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  1. Any contracts signed before the cap was introduced aren’t included in the cap. Only new signings and contract renewals made after this week are included. Eventually over time all the players will fall under the cap. But if a player is a year into a 4 year contract, that contract won’t come under the cap. .
  2. Only Wednesday. Rob Burch is their goalkeeper coach too.
  3. But the clubs have to vote in favour of that happening, which in turn means all the owners in the EFL agreeing to it. Its the right thing to do, but it’d be like turkeys voting for Christmas.
  4. It was never going to be overturned or reduced. 99% of clubs that have ended up in Admin it’s been because the owner mismanaged the situation at some point. The detail in Wigan’s case does make the punishment seem incredibly harsh but the EFL, as much as I dislike them, don’t have the resources to forensically look into each case and reach an ‘appropriate’ punishment. The rule on Admin is the rule, unfortunately.
  5. Leeds were set up perfectly for him and did a lot of leg work to persuade him too. The sort of thing that we’d have never seen under DC.
  6. Or Nicky Weaver Or Morgan Fox Or Rhoys Wiggins Or Majid Bougherra I could go on. Point being individuals have no bearing on the current incarnation of Charlton taking legal action against this decision. And specifically Katrien Meire was exonerated of all the charges against her in March. I’d hazard a guess that she had very little to do with the failed backdated ground sale here too considering she wasn’t at the club when it happened.
  7. I want to know who drafted that statement back in November/December saying the club were confident of defending themselves on all the charges! They got caught out by something the fanbase noticed 5 minutes after the accounts came out!
  8. Exactly. Didn’t he say that in one of his first steering groups? So it’s not like he wasn’t warned by the fans that there was unease at how he was operating.
  9. It’s hard to forget the threads about whether Hooper was signing because he wanted more money, a box etc. There were people then saying if it was going to cost us in the long run then tell him to get lost. Fast forward 12months and people were definitely questioning why we’d paid so much for Reach and Rhodes when we clearly couldn’t afford it. Twinned with the frees we’d signed on huge wages. It’s completely off to say sections of the fanbase didn’t flag it up during the ‘good times’
  10. But it is/was. He’s the owner, chairman etc. The buck stops with him. I don’t remember any Wednesday fan asking for us to recklessly overspend to get to the PL. However, I can recall many that question the viability of our spending habits from the minute we started signing players like Hooper.
  11. Also if people read the link I’ve posted on the last page you’ll see Birmingham were only deducted 7 points for breaking FFP. Theres no point people comparing us to Birmingham when our breach is off the scale by comparison. .
  12. If you want to know why Birmingham got 9 and not 12 read the last few pages of this... https://www.efl.com/contentassets/c79763f8e2174f4fb87200a371abf5fa/190322---efl-v-bcfc---decision---final.pdf It’s not as straightforward as people are making out. It could also be the case that our deduction follows the same additions and subtractions there’s did before it was settled at 9. .
  13. Or even a handful of saleable assets. If the worst does come next season we’ve got nothing in the first team to fund a rebuild in League One. We’d just be back relying on DC to write cheques we can’t afford to cash.
  14. I’ve laughed at the shambles the likes of Hull and Charlton have spiralled into this season. Tonight we became one of those clubs.
  15. Also Birmingham got some knocked off for holding their hands up from the start. We clearly haven’t done that. We’re lucky when you consider they’ve not found us guilty of trying to mislead the EFL.
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