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  1. There’s people sat in there bedrooms on football manager with better credentials than Balint.
  2. They’ve already been linked with Bolasie, who he had at Villa, and McCarthy from Everton. So I’d imagine he’ll keep himself busy sweeping up all the rubbish in the Prem that was out of our price range.
  3. By the sounds of the reports Newcastle sent £4million to us this morning. But Bruce and co. jumped the gun with their resignations. Just the compo for the other 2 Steve’s to agree now. That’s probably causing the hold up in official announcements.
  4. Never liked him since he wouldn’t congratulate us after beating them in the Play Off Semi.
  5. Don’t think an up and coming name like Cowley, Arteta etc would be good for both parties. The infrastructure isn’t in place to support a manager that’s going to be learning on the job and making mistakes. The club is also crying out for guidance. We need someone with similar experience to Bruce to keep the rebuilding process going and to make sure we’re adding to the building blocks that have been put in place. Also I think Bruce’s reputation definitely had a positive impact of the players, so if we can find someone like Hughton with a proven track record at this level we’d be onto a winner.
  6. Zola would be the quickest way for Chansiri to lose all the good feeling he’s received in the past week.
  7. The video version of the interview is worse, his body language is appalling, he smirks when they ask if he wants to manage Newcastle! The ‘compromise’ comment has annoyed me the most. Time and time again you hear players and managers say they’re happy to leave if their parent club gets compensated fairly. Well DC has named a fair price, but Bruce obviously feels DC should ‘compromise’ on that to give Bruce and Ashley what they want. We’re still paying his wages and he’s coming out with nonsense like that!
  8. The things that have gone off Chansiri said would happen at the forum in December. And then Bruce reiterated the same things in his press conference. It’s not like he’s got grounds to be surprised about how the summers gone.
  9. Wolves have steadily moved a handful out, and upto now got none in. Bold strategy for a club playing in the Europa League in a couple of weeks.
  10. In the Arcade at Hollywood Bowl while playing Time Crisis?
  11. The rumours of him instigating the move is unsettling, especially after he pleaded ignorance on Tuesday. Part of me feels a nod towards setting the record straight on that is necessary. But rumours are usually exactly that, rumours.
  12. He called Bruce a good few weeks before Jos went. I remember him lauding it! You’re right about McClaren though, got my wires crossed. He called Jos when everyone else was still saying McClaren.
  13. I don’t reckon all was as it seems with that Lampard deal. Find it hard to believe that Lampard brought up leaving for Chelsea in his first meeting with Mel Morris and didn’t put a set clause in his contract for that possibility. They also got most of his backroom staff too, so only a million a man really. A better deal than Newcastle are getting we’re led to believe. But like you say Chelsea still accepted the need to pay the going rate. If Bruce has triggered Newcastle’s approach maybe he has a clause that his agents dropped out to them, and they fancy their chances at negotiating it down.
  14. Exactly my thinking too. On Nixon the thing to remember is he called Jos before he’d even appeared on the bookies list. He was still listed at 70-1 a few hours after that. And he called Bruce while every other journo was banging the drum on McClaren. Iirc the only time he’s been caught out was when we signed Matias and he called the rumours nonsense.
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