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  1. Formation

    Absolutely! That midfield is all top drawer and provides the right balance to our team.
  2. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    If it’s 3-5-2, that’s how I see it. Pudil could play left of the 3 at the back as he’s played well there recently. However, Van Aken may be more suited to playing in a back 3 where he can bring the ball out of the back. Totally agree with Reach at left wing back - he’d be a revelation in that role. You need players in that position who can get up and down that flank all day - he would definitely do that.
  3. Team for Preston

    Bannan’s best position is the left of a midfield 3.
  4. Team for Preston

    Don’t think they will be fit. I would like us to try and go with a front 3 prior to the end of the season and see if it works. Either 3-4-3 or 4-3-3. Front 3; Matias Joao FF I want to see how FF plays on the left of a front 3 - his best position.
  5. Team for Preston

    Wildsmith Venancio Lees Pudil Hunt Boyd Hutch Bannan Reach Joao Dave I really would play Reach left wing back. Boyd hasn’t the legs to play that role. I’d put Hutch defensive midfield, bring Bannan into left midfield and I’d play Boyd right midfield. For the record, I don’t rate Boyd, but we haven’t a great deal of options.
  6. Well done Wednesday.

    Well done JV for coming on! I went and I thought overall we just about deserved the win. Overall, we had the better chances and I thought we edged it. Whilst they were missing Saiz, Cooper and Ayling, I thought they were poor. Siaz is a key player for them and they looked toothless in attack. Both clubs have got a bit of work to do in pre-season if either want a promotion push but there’s no doubt that we have the better squad.
  7. Player Ratings V. Leeds Utd

    Nuhiu 9 Lees 8 Pelupessy 6 Boyd 5 The rest 7 That was one of the Nuhiu’s best games for us when he has started a championship game - he was excellent. Tom Lees just won about everything in the air and we look a much better at the back. Bannan was off the pace when he came on but I think the return of him and Hutch gave everyone a lift.
  8. I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    Nowt wrong in that. If that was disallowed against us, I’d be happy. Well done atty!
  9. One of my favourite players, Glenn Loovens. Brilliant captain and defender for this level. Such an underrated player. The performance away at Brighton in the playoffs stand out. He stood up that night to a right old battering and he was easily man of the match. It says it all that Tom Lees always plays much better when next to Loovens who is the organiser. However, his legs have gone this year and as a consequence he has been diving in to challenges when he didn’t need to be doing it. He knows he has a problem and his decision making has been poor. Unfortunately, he looks like he’s aged 5 years this season. He should be released at the end of the season but go with our best wishes and he will go down as one of our best captains over the last 20 years.
  10. I’ll be there - no one hates these more than me. Come on Wednesday - sort em out!
  11. If the returning players are fit; Wildsmith Venancio Lees Pudil Hunt Boyd Hutch Bannan Reach Joao Dave Hunt and Reach wing backs. Bannan in the middle with Boyd. Hutch holding the midfield. Reach will give us so much from wing back.
  12. Bannan in the taxi earlier ...

    Good ‘thumbs up’, but not half as good as our Jordan’s!
  13. Totally agree! It’s an absolute classic!
  14. Championship 11 in a 4-2-3-1 Camp - Just for his name Berardi - dirty coont Jansson - typical Leeds player Terry. - stain of an individual - as bad it gets Taylor - dirty Fleck - Wallace knew he was tail so he did him Ben Pearson - winds us up every time we play them but is a very good player. Snodgrass - c0ck Saiz - Hope Hutch is back to knack him on Saturday Bradley Johnson - Reyt mardy and likes throwing his weight about Nugent - total bell.
  15. Player rating from today

    Good analysis - enjoyed reading that.