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  1. Personally, I don’t see this squad as top 2. I’ve thought it after every game I’ve watched this season. I don’t think the defenders that we’ve brought in are as good as the ones we’ve had last season and they aren’t as good with the ball at their feet and we know from playing with 3 at the back, those wide centre backs will have plenty of ball. We also don’t have that pace, youth and energy in this team. We need it as well as having a plan B to change the formation. Right now, I would feel this squad is capable of top 6 but would fall short of top 2.
  2. Some bizarre posts on here about Sean Clare. He had a really good game. Strong, quick, athletic. He was really good and composed on the ball. I thought he looked a really good footballer who can play at a higher level. Didn’t expect him to play right back tho. Thought he was more of a midfielder?
  3. Palmer man of the match for me. Byers and Gregory changed the game. Heneghan was getting skinned and kept kicking the ball out of play. Had a stinker.
  4. We need to offer him a new contract. If he doesn’t accept, we need to sell him in this window. I want to keep him and he’s been great in these 2 games but we’ve got to be commercially minded in how we run the club and deal with buying and selling players.
  5. I’m not into new stadiums as a rule of thumb but MK’s stadium is absolute quality. Really liked it. Miles better than Bolton’s, Coventry’s, Derby etc. Had a few in Fenny Stratford before the game and it’s a short walk to the ground.
  6. I didn’t see it but my mate saw it. Apparently to do with someone jumping the queue for beers and then he got sparked out
  7. It could’ve been on but poor lad may need to broker his big last contract given his barmy wife has just lost him millions in that Wagatha trial.
  8. Typical Wednesday! Seriously, what is it with this club?
  9. Stockdale Hunt Heneghan ihiekwe James Dele-Bashiru Byers Bannan Windass Smith Johnson
  10. Bull and Butcher pub pre-match which is in the Fenny Stratford area of MK.
  11. Or some would say, switch to a conventional back 4 and bring in no more centre backs. I say this as I looked at those 3 defenders on Saturday and I think all 3 would suit playing in a back 4 as they are all clunky in possession. It’s a pre-requisite that defenders are good on the ball by building attacks playing in our current system. They are certainly not as good as hutch, storey, Dean and Gibson in that regard.
  12. Excellent analysis and completely agree that Dom is better and more comfortable as a centre half in a back 4. But I do wonder even if we went to a back 4 now, whether we would see the Old Dom?
  13. I completely agree. Crazy to let hutch go. Like you say, he could play in any position in a back 3 and could also play centre half in a back 4 and he’s a very good player too. The centre halves we’ve brought in and iorfa all look better playing in a back 4 to me.
  14. I’d go 4-3-3. But that will mean one of smith or Gregory missing out and it’s likely smith would get the starting berth as he’s better at playing the line central striker. We would need to bring in a couple of wide attackers but I think Moore was looking to do that anyway.
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