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  1. What a total bell. He will be banned from watching football for life for that.
  2. It is weird. We have spent £18m on that waste of space and we are going on about him after he scored the winner to take the dog botherers to Wembley. Why?
  3. He always looks like he’s just been on a 72 hour alcohol and cocaine bender and has just rocked up to the ground.
  4. Nathan Byrne would be a good shout if we are going to play the same system next season.
  5. Absolutely agreed, 100%. These threads do my nut in as this lad cost us £18m and he was completely garbage and now we are having a thread that’s congratulating him scoring the winner for Huddersfield to get them to Wembley. What an apathetic fanbase we’ve got.
  6. Everyone wants Leeds to go down except Leeds fan. Most hated club in English football.
  7. I’ve got a feeling that we will go up automatically next season.
  8. It’s got to be yellow ffs. Back to normal width blue and white stripes. Don’t over complicate it. Nice and traditional.
  9. Sadly, it won’t be on the agenda at the moment. We need total energy and focus to get back to the championship next season. No way our club and fanbase should be in league one.
  10. Big Daz needs to establish what formation he is going with for next season. If we are going 3-5-2, not sure he is the type of player we should be looking at.
  11. He is right but we really need to get our act together as a club. We will start our 23rd season outside of the top flight next season, 6 of which have been in the third tier. It really isn’t good enough for a club the size of ours.
  12. I agree with the OP to be fair. We didn’t bottle this playoff semi in my opinion. They just looked a bit younger and fresher to me. We give it our all and we just fell short, ultimately a mistake in that first game cost us. After the first 65 mins in the first game, I was sort of really disappointed in how we’ve played but really we were just getting out pressed by a very fit side. I sort of underestimated Sunderland to a certain extent.
  13. Personally, I thought Ross Stewart won everything against Harlee Dean. I thought storey was our best player until injury time.
  14. I was in the north stand in S block and atmosphere was good.
  15. Personally don’t think there’s any need to change the manager. End of October, I wanted him out after the wretched early season performances but we have improved and we’ve just fallen short. Id give him another year with a mandate of promotion. I just feel we need a few young players with some legs to complement our experienced lads.
  16. I personally felt they were just a touch quicker, sharper and fitter and they deserved to go through over the 2 legs. Plus, I had my concerns about Alex Neil and doesn’t he know how to set his teams up against us. We just couldn’t get any rhythm going and both games were frantic.
  17. That last line is absolutely correct. No issue with the formation or line up, it was purely our approach to the game which was the issue here.
  18. Must be a bigger risk of a pitch invasion from the lower leppings lane stand than the other 3 stands.
  19. That’s true. Im just hoping that the club fight for the full allocation for the lower given a less allocation for Sunderland.
  20. I remember that that the west stand and corner held 7995 seats. Corner was taken out and that was c1350. Upper is 4200 and lower is just over 2400. Summet like that. We should give makems the top 12 rows of the upper stand and net the seats off below like the Huddersfield game in 2017. We need to fight for all seats in the lower stand. It would make a difference to the players if we have a full lower stand full of Wednesday.
  21. Trust me, Andy. There is roughly 2400 seats in that lower stand.
  22. The lower leppings lane stand holds circa 2400 and upper holds circa 4200. Corner was around 1350 but seats have now gone.
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