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  1. Leeds Utd should be the biggest club in English football. There are 2.5 million live in West Yorkshire and there are only 2 other professional clubs which are Huddersfield and Bradford, both are small to medium sized clubs. Breaking it down, Leeds is the third biggest city in England with only one football club. Moreover, there are no other professional clubs all the way up into North Yorkshire and across into the East Riding towards Hull. The fact that Leeds is still in the Championship with a truly dilapidated stadium shows what a pathetic club they are. I live in Leeds and there is more love for the Rhinos than Leeds Utd, without question.
  2. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Yes - you are correct. Reyt goal
  3. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Hirst at Lane in 1992/93 ish. Sheridan in league cup at a drenched Hillsborough.
  4. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Kevin Gage is an excellent ambassador for Sheffield United. He epitomises the ethos and culture of the Club and his ongoing comments through social media illustrate this perfectly. Keep up up the good work, Kevin!
  5. That was one of the away ends I was thinking of. The concourse in the west stand at Bellend road is also cramped when full. Far far worse than Hillsborough.
  6. One of my favourite all time photos - pretty much sums them up!
  7. It is completely and utterly bizarre. SAG and SYP are an absolute joke. Kop holds 11240 seats and apparently there will be roughly 700 unsold due to restrictions from SAG. Like you say, there has been 24000 stood on that Kop. T Block is not open on the North even though there is only going to be 2300 away fans in an Upper stand that holds over 4200. We are roughly going to have 5500 seats not taken due to restrictions. I find the whole thing bizarre and unnecessary. I'm not the buying the overcrowding concourse argument - there are many grounds in the Championship that are worse. Every local game with us is now a dinner time kick off. The Millwall vs Leeds game was a 3pm kick off yesterday. Leeds vs Pigs at Bellend Road will be played on a Friday night in October. You would think that we have the worst fans in U.K. Football how we are treated regarding kick off times and restrictions?
  8. Does anyone know whether we have sold T block in the north and Aa block in the south? Also, have we been able to sell restrictive view tickets on the kop?
  9. We will hammer United

    When you look at it, it's like David vs Goliath - but there will be no upset here. Massive mountain for the pigs, they've had a great start but they will fall way short here.
  10. Championship

    One thing for sure is that Leeds will not be top 2. No way! When you have Philips and O'Kane in your midfield, that is not promotion material. Liam Cooper at centre back. Give me a break.
  11. Championship

    It's open this year. I still think we haven't got that pace or nastiness to mix it up tho. I am confident we will make the playoffs again, very confident. I just don't think we will make top 2. We are technically very sound and we are organised. We don't give a great deal away. But we are not Xfactor. Playoffs again. Prove me wrong Wednesday!
  12. We will hammer United

    I cannot see anything but a comprenhensive win for the Owls. The pigs will do what they always do - they will be full of endeavour, they will be bravehearts and a credit to S2 but they will come up very short.
  13. So..... The game next week

    Gooooooooooooood beeeeeaaating next week! Reyt good punishing. 4-0 Wednesday - the more mature wednesdayites will be reminiscing about Boxing Day 1979.
  14. One thing holding us back

    The OP is bang on. Without pace, we will not get in the top 2 positions. I think we are good again for the playoffs, in fact I'm pretty confident. We we need that option, we are predictable and one paced. We are technically a very good outfit and very well organised.