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  1. To be fair Got to be happy with that. We're looking very good just need a couple of players in Jan.
  2. It hasn't worked, luckily its only a year deal plus I doubt he's on too much money. Nothing like Rhodes
  3. Probably will to be fair. It's going to be a real test for him. Could do wonders for his confidence or absolutely demolish it.
  4. Just how long will added Time be though.... That's my worry
  5. I feel like I'm having some sort of mental break down.............just me?
  6. Don't get the over the top Ryan Lowe love either tbh. Maybe I'm missing something?
  7. It's not about reading it....I just don't understand the thoughts of those things I've mentioned. I understand the frustration. I very much agree with all you have said though. I think most expected us to P*** the league and after the first few matches it looked like we could if things clicked quickly. Wouldn't be wednesday if it did.
  8. Not at all nor was that implied. Not really into having keyboard wars. Enjoy your night
  9. Love Reading opinions and views of the club on here but honestly some of the stuff recently is mind numbing. Steve Bruce, Mike Ashley, Prince Abdullah ect This club is in the 1st faze of a rebuild after a terrible few years with huge changes. We need to be realistic, have patience and show support to the lads and management team. Look at the changes that have happened since last season, look at the work going on behind the scenes......it's finally being run like an actual football club, alot of that down to Moore. Yes They're not playing well there is no doubt about that and some of Moores decisions on the pitch have been odd but honestly give over. With all the new players is there any wonder why we're struggling? PATIENCE AND SUPPORT - STAY POSITIVE 3 games in Darren's Moores Barmy army!!! 10 games get rid of everyone it's absolute madness. We really are a fickle lot WAWAW
  10. Oh my word........Ian Holloway?!? We really have hit the panic button Nice guy but wow.
  11. There has to be something extremely wrong. There's been way too many dating back from last season. Why can't they hold on to the game? So infuriating!!!!
  12. Good guy, did his bit and did it well........no way near a legend in my opinion.
  13. Well done to the lad what a hit!!!!
  14. This isn't a guy in the likes of Ravel Morrison or Niles Ranger who have been given chance after chance and flushed it. He literally had a bad time at Stoke and then disappeared to Belgium. Darren Moore obviously believes that he can get the best from him and if he can get anywhere near how he was at qest brom then We have a real player on our hands. He deserves a clean slate and to prove doubters wrong apart from that......he's Wednesday now BACK HIM!!!! WAWAW
  15. Well people can moan and say he's not right for us but........it means nothing he's ours now. Time to back him. I hope he's proves himself. He obviously has talent. Good signing to me
  16. A Long season with lots of games so always good to have options.
  17. Fantastic to see youngsters going out on loan doesn't matter which division really as long as they get games and experience something different. Well done wednesday.
  18. Not too sure is much of a preview more a slagging piece with no-one to read it but himself and them Wendy fans. Bless him hope he gets the help he requires.
  19. The shirt is really growing on me tbh. Didn't like it too much when I first saw it. Looks quality from your vid Punk.
  20. Mark Bright all day for me. Such a handful and very intelligent player.
  21. He's obviously had a lot of injuries in the past few seasons but I would still be more than happy if he joined. Not because of nostalgia but because Moore seems like the kind of manager who could build him back up and he makes the right decisions when it comes to recovery from injuries ect. A fit Connor Wickham would be unbelievable in this league.
  22. Again........ugh Same old same old Get behind the players not on their backs! If you went to work every day and some one constantly told you that you're shizz then you're probably not going to perform as well as you should. Personally I think Palmer has improved massively over the years and has been very consistent in performance and injuries.
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