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  1. Markowski77

    Player Ratings

    Thought Nielsen was very good tonight
  2. Markowski77

    Play the kids

    Brilliant to see, restored some pride. Gave me much more confidence in the team moving forward WAWAW
  3. Personally thought it was absolutely fantastic to see so many youngster/academy lads in the first time tonight. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many many in a Match day squad & starting JL does deserve a lot of credit for this, he has trusted them and they are coming through the ranks, great to see the futures bright, the future is blue & white
  4. Least we will sign someone next year
  5. Markowski77

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    No question KW should be our number 1 if DC says promotion is essential we have to play Westwood without a doubt
  6. Markowski77

    Loss of leaders

    The panic & negativity on here is incredible. Some people would have thought we are down already
  7. Totally agree with the gk situation, normally one of the first spots to be nailed down only reasoning I can think of is, we were waiting to find out where we stood with this ffp meeting (if it existed) to see whether we would need to sell KW, if we we don’t have to sell KW can only see him been no1 and one of Cd or JW going out on loan which would be best case scenario
  8. Mansfield giving Rotherham a run for the most insignificant club award
  9. Something very similar happened recently with Bong of BHA & Jay Rodriguez from WBA it was all a lot of hot air, and unfortunately for Jay Rodriguez affected him mentally through defamation of character. In the end he was found innocent. in this day and age the race card is chucked about too easily & often, and personally the accuser should carry a large fine/ban if they have been found to making allegations up. on the other hand if FF is found guilty, of which I highly doubt. there should be no place at SWFC back him to the hilt
  10. Can only happen to Wednesday in a pre season friendly
  11. would help if that comment made any sense
  12. We have a goalkeeping department most clubs would be envious of outside the premier league. Andy Rhodes did a sterling job, witn your comment about Dawson think your giving him a lot of discredit
  13. The thing that annoys me is, when we were spending all the money, signing marquee signings or so called "big names" no-one or very few people were complaining and we were all praising DC and SWFC all of of a sudden people are calling for his head, saying we wish we still had MM etc we gambled & lost unfortunately, it happens. I'd rather have a chance at something and lose. then be an Ipswich and every year pretty much consolidate yourself to mid table. Also saying that we still have top quality players at this club (when fit) who in my eyes should be hoping for play offs so many clubs in our division would dream of players such as: FF BB Hutchinson Lees Reach Lee (when fit) Hooper (when fit) x 3 quality keepers The season hasn't started yet, we have a good nucleas of players, don't get me wrong a few additions would be great, but it's not all doom and gloom need to get behind the squad & DC rather than disown them. DC has put more money into this club than anyone in recent times, so please give the guy a bit of respect. Like I said earlier, when we got to Wembley not one person was complaining, in football you need to take the rough with the smooth, unfortunately we have had too much rough but hopefully one day maybe this season we can get back to the premier league WAWAW
  14. Markowski77

    3 points lost

    Totally agree they are a top quality side that is evident, held our own at times not the end of the world like some are making out....
  15. It's a football match, things get said rightly or wrongly.....think you have to take it all with a pinch of salt Everything is getting so political