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  1. Markowski77

    Westwood starts u23

    No but his saved 2 penalties, pulled off 4 acrobatic saves and commanded his area with grace and guile
  2. Markowski77

    Westwood starts u23

    Keeping a clean sheet so far
  3. Markowski77

    Westwood starts u23

    Maybe spendageddon is back on.... Theyve thought we will play Westwood so he unlocks his 1 year extension and go for it again next year with one of the best keepers in the league Then again maybe not
  4. Markowski77

    Westwood starts u23

    Something is going on....
  5. Markowski77

    Alan Nixon

    Has he gone?
  6. Markowski77

    Alan Nixon

    We all deep down know, it could well be Carlos returning
  7. I apologise for this thread, I’ve changed my mind after that - Jos out! A team with Lees,Bannan, Reach, FF & Fletcher should be doing better than this that was awful, waste of time apologies for the thread
  8. I've been like the majority of the fans over the past few weeks, Jos out, jos is c-rap, he hasn't got a clue etc etc. But after the potential scenarios I think getting rid at this point would be the wrong thing to do. For instance - Who do we get? They have no money to buy players, got to sell our so called marquee players, work under a very odd/bizarre situation that we only know the surface of. No manager would want the job it's a poisoned chalice Jos isn't my choice and needs to go at the end of the season, however we know DC is higley unlikely to get rid anytime soon - so we've got to stick and ride out the storm, until the end of the season and hopefully avoid relegation of which I think we will. That Bolton team gave me hope that there are far worse teams then us this season we need to achieve as many points as possible until the end of jan transfer window to give us some breathing space, because let's face it we are going to be selling players Then we do a monumental rebuild in pre season, manager, backroom staff, players the lot - achieve a new identity and philiospy that we can associate with SWFC. The new manager will be under financial restraints but at least will be able to pick his team In the meantime we need to try and get behind SWFC, at the end of the day it's our club and we support them through thick and thin, managers & chairmen change he supporters never do WAWAW
  9. Markowski77

    January Transfer Window

    As a few have said already, we need to pick up as many points as possible between now - until the end of January to give us a bit of breathing space I’d be happy for Reach to go for 15mill as people have quoted whether we get that is another question then summer id get rid of the lot including BB & FF and just start again, this group of players have had their day, it’s time for a rebuild
  10. Markowski77

    Players to get rid of

    He would end up at the foodbank
  11. Markowski77

    What's going to happen in January?

    Does anyone know exactly how much we need to raise to starve off P&S and also have a little bit of money to spend or are we simply Donald Ducked
  12. its quite evident we aren't going to be anywhere near the play offs. A huge monumental rebuild is needed, do we start it in January and risk losing Reach, FF & BB to balance the books a bit and rebuild a new squad or wait till next summer. Bolton were that poor tonight they've given me hope we will survive. Personally i I think Reach will be off and potentially one other. We have to find a RB from somewhere. im just perplexed how poor we actually are
  13. Markowski77

    This is AWFUL

    Dare I say it, I almost feel like I did when we were playing against a 9 man Yeovil team