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  1. The way he just glided past players, that shoulder drop and step over....they aren’t any players like him anymore. What a player
  2. Pisse*d me off quite a bit that video - it’s the whole I don’t care attitude, big payday. This is the problem these players aren’t winners, some still at the club now. The whole club has the wrong culture - laughing and joking when they are losing, couldn’t give a throw about the fans, the supporters or chairman who is paying them vast sums of money (don’t agree with DC interfering) and making fun of a manager. would you have got waddle, shez , Hirst & Palmer making fun of Big Ron , doubt it very much Whole lot needs changing top to bottom
  3. Just shows you what happens when players down tools , they just don’t give a sh*te , too much too soon.
  4. Personally I don’t feel any football will be resumed until August / September Meaning the season will have to be cancelled null & void and start again next year. Whether that happens is another question from a totally selfish Sheffield Wednesday point of view, it could be the opportunity to sort our club out from top to bottom, get rid of deadwood - and start putting the wheels in motion for next season.
  5. D) too ashamed to look into the mirror (like s63owl said) knowing I’ve pinched a wage, while you have hard working people scrimping and saving to buy a season ticket, who have resorted to turning up to the training ground with a mirror.
  6. totally different context - someone physically turning up to a training ground, is a million miles from a Twitter message. Anyone can be a keyboard warrior, takes balls to do what he did
  7. Yes I agree it’s not something I would do ever. But for example, I run a small business and someone left me a negative review and was outside my work. I’d be devastated and would want to make sure it never happened again. It would motivate me to do better. (This is just how I would take it) our players are weak, they’ve got to show backbone. And In all fairness they should look in the mirror. We buy season tickets, shirts , merchandise etc. Why should they get off lightly
  8. course I would, why would they be doing it in the first place if that was the case.id be f*kin embarrassed , and make sure it never happens again. these players are on 10,20,30 grand a week - if they can’t handle someone holding a mirror outside of the training ground, god help them. They need toughening up, weak mentality something needs to hit home, because monks team talks aren’t doing it
  9. He has every right to do it, and I’ll happily defend him. He must care about Wednesday an awful lot. More than these players. like i mentioned if anyone did that to me at work, I’d be shocked embarrassed, and try and make sure that never happened again. Players are too soft, they need home truths.
  10. fair play to him I say - they can’t be shielded from the truth, and they do need to self reflect on themselves. why should they get off lightly, if someone did that to me, I’d be embarrassed and would want to fix the wrongs. Hopefully it gives them a kick up the a*se
  11. Is it me who is just hoping he has arranged it for next week after we get cleared by the EFL this week, and use it as a PR exercise to let everyone know how great he is again....... then again maybe not!
  12. I’ve not read back all the way - if he has gone he has gone , nothing we can do. But there’s no doubt they would improve our starting 11, do you not think?
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