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  1. For gods sake, someone take that drum off that kid....moronic banging!
  2. gandiaowl

    Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Jordon Rhodes created two excellent chances for Joao yesterday. Both created by chasing to win the ball to provide these chances. In addition, he made some intelligent runs to get Ito scoring positions himself where he was stopped from scoring by very good goalkeeping. He is playing infrequently and always with different strikers around him. He will start banging in the goals once the squad is settled into an attacking formation.
  3. gandiaowl

    DC at the game

    A reality check would certainly be all the players who did not play today::. Westwood, Lees, Van Aken, Hunt, Venancio, Byod, Lee, Bannon, Matias, Fletcher, Hooper, Jones, Forestieri.
  4. Coma inducing performance.
  5. gandiaowl

    Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    We are Dire....boring side passes, then back passes..continued from last season. The tactics are just horrible. Sooor against are pretty useless Brum side so far.
  6. gandiaowl

    Pre-season schedule

    Orlando this pre-season. Clubs contacts with ex Owls coaching and management staff.
  7. My view on this that our tactics of sideways and backward passing gives defenses time to organize their defence. We do not get the ball forward quick enough and this may explain why Westwood tries to get it moving quicker by kicking th ball up to he penalty areas when we have no forwards up there. The tactics are boring, frustrating and ineffective. In the first half against Bristol City we had just one shot on goal. Bristol City's Defence esily coped with us as will any well organized team. No wonder there were boos at half time!!! Second half last night showed just what a threat we have when we attack teams. Getting forward at pace with support and the ball played out wide to get behind Defences will prove effective and entertain the fans.
  8. gandiaowl

    Guess the attendance vs leeds

    31047 but could be higher if there is. Push later today or in the morning. 3-1 Fessi Lees Fletcher leeds.....Hutch ....og
  9. This is the sensible way forward. FF was stupid fowhat ever reason, he knows and he accepted this and takes his punishment. He now he has to face his team mates and then the fans. He is still a player we need and would have been difficult to replace.
  10. At last.....I stopped doing hospitality because the food, the service and high end cost didn't compare with value for money in comparison with the Chinese Chippy near the Wednesday shop. Need to look at upping the speed and service in all the stands. So much revenue lost because people just give up waiting.
  11. gandiaowl

    Owls in the park rumours

    New goalkeeper signing tomorrow. No idea who, only that.
  12. If some of you have nothing decent to say without being smug please don't say anything. I live in the USA and have never been to the new Wembley and can only see the seating areas on line. I am asking a valid question and was hoping for an answer.....Now, if I wanted to sit near the half way line, which area would the Wednesday fans be in for me to do that as a Wednesday fan?
  13. Wembley stadium shows north, south, east and west areas....with east and west behind each goal. Now I am even more confused.
  14. The SWFC site states we have been allocated 38,000+ tickets for the WEST STAND. The West stand is behind the goals. You can't fit that many in the West stand? ..surely we have been allocated seating in the North or South stand? Does anyone know? Thanks
  15. gandiaowl

    A Seagull Eye's View

    You can only speak for yourself StudentOwl.....you certainly do not speak for most sporting fans. If Hull won by cheating would you admire the way they won the game?