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  1. Bouncing Owl

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    It’s a hoax - there are too many daft c**ts follow us!
  2. Bouncing Owl

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    To be fair to Gypsy Owl, he has got a lot right with team selection etc. I think there is something in this personally and if it does happen it would be a very good appointment for where we are at the moment. I think it would also get some much needed positivity back at the club. As a fan, it would also give me some assurances that Chansiri is still looking at moving us forward. Bruce won’t be cheap and he would want some money to spend. I acknowledge that we are up against FFP but maybe Chansiri has something up his sleeve?
  3. Bouncing Owl

    Shortlist of 5

    I thought it was a well written OP. There were a few spelling mistakes but it was a decent effort.
  4. Bouncing Owl

    Heard it’s Pardew

    Don’t care what anyone says, that’s some reyt dancing by Pardew!
  5. Bouncing Owl


    When I reflect, I miss the Glenn Loovens of old! What a defender, what a leader and what a guy!
  6. Bouncing Owl


    In my opinion Baker and Palmer are the worst 2 right backs in the league. Both are absolutely crap. I do prefer Palmer which says a lot to where Baker is as I don’t rate Palmer at all. Some of the posters on here slagging Jack Hunt off. He’s absolutely streets ahead of those 2. He was a very good footballer and was also a good outlet. These 2 struggle with the basics of football.
  7. Bouncing Owl

    Alan Nixon

    I’d take Holloway. We have got a good track record with charismatic managers.
  8. Bouncing Owl

    Alan Nixon

    I’d take Holloway. We have got a good track record with charismatic managers.
  9. Bouncing Owl

    Alan Nixon

    I’ve been to most games this season and we are lucky to have accumulated the points we have. We have been terrible. We should have seen the West Brom game out but there have been many others where we were so fortunate to pick up points. This manager is right up there as the worst manager we’ve had over the last 25 years. There is no plan, no vision, no nothing. He has destroyed morale in the dressing room, he has destroyed player confidence on the pitch, there is no relationship with the fans. I’m totally confused with the constant meddling with tactics/formations and player selection. There is no consistency. Ipswich look like they are down but there are 2 places up for grabs. We are going to be near that bottom 3 after our next 3 away games - Swansea, Baggies and Boro.
  10. Bouncing Owl

    Sam Hutchinson

    It’s absolutely laughable that Hutchinson has been banished and we have Baker, Fox and Pelupessy in our first 11. How the hell do you expect to win football matches with those 3 in the team? Sam Hutchinson should be playing defensive midfield for SWFC. I don’t want to hear about a bad performance at Brentford or that he is injury prone. Just about every player has been injured over the last 2 years. Hutch has had some exceptional games for Wednesday - he’s head and shoulders above the hapless Joey. Plus we have some much needed leadership in the team.
  11. Bouncing Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Just been reading this thread... How anyone can defend Jos or wants him to remain as our Manager needs to give their head a wobble. I’m telling you now - If he remains as our Manager, he will take us down.
  12. Bouncing Owl

    Stop picking Baker, Fox and Pulepessy

    You can’t win football matches in the championship with those 3 in your first team. You can carry one crap footballer but not 3.
  13. Bouncing Owl


    He was middle of a back 3 in the first half. He went into central midfield when the fantastic Joey got replaced by Matias
  14. Bouncing Owl

    Name one thing...

    Palmer is a league 1 player. Baker should be at a league 2 club on load to aid his development.
  15. Bouncing Owl

    Two full backs needed

    Some on here saying that Jack Hunt was rubbish? He was decent was Hunt - his final delivery didn’t my head in on occasions but he was a good footballer. Now we have Liam Palmer and Ash Baker as options at right back. They are the worst 2 right backs in the championship. Left back is also a nightmare - Thorniley should never be deployed there as he is a centre half. Pudil is more of a centre half nowadays and Fox is a league 1 player. I think we need to get Penney playing at either left back or wing back and persevere with him.