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  1. They’re obviously sold the dream of being a Premier League player as a kid. A lot of them, like Baker, have gone abroad on loan and done better than they have in England. But I’d imagine because the end goal has always being playing in the PL they’re not interested in being a star in Holland or France instead.
  2. Looking at the Instagram takeover he did for his birthday he must’ve finally moved up to Sheffield recently. That’s not to say he’s not renting though. I know he said in an interview Villa moved his family down to Birmingham when he signed for them as a kid, so they could still be there.
  3. That’s my thinking but nothing seems imminent.
  4. In all seriousness now the virus has hit the squad and it’s looking like postponements are a distinct possibility, chances are our fixtures condense massively. You’ve then got to ask is it worth taking on a manager that’s just going to be doing team selection and recovery sessions. We might not be looking at any meaningful time on the training ground until the end of March.
  5. Because it’s a club in crisis and the owner isn’t moving with any conviction. He said himself he wanted to sack Pulis 3 weeks earlier than he did so that puts him at the start of December to start sounding out possible candidates. Everytime we lose a manager it seems like the day they leave is the day we start looking. It’s absolutely killing us and why we ended up with someone like Monk who was out of work from the day Bruce left, but appointed months later. Its p*as poor and makes the club look an even more unorganised mess.
  6. If we end up offering the job to someone we’ve spoken too 2-3 weeks after we’ve spoken to them, would be no surprise if they turned it down. Hardly a good look for the club. Can’t help but feel that’s how we ended up with Monk.
  7. Other teams have called off games with fewer cases afaik. Don’t see why we should damage ourselves just to save abit of face. Playing games whilst players are training individually at home is madness too.
  8. Nice to see we’re operating in a way Chansiri has said on countless occasions that we don’t operate in. If we’re a club that sources the players and presents them to a manager for his opinion, and in some cases sign them regardless of that opinion. Then that’s fair enough, we won’t be the first or the last. But at least admit it in public, we all know that’s what’s been happening.
  9. As I said in the last thread, a 2-3 week break won’t make a difference unless in that time the infection rate in the country plummets.
  10. Same. Sure he said he’d only come to England for a couple of years and he’d probably be going back after. Be shocked if he’s still here next season and not back in Germany.
  11. Last big contract, same with Lees. If we’ve offered them eff all they’ll leave.
  12. Brilliant today but he’s definitely a midfielder. The fact we’ve kept a clean sheet with him at centre back in two games is a miracle really. If Derby and Exeter had gone more direct I think he’d have struggled, playing into the strikers feet played into his hands a lot today. It’s confidence that brings it out of them though. People say about Penney, Hunt etc. and getting carried away. But there’s a definite argument that those players have broken through at times then been bombed for months at a time. We’ve mismanaged so many young players since Palmer came through. Fear for Dele-B
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