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  1. NeonLeon

    Chairman’s statement

    75%? £30k a week then?
  2. NeonLeon

    Chairman’s statement

    I meant in regards to player recruitment, which is obviously where any money generated from a relaunched 1867 would be going. People can find out a lot about most European players now due to Social Media etc. If they theoretically raised £10million from the fans and rumours started circulating that we were after the same ilk of player that’s landed us in this mess, there’d be absolute outrage. You’d never be able to go to the fans for anything again.
  3. NeonLeon

    Chairman’s statement

    Great point to be fair. He’s asking people who are already peeved about him spending season ticket money on wasters like Abdi, for more money. More money that people will now automatically assume will be wasted again. He said about ‘worth’ at the forum and how if he considered ‘worth’ he would’ve never bought the club. The problem is the modern football fan is very knowledgeable. So regardless of whether they see ‘worth’ in what they’re getting in return. The problem he’s got is even if the majority looked beyond that, they’d look at our spending habits and see zero ‘worth’ to the club in how their money is going to be spent. It’s like he’s stood next to a burning pile of cash and is asking for more cash from the fans to keep the fire going.
  4. NeonLeon

    Chairman’s statement

    A naive part of me had hoped the appointment of a manager like Bruce was the beginning of the end to the chairman’s late night statements. But, I suppose from his point of view, he did have to put up the Dr and his Twitter account at Villa last season.
  5. NeonLeon

    Chairman’s statement

    Apart from the 1867 bit it’s pretty much a detailed summary of what he said at the Forum. I’m hoping it’s just a pre warning that players are gunna be sold. Considering how easily he dismissed the notion that season ticket money has the ability to plug any gaps atall. I just can’t see another 1867 scheme taking off at a price point that amasses a money pot that would bring in anything close to a sizeable sum. He’ll be lucky to break half a million, and even that’d take 10,000 fans at £50 a pop.
  6. Nick Powell’s on good money at Wigan and I’m pretty sure would want to be a top earner if he came here. Think with him there’s a feeling he’ll only leave Wigan for a promotion cert, or someone with Prem football next season more or less guaranteed.
  7. NeonLeon

    Just shook megsons hand!

    Shook his hand!? Awful etiquette! Everyone knows you should bow down whilst uttering ‘WAWAW!?’ Only once they Ginger One has replied ‘Indeed! And we doth what we want!’ can you rise back to your feet. If you’re lucky he lets you kiss his ring..
  8. NeonLeon

    Ground Sold !

    Would selling the ground also pass on its running costs in the eyes of P&S, does anyone know?
  9. NeonLeon


    If it means his Pastel de Nata shop stays in town then I’d give him a five year contract...
  10. Seems bizarre his representatives and the club have let him leave the country for his rehab when he had this court date. Somethings gone wrong somewhere. Makes sense as to why the FA said the investigations into the alleged racial abuse stuff was still ongoing when he got charged for the fighting though.
  11. NeonLeon

    Would anyone else be suprised

    Obviously I’m wrong then. I’d read abit back that the EFL effectively started afresh so the new owner wasn’t punished by the previous owners bad management. Obviously that was bullshit.
  12. NeonLeon

    Would anyone else be suprised

    Apart from FFP effectively resetting back to zero. Hence why a new owner could go on a spending spree in January.
  13. NeonLeon

    So what changed??

    This. He said a few times that he wouldn’t sack another manager without having someone lined up. Imo he was just playing for time Wednesday.
  14. NeonLeon

    What can we expect tomorrow?

    Chansiri was funny on Wednesday. He asked the fans if they thought Hutch could play a full 90 this Saturday and loads said yeah. He just sat back back in his chair laughing.
  15. NeonLeon

    heard a few rumours tonight

    Yeah he did. But that’s been the case long before Chansiri owned the club. Unfortunately it’s ingrained in the infrastructure of this club that it runs at a cost far in excess of what it generates, regardless of the quality of the playing staff.