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  1. I thought initially we would get 30k for this one but given our recent pathetic performances and an apathy amongst the fanbase, I can only see an 18/19k crowd. Big shame!
  2. Needs to go alongside just about every other out of contract player in the summer bar Morgan Fox. Overpaid, petulant and he cannot be relied upon. He is a great talent but we need to be absolutely ruthless in the summer and rebuild this squad with hungry, young and athletic players on sensible wages. Old model has failed and the old guard need to be replaced.
  3. Football is completely f**ked isn’t it. Absolutely ridiculous. Players and agents have too much power and players get paid way too much.
  4. Stats can be misleading. I prefer to analyse a performance of a player based on what I see with my eyes. Trust me, it hasn’t been good looking at Jordan since January 2017. Our performances have declined given fletcher has been injured - he was sensational for us before his injury.
  5. How many managers haven’t fancied him? Karanka Carlos Jos Bruce Bullen Farke - to a lesser degree Monk He’s not been able to get on the bench when we’ve had several injuries and players like Hutchinson have been frozen out. Monk has rather had Ozase and Hunt on the bench - granted they play in different positions. Time is up for Jordan, unfortunately. Given the recent loan signings, I don’t see how he can make the 18 now for the rest of the season.
  6. I think it’s very unfair to say Tom Lees is mentally weak. I would say the group as a collective are mentally weak as a consequence of 2 failed playoff campaigns. He’s been a good player for us as Tom Lees and was great alongside Loovens. I would also say that recently he’s been shocking but so have Borner and Iorfa.
  7. It may sound ridiculous but we may not see Rhodes or winnall in a Wednesday shirt again. Winnall will be released at the end of the season and I expect that we will try and negotiate an early settlement for Rhodes. Both are clearly not good enough.
  8. Mentally fragile group. We have an inability to see games out with no leaders in the team. As a consequence, we keep doing the same things again and again.
  9. We’ve had this problem for years - having the right combinations in midfield and whether we go with a 2 or a 3. For what it’s worth, I think our best 3 is hutch, bannan and Luongo. I think bannan and Luongo can work in a 2 but I’d certainly go with reach on one of the wings for additional work rate. Given hutch and Luongo will not be selected today, I’d go 4-1-4-1 and play joey, Lee and bannan to give us that extra security.
  10. All 3 new loan players look poor so far. Wickham looks massively unfit, windass is a player where I don’t know what his position is and da Cruz looks like a celebrity playing in a charity game. If Westwood and Hutchinson are unavailable for selection due to disciplinary issues, I’d select the following team should our injured players are fit again; Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Harris Luongo Bannan Reach FF Wickham Id rather play 3 in the middle but I’d like Hutchison in there for this formation. Otherwise I think bannan and Luongo works in a 2.
  11. Can’t blame it all on Tom Lees return to the side. They are all playing badly and are professional players. But, I would certainly go with iorfa and borner at centre halves. It has been the best duo this season and they are better with the ball at their feet.
  12. Something is sadly wrong at the club. Given the level of performances recently, it appears that the players aren’t playing for the manager. Or there is a terrible atmosphere at the club, given issues with Westwood and Hutchinson. There is something not right. We had a great first half of the season - the fight and effort was there in every game. Now - we just look shot as a team and we have given up. Without being dramatic - I think we need a total clearout from Chairman, Manager and the playing staff. This model has spectacularly failed!
  13. That’s probably just about right although I’d give Harris a 6.
  14. Yep. It’s horrendous. He needs charging and sacking. What the hell does he think he was playing at?
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