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  1. i thought very similar - I hope hutch is all ok, as he has had mental health issues in the past sometimes it’s not always a physical injury
  2. The most frustrating thing is, it’s clear to see it’s the tactics, formations , line ups that aren’t working - not necessarily the players they have no idea what there roles are you can’t even see patterns of play , where we’ve been working on things on the training ground it’s just awful awful football
  3. The thing is with this season, I think the players are putting a shift in for the most part , and actually trying But tactically the way they are set up and the chopping and changing they have absolutely no idea what’s going on its down to ******** poor management this season
  4. Great guy and also knows what he is doing - have him back at s6 in a flash
  5. Sorry my bad Mark Kerr what a midfield mystro, isaaak orokonwo I’m downloading this tonight it’s been far too long
  6. Can’t believe everyone’s forgot the goal machine that is Cherno Samba
  7. love this from LW & DM “The gaffer talks about it as we are going up as number one so that feeds down to us as a group. He [Moore] is always reminding us that is what we are going to do”
  8. I quite like it tbf - it’s a refreshing change than just lumping it to the final third. we have a plan, and sticking to it - it’s drawing there players out of position
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