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  1. The OP is spot on. It's not necessarily about the quality Lucas had, more about the variety, or lack of, of our attacking options. We're very one dimensional. Lucas was the only striker we had with a bit of pace, bit of power and a bit of trickery combined.
  2. I thought peter Gilbert was desperately uninspiring but not the worst we've ever had. Like a really really poor lewis Buxton. F*ck me times were grim.
  3. Aye. When you leave with the wife you realise things could be a lot, lot worse.
  4. Good though. Knows what he's doing. Dont like him or the way he plays but his antics scraped derby a point.
  5. In this game odubajo is our worst player. Terrible for the goal.
  6. Thought that last game and he came up trump's. Wouldn't be hasty. Decent first half.
  7. No yellow card for Charlton. Mental. The lad has just cleaned fletcher out.
  8. Luongo is actually reasonably attacking (relatively speaking)... I imagine that factored in monks thinking.
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