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  1. Those were the days Di Canio was just unbelievable to watch, I remember at the Dell last minute and he went on to round the keeper about 3 times it was like time stood still
  2. 85 points , and we all know there was ample room for improvement - no point changing , iron out a few of these errors and we have no reason to doubt he can’t get us promoted don’t forget only 18mons ago people were saying and rightly so , our club was toxic from top to bottom - I think Moore has done a good job of slowing changing the mentality - so he does need credit the tide is turning
  3. Earned his chance to be recalled into our starting 11 We own him, he is ours - I can imagine BPF was on big wages / big loan fee
  4. 1-0 down not the end of the world Positives - we simply cannot play any worse than we did
  5. haven’t you got a motorway to sit on, or glue yourself to some petrol station on Saturday , because in all honesty its going to be better for you as there is going to be a a hell of a lot of inflatables on Saturday , grapefruits, bananas, unicorns you name it - and I certainly don’t want you getting offended
  6. someone giving blowies on the kop again
  7. im offended by your comments - but I’m not making a big deal out of it I think you just need to get a life
  8. yes I am - as I see it as an inflatable banana nothing else like 99% of this forum probably do
  9. yeah but if I take a unicorn it might offend the lepricorn if I take a inflatable dragon it might annoy the fairy just can’t win…. how’s it offending anybody? I used to love Bananas in Pjamas i didn’t know they were offending people
  10. I’m worried what I can take now and who it will offend
  11. Exactly this - well said some people absolutely baffle me
  12. What is the world coming to? why do people have to associate fun, with been racist / sexist etc etc they are inflatables ffs promoting a carnival atmosphere a fun day an important day Only strange strange people would try and make something out of nothing Just enjoy the day out
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