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  1. Bouncing Owl

    Westwood interview

    Good interview and you know he is a professional and he cares. I think we need to retain him next season - its important we have an experienced keeper if we are to challenge for promotion. I understand that we need to trim the wage bill but I hope we look at others if deals can be done before Westwood.
  2. We can agree on one thing - Up the Owls! Cheers
  3. After thinking about it, You’re right mate re; Matias. If I was the manager, I wouldn’t be able to rely on him or trust him to do a job. I was thinking that our new formation would suit him. He was brought in to play in a front 3 and then we ditched the formation. I think he will be with us until the end of his contract as no club would take a punt on him. You never know, if he keeps fit, he may get some game time in how we are likely to play next season but given the last 3 years, it hardly gives us confidence that it will happen.
  4. Jordan Rhodes couldn’t get in the team when Hooper, Ff, Fletcher and even Joao were injured. He was constantly overlooked. Even in the last game of the season, Jos brought Matias on in the second half and Rhodes didn’t get a kick. What makes you think that Jos will start playing him next season when everybody is fit? He won’t get in the 18 man squad. He was nearly loaned out in January and I’m convinced he will be at another club come August.
  5. Good luck in Sevilla, George! I thought a bigger club in Spain would have made a bid, I.e. Atleti, Barca or Real.
  6. Options; Hooper Joao Dave Fletcher FF Matias Rhodes should be sold or loaned out and Winnall will go back to Derby. For me, Rhodes is completely out of the picture and for the sake of us and his career, he needs to go. Winnall clearly wants to be at Derby and he is a tail, so he can do one. I think we could do with a pace option out wide to complement what we’ve got. We are likely to play 3 up top, so we need to have options. Fletcher and Matias need to step up this season. No excuses. I think they are both got something but I don’t want to hear about any more injuries with these 2.
  7. Get everybody fit and conditioned and we should have a good shot at making the top 6. I still think we lack some pace, strength and leadership but we do have some very good technical footballers who are as good as anybody in this league. I would be happy with a lower playoff position and I would take that now.
  8. Bouncing Owl

    Westwood Going

    Before selling all our players who have had bad injury records over the last 18 months, shall we trust Jos to get them all fit by a proper training and conditioning regime. We may just see all our players fit for the start of the season and for the most part stay fit.
  9. Agreed. For me Hirst looks like he’s off, Winnall will go back to Derby and Rhodes is definitely surplus to requirements. I would look to bring in a young pacy wide attacker who can play in a front 3. Something to provide us with a different option to our attack. We may as well look at the loan market in the premier. We may have to wait until the end of the August but I see this as the most viable option.
  10. Bouncing Owl

    Westwood Going

    I like Westwood and don’t want to lose him. However if there is a big deal on the table for him, he’s probably the one you would sell. Cannot sell Ff, Bannan or Lees. If financially possible, I would keep him and loan Wildsmith out and have Dawson as back up. We need to get promoted next season and we have a better chance with him as number one.
  11. Bouncing Owl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Snodgrass is going to win it by a landslide. He really deserves it this season - he’s being a bell throughout! Well done you bellendo!
  12. Bouncing Owl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    For me Terry has always being a bell. Snodgrass has come on leaps and bounds this season and he has really grasped the nettle. Surely, he must get crowned top bell for this season!
  13. Bouncing Owl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Villa have got 3 players in with a shout - Snodgrass, Grealish and Terry. Other worthwhile nominees - Pearson, Bradley Johnson, Fleck, Saiz, Pontus Jansson. Personally, I’d have Snodgrass as favourite - he’s a proper bell and he knows it. He’d be a worthy winner!
  14. Bouncing Owl

    800k for Fred

    Given our current financial position, bringing Venancio back for £800k is a no brainer. He is a good defender, has leadership skillls and he settled in well last season. If we bring him back, there will be no bedding in period.
  15. Bouncing Owl

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    I know - them 3 are complete tails. For the good of the game and how they play football, I hope Fulham win the final. There’s just that nagging feeling that whilst Fulham may dominate the game, I think Villa will do a number on them. Hope I’m wrong.