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  1. We have left ourselves too much to do and it’s highly unlikely. But 7 points will do it including a win at derby. That will be enough, I think.
  2. What is saying is that they won’t get more than 6 points from their remaining 5 games. We need 7 from 3 games including beating derby. That will do it. Not saying we will, not by a long way but that will be enough this season.
  3. I just don’t see Toytown getting many points. Games have caught up with them. Derby are in freefall. We just need to take it to the last game needing to win in my opinion.
  4. I’ve thought we were going down before a ball was kicked. But, even though we are crap and have shown we have little bottle. We still have a chance here. Put it this way, if we get 4 points from the next 2 games and beat Derby, I think we will stay up. That will be enough in my opinion.
  5. Bannan by an absolute mile. Tremendous performance. Led by example and was class on the ball and relieved the pressure.
  6. Fair play to Leeds. I despise them as I’ve grown up in the area and I know what their fans are like. But absolutely spot on with their stance on this. Carragher is wrong with what he’s said. But, I never take much notice in what he says anyway.
  7. We have proved we are incapable but more importantly we haven’t got the stomach for the fight to stay up. It’s as simple as that. I think Toytown will go as Derby will certainly beat us on the last day which will be enough to keep their championship status.
  8. Ive seen worse squads in my lifetime, 2003 team for example but this is the most gutless squad we’ve had in my lifetime without question. 27 points lost from winning positions and non gained from losing positions tells me all you need to know about this group. Obviously some will stay next season but the majority of this squad needs clearing out and we need to start again.
  9. I’m totally apathetic about the whole club. This result and the manner of it does not surprise me in the slightest. It’s the most gutless Wednesday squad I’ve seen in my lifetime. The majority of the squad needs clearing out and it needs an overhaul.
  10. Get well soon big lad! Main thing is that he gets well again. Its one thing after another down at swfc.
  11. I’ve got a funny feeling we will win tonight. I don’t think Swansea are that great and we have played better in the last few games my opinion. I actually thought we played quite well at the weekend but defensively we were poor. At least we are trying to get on the front foot and playing some football at the moment after the dross that’s been served up for most of the season. 2-1 win tonight.
  12. I’ve thought we would get relegated all season. But...Derby have played 1 more game and if they happen to only pick up a few points and if we can get 3 points behind them by the last game, we may have to win that game to potentially stay up. Its a small chance.
  13. Game is live on sky sports, Saturday at the normal 3pm kick off time.
  14. We need to get to 49 points to have any chance. 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat from 7 games. It would take a drastic upturn in form for this to happen. Whilst Monday was brilliant and our best performance in years, don’t be fooled!
  15. He’s got to get fit first. Ruptured Achilles normally has a 9 month recuperation period so he may well be with us next season.
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