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  1. Robbie was saying he was miles of it at the start of last year, hinted he didn’t think he’d be there much longer. Absolute transformation since apparently and has played in the Papa Johns this season for them too. He’ll be one that could end up here if they don’t fancy him and our ‘link’ bares any fruit.
  2. Don’t you find that deceptive though? Season Tickets on sale and you haven’t even got the decency to tell people whether a contracted player is actually contracted for longer than a couple of months. Forget alerting other clubs, his agent will have done that before the ink dried.
  3. No issue with such a short deal, more the fact it runs out in a day and we’ve still not sorted it. Would've been interesting, if it hadn’t had leaked, whether the club would’ve announced it. And whether they still will.
  4. Maybe he wasn’t signed as Corbeanu’s replacement then…
  5. Too good for this league. I think he’ll see the season out here though. Theres 4-5 that if they leave in the summer who can blame them. Playing beneath themselves so if we can’t get promoted this season with them I’ve no complaints if they want to leave come July.
  6. They were singing about him being a paedo in the reverse fixture, god knows why. He wasn’t happy about it, mentioned it in the post match. Said he hates Derby fans so he was glad his record against them is so good!
  7. No but people are hammering him for not being vaccinated without actually knowing if he has been, or if that’s why he hasn’t been let in. Wednesday fans in a nutshell.
  8. People jumping the gun abit saying it’s because he didn’t have a Covid pass. If you listen to his Instagram story and read his tweets they didn’t recognise him. To the steward he could’ve just been some randomer trying to get into the exec boxes, Covid pass or not.
  9. Never any substance or slight detail to what he says. It’s always platitudes and buzz words. One manager I always found refreshing was Gary Speed, when he was across the city. He’d always highlight 2-3 faults after a bad game and say ‘So we’ll be doing this, this and this to make sure it doesn’t happen again’. One thing I’ve noticed with Moore, especially post match, is he’s very dismissive when a direct criticism is put to him. Playing 3 at the back, players out of position etc. ‘It’s what I’m going to do, X player will play more than one position for us.’ Surely he’s seen what Wolves have said, why not just counter it? It’s clear that’s where the issue is for people. Just give your opinion on why you think he was a better option for us at LWB. Don’t just shrug and say ‘Well he isn’t our player’
  10. They lose Wyke & they sign Maggennis. Fleetwood lose Hill & they sign Nsiala Swansea lose Laird & they sign Christie MK Dons lose Fisher & they sign Cummings I could go on. It’s as if you can actual plan signings and recover from losing players at short notice within the first two weeks of the windows.
  11. Bests PPG average out of everyone that’s played a 1000+ minutes iirc
  12. No one in the Championship will be paying Paterson what he’s on here. Just ask Rhodes, Lees and probably Reach. All more than likely took cuts to get moves, especially Lees & Rhodes going to Huddersfield.
  13. His contract runs out end of this season doesn’t it? He’s not entitled to anything after July 1st, especially not his old wage considering he’s now playing in a league below, arguably two.
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