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  1. I've been alive for 33 years. Wednesday have been poo for most of that time. Depressing when you think about it.
  2. not a winger though either is he.. id be happy to ship him out as soon as possible.
  3. Reach scored higher than bannan and lee? Odubajo a 6... well I never.
  4. The most worrying thing.. is try explaining odubajos positioning during the run up to the third... he makes no attempt to get into the defensive line. He actually goes back out to the player with the ball despite another Wednesday player closing the ball down. Lads not a defender. He's not a winger either.
  5. This has been dull. Was really looking forward to this but its been very boring.
  6. Probably. Put him centre back instead of Moses. Flip me.
  7. Tudgays at house across road from me at the minute.
  8. I dont understand, when people say he's been the best player, on what basis they make that claim? Maybe I'm blinkered but he's really very poor.
  9. Definitely a penalty. He's tugging his shirt when about a meter away from the lad. It's blatant.
  10. it was a nailed on penalty. Odubajo has tried to steal his shirt.
  11. He is a defensive liability. He simply does not offer anywhere near enough going forward to excuse his lack of basic positioning and defending ability.
  12. Lads terrible. I'm sorry but he's terrible.
  13. Defensively looks atrocious. Decent energy in the middle but lee has more bite and quality (on the ball) than reach.
  14. Do you think our fans are worse than others? I personally do. Starved of success we almost crave the moaning at games as a means of release...
  15. Remember being at that. Fantastic day. Sunny, nice pint, beat shithousery tactics... very good.
  16. Thats not how football manager tells me it works...
  17. For the money these lads are on (FF and Fletcher).. I'd say let them go Fox is a steady back up but should be nowhere near first team.
  18. Nuhiu was looking too thin for me. Get some bulk on lad!
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