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  1. I know you are a big Hooper fan. Unfortunately, I think he will get released. If so, it would be a great shame as he’s been one of our best footballers over the last 15 years or so. Top class. Very gifted footballer in my opinion. With 7 strikers on our books with no guarantee we can offload Nuhiu, Winnall or Rhodes who are all out of favour coupled with Hooper’s big wages and recent injuries, it may be just too much risk for the club. You never know, we may have lined up a deal with Norwich for Rhodes to extend his contract etc. We will see. I also think Hooper will have offers on the table from various clubs.
  2. Totally agree with releasing those 5 and trying to sell/loan out the other 5, whilst we all know it will be difficult as we need to find clubs for them. Easier said than done! I do think on balance that Hooper will be released. We have 7 strikers and there is no guarantee that we will be able to get rid of Nuhiu, Winnall and Rhodes. He’s a high earner and injury prone and I think this will sway us to release. He’s such a technically gifted footballer tho and it’s a great shame. However, I just have this nagging feeling we may offer Lee a pay as you play or reduced terms deal. There won’t be clubs queuing up for him given his injuries and I think there may be a deal on the table, potentially.
  3. Hector then Fletcher. Palmer most improved player.
  4. Has all the tools to be a top striker but I fear he lacks the necessary mental application and as a consequence he will not fulfil his potential.
  5. It’s a great league is the championship due to the unpredictable nature of it. Every game is competitive but this season’s standard is the worst I’ve seen for a long time.
  6. Thanks for posting. We are out of it but good luck for the remainder of the season.
  7. I’d be inclined to send both Dawson and Wildsmith on loan to league 1 or 2 clubs for next season and get some much valued experience in playing regular football. I’d sign Westwood up and bring in a number 2 for a year. Easier said than done but we need to give some of these youngsters regular football. I think both will be very good keepers in time but they are nowhere near the level of Westwood yet.
  8. There are a few dog botherers on DATM who think they are in for Rhodes. Now, for me and 99% of owls fans, they can have him. However, I think this is a load of rhubarb like the Westwood rumour. I know they need a keeper but they won’t get Westwood. No chance!
  9. Stop flapping, he won’t be leaving, especially Udders!
  10. Totally agree. Bruce isn’t stupid and he knows how important Westwood is to us. He’s rather play for us and they wouldn’t be able to offer a better deal in my opinion. I expect all the others will be released bar Palmer for various reasons.
  11. If we are releasing 7 big earners then surely we can keep Westwood on a decent 2 year deal. I trust Bruce to sort this out and I expect him to stay. Udders don’t pay big wages so I’d doubt they’d offer more than £25k PW.
  12. He’s like Joao - got all the attributes but invariably you don’t see the level of performance that you expect. I expect that he will go back to Spurs and I would like to think we can get better. He’s the type we should be looking for - athletic, box to box midfielder.
  13. He’s had 4 years and he’s done nowhere near enough. He’s got to be released with all of them bar Westwood and Palmer. It needs a shake up. Hes played reasonably well of late, but too little, too late.
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