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Booooo. Always hated drawing them in the cup, proper bogey team. I'd like us to give it a proper go though, be a shame to play a weakened team against their weakened team and still go out. We saw in the last round, pigs put out a full strength team and managed to squeak through against a team everyone fancied to beat them. With a bit of luck we could do the same. 

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3 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Rubbish tie. Didn’t we play them the other year? 

Last season at Hillsborough in the Carabao

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1 minute ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

Have we ever beaten Everton?



I remember Marco Materazzi slipping twice and Benny Carbone scoring two beauts to keep us up.


I remember a couple of wins at Hillsborough around 96/97. Used to be nothing between us.


How times have changed.


Odd we got them last year though. They barely broke sweat.

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