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  1. Strange the squad seems to be exclusively Ukrainians with the usual sprinkling of Brazilians. You’d think a team taking a punt on a 2nd division winger from England would have some link to him somewhere.
  2. I heard that. Bannan was trying to put their window through he said!
  3. Probably ‘bit’ because one of the last times someone commented on a picture of his daughter it got sent to the police. Maybe think on before posting anything under the picture of anyone’s children on a private social media account, footballer or otherwise.
  4. He’s right. Bringing up Wednesday on pictures of his family is odd. Same as those blokes commenting stuff like ‘Tell ya Dad to sack Monk’ on pictures of Att with his pals.
  5. Disagree. That front 3 is the only part of the team where you can change players in and out depending on opposition, for me. The only gripe I’ve got with the front 3 is the persistence with it being made up of two out and out strikers and an inverted winger. Kamberi coming on today to play wide left, Berahino playing right wing for 60minutes too, baffling. Just play two wide men and a striker. .
  6. Multiple clean sheets with the back five & midfield that played the first 3 games, players in a system that looked like the future of this side going forward. Since Rotherham he’s tinkered and changed that 8 over and above what was needed. And since then the performances have dropped and the results have gone with them. Injuries aside, just a really strange decision to make.
  7. Chopping and changing every week, playing players out of their recognised positions & an absolute lack of intensity is a big concern for me from today.
  8. I started to think so today. A lot of strolling about and showboating for the sake of it.
  9. Think that was only while he played. Could be wrong. But the wearing of the number 32 was pinned to that sponsorship.
  10. He’s not being paid afaik. Deferred his wages a good while back, not long after he took the managers job iirc.
  11. How has Covid cost a club like Derby £20million? Surely that’s not true.
  12. His defending was never an issue, apart from being prone to odd error. The problems came when we turned into a side that needed its centre backs to be able to play a little bit. Not his game at all, which ended up seeing him caught on the ball and ultimately drained of confidence all together.
  13. In the past few years I’ve started to wonder if a minority of football fans of all teams only follow their team away so they can claim some sort of injustice has occurred should the team lose, or have a poor season. Like most people on this site I’ve wasted a fortune on watching Wednesday get beat up and down the country. But I’ve also spent a fortune on seeing us upset the odds, had days out I’ll never forget and celebrated goals I’ll remember until the day I’m too old to! It’s literally the name of the game.
  14. I’d say it’s this over anything really. He’s not indispensable by any stretch.
  15. Didn’t Ipswich move for one of Pompeys better players only for it to fall through? As impressive as our signings have been, Ipswich have attracted some players I wouldn’t have expected to drop to this level. Most of the perceived ’big hitters’ we’ve got were already here too. Can only assume they’re offering big money, which given their horrendous ticket pricing I’d expect as an Ipswich fan!
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