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  1. Absolutely outstanding 10:10 for every one of those of work rate - proudest I’ve been as an owl for a long time
  2. For me it’s all about getting to January still in striking distance of the rest of the potential relegation pack That happens I have no doubt in my mind , tjat pulis will bring in 2,3,4 quality striking/attacking options - wingers and strikers , he wouldn’t have come here with nothing to spend if that’s the case we will stay up
  3. Monk also has previous at Boro - for people not accepting that monk has completely f’d us with the system he wanted to play and the positions he wanted to recruit for, need to wake up We are overloaded with CB, not a lb in the squad - his two striker signings were windass who is not an out an out striker & a RB turned number 9 He has completely f’d us, if there is anyone to get us out of this mess, i do totally believe - it’s Pulis
  4. Don’t get all the complaining - we have next to nothing up front , dire need of strikers pulis is doing the best he can with a massively under balanced squad he knows, we ain’t going to score 2/3/4 goals - so making us hard to beat , eg clean sheets and aiming for a goal from a set play
  5. no - Garry made recommendations on areas of the pitch we need to sign, the recruitment team highlighted players available he made choices to sign as many CB as he possible could muster to play his shitty 3 at the back, then as an after thought , thought we needed a striker - hence the last minute RB turned striker in Calum Paterson
  6. Honestly don’t think it’s as bad as people are making out monk has assembled one of the most unbalanced sides in football history its clear to see we are missing 2 attackers who know where the goal is, we get a couple of decent strikers we will be reyt
  7. Shows how ******** poor our recruitment was - our marquee centre forward was playing RB only last season
  8. When I see westwood with that towel over his head before KO
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t overly happy with the Pulis appointment when it first transpired Fast forward a few days, and a truly sublime press conference for any Wednesday fan, music to our MASSIVE ears , I simply can’t wait for Saturday and the season ahead Pulis is a well versed manager, knows what he is doing , wants winners & Westwood is back , can’t wait to see that towel over his head again now I feel totally confident we’ve appointed the right man for the job, his gonna take us up - I tell thee WAWAW
  10. if you tell me how massive we are, and how good our travelling away support is, IM IN
  11. Tell you what if Carlsberg did SWFC press conferences this is it, The fan base are eating of eating out of his hand already , myself included - How big we are #MASSIVE - Kieran Westwood best keeper in the division - Barry Bannan one of then best in champ - How big we are again - Potential - 40,000 at hillsborough - How massive we are again over Sunday lunch - Travelling support incredible - Kop sucks the ball in - Working class people I think he has ticked every box COME ON YOU OWLS
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