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  1. the longer this rumbles on the more confident I am of not receiving a points deduction, its evident the efl case isn't clear cut otherwise it would have been cut and dry. this moves onto my next point , if its muddy waters for both sides and the efl throw a big points deduction and we are relegated due to this. What happens for the forthcoming appeal from swfc, they can't exactly reinstate us back into the championship half way through a season, meaning they will be liable for ££££££ . I think common sense will prevail and we will get maybe a slap on the wrist or be proven innocent
  2. I had to have a double take at that post earlier - couldn’t believe what I read 🤣😂
  3. surprised Monk hasn't used that as an excuse yet , that the fans aren't their to roar us on
  4. as a team we are weak, weak mentality and frail. We haven't got a `Nasty side` and we need to develop one sharpish, we are pushover's led by a weak inept manager. we need to grit our teeth, do the ugly bits, strong tackles, swarm the referees, get it opposition teams faces. Last night PNE lump of a centre forward bullied us, so much so he won everything. Why can't we do the same. Its embarrassing. Every good side has had a nasty player or nasty streak in them. We don't, no leaders in the dressing room, no siege mentality. That stems from the manager.
  5. We’ve got to stop using excuses - for on the field issues & off the field issues Manager off the month nominations - Lee Bowyer (charlton off the field financial mess) - Paul Cook (Wigan - admin off the field financial mess) i can’t buy this - it’s all DC fault for the performances on the pitch. It’s Monk who sets them up, monk who trains them , Monk who picks the team Wish he would stop making excuses and people making excuses for him - he is so far out of his depth it’s untrue.
  6. well said - our last leaders were loovens & semedo in that dressing room. We are mentally weak and fragile
  7. Remember when we were linked with AVB and ended up with Jos - you’ve got to laugh or you’d cry
  8. but what about Wigan, same can be said for them but they are churning out results
  9. The way I see it - yes we are poorly run, but you don't see att chansiri lining up at number 9 and dephon chansiri number 10 - the manager is in charge of the players rightly or wrongly he ravaged our team. but he must face the consequences. we can't keep making excuses for a poor manager .
  10. you don't see wigan moaning and complaining and set up like they are on a school playground - they've had a -12 deduction and still winning . so stop finding excuses for monk and co - his attrocious
  11. awful get him gone tonight - and I'm not having this bad apples crap, his an awful manager , couldn't managed a ******** up in a brewery
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