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  1. Relatively indifferent to this. All depends on cost.
  2. terry Henfleet signing this summer. Hes going to be top quality on the wing.
  3. Remember being sat on south and he elbowed Darius Henderson. Brilliant.
  4. Top post Scram. Very considered. We're still here. Still able to fight. And that we shall.
  5. Good overview of probably most fans current thoughts. I truly hope he has learnt from his mistakes. And this was a big one.
  6. Society is very unforgiving, football fans even more so. Really hope Chansiri has learnt his mistakes and runs us in a better way moving forward.
  7. Got to get youth sprinkled with determined pros. People who don't shirk and shrink away. Ironically hutch would have been ideal as a leader during this time.. but hey ho.
  8. Your evidence is where to support that assertion? Did she do a good job at Charlton?
  9. Ok.. got you. Thanks. As always you are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these things. Very useful to better understand what is actually going on.
  10. Tremendous. Genuine laugh after reading that. What a combination.
  11. Were these accounts filed during her tenure? If so could this be the reason for her rather sharp exit from the club? if no.. well.. soz. @mkowl any ideas?
  12. This is it. Unfortunately its a long cycle but you can see, even with who we've shipped out and the young lad coming in that it appears we are looking to do things differently.
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