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  1. We need to go down I feel, let reality set in for some people clear the decks of the players everyone of them
  2. Completely sums up our season - what was he doing thought we’ve been decent up to that - just can’t see us coming back
  3. I for one is glad that virtually our whole squad Is out of contract , get rid the lot Of them!!!!!!! chuck windass & Patterson in there too disgusted
  4. Yes completely- today was the final nail in the coffin , if I’m completely honest I’d retract the contact offers for reach & Lees and let the whole lot go totally weak mentality I’ve actually been looking at league 1 away days this evening, Need to get rid of DC then bring a manager who might actually galvanise us
  5. Was it Oldham when prutton scored in last minute? Reyt day out that
  6. Thing is - I can’t knock league 1 away days , they were class in 2011/2012 I remember when we played Rochdale away / we literally took over the place , and good atmosphere every where we went
  7. No one can be blaming Thompson it’s completely unjust - he isn’t a manager, he is a coach, and to start having a go at Thompson is completely unfair
  8. Just as you think loyalty is dead in football - up steps Bazza absolutely delighted
  9. you say that - but look at what Jude Bellingham did for blues - signed a contract with the intention he was leaving , just so they got money for him instead we get a measly 300k for him shut down the academy what’s the f’kn point
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