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  1. The prospect of someone managing to spin them round ala Portsmouth, Wigan, Luton etc. would surely be attractive to a player like Wildsmith?
  2. Remember when Zodiac Chairman Tony Xia was at Villa and pulled the plugged on Joe Bennett signing for us for free after we’d beat them first game of the season. Seems like something similar. He’s probably realised we were getting a relative steal.
  3. Moore mentioned wanting a game infront of the fans at Hillsborough didn’t he? To be fair considering the early start this year they can play behind closed doors for me. It’s only 5 weeks until the season starts anyway.
  4. Despite a few instances of naivety thought he looked better in a back 3 for us. He’s the type of player we should be looking to loan in to bolster the defence. Him personally though, I’d say he’d be behind Brennan now in our squad if he came in.
  5. Should definitely have a player on our hands between now and the WC. Who was the last Wednesday player to play at one?
  6. Different player when he came back from injury. Night and day, was really poor when we needed him the most. Some of his performances towards the end of the season were incredibly lazy compared to when he first signed. No interest in beating his man or running in behind.
  7. Might be because it’s come out he was offered 300k. Nowadays footballers in the lower leagues are a lot more vocal about the hypocrisy in the PL than I’ve ever seen before.
  8. Can’t remember him being particularly sparkling with his feet which is a huge concern seeing as our keeper has more touches than our strikers.
  9. I’m inclined to agree with this to be fair. It’s the mindset your also signing, and into an area of the field we’ve been notoriously weak mentally. I’m not sure what skill set a 28 year old who’s spent a lot of his career conceding goals and fighting relegation has to offer a team chasing the automatic spots. The season he left Blackpool was the year they went up, iirc United signed him for a promotion push and he never played a game in 3 years.
  10. Could possibly be Portman Road which is horrendously bizarre considering the journey.
  11. Warne was rumoured to be after him a few years back, maybe come back in again?
  12. He’s out in America at the minute by the looks of things, was in Mexico before that too. If he likes it out that way he’d be a fool not to go!
  13. Those Sunderland line ups in the OP are actually a great example of how we haven’t necessarily played 3-5-2 every game. Sunderland have effectively played the same formation in both games there. The difference you’re seeing is how they set up with and without the ball. Gooch dropping into full back, allowing Embleton to become the extra man in a front 3 is very similar to the axis we rotate on that allows Hunt & Johnson to do the same in game when we’ve got the ball. In possession the 5 becomes a 4. Having Palmer in the back 3 allowed us to do this really effectively. Moore’s crime in both legs was shoehorning Dean, Storey & Hutchinson together. This killed the width, and arguably our two main threats, as both wing backs became easily pinned back by Roberts & Clarke. Chuck Palmer into that back 3. When we attack down the left Palmer covers Roberts, Hunt covers Clarke and Johnson is free to push on. The other way Storey picks up Clarke, Johnson takes Roberts and Hunt is then free. Hutchinson in the ‘LCB’ spot really killed us going forward, and had killed us on the previous occasions it had been experimented with too. That was the disappointment for me.
  14. Surprised we didn’t keep he, definitely showed the potential in the 2nd half of the season to be a 15-20 goal striker in League One. Imo the games where he looked invisible were the ones where how we were playing as a team suited the strengths of the oppositions defence. He’s never going to win headers against bigger defenders but we lumped a lot of high balls into him against huge centre backs far too much at times this season.
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