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  1. NeonLeon

    Must read

    The bit in bold is why I think the fans are struggling to take to him, and why there’s seemingly been fall outs with senior pros. He’s got a completely fresh set of eyes which, unfortunately for him in the short term, could be to his detriment. Long term though it could very well be a masterstroke on DCs part. It could also quite easily turn into a disaster. For me, if he is trying to build something here, I just can’t see him being the person that’s here when it eventually does start to bear fruit.
  2. NeonLeon

    From a player.......

    Same, got told last season that they were having very little interaction with Jos on match days. Sounded like some of the senior lads wanted more specific instruction regarding game plan and Jos likes to address the team as a whole. ‘The most bizarre set up I’ve played under’ was what a player told us after a game last season. The vibe I got after that was that’s Jos would be gone in the summer. However, I’m not 100% convinced that you can use that as a stick to beat Jos with. What was described to me was a pretty common place attitude from European coaches.
  3. Because he’ll drop them against Derby or the game after that, let’s not kid ourselves. The last 17 games are proof he can’t stick with the same formation or personnel at the back for longer than 2 games. I would’ve rather us started the season with the mentality we played with tonight, instead of suddenly employing it because his job might be on the line. He keeps bleating on about us progressing but there’s zero consistency with his selections and tactics. So how can we progress when there’s clearly no defined method behind any of this. I’m sick of us floating from game to game it’s not building anything positive, it’s just reactive management. Like i said before we went there in January with fewer options and managed to find a good balance between putting bodies behind the ball but still carrying a threat. Even with 10 men we were better than tonight! He’s had 10months and has more players at his disposal, and he’s scraped the same result as before. That’s stagnation, not progression.
  4. The negativity for me stems from the short term thinking of it all. Like others have said we played the game like it was a cup tie. We played with the mentally of just getting out alive. They are a good side no doubt, but they aren’t Man City. They had weaknesses and we didn’t once look to exploit them. On the face of it 0-0 written on a piece of paper does look like a great result when you consider the form guide. But, it wasn’t a 0-0 where the clean sheet is a building block. It was a 0-0 brought about by pure negativity with zero flow. There’s nothing I’ve seen tonight that we can transfer into the next game. It was a night of complete one offs. The other really disappointing thing is we were more more competitive in January when half the squad was out injured. How is that progress?
  5. Exactly. Chances are whatever confidence that clean sheet has put into the likes of Fox and Thorniley, it will be smashed back out of them when they’re back on the bench against Derby.
  6. He basically put 11 men on the line to gain said clean sheet. Hardly an inspiring clean sheet that we can build on. Plus he’ll play a different defence next time out anyway so tonight’s performance was utterly pointless.
  7. The main reason why settings up like that is so utterly embarrassing is because he’ll set us up completely different against Derby. People are banging on about it being a foundation for the defence to build on. But he won’t play that back 5 again in 2 weeks, he’ll probably not even play a back 5. Id have taken a draw at 19.44 don’t get me wrong. But if you’d said we were going to play like that, I’d have expected a draw at least. 11 men standing in their own 30 yards for 90minutes to nick a draw is not an achievement, and in a Sheffield derby offers me zero pride. We’ve respected United so much tonight that a 1-0 win for them would’ve felt like 4 or 5. We’ve literally waved the white flag tonight and they took pity on us, it was pathetic.
  8. I know you aren’t blessed with a studio to record in. But is there any way of getting everyone at the same level sound wise? I had it on the other week and the person talking was really quiet so I turned it up, then someone else coughed and I nearly had a heart attack and crashed the car.
  9. Given our complete disregard when it comes to protecting our full backs it’s crazy he keeps persisting with 4 at the back. At least with a back 5 the route to goal is more congested from wide positions. At the minute if you beat our full backs you get a free run at goal.
  10. NeonLeon

    The silence from S6

    Its a valid point but someone with a footballing background would’ve see the downfall coming and acted quicker. He lacks a certain ruthlessness to be an affective chairman in today’s game for me.
  11. NeonLeon

    The silence from S6

    It’s as quiet as the last time we went on a run like this under Jos. He’s not getting sacked anytime soon. Surely people have learnt from the length of time it took for Carlos to get the bullet that nothing Chansiri does is swift.
  12. Said the other day it reminds me of AVB at Chelsea. Too much too soon in regards to instigating a change in the squad. Jos has literally bombed everyone over 28-29 that he can without having to play a squad full of kids.
  13. NeonLeon

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    His handling of the subs all round was baffling. He left the subs to warm up as normal, even at 3-0 down. He didn’t send Joao or Hector out at any point, they only went to warm up when Baker & Thorniley had finished. By the time they’d got to the Leppings Lane end we were 3-0 down. He then waited for the best part of 10minutes to make a change. Which was to bring Nuhiu off and put Joao in midfield. The blokes lost the plot. Then to bring Thorniley on over Hector, and then even waste the time bringing Fletcher off was truly mental.
  14. NeonLeon

    Penney Signs New Deal

    Takes him of Dev Squad wage and still leaves him with something to prove. As others have said Thorniley was very much battling for a starting spot going into this season so it makes sense he was given a longer deal.