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  1. With players available; Wildsmith Lees Hutch Osaze Harris Brown Joey Bannan Reach Paterson Rhodes Big struggle naming a team. It was tough!
  2. I can’t bring myself to pick a team. Whatever I pick, it looks crap!
  3. What a nightmare. Very good player when fit but it’s concerning how many different injuries he has now picked up.
  4. DC maybe many things but I just can’t see that. Im basing this on banishing Westwood and Hutchinson twice when Jos and Monk were managers and now they are both back in the fold when Bruce and Tomo took charge. The manager picks the team, 100%.
  5. He will want to go and I think we want him go go. But, we haven’t half messed him around haven’t we?
  6. At least we keep our run going. Nil points from Laing positions.
  7. Massive blow. Luongo is a very good championship player. Injury record was good prior to joining us.
  8. This is not the problem. The issue is our lack of quality in attacking areas whether it’s striking options, out wide or attacking midfield. Whilst many were spuffing their load over signing Paterson, kachunga and windass, I was predicting league one before a ball was kicked.
  9. Every time, there are moans about the team that is put out. I wouldn’t necessarily get on Tomo’s back here but I think it’s an indictment on how poor our squad is, even more so with iorfa and Luongo out injured.
  10. I was saying to the lads on our WhatsApp group that I thought he was man of the match and had a great game. Didn’t put a foot wrong and kept Harris very quiet.
  11. I’ve missed that demoralising feeling walking out of the Kop after yet another home defeat. Roll on August!
  12. That’s my point on another thread. We’ve got to go for it from the start, get the ball out wide, get crosses in and get the first goal. There is zero point starting games like we did against Birmingham at the weekend.
  13. You just can’t tell in the championship. Anyone can beat anyone as was proved by Saturdays results. I think we just need to go back to basics. Back to 3-5-2 and get the ball in the box as much as possible. We can’t start games like we did on Saturday otherwise we are down. We are such a basic and limited team so I would keep it simple for the players. Get the ball out to the wing backs and get 2 forwards in the box. Get the first goal and keep a good shape and try and get get a 1-0 win. It’s sounds simple but we are as a team.
  14. We need to start off aggressively and fast and hope we get the first goal otherwise we can forget it.
  15. I’d play 3-5-2 every game with wing backs and Rhodes and Paterson up top. Not a fan of Rhodes at all but at least he’s looked like a footballer over the last month or so. We need to start games aggressively, get the ball out wide and get balls in the box. We are a basic team and we need to get back to basics with this group. Try and get the first goal and hope we can hold out to pick up points. If we don’t get the first goal, we lose the game.
  16. I don’t know whether this has been covered on here but we have not gained 1 point this season when we’ve been in a losing position at any point in any game. It’s quite an alarming stat given we are now 30 games in. It just shows how pathetic we are as an attacking force as we have no creativity, pace or movement in the side and we rely on set pieces or scruffy goals. We have only scored 21 goals in 30 games which equate to 0.7 goals per game. How do we address it? Whilst I’m not a fan of Rhodes, he has resembled a player in the last month or so and I would get him in a fr
  17. I’ve never been a Rhodes fan but I do agree that Paterson and Rhodes must start up front every game unless injuries or either player is totally shattered. Got to go 3-5-2 and get the ball to the wing backs to get crosses into the box at every opportunity. We can only play this way until the end of the season.
  18. Westwood - 6 Palmer - 6 Lees - 6 Dunkley - 4 Penney - 5 Harris - 5 Hutch - 7 Shaw - 4 Bannan - 5 Paterson - 5 Windass - 4 Hutch best out of a poor mob today. Windass was anonymous, Dunkley isn’t good enough and Shaw is docked marks for stupidity whilst on a yellow.
  19. No over reaction to today’s result. We were just ok for the 15/20 minutes and then we were terrible prior and after the sending off. It was a big game against a relegation rival and we failed to turn up. Tactics and shape was poor and we messed it up. We aren’t down but we’ve made things much more difficult now which is disappointing.
  20. We can stay up but I don’t think we will. I had us down for relegation this season before a ball was kicked. We need to go back to 3-5-2 and get our wing backs getting crosses into the box for Paterson and Rhodes. Make it simple and go back to basics. We also need to hope we score the first goal, otherwise we are doomed. Today, I thought the tactics were strange. I don’t know if everyone is aware but we have acquired no points in games this season when we have been behind in a game at any point. It’s an extraordinary stat but not surprising given our lack of quality at
  21. Westwood Palmer Lees Osaze Harris Joey Hutch Bannan Reach Paterson Rhodes We could do with getting both shaw and Luongo back in this side with Palmer and joey stepping aside. Just need to get back to basics. Get the ball out wide and get crosses in the box. We all know we are a basic side, we just need to work to our strengths.
  22. Don’t like scapegoating but Dunkley is poor and league one standard. I don’t get dragged into people saying he does a load of pointing and talking and he’s a future captain. This guy is a basic footballer.
  23. I didn’t think the first was a yellow card at all. The second one was stupid as he gave the referee a decision to make even tho a while ago, it wouldn’t have been a booking. A minute before the sending off, Bannan was tugged back cynically to stop a break and no yellow card. You’ve also got Gary Gardner with 2 bits of gamesmanship at the end and yet no yellow card.
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