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  1. Bouncing Owl

    Reach - A nice little vid

    Totally grounded and balanced individual. You can tell he’s intelligent and in my opinion he is a future captain and manager. He’s a player you can always rely on and he won’t be a problem for the Club.
  2. Bouncing Owl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Villa park is easily the best. Hillsborough, Bramall Lane, Carrow Road, city ground are the next best 4.
  3. What a job Southgate is doing! He’s got rid of all the old guard, he’s bringing youth through and playing a high energy brand of football. He’s got the whole country behind the national team after years of apathy. I like how he speaks - he’s respectful and professional and he doesn’t get too excited or negative. Many people thought he was too nice but he’s showed he’s also got another side to him. He could be England manager for a very long time - good on him!
  4. These Spanish are a total set of bellends typified by their captain, Ramos. Niggly, throwing themselves to the ground and their manager behaving like a demented moron on the touchline.
  5. Bouncing Owl

    Team for Boro

    Might be a game for Big Dave. He always plays well against Boro and he might be the right choice to play up top and move the centre halves around and he may occupy a couple. Think Joao would get bullied if played centrally and I think Fletcher is better away from home as a conventional target man. Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Palmer Onomah Bannan Penney Reach Dave FF Bench; Wildsmith Baker Pudil Joey Hutch Joao Flecher
  6. Bouncing Owl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Off top of my head; Hirst header vs Man Utd 1991 Hirst vs villa first game of the season 1991 Sheridan free kick vs Luton Sheridan vs Blackburn at home 1991 (after oxford boos) Brunt vs Leeds 2007 Harkes vs Derby
  7. Bouncing Owl

    Team for Boro

    Thats our best team and system but he won’t go with that for Boro. He may implement this team/system against weaker opposition at home but he will continue with the 3-4-2-1 for Boro.
  8. Good point. I remember Carlos throwing a right wobbly with his interview before the game.
  9. Bouncing Owl

    Boro Away form

    They have some very good centre halves and full backs. Their centre midfielders have got good experience and are decent but they have a pretty ordinary attack. Agree with OP - we need to match them physically. Do that and we stand a chance to win this game.
  10. Bouncing Owl

    We'll Get Stronger

    I think we will go 4-3-3 long term but he will play Joey or Hutch in defensive midfield which you need in this formation. Onomah and Bannan to play slightly ahead. I think Onomah is more of a box to box player with strength and athleticism. Reach should be wide attack and will be first pick. I think he’s playing 3 centre halves as he doesn’t totally trust his defence. I think Lees and Hector could be a good partnership back there without the need of a 3rd centre half. It would be really harsh on Pudil and Thorniley tho. With having that 3rd midfielder will give us more control in the middle of the park.
  11. Bouncing Owl


    He’s a good shot-stopper is Dawson and that is not the problem. He’s more than good enough. He needs to work on his catching and commanding his area but I’m sure Weaver will be working on this in training. Maybe, if he can get a clean sheet that will help his confidence. We need to stick with him and show him confidence. Forget Westwood, he won’t play for us again. Decision has been made and that is that. He should leave with our best wishes. Don’t see why we should play wildsmith - we’d be back to square one again.
  12. Bouncing Owl

    33-1 for promotion

    The top half finish is a no brainer. Lump on. Need to improve our play to finish top 6. The bookmakers are definitely underestimating us.
  13. Amazing! I don’t think we will win the league for one minute but to see some of those other clubs ahead of us, is astonishing. We are a long way from the finished article and I mentioned this yesterday but I do think the bookies are underestimating us. Our form has been very good since our better players came back from injury towards the end of last season.
  14. Bouncing Owl

    A dose of reality

    Good post. Personally, I think we need to improve to keep 6th. We are just doing enough at the moment and we still don’t have a clear style of play, system and best team. However, positives are that we are 6th, we are not playing to near our full potential and we have had some challenging fixtures recently and we have done well. Its open this year and there are no stand out teams like Wolves last season. For me, It’s a season to enjoy the ride and see what happens. Jos is doing a great job by the way - all down to hard work, discipline and team ethic!
  15. Bouncing Owl


    He’s a good all round midfield player. Can do a bit of everything. I think he likes to go box to box but maybe given how we play, he needs to keep his position in the middle of the park. I thought he was good today but Hector was man of the match.