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  1. Derby. Rotherham are really good to watch. Honest and hard working.
  2. Watching probably the worst Wednesday side in about 50 years too
  3. Having the most expensive shirts in the league isn’t in anyway them being competitively priced, which ever way you look at it.
  4. Did a comparison on here a few weeks back of now vs 09/10. Now is easily the worst, their last hope was being better than than 02/03 side and they’re failing at that. Id love to see a comparison of wage budgets too!
  5. Be interesting to see if his team selection & tone changes after the inevitable is confirmed. While ever it’s mathematically possible to stay up it’d be stupid to start chucking players under the bus. He’d ultimately only do himself more damage than anyone else.
  6. 10 men would be better than 11 with Borner at the minute.
  7. Noticed that too. No apology, just turned and jogger back up the pitch. Could’ve easily given Westwood a broken bone for his troubles then.
  8. An incredibly weak centre back at this level. I’ve never seen him out muscle his man in all the years he’s been here.
  9. Teams are having overnight stays. Most are staying at the Mercure or the hotels on Victoria Quays the night before playing us and the other local sides. The early KOs are the clubs making the most of no fans and getting home earlier. Clubs rarely have an overnight after a game because most players just want to get home after a game.
  10. Couldn’t hear it on the Bannan/Wildsmith clip so maybe they’ve dropped it, but Ben Foster said the other day when he last played at Loftus Road they piped it in all game. Hopefully the EFL put a stop to it, horrendous idea. .
  11. Effing hell Joe! You effing tw*t! It does sound like he could be saying ‘you’re effing crap!’ But I can’t see Bannan being that nasty!
  12. Warnock would take Paterson to Boro if the price was right. He’s pretty well respected at that level. Windass could easily finish the season on 10 goals for a really poor side. Someone would take the gamble on him, again if the price is right. I can see our valuations being wild though. Hence why I said about loans being a possibility.
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