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  1. We ought to get more behind chansiri.. I see too many ripping him to shreds. Football is a tough game and I think he has shown signs that he is learning from his mistakes and genuinely cares for the fans and the club. This is a lot more than ashley who is a complete and utter void.
  2. I imagine this is based on extensive inside knowledge of his coaching technique and relationships at the club.... And not just a baseless judgement.
  3. So.. Just to confirm I understand this right.. the evidence is one man's word against another? We know of no other corroborating evidence?
  4. I guess the flip side is.. Hooper is class. Absolutely class. It's difficult to find players of a similar calibre.
  5. If so that makes me want to scratch my eyes out.
  6. Hmm not sure. Some fairly silly decisions. Joao just has to take it into the corner.
  7. We did scoop the ball into Norwich's net... tbf
  8. Thought he was free? My memory is cack mind.
  9. Tom Lees. Understated. Unassuming. Underrated. I've always been a big fan of Tom Lees and as ridiculous as it sounds when we talk about football, I have been genuinely gutted to see negative discussion around him and his performances but it's nice to see Bruce recognise his professionalism. I genuinely think he is the fulcrum around which we can build a very very solid team. He isn't a world beater, he's not the best defender aerially nor with the ball at his feet, but he is stoic, brave and gutsy and clearly puts his all into every performance. This post isn't really linker to today's game but I guess that just reflects his abilities. Solid throughout.
  10. I agree. He was positionally all over the shop today. I'm not sure where he was for their goal.
  11. So so limited. No team pushing for play offs or, dare I dream, automatic promotion can afford to field these two. Yes Boyd has had a minor purple patch but they are simply too limited. Shame because without that dufus in charge at the start of the season and with a modicum of luck on the injury front Leeds aren't a million miles away from us.
  12. No chance whatsoever. Just enjoy the run in. Enjoy Bruce. Enjoy the way we are playing. Love seeing Hooper back. Be good to see kieran before he leaves at end of the season.
  13. I see thornilly as being similar to Tom Lee's in his play. I'm not sure they are complementary. Hector and loovens previously compliments Lee's.
  14. Not a single minute tonight watched the whole game for nuffin.
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