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  1. Can still pick a pass that's for sure. Good to see him back and obviously loving it.
  2. I think it's easily forgotten but what a job he has done! Last season was painful. The overall feeling, group of uninterested players, relegation and financial problems. It didn't look good at all, even the future of the club in doubt. He's had nothing and done such a great job. Perspective.
  3. Loved the bloke!!! Was a great player. I remember seeing him and Di Canio in the warm up against Everton and the stuff they were doing was just unbelievable at the time.
  4. Nuhiu was a good player and got undeserved stick same with Kamberi. Only difference being Nuhiu was doing it at a slightly higher level. Niether are perfect but give everything.....what more can you ask really. Though we love to bash our own players at wednesday.
  5. No issue with this tbh, hasn't shown much and can't see him breaking into the 1st team anytime soon.
  6. Should we really listen to anything Lee Bowyer says? He's never really done himself any favours throughout the years. Personally I think this would be a good signing and one that is very much needed. If there has been a fall out then he'll be wanting to prove Bowyer wrong with his performances.
  7. He's on loan isn't he unless I'm missing something. What was expected? To go from a team mid table in the conference to a team top on league 2? Needs to prove himself and get game time so hopefully going to them he'll get that. I doubt very much that he would at a team at the top half of that league or with us. Either way he's gaining experience and will hopefully come back a better more equipped player.
  8. Why is there even a debate when it comes to Des Walker or Bullen being legends for the club? Crazy stuff. Good luck to Lee Bullen and many thanks.
  9. Sounds horrendous tbh. Anyone wanting him back in a wednesday shirt i remind you.......Mind the gap!?!?
  10. To be fair Got to be happy with that. We're looking very good just need a couple of players in Jan.
  11. It hasn't worked, luckily its only a year deal plus I doubt he's on too much money. Nothing like Rhodes
  12. Probably will to be fair. It's going to be a real test for him. Could do wonders for his confidence or absolutely demolish it.
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