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  1. I was really impressed today - thought we played and outplayed at times a very difficult opposition who will be there or there about a come the end of the season we play like that every week we will not go down or not even close played Wednesday and good tactics mr monk
  2. I thought Van Aken was very good today , but luongo was class in midfield
  3. That’s where you want Rhodes - in the 6 yard box
  4. It’s about time we ruffle some feathers in the ‘bent’ organisation that is the EFL Theyve had it their own way for far too long, while slowly ruining the game we love They negotiated the worst tv deal in the history of football - let’s expose them for what they are corrupt. in relation to our image been tarnished, I don’t care, let the hate/smear campaign start against us. Like many have said - siege mentality , didn’t do Leeds no harm back in the day
  5. Hugill would be my shout as the striker - big , physical horrible to play againsT and proven in this division
  6. Had the best ‘chance creation, per minute’ ratio in the championship last year created a chance every 28mins
  7. Get in great signing this reyt player
  8. Testing the waters - I have no doubt he will be a Wednesday player at the start of the season
  9. Stoke must be going for it - big wages splashing about , John obi Mikel - could be a good signing that
  10. What baffles me is - I think some SWFC fans want Wednesday to lose so they can justify saying Monk out, I was a Monk critic last season, and did want him gone, but I’d never want SWFC to lose just so another manager could be sacked UTO
  11. First of all Monk - Slate wiped crystal clean with me now, he has his own men in now, a pre season albeit a small one, and new players - in the mould he spoke about in several press conferences . I was a critic of his towards the end of last year, but its a new dawn, a new era at SWFC so he has my full backing again! The coaches all look astute additions The new signings - Absolute love the look of these signings so far, hungry players who want to play 1st team football , fair play to the lad from Man City, turns down a 4 year contract with them in search of 1st team football, I didn't think that existed anymore. Dunkley also looks a fantastic addition, big, strong, powerful athletic centre half with an eye for goal. It looks as we are going to have a very physical team (totally needed) we have needed to gain a nasty streak edge for the past few years. Looking forward to more additions in particular who we sign upfront The -12 Point Deduction - Couldn't give a throw anymore about this, a new dawn is happening at SWFC, and this is going to have to be one of the mountains we climb to get a team we want. Siege mentality as quoted by several already. EFL/Championship against us, lets rise to the occasion DC - Genuinely think he is trying to make up for his mistakes. He has back Monk, Signed on paper the right kind of players. Its obvious he is pumping money still into the club. Many won't forgive him so easily, but if he manages to get all the fans back on side we are half way there already, we so many times can be the 12th man, granted it may not happen for a while, but to know he has the fans can help us move forward The New season - All about building momentum and staying up this season, and showing character. The HMS ******** the League can set sail next year COME ON YOU OWLS WAWAW
  12. Fletch 18k a week I think on a 2 year deal - clubs were only wanting to sign him on a one year deal. Security for him of 2 years on a v good wage. As for fox, average/poor championship player. They don't play for us anymore so couldn't give a throw what they do. I just hope Harris terrorises Fox when we play them
  13. Absolutely delighted with this signing - big, powerful , athletic and chips in with a few goals
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