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  1. Nuhiu was looking too thin for me. Get some bulk on lad!
  2. Nothing anyone will say or has said will convince me that the club acted in the right manner for, ironically, the club and not individuals within the club. We had a saleable asset that we failed to protect and let it depreciate for the saving of face. Atrocious management.
  3. The benefit of all this in footballing terms has to be that our scouting team have a great deal of time to review footage of players and really develop a robust well considered recruitment policy to get us a balance of youth and experience. Oh and quality hopefully!
  4. Good gesture. Really think the players need to take a pay cut. It would be ridiculous if they didn't. An absolute statement of apathy toward their club.
  5. Start with criticism suggesting that you know better than the chairman. Yeah. Thatll get him opening up.
  6. I suggest that tactics, team motivation, an input (unclear to what level) in recruitment, training, in-game management are a non-exhaustive list of responsibilities assigned to the manager. In my team if I assign someone a leadership role within my organisation and they consistantly fail to motivate the team, to put people in a situation to perform their best, I take some of the blame but ultimately they have to go. I'm not sure why you dont share that view.
  7. Is he in charge of on the pitch matters?
  8. Look at the pigs. Shambles off the pitch, hate to say it, but utterly dogged on the pitch. People are excusing the manager via the chairman. Not saying DC is perfect but the manager picks the team. He chooses the tactics. He motivates the players and quite frankly we are poo.
  9. It's all about caring enough though isnt it. I'm with you, when I play sunday I give my all and hate losing but there are sometimes when my team comes up against a team that just want it more. They're more niggly, aggressive, determined.. the ball bounces their way because they go full throttle. We're limp. If someone comes at us we wilt. They might care, but I'm not sure they care enough.
  10. We got Bruce before we got Monk. Presumably the poison was in the club then? Presumably he thought he could do a good job regardless.
  11. I mean.. I'm excited. Are you able to say how you know? If I actually had evidence that the guy was more in charge than the manager on transfers that would make my view change pretty significantly. But I currently have nothing other than conjecture.
  12. In what way was katrien doing a good job? I'm pretty sure no one actually understood the scope of her role...?
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