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  1. I’d have rather have had Dunkley on the pitch than Johnson for the goal we conceded I know that..
  2. Johnson has player left of a 3 and right back too. Got to be him for me. One reason I’m loathe to criticise his performances as being solely his fault.
  3. He’s was doing brilliant 2nd half playing off Gregory’s hold up play. We had Lincoln pinned in their own box for a good 5 minutes. Then Moore took Gregory off…
  4. Could say a lot. Can’t be arsed anymore. He just talks in contradiction.
  5. Not sure him and Urhoghide will fit straight into Ange’s style. Probably take some work on the training ground first. Bit unfair on them both really, signed before the club even knew who the manager would be.
  6. The idea all 24 players need to be match ready for every game in a season blows my mind. Most of the successful seasons we’ve had in the last 15 years have included at least 1-2 coming out from the complete cold in February/March and performing into May. Completely discredits any notion you need to constantly keep them ticking over in league games.
  7. Sign another truck load of players so we can use the ‘they haven’t gelled yet’ excuse when we’re 12th in April… .
  8. It’ll be whatever we started the game with. Like the other week when he switch it to 442 then back to 532, but it was 532 all along apparently. 20,000 people were obviously seeing things.
  9. Thought early on in the season he had abit of the Nuhiu about him, in terms of coming on late to keep defenders busy and see out wins. Don’t think he’s been used for that job once yet.
  10. Possibly Shodipo too. I know he was injured at the start of the season but he’s been criminally underused ever since imo
  11. He said about the loan Mandaric left him, that he claims to have not been told about, that he was happier paying the interest every year than paying it off. But that he could pay it off himself but he’d rather use Premier League money than his own which he could use on the club instead. So with that attitude, it’s no surprise he’s kicked another debt down the road at the cost of a few hundred grand in interest. I mean it’s not that outlandish, haven’t about 10-12 clubs got hefty loans taken out currently against Premier League money? Utd being one?
  12. I must’ve dreamt that Papa Johns game then.
  13. I’d be willing to bet that when asked the question publicly the reason Moore will give is him being on international duty and Wildsmith’s form meaning they didn’t need to chuck BPF back in straight away. But for me that’s completely at odds with what he did last international break, so is a poor excuse. If he has genuinely dropped him, then he needs to look back at what he said after the Ipswich & Wigan games where he in as much came out and said BPF was number 1 and not getting dropped anytime soon. Either way, like so many things with Moore recently, it feels like he’s saying one thing to justify a decision he’s made, then weeks later doing the exact opposite. .
  14. I’ll say in the keepers defence, all 4 we’ve had in the last two seasons in fact. The defence dictate an awful lot as to how a keeper performs too. BPF getting beaten at his front post against Oxford was just as much the fault of Dunkley, as it was his own. We shouldn’t sit so deep in games, we shouldn’t lazily invite shots like we do and we should always gamble on 2nd balls in our own box. But, I suppose asking a Wednesday side to play with common sense is asking too much. .
  15. Rinse and repeat this for about 5-6 games this season isn’t it? When do you say enough is enough, we aren’t turning that corner where they start becoming ‘easy wins’.
  16. Said it in pre season. Good back up but when your first choice is back you have to drop Wildsmith. Give him a run in the side and eventually he’ll start costing you.
  17. Looking at Wimbledon they’ve lost against a lot of teams who pack midfield and play 3 at the back. So considering Moore picks his Wednesday sides solely on opposition, I’m going for. BPF Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Hunt Bannan Adeniran Johnson Shodipo Gregory Kamberi
  18. Said this Saturday when the Moore Masterplan wasn’t getting us out of our own half. If we’re going to knock it across the back 3, 4, 5 etc. to draw teams out then, instead of hammering panicked balls into peoples shins on halfway, put the ball in behind and turn teams. It’d play to the strengths of the players we’ve got too, especially the defenders. The goal Saturday showed the havoc we can cause a turned defence and the composure a player like Gregory has in those situations.
  19. Said a few weeks back that the front 3, with the options we’ve got, should be the Swiss Army Knife of this squad. The back 5 picked itself at the start of the season. BPF, Hunt, Iorfa, Hutchinson & Palmer rarely looked like conceding a goal. Wing, Bannan & Adeniran looked like a brilliant balance of energy, craft and guile. The rest, the front 3, you pick based on the oppositions weaknesses. Strong teams you go with battlers & experience like Paterson & Johnson, the softer centred teams you go with the unpredictability of a Corbeanu or Sow.
  20. You’ve started a thread on a football forum where you’ve alienated a large majority of it. ‘Keyboard wars’ is all you’re going to get.
  21. Forestieri has spent the last 2 years calling out every manager on social media who released a player from the Play Off Final team. He went for Jos over Wallace a year back too. Blokes obsessed.
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