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  1. Zohore only there until January. A worse deal than we’ve got with Marriott to be fair!
  2. Only until January. Makes Marriott’s recall clause seem more attractive now.
  3. Have to question the sanity of clubs trying to buy a teams best player/players at the 11th hour for absolute peanuts. If Brentford wanted him for £1.5mill they had the money in August before the season started. Bonkers.
  4. He’ll stick it out a Fulham. He’s finally got his chance to stake a claim at PL level, admittedly he’s done a poor job of it so far. The only way he leaves Fulham is if he’s pushed and considering the window shuts in a couple of hours it’ll be too much leg work.
  5. Over as soon as it started. Unsurprisingly voted down today by the rest of PL clubs.
  6. 5pm Friday. Brentford won’t pay more than the probable £1million his remaining year is worth. Regardless of how much they’ve had through the door, they’re the last club that’s going to be held to ransom. .
  7. It would also cost us more to replace him. So even financially it’s not a good move. If we’re in a good position in Jan, and Brentford are in the top 6 I’d happily let him go for 500k as a thank you for his time here. Realistically, bar a minor miracle, we’ll be trying to replace him next summer anyway.
  8. Said before in the Iorfa thread. We shouldn’t be letting anyone leave until January at the earliest, even fringe players. Until we’re back in the positives and somewhat safe.
  9. After the events of the last few days alone it’s hard to say the EFL are acting within the interests of its members. But, as we know, they’ve not been doing that for along time anyway.
  10. At a guess our wage bill must be down to £24mill or above currently all things considered. So the refunds equate to a month of player wages. They’ve had 3 maybe 4 months money since people applied for these refunds. Madness really.
  11. Villa & Newcastle too who’ve both spent more years at the top table than Citeh have.
  12. Even if you look deeply into the points that look exceptionally good at face value, you can still see where the top 6 could quite easily exploit them for their own gain. Plus when you add in the ‘total control’ proposition then anything that follows is just lip service, they’d have the power to change their minds a week later.
  13. They have but this would actually be financed through a loan the PL take out. Parry has said it isn’t a loan then passed onto the EFL, just an ‘advance of future earnings’. But to me if you’re paying a percentage to X whilst paying off a loan to Y, X surely isn’t getting as big a chunk while ever that loan is being paid back. The only way it’s a ‘gift’ from the PL is if the changes MU/Liverpool are proposing put the PL in a position to make well over the £350mill they’re proposing to give away to the FA & EFL.
  14. One of the worst things about Parry’s stance is the interview he’s also done alongside where he says ‘Well if we don’t take this deal it makes it all the more likely the top clubs will break off and form a European Super League...’ The chair, and therefore spokesman, of the EFL actively scaremongering on behalf of England’s elite clubs. Absolute disgrace.
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