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  1. George Hirst

    The initial plan for Sinclair at Watford was for him to go into Europe for 6 months to one of their feeders, and then for Watford to sign him for less than what they thought the tribunal would be. Be surprised if it happens with Hirst, but his reps are quite global aren’t they?
  2. Almen Abdi

    Maybe Watford flagged him this 'dodgy knee' hence why they got shut? Did seem abit of a coup to get him at the time to be fair!
  3. Sam Winnall

    He's gone from being behind 3 very good strikers at Hillsborough, to being behind 4 very good strikers at Derby, when Bent's fit.
  4. Theres a team in Sheffield that wears Red and White that also does...
  5. The only way stuff makes the headlines in the wider world of football now is if you break a trend. In order or break a trend nowadays you need to not rip the fans off somewhere. So, for example, Season Tickets for £150 anywhere in the ground would be exactly that. But there's obviously countless issues that stop this, not least our approach to FFP. Obviously we're a million miles in front of where we were this time 5-6 years ago. But I think people can be allowed to bear some grievances at how poorly we utilise the monetary resources we currently have. At times it feels like we've won the lottery and blown all the money on a big golden egg.
  6. It can only been bad management that keeps causing wee wee tail ups like this. Lets face it, on a lot smaller budget, they're brilliant at the commercial side over at S2. So you can't blame location, money or anything else other than ourselves. Truly unbelievable that we've messed up our 150th year so wildly.

    Pointless move. He'll still end up out on loan.
  8. 24th September

    We've definitely got 11 that would be upto it. But, unfortunately, I don't think it'll be the 11 CC puts out on the day. However, the big plus is in previous seasons we've really started to get going around mid September.
  9. Fessi

    But, in his defence, he was asked why his Pre- Season was so poor. Not last season. CC said he had made some changes to our style from last year. Maybe one is getting more from the wide players going backwards. I don't think this is an old thing atall. For me something's changed this summer.
  10. Fessi

    I reckon if you looked at the stats his turn over of possession in our half is one of the highest in the team aswell.
  11. Fessi

    Hes a shocking foil for whoever he plays with though that's the problem. You're sacrificing the ability of a Hooper, Rhodes and Fletcher for pleasing someone who is more that capable in a different position. A position that suits the team better aswell.
  12. Fessi

    Like others have said, it shows a lack of understanding by CC if anything. Forestieri has basically said in your system I can't function on the left. CC always bangs on about balance. You can have a wide player that doesn't track back as much if you've got someone to balance it out on the opposite side. Especially if it's a harder worker like a George Boyd maybe? Maybe Rhodes should go in and tell CC he can't play upfront. The system is failing him as much as it's failing FF out wide.
  13. Forestieri Left Wing Starts

    As a centre forward he doesn't make the bench for me. As a wide man he's first choice.
  14. Due to an injury picked up in the 2nd leg, it also says. Might answer a few questions.
  15. For me, Forestieri had his best showing over the past few games on left against Brentford 2nd half. Rhodes has looked his best with Winnall. And vice versa. Easy decision for me.