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  1. Or Fox is on his way? Otherwise, we have 6 full backs. And I’m not buying into Odubajo has been brought in as a winger. The lad is a full back!
  2. Surely, Newcastle would want a bigger name and pedigree than Steve Bruce. I’d be shocked if this happens.
  3. I think Rhodes will end up at Norwich and Joao will go to Udders. Think FF will stay and I hope he does as he offers something different. I trust to Bruce to get the best out of him next season.
  4. Totally agree with you on that point. This is a player who has fought his way back to full fitness and is desperate to get back playing for Wednesday unlike some of the parasites we’ve had at our club over the years. Bruce and the coaches will know this as well as his obvious talent and therefore he was given a new contract. I really wish Kieran Lee all the best of luck next season.
  5. If we sign Bidwell, we will have 6 full backs at the club. Not sure why we should be stock piling full backs unless Fox goes?
  6. I massively rate Hutch but we do need some competition for him and again there’s no guarantee he will last the full season. But ye, hutch is a top player and he also give us some leadership in the middle. Do think we need a couple in tho. Don’t want to rely on joey next season in the event of an injury.
  7. Personally think we need to bring in a defensive midfielder like Morsy and a box to box midfielder to give us options assuming we will play with 3 in the middle on occasions. We are a wide player light as well. I’ve got a feeling that Bruce wants a striker but he will have to offload Rhodes and Winnall before this is looked at.
  8. We shouldn’t be making too many changes. I’d certainly sell Rhodes and Winnall but I trust Bruce to get the best out of Forestieri next season. I’d only sell Joao if it’s a great offer.
  9. Personally think everything’s ok! I do think we have some temporary soft embargo but it will be lifted once the sale of the ground has been completed or the accounts being filed. Im sure Bruce has had a word with Chansiri and I ‘get’ his frustrations as he is clearly over valuing our players. I think he wants Rhodes and Winnall sold so he can move onto his primary target, i.e. Hector. I also think we may sign a couple more with fees involved. Everything should be clearer in the next 2 weeks. I expect we will be in the clear and then we can announce our new signings - the one’s on frees.
  10. Harsh comments about Thorniley. The lad can defend. He’s a centre half all day long and should not be played again at left back where he gets caught out of position. Ive got no problem with Thorniley being one of our back up centre halves. Fans may say he isn’t tall enough, quick enough, great with bringing the ball out of defence, however he is a very very good defender.
  11. I think it’s 95% certain that Borner and Odubajo have signed. Kev - have you any idea who the other 2 are?
  12. Given how Clarke played after he went down with his mystery illness away at Boro, any Club wishing to buy him especially at c£15-20m must be mad. I’d stay well clear for the time being.
  13. I really hope we don’t play 3 centre halves next season although there may be something in this given we seem to be after a glut of centre halves. We should go with a 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 formation. Certainly a formation where we have 4 at the back and 3 in the middle of the park.
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