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  1. Re. Monk falling out with players. I can remember a few months back a Brum fan on here listing 2 or 3 senior players there that he’d supposedly fallen out with. As I pointed out at the time Clotet hadn’t rushed them back into his team this season, and since then I noticed last week that they’ve all been released by Brum. Just goes to show that because a manager is the first one to drop a player doesn’t mean it’s happened because they’ve had a falling out. I like Odubajo, but considering his form since Monk came in it’s hard to see why he’d have been in a rush to keep him if someone had come knocking in Jan.
  2. You’re allowed losses of £39million over 3 seasons. How much does it cost to turn the lights on at Oakwell!? It’s £400k and the bad press/feeling is surely worth that alone.
  3. Got the all clear just before Christmas. Lost a large part of his bowel though! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/52064325
  4. Seen a few tweets saying it’s Hull withholding the last payment for Angus McDonald because Barnsley didn’t pass on some medical info relating to his bowel cancer.
  5. Wingers, like Strikers, are confidence players. It’s not surprise his form dropped to coincide with the teams drop in form and ultimately results. Think of the brilliant wingers we’ve had over the years like Brunt, Antonio etc. they all had rough spells. Harris wasn’t signed as the finished article or someone using us a stepping stone to greater things. He signed because he’s hardly had a kick in his career and he wants to make a name for himself. Next season is the one to judge.
  6. Admittedly he had a shocker against Derby. But he is a 2nd division winger and he’s hardly played any football in the last few years. He’s played as many Championship minutes for us this season as he did in 7 years at Cardiff. His loss of form shouldn’t come as a surprise atall.
  7. He doesn’t mean he can’t because Chansiri won’t let him. He means he can’t because he’d never get a job in football again.
  8. The idea of the early rounds of testing is to have positive cases. The presence of positive cases is a good thing as far as the resumption of the league is concerned, it means the system is working. Not so good for those that have it though, obviously! The time for calling it off is if there’s a massive spike when they get back to training as full squads.
  9. Might’ve been said already, but does anyone else find it odd that Barnsley are complaining about a charge that relates to a competition they weren’t part of at the time? Barnsley and Charlton stand to gain the most from this should any of 3 clubs get points deductions, despite never suffering any disadvantage from the actual offences. I know that’s how it’s always worked. But that nuance just bemuses me.
  10. One of many current & ex players to come out during this break and comment on how heavy the weight of expectation is when playing at Hillsborough. Cant help but think it could cause an even larger negative reaction if results at home don’t pick up when they inevitably come back behind closed doors.
  11. Lost abit of respect for Vaughan the other week. Was a guest on UndrTheCosh live and when they did a Wednesday quiz he was baffled to find out we’d won the FA Cup! How a Wednesdayite wouldn’t know that is beyond me!
  12. I was initially happy to let the club keep the money, but as the weeks have passed and we’ve continued to pay the players in full I’ll be taking a whatever refund is offered now.
  13. He’s a good poster boy for why Development Squads don’t really work, unless you’re loaning players out into the men’s league regularly. Always thought he looked like a man against boys in the Dev games, but the complete opposite when he had his cameos for the first team. It was like that last bit of development was always lacking. It’s a shame because a lad of 23 should have a lot more professional games under his belt than he has!
  14. I don’t think the players would go for the numbers involved. Say we had 24 players on £1k a week and 25k every game at £10 a ticket. That would mean your wage bill is about 1/5 of your home ticket income. That excludes any other income, away games, tv money, money spent on pies etc. It’d definitely be in line with the working man, but 25 thousand people don’t pay £10 a head to watch a bloke plumb in a toilet every Saturday afternoon!
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