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  1. The improvement in this lad is staggering. Absolutely delighted for him given all the abuse he has had from the fans.
  2. Have we deserved to lose a game under Monk yet? We have been competitive in every game. There have been a few poorish performances like Blackburn away and stoke at home for example but still don’t think we’ve deserved to lose yet under him.
  3. We never suited 4-4-2 under Carlos. We should have gone 4-3-3 as we were a technical team. Now, we’ve got height, a physical edge and wingers with pace who can cross. We really should go 4-4-2 now and whilst I’ve never been a fan of Rhodes he needs a big run of games now.
  4. Understand that Fletcher is out tomorrow.
  5. I think this will be team but Lees in for Borner. To be fair to Lees, he’s played well since he has come back in to the team. Borner has also been excellent but he will have to wait for his chance.
  6. Did well in the first 20 minutes with some good lay offs and linked well and then did nothing really for the rest of the game.
  7. Wasn’t a penalty. Shocker from the ref. I actually thought the ref gave us everything first half and then he gave them everything in the second half.
  8. Worst substitution of the season taking off our most influential player in Harris and bringing on a lightweight winger just when the game had some needle in it. They were leaving their foot in and getting physical.
  9. Dawson 6 Moses 5 Iorfa 6 Lees 8 Fox 7 Reach 6 Bannan 7 Hutch 8 Harris 8 Rhodes 5 Fletcher 8
  10. It wasn’t a penalty but it was a definite sending off. I don’t rate him at all. Only seen fleeting moments since he has come to the club. I would put Liam Palmer back in at right back. Whilst Palmers form has dipped over the last 6 weeks or so, he is a better player and more importantly defends better.
  11. Come on! He’s been very good this season in pretty much all games whether he’s started or come off the bench. This thread is quite frankly embarrassing to a player in his 6th year with us. Whether some posters are wumming or not, get behind the players and the club.
  12. Can’t believe some posters have agreed the OP - some of them who are supposedly respectable posters on this forum.
  13. Nowt to see here. Probably a transfer hasn’t gone through in time to the swfc company account. Sorted within 2 days. Bet issues like crop up at football clubs all the time.
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