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  1. Great signing. Hes still got enough to offer to impact on our season. Get behind you bunch of moaning Minnie's.
  2. Why doesn't he start regularly? What is missing from his game that others have?
  3. I thought there were some real positives. Penney looks sharp. Green looked up for it.
  4. In the last conference he did, he said he might not be able to pay the players. You typed it. Or at least copied it.
  5. Credit to brown though because he looked to make things happen. Penney and Harris likewise. FDB did nothing forward. Marriott was.. well Marriott. poo.
  6. Is Penney not a left back? Brown came with good pedigree. Kachunga and Marriott stank of being signings of desperation.
  7. Lad literally never runs forward. I remember his first interview.. I like to make forward runs and am powerful... Alreyt
  8. I cant see why Penney hasn't had more games for us... I dont see what he lacks and supposedly others have
  9. I thought it was his for the second too but I'm not certain.
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