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  1. Sort of player we need to start looking. Last chance saloon to make a name for himself in England and push on if he wants to play PL football in his career. Our squad has been crying out for players that want to better themselves for years.
  2. Heard a few stories in recent years from players that have played for him basically saying he’s absolutely useless. He’s barely worked in football since getting the sack from Norwich in 2009. A few months as an advisor here, and an unsuccessful spell as an advisor at Stevenage where he ultimately got the sack again. It’s hardly like we turned our back on the type of revolutionaries that transformed the fortunes of clubs like Norwich, Southampton & Huddersfield in the past. Also, considering how DC spoke about Roeder, it’s very likely he was pushed and didn’t leave of his own accord. As above, there was a definite feeling from DC that Roeder was just in it for himself and not to benefit the club. .
  3. I remember when Rhodes went to Blackburn, I said he was overpriced and that it would set off a domino effect in his career where his clubs would constantly chase their losses on him by asking over the odds. It was an inevitability that his price would top out and the club paying that price would swallow the losses of his previous moves on behalf of his previous clubs. At the time I never thought in a million years we’d be that club..
  4. Ahh apologies he left Leeds after 4 months. Wiki says he’s still there on his page. He did leave us directly for them though there was a statement on the OS where he said.. "I was part of the committee advising the chairman, but once the owner at Leeds got in touch, this is where my heart lies. "I know the city very well and I know the club, it's my hometown city."
  5. To be an exec at Leeds, who guessing from his previous dealings he’s either a fan of, or holds them in high regard. He’s still there now.
  6. He’s also got previous for undermining managers to get their jobs from under them. Iirc Pearson left for a far more attractive job to him personally too. He left before the Summer window had opened in 2015 so any notion that he was involved with any signings we made simply isn’t true. Let’s not build the 1 & 8 month periods they were here into more than it was.
  7. 3 names you’ve mentioned there have less experience at building a side at this level than Monk has. What we really need is people who know how to turn the ship around.
  8. And that’s not to say he was ‘forced’ on anyone, because like you say I don’t believe he has been. If Monk didn’t want him around I genuinely believe Chansiri would respect that and he wouldn’t still be here. But at the same time, that quote seemed to suggest he would be around, at least at the start, regardless of how Monk felt initially.
  9. I’m the first one to pull people for reading too much into what people say, or don’t say. But this quote from DC when he unveiled Monk always stuck with me. “I need to thank Lee Bullen during his time as caretaker. “He did quite well, that is why I am happy that he took over and why he will still be here as an assistant.” It’s always read like Bullen was kept on as an assistant as a thank you for doing the caretaker role when Bruce left. Not as a coach, academy coach but as an ‘assistant’. Don’t get me wrong in the same interview Monk said he was excited to work with Bullen, and I’ve not fully got both feet in the Bullen Out camp myself. But that quote, and it’s wording, has always stuck with me.
  10. Might be doing him a disservice but I think Needs is just an analyst too. So it’s not like he’s someone Monk can lean on for advice and ideas really, like he could a Clotet or Beattie. .
  11. It would take Hull, who are the only team worse than us since Christmas, to win 3 out of their last 4. Isn’t happening.
  12. We win Saturday and the bottom 3 lose we’re safe. Nothing that’s happened this season will ‘send us down’ The damage had already been done before we’d kicked a ball in August last year to start this season off.
  13. But that’s Paul Cook isn’t it? That’s his character, when you employ him that’s what you get. Its like comparing apples with oranges.
  14. Their bench was scary to say, no disrespect to them, that it was Preston. Packed with quality and barely cost anything for this league.
  15. The reality is that history shows DC is extremely slow to react. So the next name would be Bullen, there’s no two ways about it.
  16. We were on a knife edge under Bruce. The form wasn’t sparkling and there were plenty of games where the mental frailties of games like tonight reared their head under him too. The squad was going to go either way for me, and in a way I’m surprised we sustained enough form to get us to 52 points to be brutally honest. If we’re truthful this season shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s the perfect storm of all the bad bits we’ve seen sprouting up over the past 3-4 seasons coming to fruition.
  17. The only time he’s got us wins is when he’s been able to rally the old guard into a handful of spirited performances. Of that, there’s only Westwood left and he’s not trained for months!
  18. It’s a genuine question! If slightly tongue in cheek. Its a big old ground, especially when it’s empty.
  19. The daunting task of playing at Hillsborough playing on the fragile minds of our players again?
  20. Rinse and repeat. Im loathe to blame Monk though. How do professional players keep making the mistakes time and time again?
  21. Not enough games left for me and the likes of Hull and the bottom two are well off it. Too far off it to make up a 7 point gap, they’d need 3 wins from 4.
  22. As bad as we are, it’ll be a points deduction that sees us in League One next season. Not Monk. It might be hard to accept but that’s the reality.
  23. Looks like we give it to the cardboard cutout of Att Chansiri until the season finishes then?
  24. Bullen until the end of the season is far a worse prospect than Monk.
  25. We can all say sack Monk but the squads an absolute sack of sh** How many times in recent history has Preston turned up to Hillsborough with a squad that’s far superior to ours. I can’t think of one. People need to remember that the alternative is Bullen.
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