail Antonio Madjid Bougherra Lewis Buxton Frank Simek Lee Grant
  20. I’d take what footballers say in interviews with a pinch a salt. Mendez Laing will go if a club offers him more £s per week. And that’s not a dig at the club, it’s just football. This is what Theo said after the Sunderland game at home, ‘I love this place, I love Hillsborough, I love everything about it, I can’t wait to play here again’.
  21. What do you mean by ‘successful historically’? Sunderland spent 10 consecutive seasons in the premier league from 2007 to 2017 which is considered a success in modern day football. Are Newcastle, Spurs, Villa, Leeds and Everton all only ‘successful historically’ too? We’ve not been in the top flight for over 20 years, haven’t had a ground upgrade for nearly 30 years and haven’t averaged 30k in a season for over 50 years
  22. Poor do when you’ve got to go back to before Danny Batth was born to make an argument we’re a similar sized club. We haven’t averaged over 30k since the 1960s, they’ve regularly averaged over 40k since the stadium of light was opened and are still getting 30k+ crowds in league 1. When was the last year we had a higher average gate than Sunderland?
  23. Crowds from the two Wednesday v Sunderland games this season: Wednesday 3-0 Sunderland - 23,731 Sunderland 5-0 Wednesday - 34,652
  24. Without going back to the early 90s in what way are we bigger?
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