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  1. Not watching tonight? How we doing gents? I assume by the positivity were battering the minnows of Cambridge?
  2. Not just now. Not even in the past few seasons. Virtually throughout my time supporting Wednesday we've been garbage or, if not complete toilet, somewhere hovering just above that standard. We've had money chucked at us, we've had managers who either have good pedigree or have gone onto (rarely) better things but we've not had a consistently competitive period. Why? Is it because we lack a philosophy, an identity on the pitch? Is it because we did something terrible in our history and now we are cursed? I just don't get it.
  3. I've never understood it. Even when we have a clearly superior team to another, playing on home turf where you would expect the players to feel comfortable and perform at their best, we bend to counter the opposition. Perhaps only Carlos in recent memory didn't. Maybe megson?
  4. The investment in and around the area and the club itself would be valuable.
  5. You can't honestly tell me that you think another manager wouldn't get a tune from this lot? Their a good set of players played in a formation and with a style more opaque than concrete.
  6. To be fair to Sam. He's probably as baffled as you or I as to why he isn't played at the back. Him and iorfa are solid. Iorfa and dunkley are an absolute mess.
  7. So you're saying he refused to play?
  8. Not sure he's the same player but you might be right. Think if luongo was available instead of constantly injured then I'd have more confidence.
  9. I doubt it but 4 4 2, while extremely unfashionable, makes the best use of our players. Only problem, don't think you can fit bannan into a 4 4 2 so we won't play it regularly.
  10. If luongo was ever fit we'd have a much stronger middle of midfield.
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