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  1. Not played for a bit but I was hoping we’d brought him in over the summer.
  2. If we bring Green in, I’d like us to go for a central striker who is a starter and a left back and that will do. With the emergence of Shaw and with Luongo potentially to come back, I’d leave midfield alone.
  3. I think this would be a decent signing. The sort of player I was hoping we’d bring in the summer rather than Kachunga and Paterson.
  4. I know what you mean and he’s more privileged than 99.99% of us but he just didn’t look well when he was interviewed. Ive watched a few of their games this season and I agree some of the football has been absolutely terrible and negative. Playing 5-4-1 for the most part.
  5. Bruce looks a man under enormous pressure. I listened to him last week and he seemed to be carrying the whole world on his shoulders. I actually felt a bit sorry for him. He will be gone shortly.
  6. They were 5-4-1 before the sending off and they’ve played like this for most of the season.
  7. Ye, exactly. We aren’t going to win the cup as we are a poor side. So I don’t know what the problem is with drawing a big Premier side in the FA cup? I’m looking forward to it to see how we get on. Would’ve been better if fans were allowed in, mind you.
  8. Why is everyone so deflated after that draw? What did everyone want? It’s a decent draw against a big club away from home with an outside chance of TV coverage. What would everyone be saying if we drew Millwall away ?
  9. Wildsmith Palmer Borner Van Aken Moses Hunt Shaw Joey Penney Rhodes Kachunga
  10. Our best player since the premier league in my opinion and top lad too. All the best, Kieran Lee
  11. Always thought he was a quality player but mental application let him down. Also, we had too many strikers at the club which wasn’t healthy at the time. Both goals today showed how good he is. The second goal was pure quality in how he dragged the ball back to give him some space before rifling it home.
  12. Along with Gary Hooper, our best player since the Premier League. When Kieran Lee was fully fit and in his pomp, he truly was a joy to watch. He made football look very easy. Such an all round intelligent player.
  13. Happy New Year fellow owls. Glad this ******** is over on and off the pitch. 2021 - bring it on! UTO FTB
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