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  1. Personally see Reach competing with Murphy and Forestieri for a wide attack position. Harris looks like he’s cemented his place. He really shouldn’t be operating in the middle in front of Kieran Lee and luongo.
  2. This is definitely a game for Big Dave. I’d bring him on at half time to replace Fletcher. We should have used him at Millwall as well. Schoolground bullies need the Dave treatment - they don’t like it!
  3. Much better second half but I’m definitely not going to get carried away. We are certainly capable of a top 6 place this season but we must improve on that tonight. Anyway 9 points from 12 is excellent even though it’s been against lower team opposition.
  4. I think he’s started poorly. I’d have big Dom and Palmer as my full backs at the moment. I’d also add that whilst I’ve given him stick over the years, Palmer is the best full back at the club by a distance at the moment.
  5. FF for Murphy should be the first switch. Lee for Reach should be the second switch. I’d flog Fletcher tonight and I’d be tempted to play Dave in Saturday to upset Preston.
  6. They were like it before Neil in all fairness.
  7. Could be. Possibly Lee in midfield, Reach in wide attack and Murphy benched after a poor performance yesterday. One of 2 scenarios for me.
  8. Welcome back! Ye, had same conversations with my mates and on here. No chance for top 2 but we should be challenging the playoffs with this squad of players. If we are around the playoffs come January, I really would be trying to bring in a goalscorer with pace and trying to get either or both of Winnall and Rhodes out of the door. I really do think we have some good variation in midfield and out wide but we lack quality up front, Fletcher aside.
  9. You won’t be far wrong with those 2 line ups.
  10. Bannan will come in for Murphy. There are 2 other potential changes where Iorfa could come in for Odubajo and Luongo could come in for Lee. This is just based on who we are playing away from home.
  11. Definitely. It’s not a top 2 side either but we have a squad that can challenge for the playoffs as long as we have good luck with injuries. The midfield and wing areas looks miles stronger this season but question marks are over centre back and whether Borner/Bates will step up to the level of Hector and have we got sufficient quality up top if Fletcher is injured or needs a rest.
  12. I think when we get promoted, I expect that Chansiri will have a look at options on whether to renovate the current ground or move. I’m more receptive to staying but there are a lot of issues to consider given SAG/SYP and the surrounding area of the ground. Something needs to be done tho!
  13. I used to be very critical of Liam Palmer but the transformation of him over the last 9 months or so has been incredible. I have absolutely no problem with him playing left back. The lad can defend !
  14. He’s going to get it so everyone on here should get used to it and get behind him.
  15. I think I speak on behalf of all Wednesday fans - We are so proud of him to come back from his injury hell. He’s a top pro, with an unbelievable amount of talent with no ego. He makes this team tick and if we can keep him fit this season, I fancy us. He’s a player that suits modern day football.
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