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  1. I was behind Monk for the most part of last season. Mostly down to the sh1tshow he inherited when he took over. However, given he’s had his chance to bring in the players he wanted which in my opinion are garbage with the exception of Izzy Brown coupled with our dull, uninspiring and negative tactics, I would sack him now without delay. Ive had us down to be relegated all season and I was not getting carried away with early season form.
  2. I could’ve told everyone that when we signed him. Absolutely gash. He will give 100% and will tow the line which are 2 pre-requisites that Garry requires but he’s completely talentless.
  3. Haha. Ye he’s a big numbnuts, lumberjack type of player. Perfect for Monks brand of football.
  4. When everybody on here was getting excited about our recruitment, I was grimacing with every signing. Izzy Brown is a very good player and improves us when fit bit I wouldn’t have touched the rest we’ve brought in. Those striking options are absolutely awful.
  5. I think the best we can hope for is 4th or 5th bottom this season. We need mid table form to stay up and to be fair we don’t look like a mid table side. The 4 players who are missing will massively improve us but I still think we are way short in attack. Unlike most on here, I think our recruitment has been poor - we’ve just gone for players who give 100% but lack quality aside from Izzy Brown.
  6. Wigan fans say he’s a real clubman, he gives 100% but lacks quality and can’t kick the ball straight. Their upturn in form from February was when Dunkley broke his leg. You can tell he’s a Monk signing.
  7. I totally agree. The recruitment has been a shambles unlike many on here who think it has been decent. I would only say Izzy brown has been a good signing and he is injury prone. It appears to me that he’s gone for players who give 100%, tow the line and who will be up for the fight but are very limited in quality. I wonder if our recruitment would’ve been different if we didn’t have the 12 point deduction ?
  8. I feel sorry for Bannan playing in this team and under this manager. He would’ve been perfect for Brentford if they followed up their interest.
  9. There’s 30,000 reasons he should be having a great day!
  10. I was impressed with Brentford the other night. Very good passing team with plenty of pace throughout the team. The full backs are excellent and Toney was on a different level. Thought we did well and you can see the effort was there for all to see. We won’t be critical about the players giving 100% this season. It’s the quality that is the problem and I don’t think there’s enough goals in our team.
  11. We are going to be a long ball side, play the percentages, look for set pieces, long throws etc. He’s good in the air is Flint but very very basic on the floor.
  12. Sadly, I can see this happening if a suitable bid comes in. Whilst Brentford normally go for up and coming athletic players, Bannan would be perfect down there. They play the right football and system to get the best out of him. Their central midfield is their weak spot and he would improve them. Bannan has got an affinity to us and the fans but if he’s offered a 3 year deal by Brentford playing the right football with a chance of promotion, he will go in my opinion. We are also a total poo show at the moment. It would take a decent fee for us to consider selling but w
  13. Ye, just posted it. An absolutely disgraceful and biased comment. Also, he gave Gomez criticism but Van Dijk has been truly shocking this half. Personally think he’s way too arrogant and he was also shown up against Leeds.
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