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  1. Best in recent years was a winger for Middlesbrough when they’d just come down from the Prem. Cant remember what’s happened to him since, think he might’ve done abit of jail time..
  2. In the grand scheme of things Chansiri owns the ground, he is ‘the club’. And the only way the sale of the ground helps FFP is if he affectively buys it off himself. I don’t think there’s much to be worrying about realistically.
  3. Even if it is reduced terms wouldn’t you rather have 2 years on 15k a week than one year on 25k?
  4. Doom saying on Twitter the club are activating an option in Westwood’s current deal to extend for another year. But are leaving a new 2 year deal on the table. Makes sense to be fair. Gives both parties abit of insurance. It also gets rid of any urgency and speculation around sorting this new deal out.
  5. Not 100% but I think his booking today means he’s surpassed Hutch’s PB.
  6. He’s older than the kid they’ve got across the city. If there was any chance of him being a ‘real asset’ he’d have forced Westwood out this season and proved it. As it’s gone, the more he’s played the worse his performances have got.
  7. Seems game after game he has mix ups with the defence that Westwood doesn’t have, and I don’t recall Wildsmith having either. Especially Lees, which surely proves the fault lies mainly with Dawson.
  8. FFS! Sorry I’ve been convinced I’d read months ago his was up too! He’s good back up but he needs a fresh start IMO. Too much tainted opinion of him at S6 and keeping him would just be delaying the inevitable NEXT SUMMER. .
  9. Fox’s contract is up in the summer aswell.
  10. Good to finally have him back. Was way off his best last season. Back to being one of the best around again now.
  11. He’s not worth £4million for a start. He’s been exceptional for us admittedly but the noises from Hull when we signed him was that he was steady at best. So he’s not got years and years of form on his back bulking up his price. Chelsea will struggle to find anyone in this country willing to pay more than his contracts worth.
  12. Think Chelsea will happily let him go. But because of the incoming loan cap I doubt it’ll be on loan. If they just want his contract paying up it might be within our reach.
  13. The horrible thing about Van Aken is we could probably get Hector for less money in the summer, but failed signings like Van Aken will probably contribute to stopping that happening. Same with Venancio last summer.
  14. Plastic Pitch so we can happily watch Westwood stay well clear.
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