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  1. Bouncing Owl

    Not good enough

    I agree. Not good enough pal.
  2. Bouncing Owl

    Team for Swansea

    Thats the formation I’d play. Once fit, Id rather Onomah was in our midfield 3 instead of Reach so he can be deployed in a wide attack role to compete with FF and Aarons. I know you are putting a team for next week but I think that would provide us with the right balance. I think we suit a back 4 and a midfield 3 and Bruce needs to get his tactics right.
  3. For the pigs game, I’d go 4-1-4-1 which could easily be 4-3-3. I’d like to see Hutch in defensive midfield and Bannan and Onomah above him. Probably Reach and Aarons supporting Fletcher from wide areas. We need to compete with the pigs in central midfield.
  4. Bouncing Owl

    Team for Swansea

    We aren’t going down and we aren’t going up. Surely, we need to look at all the players and try some stuff out prior to the end of the season. We’ve brought 3 players in, so let’s see them.
  5. Bouncing Owl

    The shadow of The Blades

    I really couldn’t give a flying f**k what the pigs do. They are an irrelevance and quite insignificant. They will always be the second club in Sheffield. Everyone knows it. What I most want to see is Bruce breaking up this squad of over paid prima donnas and having a huge rebuild so we can go again. I’ve had enough of watching this crap and as fans we deserve better.
  6. Bouncing Owl

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Hector was very poor today, the full backs are basic footballers and the midfield ineffective again. Not a great deal to choose from.
  7. Bouncing Owl

    Steve Bruce

    Hopefully, he will be ruthless and get rid of all our out of contract players bar Westwood. The squad needs freshening up, I think most would agree with this. It would be nice that he can identify a couple of full backs that fit into the modern game that can defend but also set up attacks and be an outlet on the flanks. Palmer and Fox bless them have improved recently but they are so basic. Look at Ayling/Douglas at Leeds and Lewis/Aarons at Norwich?! Completely different level.
  8. Bouncing Owl

    Out of Contracts

    He’s obviously well represented.
  9. Bouncing Owl

    Out of Contracts

    We gave him a 3 year contract?
  10. Bouncing Owl

    Steve Bruce

    Can’t wait for the summer - huge clearout and I hope we sell some players as well. Dave should finally be sold and the 2 Dutch lads need to be sent back on the ferry. Neither are good enough.
  11. Bouncing Owl

    Foul on Forestieri

    It’s a red card all day long but overall we got away with getting a draw today after another crap, abject, uninspiring display which I am getting totally fed up with.
  12. Bouncing Owl

    Out of Contracts

    Fox is out of contract as well. If we are serious about promotion, only Westwood. If we are just looking to stay up, we may as well just keep palmer and fox who at least try but are basic. The rest can go. Dave, Joey and JVA need to be sold as well as a minimum.
  13. Bouncing Owl

    Out of Contracts

    It all depends how serious we are about promotion in 2019/2020. If we are, I’d only keep Westwood.
  14. Bouncing Owl

    Not good enough

    The players have been underperforming for 1.5 seasons. Even the previous season we were lucky to come 4th. Acknowledge there has been some injury problems but whoever the manager is, we are still churning out poor performances. Clearout required.
  15. Bouncing Owl

    Not good enough

    You may be right regarding your last point but anyone can go for me. This is a bloated, overpaid squad who are underperforming. It needs a total rebuild - I’m sick of seeing abject and gutless performances.