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  1. Personally, I think we should take it on the chin and move on. It’s been dragging on since November and there’s been rumours of a potential charge for around 9 previous to this date. I think as a club we need to start afresh, create some positivity and try and get our new recruitment under way with the aim of staying up but it will be incredibly tough.
  2. Personally I think we need a bit of a hard nut in defensive midfield and a player with leadership abilities. If we are going for some young players, I’d rather them be further up the pitch.
  3. Monk will be here next season, guys whether we like it or not. We have been shocking since Christmas but I think we all need to understand he’s not the main issue here.
  4. I’m a half full type guy but I fully expect us to be relegated next season. Too many issues at the club and we’ve seen all before when a club is on a downer it is very hard to turn around. I see big similarities to situations at Portsmouth, Coventry and Sunderland.
  5. We probably need to bring in 8 players and hope they are of the right quality and fit the missing pieces in the jigsaw and hope they all hit the ground running immediately as well as turning a negative culture into a positive one fighting a 12 point deduction. Its an almighty task. Im fearing the worst next season.
  6. I think Atty is leaving for a fresh challenge and good on him. He will leave with my best wishes. I can see Kieran Lee re-signing. We are still a better team with him in it even tho he’s not the Kieran Lee of old. We should swerve Connor Wickham and Jacob Murphy will have better offers than us. Da Cruz isn’t good enough. Potentially, we could go for Windass and I’m 50/50 on this as I still don’t know what is his best position.
  7. Sadly, we aren’t at our lowest possible point. I would love to be proved wrong here but unless the Chairman and Manager can galvanise our club and our recruitment is spot on, I fear relegation next season. Just too many issues at the club for me. It’s not a negative post, just realistic.
  8. I totally agree. Personally, I had us down for a relegation fight next season without a points deduction. Not only do we need a number of strikers/wide attackers of the necessary quality but we are also lacking leaders, a championship level GK and a defensive midfielder. With the points deduction, I’m sure it will prove difficult to bring in the players we need and I’m sure we will have to incentivise them given our current predicament. We have 6 weeks to the start of the season and we must be more underprepared than any team in this league.
  9. Megson would come but DC would never approach him. No chance would Pearson come in our current situation. You could also argue that it will be a struggle to bring in the players that we want next season.
  10. I’m not surprised they aren’t happy. We were charged in November.
  11. We need a bit of a siege mentality next season when the fans are back in. Seriously tho, we are looking like been relegated. I’m a half full guy normally but when you get a club on a downer like we are currently are and when all your better players have gone, you need a big swing to sort it out and fighting against a 12 point deduction. Going to be difficult bringing in the right players and some won’t want to come.
  12. Relegation battle next season for us.
  13. He’s decent for this level and much better than you and others on this forum give him credit for. I’ve watched Wednesday all season and he was our second most consistent player this season behind Fletcher.
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