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  1. Tilt at Wigan was the best defender in a back 3 I saw at Hillsborough. Corry Evans, both times, is the best sitting midfielder I saw. Ronan Curtis is the only player I’ve seen have Hunt’s number all season, until the switch the game on them. Twine & Brannagan obviously worth a mention.
  2. Pretty sure that’s how Utd got Ramsdale back. The asking price without the sell on % was more than what they paid.
  3. Hope for his sake we give him a free transfer. Everytime he hit abit of form he was back out of the team, criminally underused from the bench at times too. He’s not sparkling but he’s definitely effective, gives everything for the shirt and better than most on here would have you believe. One I’d love to see do well at Wednesday but think he’d be better suited somewhere that appreciates his skill set more.
  4. Didn’t they take a JCB to Middlewood last summer?
  5. Interesting how people make these comparisons. Must have a hectic life attending 69 matches across 3 football grounds every year.
  6. Be very surprised if Dunkley, Luongo and Paterson are still here. Dunkley has pretty much all but confirmed he’s leaving on twitter in recent weeks, Paterson has looked fed up for months about his lack of game time and Luongo was pretty none committal when asked at Christmas.
  7. My issue with Moore is he’s seems to have got a knack for finding ways to completely unbalance a team when he’s just found a balanced formula. For me that’s where our inconsistencies have stemmed from. It’s encouraged errors, made our play predictable and ultimately cost us points in games. I don’t feel he’s confident in affecting games whilst they’re ongoing either. From what I’ve seen of League One this season a balanced side, primarily your defence, and the ability to change games from the touchline means you can give yourself a huge fighting chance of beating at least 90% of the teams you’ll face.
  8. Luongo waved to every stand so I’d say it was definitely his.
  9. I’m on about United scoring to retake the lead whilst a full Hillsborough was singing it. Everytime I hear it that’s all I think of.
  10. In all seriousness singing ‘If You Don’t Effing Bounce…’ still after we were humiliated in the worst way possible is embarrassing for us as a fan base. Wish we’d knock it on the head.
  11. I’m looking back at Crewe, Accrington, Bolton, Gillingham and Wycombe. We didn’t make the early pressure count and easing the pressure cost us results in the end.
  12. Only if we score inside the first 25mins Monday is it a good result. We panic in games when we haven’t scored early on and end up crawling through the rest of the game.
  13. Hate to say it.. Think that’s the 3rd time he’s played Left side of the 3 and been caught like that for a goal.
  14. Not comfortable with Hutch on the left side of that back 3, think we always look weaker than when Palmer is there. But we’ll see..
  15. That was only because they’d played at Wembley already that season and the club overpriced the Semi Final so their fans boycotted it so they could afford Wembley again if they got there.
  16. An hour of Paterson roughing them up before half hour of Windass isn’t the worst idea in the world. Still prefer Berahino & Gregory though. Feel like you’ve always got a chance of sniffing a goal with them both on.
  17. We won 4 in 10 league games before 352, and won 4 in 10 after the change to 352. Lost 2 in the first 10, and 1 in the next 10. Hardly a ‘change of form’ it stayed the same, and the performances were as bad, if not worse because it was a more negative approach. .
  18. What was the form like for the first 10 games after we switched? Seem to remember we were appalling when we first went to 352. The beef at the time was never that the switch wouldn’t work, it was that Moore made such a drastic decision 10 games in, with no previous work done in playing that system, and with a team of new players. He could’ve switched to 442 or 451 imo and got the same result, the team was still miles away from being gelled. .
  19. If we stay in League One he could easily be 4th or 5th choice next season you’d imagine.
  20. Oxford, Ipswich & Sunderland to play in their last 5, with sh*thouse specialists Gillingham away on the last day. MK Dons must be the favourites for 2nd now, Wigan seem sewn up for top 2 which is bizarre considering how poor they’ve looked against us imo.
  21. We’ve got proven quality. Moore just chooses to leave him on the bench.
  22. Feels like we’re limping over the line ala 2005. Luckily the ones around us are limping heavier at the minute.
  23. Looked a different player when he moved out wide last week against Wimbledon. Waste of a shirt upfront, goes missing because he’s positionally clueless. May aswell play with 10 and Gregory on his own. How Berahino isn’t getting game with Gregory after scoring a hat trick and us hitting 6 is baffling. .
  24. Haven’t we signed about 20 players in that time? Only equates to 40k each, which considering the calibre of player we’ve got isn’t that bad.
  25. I’m sure I saw this mentioned a few weeks back, think he scored against Donny and their fans were bemoaning Moore for getting shut of ‘another good player’. As for people mentioning Twine, with his record you’d have to think someone in the Championship will pay a hefty sum for him in the summer. His assist record alone would command £2million, with the goals he’s scored it’s surely double that.
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