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  1. A few things; We need to go to a back 4 and play Hunt, Iorfa, Hutch and Palmer across the back. Hutch is back next week! Opposition are targeting our left side consistently. Iorfa needs Hutcb alongside him and Palmer is the only one who has looked decent on that left side. Secondly, we need to have 3 midfielders in the side for balance. Whether it’s 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, I’m unsure on. I’m leaning to 4-4-2 given we look more of a threat with 2 up front and Gregory looks better with a strike partner. That would mean putting Bannan left midfield or Dennis right midfield dependant on who’s available etc. Finally and the main point is to go out on the front foot and actually play positive football. Tactics, formations are important and we’ve all got different opinions on what should happen but currently, we are just passive and let the opposition take control. We are SWFC, we have good players and we are in league one. If Moore wants to keep his job, he needs to get the side on the front foot playing attacking football for 90 minutes instead of the 20-30 minutes per game that we’ve seen all season.
  2. From minute 55 to 75, we played very well and was well on top. Also last 6 minutes of the game including injury time. The rest of the time, Lincoln had the better of the match.
  3. He’s obviously a nice guy and there’s no hate to Moore whatsoever. But, I knew weeks ago that he wasn’t the man. The early results papered over the cracks for me. He doesn’t know his best system and team and he’s afraid of us playing an expansive game. In a nutshell, his fear is making this team play a negative brand of football. For 30 minutes, we often have a very good spell and we look a good team ready to trounce the opposition but for the other 60 minutes, we are often on the back foot getting outplayed. This season isn’t over. The return of Hutch, Luongo and Windass would be huge and a new manager is pivotal. No reason, we still can’t make the playoffs and get promoted if the above happened. One thing under our control is to appoint a new manager. It’s like the 04/05 and 11/12 season where Sturrock and Jones were appointed which got the team back on track.
  4. Iorfa looked good with Hutch next to him. Since then, he has been very poor. Do you know what, I’ve got a great idea; once Hutch is fit which should be next week, why don’t we go with a back 4 and play Hunt right back, Iorfa and hutch at centre halves and Palmer left back. I know it’s revolutionary but maybe this will work ffs.
  5. Dele Bashiru was clear man of the match for me. Plus we also played a 3-5-2 as Johnson was left centre half.
  6. I think we will get beat on Tuesday but we will win on Saturday. 3 points
  7. We were also capitulating in the first half of the season even though we were 3rd at Christmas. We could’ve been top if we didn’t keep chucking points away.
  8. Ye, I would go with that if Dennis is fit. Moore has recruited for a 433 but maybe we could be more efficient as a 3-5-2 unit as we have 2 up front and more importantly our wide players in the 3 are not playing well enough. I also think that getting Hutch and Luongo fit and staying fit is crucial to any success we have this season.
  9. Both teams are boring and dull to watch. The only think you’d say about England is that they have some good attacking players and they should be playing a more expansive game.
  10. No one has a clue. We are all coming up with different formations and line ups. Personally, I think we would fare better if Luongo was fit and he played CDM and a fit Hutch was partnering Iorfa at centre half. All ifs and buts but that in itself would provide more balance to the team.
  11. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Dennis Luongo Bannan Windass El Pato Shodipo
  12. That’s been a pattern of our season…we haven’t played well for 30 minutes in any game. it’s actually quite concerning that we can’t impose ourselves on a game for more than 30 minutes in league one. .
  13. I just don’t see this manager being the one to get us promoted. I like Darren Moore - I think he’s a good lad, the players like him etc. But I think he’s ran out of ideas. He doesn’t know his best team or formation and he’s just winging it at present. Yes, we are grinding out some results but it’s to plain to see things won’t improve with this manager.
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