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  1. There is literally no evidence to support any of this...
  2. I think this is a very astute appraisal. I think its fair to say, for example, and has been evidenced recently, that Joao and Fletcher are technically much better players than those we have brought in to replace them however monk has majored on the team ethic. Hard work. Discipline. Togetherness. Often, and this is why individual brilliance is sought after, individual brilliance can win you games even when teamwork and hard work fail. The test of this squad will be whether we can keep that base going through a series of losses. If we don't we'll have trouble as there are very, ver
  3. I'm not his biggest fan but he played well today. If he didn't nesh challenges he'd be even better.
  4. What a block by van aken. This lad could be a very very solid centee back moving forward. Terrific.
  5. If he'd have given a foul then that would have been why.. I'm not sure what that even means.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54558837 I imagine this was discussed previously but I support an independent commission defining a structure for the regulation of the modern game. The EFL and EPL cannot police themselves as they have a clear conflict of interest.
  7. If we let bannan go without a viable replacement (hunt is not a viable replacement) then we ought to resign ourselves to relegation because that's the only outcome.
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