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  1. We will get better takes time for a certain philisophy and shape to take places, couple of months and we will start to see a true reflection the positive is we'd are picking points up by not playing that well
  2. We’ve waited 7 weeks to appoint Gary Monk - not a bad manager by any accounts but doesn’t really get anyone off their seat
  3. The other positive in all this is DC is actively looking for a manager which is great. So if it's not Danny Cowley he has realised he needs someone to steer the HMS p the league rather than bullen
  4. I think on both sides it would be a coup in all honesty - we would be getting one of the most highly rated young British managers out there, and they would be getting a ‘sleeping giant’ so to speak a match made in heaven?
  5. When you lump on Forestieri to score first but he ain’t even in the squad
  6. The perfect audition for the Wednesday job coming up Lee Bullen
  7. I understand your point of view totally - I love a good bet and have an acca every weekend However betting is glamourised by football, it’s everywhere. Betting isn’t a bad thing on the whole and should be enjoyable , but unfortunately kids of 18,19,20,21,22 shouldn’t have it rammed down their throat every ad break, or billboard, people can easily spend money they can’t afford on betting. The companies make it look the cool thing to do. Its just my opinion, and having a bet should be fun but I can easily see why problems start
  8. and people wonder why there is an issue with young kids/teenagers having issues with gambling from an early age
  9. I’ve warmed to the idea of moving - however for me it would have to be in S6
  10. This is a football forum - I don’t agree with what you are trying to preach, it was war - casualties happen in War, we won and freed Europe now back to the football Kareem Harris super signing
  11. The thing I find bizarre is at grounds up and down the country home & away fans sit literally 5 rows apart, and either divided by a line of stewards, or meshing over the seats not hillsborough - Whole stand - Leppings Lane corner - 10 rows on north stand near leppings lane - Stewards They should just erect the Berlin Wall aswell while they are at it totally inept & corrupt
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