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  1. Has the Lane even got permission from SAG to have 33k at the minute!? Thought both grounds had been knocked down to around 31k each?
  2. Going forward he seemed up for it. Couple of great crosses, including the goal. Kept possession well too in tight spaces. Defensively though, completely uninterested. His unwillingness to track back for Lincoln’s best chance was an absolute disgrace. A few players had a word with about it too but he seemed to ignore them. Unfortunately we play with wing backs and he’s not good enough to be in the front three. So there isn’t really any remedy to his unwillingness to put in the hard yards out of possession. He’s playing like a stand out League One level right midfielder at best for me at the minute. Regardless of how many games he may, or may not, have played in the past. On his more recent displays his ability to play as a wing back won’t be anywhere near sufficient enough for me.
  3. NeonLeon


    It’s funny how people think it’s an absolute absurdity that we’d currently be under an embargo. On the face of it... We've sold our first choice right back. Several Key Players only have a year left to run on contracts. We’ve only moved players out, and seemingly are now teeing up others to leave. We don’t have sufficient cover in defence, yet passed up the opportunity to sign Venancio. Local Media seem to feel we’re under one, and are definitely under the impression we aren’t in a position sign players regardless. It'd be incredibly naive to be surprised if we are in one considering the above, and even more naive to think we’re fine.
  4. NeonLeon

    Elev8 done it again

    That’s only so they’ve got something else on the shirt that can bring in revenue. Like last season, the shirt will have been produced by the best offer they had from a factory willing to make them.
  5. NeonLeon

    Elev8 done it again

    Elev8 don’t exist. Or make the kits.
  6. Pretty sure because of his age, and possibly the fact he’s English too. That an embargo wouldn’t block a move for him. Could be wrong.
  7. 10 out to get 1 in. Wasn't this bad under Milan...
  8. Best for both parties. Think he’s been pretty disillusioned at Wednesday for a while. And I’m not sure Jos’ style has helped either.
  9. Gotta be careful not to jump the gun too soon and panic. Obviously it’s not great if alot of our business hinges on Rhodes leaving, but you’d be naive to think this isn’t/wasn’t gunna drag on right up until the start of the season.
  10. Come back on the 10th of August. Most of the points will probably still stand but still..
  11. Villa was in early November and Forest was Christmas. It didn’t get mentioned until the Forest game. Which means the club chose to ignore it for the best part of two months.
  12. You mean like last season when they said we’d play against Villa away in Gold and White kit. Then come the day of the game we stroll out in the home kit and the former doesn’t get mentioned...
  13. NeonLeon

    Soft launch??

    I’ll wait until next May when the evaporating one is £40.
  14. NeonLeon

    No sign of the kit!

    Why do people keep starting threads, and asking about the new kit!? I thought the new kits normally come out November/December time...
  15. NeonLeon

    Henry Landsbury anyone??

    You’d have him, but his wages are astronomical compared to his actual ability.