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  1. Its got to change - otherwise before long half the league will be under an embargo / points deduction, the gulf between the prem and football league will become wider wages & transfer fees have gone up astronomically since these rules were written something has to change
  2. Sorry if been posted elsewhere - however just seen blues are the latest club again to be in trouble with the EFL over FFP The whole organisation needs scrapping and starting again https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11694/11902726/birmingham-city-charged-with-efl-financial-regulations-breach Any latest on the Wednesday front?
  3. I might get berated here - but that first season under Carlos the football we played at times, was the best since the early 90’s , how we didn’t build beyond that season is beyond me, even after the loss at Wembley I was so confident we would go up the following season. How wrong I was!!!
  4. The whole squad needs a shake up, unfortunately they have all become too comfortable on the long big contracts they were given a few years ago, knowing they won't get another like it. The whole fessi situation typifies that they just cba - take our punishment know start rebuilding and go for it next year (providing it doesn't get us relegated)
  5. That claim right at the end was fantastic just relived all the pressure, great to see from a young goalkeeper
  6. Love this statement - I’m guessing the EFL will fold their hand against us knowing we could reek havoc on the corrup EFL
  7. The real sad thing is.....I really do believe if Bruce didn’t shaft us we would be in the auto mix around the top 4 , this league was there for the taking this year, and in typical Wednesday fashion we are slowly drifting away to mid table On another note Can we just sack him and have another LUMP ON thread because that would be more entertaining than the football at the minute All seriousness i think he needs a transfer window, and see if he can give us some monk magic
  8. We will get better takes time for a certain philisophy and shape to take places, couple of months and we will start to see a true reflection the positive is we'd are picking points up by not playing that well
  9. We’ve waited 7 weeks to appoint Gary Monk - not a bad manager by any accounts but doesn’t really get anyone off their seat
  10. The other positive in all this is DC is actively looking for a manager which is great. So if it's not Danny Cowley he has realised he needs someone to steer the HMS p the league rather than bullen
  11. I think on both sides it would be a coup in all honesty - we would be getting one of the most highly rated young British managers out there, and they would be getting a ‘sleeping giant’ so to speak a match made in heaven?
  12. When you lump on Forestieri to score first but he ain’t even in the squad
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