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  1. Markowski77

    New Kit

    Think owls in the park is in July this year, probs relseased then
  2. No need to fear any of the teams coming down at all... If you look at the baggies team, they need a massive squad overhaul players like, Rondon, Hegazi, Evans, jay Rodriguez, chadli, Livermore will all disperse. They are pretty much starting from scratch which isn't always the easiest thing to do. Swansea will hopefully sink back down to the lower reaches where they belong Stoke again, ageing squad needing a huge rebuild and look/sound a bit rotten to the core according recent interviews from players
  3. With Leeds and new signings, they talk a good game but always end up not delivering - When they were going to sign FF but bottled it - Making a big statement about money to spend and replacing Chris wood, they sign jay Roy grot & ekuban - Can’t agree terms with Hernandez as they don’t want to go over their wage structure They are just giving their fans false hope
  4. Sad thing is, he still has a loyal following Granted he took us off to a play off final and play offs, however his short termism has absolutely crippled us and a few of our players
  5. Markowski77

    Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    Must have had it on his Acca and let him down
  6. Markowski77


    Bannan nex to him compliments him very well these past 2 games, he really has come on leaps and bounds
  7. Markowski77

    Jos Luhukay - Second Half Specials

    If you can name more than 2 games I'll be very suprised
  8. Markowski77

    Jos Luhukay - Second Half Specials

    Oo I thought you meant this season! He wasn't crucified for it last season, there were moans and groans until the last 8 games a rightly so. We were about 8 points off the playoffs at that point, then we went on a formidable run, and no crucifixion had taken place until the Huddersfield debacle
  9. Markowski77

    Jos Luhukay - Second Half Specials

    Carlos was crucified for it because we didn't win......we just played a dull 0-0, 0-1, 1-1 Its acceptable because we won/winning huge difference
  10. Markowski77


    Credit to Jos, changed it around, and worked fantastically. Some managers would have been too stubborn to change things at half time best second half performance I've seen in ages, looked a threat every time we went forward when was the last time we scored 4 at home?
  11. Markowski77

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Pelupessy was fantastic in that second half, as was every other. Delighted
  12. Markowski77

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    I think fox is the worst lb I have seen at hillsborough that includes beswetherick and Brian Barry murphy
  13. Markowski77

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    as good as he is, he is made out of biscuit
  14. Barnsley 0 - 1 Milwall