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  1. He would be a class above - 31 yes, but you do need experience in a team - if he was on the right package absolute no brainier
  2. Tell you what is good - for the first time in years we seem to be getting our summer recruitment done sharpish
  3. 2 more and we would have an olympics relay team
  4. It was criminal not playing those 2, people have been locked up for less
  5. Building from the back, we've gone from shipping goals to fun to 4 league clean sheets on the spin
  6. It simply has to, otherwise the EFL will have 12/14 clubs every transfer window not been able to sign anyone, meaning viewing figures will drop, interest in the league will go down and overall faith in the EFL will take a nosedive. Less money for them etc etc The new rules came into force in 16/17 season, since then we have championship clubs regularly spending 10million + on players , and the average wage of a championship player is now is probably well in excess of 15k a week. The current system can't last for too much longer, surely? This is just my opinion but I'm hoping it is Going to change
  7. I can see P&S rules changing very shortly, the EFL has to do something. As it will soon be half the championship in an embargo unable to sign anyone. Since P&S was reinvented, wages & transfers in the championship has jumped 10 fold. it needs change and a complete overhaul as it is currently a joke.
  8. Always have been impressed with Iorfa, tall, athletic Lacey full back
  9. Most Excited I’ve been from a manager since the return of big Ron in 98! Even from his press conference, and they way he talks give you a feeling we are in good hands some of the crap we’ve had in between is unbelievable, Yorath, Irvine & Luhakay to name a few (list is endless) We have a football man, knows the game inside out. Sucessful, respected, knowledgeable and a winner This is a game changer for us, Bruce wouldn’t have come if we were going to be a mid table team. Think this may be the dawn of a new era! Hopefully go on a good run, put a few thousand on the gate and get the ship ready for HMS pis* the league next year WAWAW
  10. This is first time I’ve been really interested in a press conference since Big Ron when he came back think we may be turning the corner , got the fans engaged again
  11. The standard of jornoulists is absoulutly appalling, it’s Steve Bruce unveiling/press conference and they continue to ask DC questions that got answered in the fans forum
  12. Getting into London in an hour, anyone know what pubs to go to WAWAW
  13. Played for the blue half of Liverpool but Barry Horne
  14. Don't understand how we've not score in the last seconds 3 absolute sitters
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