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  1. Lost this game due to poor team selection. Hunt should not have started. After losing Luengo, before the game,possibly due to another injury, he should have been replaced with a Like for like defensive midfielder. Hunt is not that player. Damage done but rectified at half time. Brentford did their homework on Dawson...mostly paws away shots and easy chance taken by Brentford. We played better second half but didn’t trouble their goalkeeper.
  2. Why was there no spare center half on the bench? Where is Borner? Why is Harris allowed to get away without passing when it is the obvious way to go.....every game? What happened to midfield in the second half? Why do we allow teams to get to our penalty area before making a tackle. Why can’t our keeper catch a ball when jumping with player smaller than him. Why can’t we play out the last few minutes of games? These and many more questions for the manager. Our survival in this league depends on the manager getting these things right. I have my doubts.
  3. Is this old news? This is in the Birmingham Mail today. Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk has addressed the Owls' interest in a move for Wolvesdefender Dion Sanderson.
  4. I have the Wandisco one in Large. Never been worn and as new. Cant get to it right now as it’s in my house in Florida. Hopefully I can get back soon. Let me know if you are interested in waiting for it?
  5. Knocking high balls into their penalty area was food and drink for their big defenders. Maybe big Dave would have been a better option than Rhodes?
  6. Excessive celebrations..........so, when Rotherham scored their second goal and the players ran to their supporters didn’t warrant a yellow? One player also kicked the corner flag about 20 yards whilst celebration and a couple of their supporters ran onto the pitch. No yellow cards then but FF gets booked for less. Pathetic decision. Oh......two straight reds for Rotherham players were also deemed to be cautions.
  7. If there was standing areas in grounds then that’s ok. However, where there is seating it is not. Consider lRge people standing in front of people who are shorter or kids who cannot see the game. I was at Stoke a few years ago And thought a seat was appropriate as I was on crutches at the time. I saw very little of the game as everyone stood up for 90 minutes. I could only stand for a couple of minutes at a time and most of the kids and many of the Wednesday fans could not see either. Please don’t say “don’t go to away matches then”. When there is only seating only at a match it is e
  8. Again....where was Palmer when Graham stood on his own in the penalty area and left free to slot in from 8 yards. Terrible defending.
  9. Defending non existent. Where was Palmer when his man had all the space in the world to slot that in from the 6 yard box. Pelupessy is totally out of his depth. Different team every game....Good defenders and best forward on the bench, best goalkeeper in the league not been seen all season. Jos has to go and bring in a man with passion who can motivate the players.
  10. Jordon Rhodes created two excellent chances for Joao yesterday. Both created by chasing to win the ball to provide these chances. In addition, he made some intelligent runs to get Ito scoring positions himself where he was stopped from scoring by very good goalkeeping. He is playing infrequently and always with different strikers around him. He will start banging in the goals once the squad is settled into an attacking formation.
  11. A reality check would certainly be all the players who did not play today::. Westwood, Lees, Van Aken, Hunt, Venancio, Byod, Lee, Bannon, Matias, Fletcher, Hooper, Jones, Forestieri.
  12. We are Dire....boring side passes, then back passes..continued from last season. The tactics are just horrible. Sooor against are pretty useless Brum side so far.
  13. Orlando this pre-season. Clubs contacts with ex Owls coaching and management staff.
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