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  1. Can't say that on here. It's a positive thing for my club that we'll be less of a basket case in terms of beyond our means spending. Whats the alternative? Oblivion.
  2. Award scored that goal at yoevil away against us didn't he? When it all kicked off?
  3. Got to applaud this situation for swfc. To get a six figure sum which can be reinvested is very good news.
  4. That first goal. If you see that on a Sunday you're embarrassed.
  5. There's a few reyt cloggers on this thread. Sod the result, my only concern is about getting the team nicely gelled to hit the ground running. Could do with a striker.. for sure. But still time left.
  6. I agree. I think he had glimmers of talent but it was all a bit inconsistent.
  7. All of a good age. All with something to prove. At least two are likely to have had other decent offers elsewhere. Yeah, this is a good start.
  8. Agreed. And actually I think the current group are more talented than the 96 bunch but I enjoyed watching the 96 bunch much more. More character about them.
  9. Up there with the 96 lot? You must be having a bath. The passion in that team, the characters and the style of play were all beyond this crop. Don't get me wrong they are a talented bunch but they don't play with the same character
  10. The crime was to leave changes so late when we clearly needed impetus on the pitch. Win the game before penalties.
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