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  1. He was and is, absolute quality though. Think its real shame we couldn't get a other season from him.
  2. Someone make a team out of that. Would have a good chance in league 1... definitely.
  3. Lots of respect to him for not wanting to just take the pay cheque. Good luck Joe.
  4. Great deal for me. 1 mill for a player with injury issues and a questionable attitude.
  5. Interesting. Suggests we are buying players .. "even get to meet the players, if they are free agents".
  6. Midfield needs legs. Youth. Energy. We need at least two young lads for the wide positions. FDB hopefully will really challenge for a starting berth this year adding a bit of energy to that middle. We also need some legs up top and a couple of centre backs. Big transfer window. We could go up very strong if we recruit well.
  7. You know, I think this is probably right. He was a little off the mark and positioning was not always the best.
  8. Agreed. It's daft to think they would roll into player recruitment without re-assessing.
  9. People said he was a step up from Nuhiu. He's a massive step down. He tries hard but he isn't technically or mentally good enough for a team challenging for the League 1 title.
  10. Any update on his concussion?
  11. Some of the things are mind boggling. We need shut of a few players, Dunkley, Paterson, Brown, Kamberi, Berahino, Sow, Wildsmith. We ought to cash in on windass if possible. But the likes of Hunt, Hutch, Luongo should, if possible, be kept on and supplemented by younger signings and youthful loans. We have to have a spine of experienced players around which we bring in youth.
  12. Damn. Didn't realise it was a longer list than just a few..I'd also keep Brennan, hutch, hunt, bannan, luongo, byers, FDB and Gregory. That's on top of Dean, BPF and Storey.
  13. Youth. Legs and pace. How many of their players can drive with the ball... even the big lad up top can. Across our team we have... maybe 2 runners? People who drive at the opposition. We have to change strategy and get a better blend. They were fearless. We were leggy.
  14. This cost us. I can see why he doesn't start. Unbelievable lack of effort from someone only recently on the pitch and in such a game.
  15. Unbelievable wasn't it. Just jogging. If that was Hunt you know 100% he'd have been busting a gut to get back. Storrey was on his last legs. Singular his fault tonight because I genuinely think we would have gone onto win that otherwise.
  16. We have to stop rushing. We are rushing everything. One goal is all we need to keep alive our chances. We play like there's 20 seconds left.
  17. The constant shithousery. The constant lumping The ball high. The constant pinging it from BPF aimlessly up front is going to end in us losing. We have to get the ball down and dictate play.
  18. This ref is giving everything to Sunderland. Literally anything and everything.
  19. I wouldn't take hunt off. Johnson can't beat a man. Hunt has got into very, very good positions. But yes, NML for Johnson.
  20. No pressure for Monday, the expectation is now all on them. We are forced to attack. No other way to play. They're going to be trying to protect a lead while nicking another. Some big players to come back into the side (Hunt, Windass) to freshen things up. It's not all doom and gloom. I think we'll be alright. (I hope anyway)
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