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  1. As an aside, looking at the likes of Bolton. The idea of also docking clubs that have gone into admin is truly baffling. It effectively relegates a club, and the finance drop from Championship to League One is huge. So it just doubles down the lack of funds at that club. “They can’t afford to pay the bills so we’ll make it even harder for them”. When a club falls into admin the EFL should be looking at themselves in regards to their own neglect, before they even think about point deductions and fines.
  2. Against Stoke I couldn’t believe Reach’s position while their midfield 3 flooded JP and Bannan for most of the game. Joao somehow a million times less effective left of a 3 behind the striker, than he is left of a front 3. Definitely think we looked better in the 443 towards the end of last season. Reach in there with JP and Bannan. Then you just let the front 3 do what they want. We looked far more dangerous, and alot solider in midfield.
  3. NeonLeon

    Pudil & Van Aken

    Played a few times for the 23s over the international break so can’t be far away. Maybe just not picked Saturday.
  4. NeonLeon

    Pudil & Van Aken

    Pudil was on the bench Saturday.
  5. NeonLeon

    Well this is awkward

    Tightwads wouldn’t catch the tram either, ended up walking most of the way. Dunno about them, but I was shagged by the end of it..
  6. NeonLeon

    Well this is awkward

    Walking back through Hillsborough after the game and ended up walking behind this exact couple for abit after Hillsborough corner. When I read this story I was convinced they were probably the culprits, they were all over each other when I saw them.
  7. NeonLeon

    Jos celebration

    He chased after Adam Reach for about 15yards after Bannan’s leveller. Think him and Dawson were Wednesday’s only men on the pitch at that point!
  8. Wasn’t exactly this happening suggested by a former member of the medical team on twitter last season when Carlos left though? So the likelihood is, that’s what was happening. Hutch and Lees have all but confirmed it since too. Forest at Hillsborough around this time last season, he’d been out most of Pre Season iirc, and he started out of nowhere playing 75minutes. Then 90 on the Tuesday and another 75 on the following Saturday. He somehow lasted until early December before breaking down again and being where he is now. No under 23s games or anything, no one had even the slightest inkling he’d even be on the bench until the morning of that Forest game iirc. As far as today goes hopefully he’s just felt something. Like Matias, Van Aken and a few others did when coming back. The idea of it being planned seems far fetched as he’ll have surely had to have played/trained at a higher intensity for longer than 15minutes before even being considered for this game. So it’s hardly like they would’ve expected 15minutes of a game to stun him into exhaustion. I do fear he’s slipping down the Chris Cohen route of coming back only break down straight away though.
  9. Should’ve left after the playoff defeat to Huddersfield. Genuinely believe all parties would’ve been in a far healthier position right now if he had. Reputations still intact, and possibly more focus would’ve been placed on the issues we’re currently facing, before they became issues.
  10. NeonLeon

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    He’s just not a very clever footballer. All night every other defender made sure they were never touch tight to Traore, or Costa when he came on. Fox got caught up the backside of both and got left for dead, causing both goals. Incredibly poor discipline and concentration. He also has this infuriating knack of when he’s been beaten, hacking away at the player from behind. He tried shoving Traore in the back for the first goal, but he was too quick and got away from him. That would’ve been a nailed on pen had he made the intended contact. Then for the actual pen he just mindlessly lunged in when the ball was on the opposite side of Costa. These mistakes, and his inability to know when to play, and when not to, highlight his complete lack of knowledge of the game. Out his depth completely. The only positive is when we do need to call on him he won’t always be facing the quality he’s faced tonight, hopefully! .
  11. NeonLeon

    What is George Boyd?

    If someone showed you his goal scoring stats from before he came to us, there’s no way you’d guess it was the same player. He looks completely devoid of the technical ability to play a 10 yard pass, nevermind score double figures in a season! He’s finished for me, much like Jones. Mirrors the performances Loovens put in last season. An absolute struggle for them both to compete at this level it seems .
  12. NeonLeon

    Academy defence

    The Return of the £20million back 5...
  13. Leeds won’t keep this up beyond Christmas. They’ve started like a house on fire loads of times before, with better squads too. They’ll tire out eventually. Bielsa will be asking for another 10-15 players come January when he realises the ones he’s got are shot to pieces already.
  14. NeonLeon


    Bang on. To be brutally honest he wouldn’t be anywhere near a pro club if he was 6’3 or below. Not really sure what he’s good at? Very limited centre back who hopefully can learn the game quickly for his sake. He’s not at the level Beevers and Spurr came through at, and their careers have hardly been glittering. He’ll do a job filling in but O’Grady suits our style loads more than both Lee and Neilsen imo.
  15. NeonLeon

    Nixon comments

    To be fair to Nixon he’s more bang on than anyone else out there. And he’s only started blocking people because they pester the life out of him, only to berate him if the deal doesn’t come off. See Vydra to Leeds this summer.