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  1. He’s technically not good enough or has enough about him going forward to play in the premier. However, he is vastly underrated and he’s more than good enough to play for a team in the championship at the upper end of the division. Good in the air, he defends well and his positional play is excellent in my opinion.
  2. Id personally offer fletch a 2 year deal on around £17.5k PW. He’s had his big 4 year deal and I think he will take it. He’s a decent player and could easily play in the premier. He’s good around the dressing room, he’s well respected and not a disruptive influence. Fox is underrated. In my opinion he’s a very good defender whilst a bit limited going forward. I’d offer him a 2 or 3 year deal as his best years are in front of him. Id give Penney a new 2 year deal too. The rest can go for me. They’ve had their chance and it’s time for a clear out.
  3. It doesn’t surprise me. I think if we offer fletch a 2 year deal on reasonable but significantly reduced wages, he will sign. I think he’s a decent bloke in all fairness. He also wants stability for his family and schooling for his kids at the end of his career. Fox has a proactive agent and they will be looking for the best deal. If we offer a £12pw deal on a 2 year deal, he will probably sign. Anything less, then he will be snared away. Moving forward, looking to see players come in on £10k PW, rather than the £25/30k PW wages.
  4. Ye, I know what you mean. You can get away with Luongo and Bannan in a midfield 2. Luongo is an all around action midfielder. It has worked. But, we are a better team with Hutchinson in there and I’d play all 3 of them in a conventional midfield 3.
  5. Good point. Not sure is the answer to your question.
  6. Id go 4-4-2. Lee has shown fleeting moments but sadly is not the same player and I can’t play Joey. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Luongo Bannan Reach FF Fletcher
  7. Our best team; Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo Hutch Bannan Murphy Fletch Forestieri
  8. To be fair, I haven’t missed it. There’s been much more more to worry about over the last 10 weeks or so about health and my business. Football is about being entertained and we have been absolutely woeful since Christmas. Whilst, I will watch the games on tv when we do return, Im hoping we have a change of manager next season.
  9. Looked pretty useful when at Hull but I’ve not been impressed at all with him. He can’t defend and often is out of position culminating in him making mistakes, behind his marker and giving penalties away.
  10. Those 2003 players were garbage; Beswetherick Ashley westwood Ian hendon Craig Armstrong Paul Smith Craig Rocastle Kim Olsen Others; David Graham Jeffers Bothroyd Potter Tony Crane Tidman Adamsom Sedgwick
  11. If we have clarity that we won’t get a points deduction this season, which I think is unlikely by the way, I wouldn’t be bothered about extending contracts. Obviously, we need to offer contracts to Fletcher, Fox and Penney.
  12. Fletcher can only expect a 2 year deal. 3 year deal should definitely be off the table.
  13. That would be my preference. Conventional 4-3-3 not 4-2-3-1. We would need to bring in a few players tho. Maybe 3 in central midfield, a striker with pace and movement to compete with fletcher and at least 1 wide attacker. If we decide to go 4-3-3, we would need to keep Forestieri.
  14. We need a designated defensive midfielder should we go with a 3 on occasions. Someone who is powerful to give us another option.
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