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  1. Now you're killing me. I'm off to bed. UTO. Remind me never to pretend to have footballing knowledge again...
  2. Looking at it. Fair challenge. I should have said one of the only... I didn't realise they weren't straight off the bat Woolwich arsenal...
  3. Originally dial square.. then sometime later Woolwich arsenal. I should have caveated - originally named...
  4. For posterity - port vale is not a place. They are the only football league club not named after a place.
  5. Excellent defensively tonight. Never thought I would say that. He was solid and offered a little going forward.
  6. I haven't imagined a concern. His command of his area aerially isn't the best. He came for one cross tonight but didn't need to come for others. Westwood is much more confident when claiming in the air. Don't me wrong. I like Dawson and think he has a future here. He's just not the finished article.
  7. Very good shot stopper. I don't think that has ever been in doubt. The concern is his ability to command his area.
  8. Would you have taken it pre match? I certainly would have.. Onwards and upwards. UTO.
  9. The thing with Lucas is he offered pace and power. A different dynamic, something which none of our current crop can offer.
  10. Good shout. Good challenge. On re-watching it's Iorfas man... poor. Poor communication, poor marking.
  11. He's clearly at fault for their goal. Positionally he loses his man more often than is ideal.
  12. Winnal looks very weak. Very very weak. Not great for me..
  13. Pitch appears bigger than at Boro... be interesting to know the size difference.
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