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  1. Hold my hands up. Not so long back I called for him to be dropped but he has been tremendous.
  2. Think Reach is well worth keeping. Fair enough he neshes a few tackles but he creates and creates space.
  3. I get it. A draw is acceptable so not constructive criticism is allowed. Blimey.
  4. I guess the other question is where is winnall? Surely ready for a subs bench run?
  5. I have posted in other threads.. we've done really well. We've been solid, we've looked like we could get a goal occasionally against an organised side... I merely point out Boyd because unlike every other player I felt he added nothing. Matias's problem is he doesn't have a defensive bone is his body.
  6. Very good. Cool on the ball with some nice touches and always looking to push forward.
  7. I hope I never have to suffer watching him again. The lads did really well but Boyd is an empty shirt. Should have won... very solid. You never know.. plenty of points to play for. Just need fessi and joao fit.
  8. What are people's thoughts now? Under Jo's a lot of blame fell on Mr C's shoulders.. Rightly or wrongly there were all sorts of unfounded rumours flying about. I wonder where he sits with the fan base now he's hired Bruce?
  9. He's Scottish... or has played for their under 21s.. so.. Surely he must be on the radar..
  10. Keeps this form going and I wonder what his international prospects are.. good on the lad. Top stuff recently.
  11. Genuinely worried for snoots' wellbeing. Great OMDT but I do hope all is well in the snoots lair later tonight...
  12. Often a handful. Works hard. Brave. No end product (generally speaking). Seemingly no real linkage with any other striker at the club. What to do? For me, he's got to be dropped. He offers so little goal threat that whilst he battles manfully I feel he plays into defenders hands and often gives them the battle they want, which is aerial, physical and nothing in behind. Joao has to start and I think nuhiu alongside. Tin hat on.
  13. Boyd is awful. Absolutely awful. Weak, no ability on the ball, poor passing and ironically to say people laud his work rate he offered fox limited cover when he came on. The sooner we see the back of Boyd the better.
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