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  1. He’s played a few times for them already. As I said earlier in the thread I think he left Norwich in the summer with a really bad injury. So I can only assume his rehab finished recently and he’s doing it for fitness. Won’t be the first pro to do something like this. Plus it looks like it’s his mates team, and his local side, so it brings them a bit of good publicity. .
  2. To be fair he came off the bench and scored the other week, then after the game Hodgson said he’d be willing to loan him out if Wickham wanted it. .
  3. I’m sure Monk covered this in one of his first press conferences, aswell as the risks involved in playing it out from the keeper. Even if it wasn’t Monk, I’m pretty sure the numbers says it’s a negligible advantage leaving someone up. Basically it’s not seen as worth the risk, especially by risk-averse managers like Monk.
  4. Ben Marshall just signed for, I’m assuming, a mates team in the 12th tier. Stoneclough FC in the West Lancashire League. Looks like he’s played on and off for them in the last few months. Can only assume he’s had a bad injury and is trying to get some fitness back before going again in the summer.
  5. I got to the point after Jos where I don’t even waste my time reading what Bannan, Lees, Hutchinson etc. have got to say about ‘our chances’ or ‘repaying the fans/manager/chairman’. It’s all just empty sound bites with no genuine sentiment behind them. While ever we pay them the vast amounts a week to play for the club that we do, they’ll say the fans are the best around, the stadiums like playing in a cauldron of sound and that the manager is a tactical genius. It’s cynical, but footballs about the most cynical industry on the planet. It’s time to cut away the players that are just here for a comfortable earner, with no intention of improving themselves or the club.
  6. The same squad has been put in loads of different formations, systems etc. over the past 4 years. And eventually they let the manager down. For me, the times come for us to stick with the man in charge and let him build a squad of his own. We’ve trusted this group for far too long and it’s probably time to stop blaming the man in charge of them every time they fail to show up.
  7. For just over 3 weeks too effectively meaning part of your first pay packet after Christmas goes on this! I’m guessing it’ll get the usual delay until April treatment it’s had in previous years however.
  8. It works out at roughly £13 a game over 15 years on the Kop. I highly doubt many professional Football clubs will be offering anywhere near less than £15 POTG in 2035.
  9. If you’ve got the money you’d be insane not take it up. Unfortunately the people with that sort of cash lying around accounts for about 5% of our fan base.
  10. Says they accept Cash. Great way to launder some cash that!
  11. That’s what every injured player tends to do. He’s not breaking the mould there. You need to see it more than a few weeks on the training pitch too. He’s been sounded out by Bannan for a lack of effort and Monk has said ever since his first day that if you put the work in you’ll get the chances. FF seems to be the only one that hasn’t had a run of games, even Rhodes and Winnall have come out from the cold and featured more. He isn’t doing it on the pitch for me, hadn’t for a long time. When his colleagues are asked about him they point towards him needing to work harder. When the manager is asked about him he points to hard work and application being the key to players getting game time under him. There’s reason he’s hardly featured when he’s been available, and everything points towards poor application on his part.
  12. I think what people are missing is no one on here has ever slagged off the likes Nuhiu, Fox, Pelupessy etc. for a lack of effort. They’ve also never been called out for a lack off effort by their team mates. Forestieri has, in both cases. This isn’t a case of a player busting his gut but not getting the breaks. It’s about a player that clearly has no interest in knuckling down and trying to find a way to fit into our side. That’s the reason why people are quick to write him off. We’ve seen nothing from him for 3 years that suggests he wants to improve, work harder and play every week.
  13. He's shown over the past few seasons he simply lacks the intelligence to play as a striker. He gets under the feet of a bigger man like Fletcher or runs over the top of strikers like Rhodes. It’s like playing with two individuals upfront, very disjointed. He’s consistently shown his best form out on the left. Any notions of him making it as a centre forward is wishful thinking.
  14. You could let off the odd defensive lapse if he’s chucking in an assist every now and then. But for a supposed attacking full back he’s awful at going forward. Shame really, thought it was a decent coup in the summer to get him for free. .
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