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  1. There is a simple solution to improving the form of Reach and Harris. They need putting back on their natural sides to stop them having to cut back in all the time, which constantly leads to a loss of momentum
  2. We’ve got a squad of players that have shown they’re mediocre at best over the last 2 to 3 years. And people are surprised that Monk can’t get them playing like Barcelona without even one transfer window. Just get behind the bloke FFS! He’s not even been in the job for two months yet! He’s said himself he’d love to play more expansive football but it’s hard to implement that style when he’s come in midway through a season. He’s not signed a single player in the squad either, it’s madness to be tearing his tactics apart already!
  3. I get your thinking but I’m unsure on his intelligence when it comes to avoiding the dark arts and players blocking his runs. He doesn’t appear to be a very clever footballer.
  4. Murphy gets bullied by full backs half his size. Don’t think he’d be much use against centre backs twice his size!
  5. Yeah! We’ve got the option of bringing him back in January though if Monk wants to have a look at him.
  6. Some of the things he said reminded me of one of Bruce’s post matches when we’d drawn somewhere iirc. Was along the lines of he finally realised the frailties that had led to us not fulfilling our potential since the 2nd Play Off loss. Went on a decent run after that, so hopefully Monk is learning more from these defeats than he is from the wins! I wouldn’t look too much into the 30mins bit. They’ll have analysed Blackburn’s last 5 defeats and obviously they saw a weakness in how they approach the end of games. Like he said, it was working until we caused our own problems.
  7. That’s some session on the ale! Suppose he is a jock though!
  8. Been saying this for a few weeks. Neither player looks comfortable, especially when they’re stretching to put a cross in on their weaker side.
  9. I’m not sure. For me, a confidence player would still get the basics right and put a shift in until they got abit of luck. He stinks of a player that thinks he’s made it and now he’s playing below himself. The similarities between him and Bothroyd are staggering.
  10. Got a sneaky feeling he’ll start Forestieri Tuesday.
  11. We were saying the same against Wigan. I’ve never known a player with such a negative attitude on the pitch be made captain. If he isn’t berating the ref, he’s berating his own players for not passing too him. He’s not a good spokesman on the pitch for me.
  12. You expect better than conceding a stupid free kick, chasing good passes out of play and ball watching in his own box though. Currently I’d say he’s worse than playing with 10 men, it’s like playing 10 against 12. He was Cardiff’s best defender at times towards the end. To top it all off he genuinely doesn’t look fussed about how badly he’s playing. He looked like they’d pulled a kid from the stands tonight. Zero intelligence, zero heart and zero application.
  13. It doesn’t. One of the biggest myths in football is that the decisions even out over a season. Ask Stoke fans, they’ve had some shockers, that’s why they’ve never overly got on Nathan Jones’ back. .
  14. The ball in the channel at the end there. He literally ushered the ball out of play for Cardiff. Disgustingly bad. Definitely hasn’t got Wednesday’s best interests in his mind when he steps into a football pitch.
  15. Can we send him back? Offers nothing, concedes possession constantly and doesn’t break sweat. Worst player we’ve had in a very, very long time.
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