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  1. Hutch a better centre back than Lees? Surely this isn't serious...
  2. Think he plays in the Turkish super league mate. Was top scorer last year and got a move to one of the big boys...
  3. Sell your only striker with pace... We've simply swapped lacking pace out wide for lacking pace up front. Unfortunately we still have the ethos and tactical setups for a team who play through the middle instead of out wide quickly driving to the by line and crossing.
  4. Ah.. clever one you are. Full time permanent football manager above the third tier of English football*
  5. I've said it all along. Bullen not a manager. Simple as that. Never will be.
  6. I've been saying that ever since the first time I saw him play. Worries me horrendously in terms of his positioning.
  7. Offensive and testicles... bravo.
  8. I would feel far more comfortable with Palmer.
  9. I truly wonder what guru sounds like.. bet he doesn't sound like you think he would. Definitely not a Darth Vader type voice...
  10. I must be a minority but I thought offensively we were poor against miwaw
  11. Echo the sentiment. Tactically Lee hasn't set us up particularly well (imo) to exploit other teams weaknesses. We've been lucky tonight but while I think with lee at the helm we definitely won't go down but I also wouldn't expect us to end up challenging either. A good manager would have us pushing for top 6 if not 4th or 5th.
  12. Not the right manager. Bully, love the guy, is not a manager. Some people just aren't.
  13. Think this is fair. I do worry out that full back position... against decent wingers could be very tricky.
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