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  1. Agreed. I wonder if he bulked up a little that might help him. His defensive game isn't great and he doesn't seem to have as effective delivery as he once had. He also doesn't have the pace of say Jack Hunt to get him out of problems. Shame, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does develop later.
  2. Definitely getting relegated on last day the season.
  3. Warnock probably knows more than me but every time I see him I see physical attributes and little else.
  4. How paddy McNair plays at this level is always beyond me. Lads poo .
  5. Here we go. We all know the script now.
  6. Boro, let's be honest, look crap.
  7. I used to be a big fan of Penney but he is limited. I would err toward not keeping.
  8. Context around the signing aside, Rhodes did a good job today. Bought us fouls, hussled and put their defence under some pressure. Paterson, not so much.
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